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Top 12 Candle Advent Calendars 2024 to Order Now (Voluspa, Diptyque, Penhaligon, Yankee Candle etc.)

Top 12 Candle Advent Calendars 2024 to Order Now (Voluspa, Diptyque, Penhaligon, Yankee Candle etc.)

    A candle advent calendar is just the thing to make your home feel festive and smell amazing. It’ll feel like Christmas every day when you get to open a unique present as you count down to the big day. With this type of candle advent calendar, you burn a little bit of the candle each day throughout December until Christmas. Here, I’ve gathered 12 of the best candle advent calendars for candle lovers to bring the holiday season into your home. As well as affordable brands like Yankee Candle, plus luxury offerings from the likes of Diptyque and Voluspa, you'll also find unique handmade options. If you’re looking for an candle advent calendar for yourself or for a gift, they are some of best options that you’ll enjoy.



1. Voluspa 12 Day Advent Calendar

Celebrate the season with Voluspas 12 Day Advent Calendar. Unveil 12 bestselling fragrances each in an embossed votive, tucked behind peek-a-boo packaging. Light your way through the holidays in a fragrant countdown that is sure to delight any recipient.

This gift set includes one of each Japonica Fragrances: Sparkling Cuvee, Panjore Lychee, Goji Tarocco Orange, Spiced Pumpkin Latte, Baltic Amber, Gilt Pomander & Hinoki, French Cade Lavender, White Cypress, Vanilla Fireside, Tahitian Coconut Vanilla, Frosted Holly Berry, and Forbidden Fig. Each signature fragrance is designed with the finest ingredients sourced from around the globe, blended into clean-burning coconut wax, and then hand-poured and packaged to perfection in their California studio.

A perfect treat to yourself or gift for the candle-lover in your life, this charming set will be cherished well into the New Year.


Where to buy it cheapest? ($75 + 2-3% cashback)

2. The Diptyque Advent Calendar 

This holiday season will be unforgettable with Diptyque. Each day reveals a new treasure to accompany the joyous anticipation of December. Behind its glow-in-the-dark milky way and the rhythm of dancing letters, are 25 Diptyque treasures. As well as candles, doors open to perfumes, body balms and mini decorations.  Be one of the first to discover scented surprises curated by the Maison.

Diptyque's Advent Calendar, in a deep black, combines all the shades of the night and is adorned with the phosphorescent Milky Way. Each of the 25 days, corresponds to a new constellation, gleaming with stars and dancing letters, revealing a new Diptyque treasure, in a retail or discovery size, to accompany the joyous festivities of December. The calendar retains its magic even after the holidays: reuse it to hold your treasures. To end the year in wonder.


Where to buy it cheapest? ($480 + up to 4.5- 5.6% cashback)

3. Apotheke 12-Day Advent Calendar Candle Set

Merry scents are a must-have each holiday season, particularly when they’re crafted by Apotheke. If you’re into gold and shiny metallics for your Christmas decor, this advent calendar will fit right into your aesthetic. 

Gift someone on your list Apotheke’s set, which includes twelve candles (Sea Salt Grapefruit Tin Candle , Charcoal Tin Candle, Santal Rose Tin Candle, White Vetiver Tin Candle, Hinoki Lavender Tin Candle,  Earl Grey Bitters Tin Candle, Blackberry Honey Tin Candle, Charred Fig Tin Candle, Firewood Tin Candle, Birchwood Apple Tin Candle, Caramom Chestnut Tin Candle, Black Cypress Tin Candle) - from aromas of firewood to white vetiver, each housed in a decorative gold tin.

Strategically place each candle around the house to experience their precious aromas at once, or take your time burning through each scent for the following weeks. 


Where to buy it cheapest? ($98 + 0.4-0.6% cashback)

4. Crate & Barrel 12 Days of Christmas Candle Advent Calendar

Inspired by favorite holiday song, Crate & Barrel's exclusive candle gift collection captures the essence of the holidays with delightful fragrances celebrating the 12 days of Christmas. 

The stunning gift box contains a dozen hand-poured candles with festive scents, like Christmas Pear, White Christmas Woods, White Christmas Musk, Christmas Berries, Golden Glace, Christmas Pine, Smoked Sugar, Milk + Cookies, Very Sugar Plum, Gingerbread, Leather + Cypress and Orange + Cinnam.

Try this clean and crisp candle set from Crate & Barrel if you're after more simplistic decor ideas.


Where to buy it cheapest?  $99.95 + 0.5-1% cashback)

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5. Yankee Candle Advent Book

Countdown to Christmas, guided by the glow of Yankee Candle® Book Advent Calendar. Each day reveals a Filled Votive Candle or Scented Tea Light Candle available in a selection of the festive fragrances, including Snow Globe Wonderland, Snowflake Kisses, Peppermint Pinwheels, Sugar Spun Flurries, Winter Night Stars, Wild Orchid, Amber & Sandalwood, Bayside Cedar, Christmas Cookie, Cinnamon Stick, Clean Cotton® and Christmas Eve. 

The Book Advent Calendar is designed to open out to reveal the countdown numbers from 1 to 24. The Book Advent design includes intricate illustrations of festive botanicals, icicles and layered snowflakes create a magical feel for the perfect gift. Also included in the Advent Calendar is a clear glass Tea Light Holder.


Where to buy it cheapest? (£39.99)

6. Penhaligon's Doors Of Wonder advent calendar

If you are looking for a unique and luxurious gift for a perfume lover in your life, look no further than the Penhaligon’s Doors of Wonder Advent Calendar. 

Packed with 25 surprises, it’s packed with a whole load of the British perfumer’s most-loved scents and fragrances. Expect lip balms, scented candles, travel-sized eau de parfums and body and hand lotions. 

It Includes: Eight 10ml Fragrances – The Favourite, Halfeti, The Tragedy of Lord George, Constantinople, The Coveted Duchess Rose, Babylon, Luna and Empressa.Six 5ml Fragrances – Quercus, Endymion, Juniper Sling, Elisabethan Rose, Halfeti Cedar and Blenheim Bouquet.Three 35-gram Candles – Comoros Pearl, Maduro Leaf and Roanoke Ivy.Two 30-gram Soaps – Luna and Halfeti.Maduro Leaf 65-gram Candle, The Favourite 10ml Hand Cream, Halfeti 30ml Body & Hand Wash, Luna 30ml Body & Hand Lotion and a Festive Personalisation Charm.


Where to buy it cheapest?  ( £375 + 3-4% cashback)

7. Modo Creative The Original Mindful Advent Candle Set

Super-sweet handmade candle advent set. Perfect to create some mindful moments in your life this festive season. These handmade, natural beeswax candles have a burn time of 20 minutes. Burn one a day and make some time for yourself to sit back and relax.

Each set includes 25 beeswax candles with a lovely honey scent and a brass stand. The candles burn cleanly and come in a black presentation box with instructions for use.  

Can be personalised with a message of your choice to run along the inside of the box. If you select no personalisation it comes with the word PAUSE in this space instead.


Where to buy it cheapest? (£24)

8. DW HOME 9-Piece Winter In The Woods Scented Candle Set

DW Home is a global manufacturer that has the flexibility to customize product lines to any specification, along with the capability to quickly bring concepts to market in today's fast paced world. 

The 'Winter In The Woods' candle set features a collection of woodland scents that will mentally escort you to a snowy escape. Notes of fresh pine, evergreen, spruce and balsam will enliven your living room with its thoughtful blend. Single wick. Paraffin/palm wax. Glass vessel/metal lid. Imported.

9-PIECE SET INCLUDES: Fresh Pine candle, Frosted Fir candle, Evergreen Forest candle, White Birch candle, Eucalyptus Balsam candle, Silver Spruce candle, Cypress clove candle, White pine candle, Apple Wreath candle.


Where to buy it cheapest? ($29.99 + 3-4% cashback

9. Pottery Barn 12 Days of Scent Gift Set 

Like an advent calendar of fragrance, a dozen scented votive candles evoke the 12 days of Christmas: spicy, woody, and peppermint-sweet, toasty with tobacco and roasted chestnuts, or citrus and florals that are fresh and bright. 

Votive 1's scent is Winter Spruce, Votive 2's is Citrus & Cloves; 3 is Whiskey Embers; 4 is Tabac & Suede, 5 is Palo Santo & White Copal and 6 is Silver Birch & Vanilla. Votive 7's is Cassis & Rose, 8 is Night Lily & Amber Oud, 9 is White Fig and Sandalwood, 10 is Oolong & Mint, 11 is Santal & Amber and 12 is Frosted Peppermint. 

In sheer, reusable, mercury glass vessels, each Fair Trade Certified™ candle will give your space a 13-hour olfactory renovation.


Where to buy it cheapest? ($129)

10. Yankee Candle Advent Tree

This Christmas Tree Advent Calendars are built by stacking the boxes into a Christmas tree shape and then place your star on top. Every day reveals a different gift, including a Advent Calendar exclusive Signature Small Tumbler Candle, Original Small Jar Candle, 12 Filled Votive Candles, 8 Scented Tea Light Candles, 1 Wick Trimmer, 1 Candle Snuffer and 1 Tea Light Candle Holder. 

Scented candles, available in festive fragrances to help bring the Christmas spirit into your home include Snow Globe Wonderland, Snowflake Kisses, Peppermint Pinwheels, Sugar Spun Flurries, Winter Night Stars, White Spruce & Grapefruit, Silver Sage & Pine, Vanilla Crème Brûlée, Smoked Vanilla & Cashmere, Wild Orchid, Amber & Sandalwood, Bayside Cedar and Christmas Cookie. 


Where to buy it cheapest? (£89.99)

11.  DESIGNUNDONE 2024 Christmas Candle Advent Calendar

This advent calendar contains 12 unique scents in 4 ounce glass tumblers. All candles are individually boxed and labeled with numbers on top to count down to Christmas. Candles are made with coconut soy wax for a clean burning candle. All candles are hand-poured in Graham, Texas. 

These aren't your average candles! If you're looking for a classical Christmas-scented advent calendar, it is! 2024 Scent List: HIGH SEAS + WOODLANDS,  ORANGE + JASMINE, JASMINE + SEA SALT, LEMON + SEA SALT, CREAM + TOBACCO, LEMON + THYME,  NEROLI + WHITE CITRUS, ROSES + FROSTED CONIFERS, TROPICS + COCKTAILS, BERGAMOT + NEROLI, LEMON + BASIL, CITRUS + STONE FRUIT.


Where to buy it cheapest? ($180)

12. Yankee Candle Advent Wreath

Countdown to Christmas with Yankee Candle® Wreath Shaped Advent Calendar. The Wreath Advent Calendar is an octagonal shape printed with a beautiful snow globe wonderland themed design. Intricate illustrations of festive botanicals, icicles and layered snowflakes create a magical feel for the perfect gift. 

Each Advent Calendar includes 24 Scented Tea Lights in eight different fragrances, including Snow Globe Wonderland, Snowflake Kisses, Peppermint Pinwheels, Sugar Spun Flurries, Winter Night Stars, Amber & Sandalwood, Bayside Cedar and Christmas Cookie, waiting behind each door ready to infuse your home with a festive spirit. Also included in the set is a glass Tea Light Holder. 


Where to buy it cheapest?£24.99)

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