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Apple Watch Series 8 vs. 7 vs. Ultra: Full Comparison & Verdict 2024

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. 7 vs. Ultra: Full Comparison & Verdict 2024

    The Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra are the company's newest wearable accessories, and these are the features that might tempt new buyers or Apple Watch Series 7 owners. Some customers may be weighing up whether to upgrade to a Ultra, or a Series 8‌, or a Series 7. To make matters simple, we've compared the Apple Watch Series 7 to the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra here so you can see exactly what the differences are, whether you're looking to upgrade or take the smartwatch plunge.


Apple Watch Series 8 vs. 7 vs. Ultra: Quick Look

Series 8Series 7Ultra
PriceFrom $399From $329$799
Size  45mm or 41 mm case size45mm or 41mm case size49mm case size
Retina display 

Always-On Retina display

Up to 1000 nits brightness

Always-On Retina display;

Nearly 20% more screen area than Apple Watch SE;

Over 50% more screen area than Series 3.

Always-On Retina display

Up to 2000 nits brightness

Water resistant  50m50m100m
ProcessorS8 SiP 64-bit dual-core processorS7 with 64-bit dual-core processorS8 SiP 64-bit dual-core processor
Blood Oxygen app
ECG app  
High and low heart rate notifications  

Irregular heart rhythm


Emergency SOS 


emergency calling 

Fall detection
AltimeterAlways-on altimeterAlways-on altimeterAlways-on altimeter



Supports Family Setup

(GPS + Cellular models)   

Battery lifeUp to 18 hoursUp to 18 hoursUp to 36 hours
Faster chargeUp to 33% faster charging

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Here are the key differences between the Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7 and Ultra.

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. 7 vs. Ultra: Price

Apple has held steady on the same Apple Watch prices for several years, with the Apple Watch Series 8 starting price matching that of the Apple Watch 7. The Apple Watch 8 starts at $399 for the 41mm model, with premiums for the larger 45mm model and cellular connectivity. 

As retailers clear stock, you might be able to find the Apple Watch 7 on sale with the best Apple Watch deals. 

The Ultra is more expensive than the other two at $799.

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. 7 vs. Ultra: Design and Screen Size

The Apple Watch Ultra features an all-new and more rugged design with a titanium case. Both the Side Button and Digital Crown are raised from the case to make them easier to use when wearing gloves. On the opposite side is a new Action button that can be customized to start different tasks like starting a workout. The 49mm screen, the largest ever for an Apple Watch, is protected by a sapphire cover and offers up to 2,000 nits of brightness.

There is also an improved, three-microphone array for windy environments and dual speakers for improved audio call volume and Siri interaction. It's also swimproof up to 100 meters.


All of that design does come at a cost of added weight. The Apple Watch Ultra is 61.3 grams, substantially more than the 38.8 grams of the largest aluminum Apple Watch Series 8 and the 51.5 grams of the largest aluminum Apple Watch Series 7.

On the outside, the Apple Watch Series 8 shares the same design ushered in with the Apple Watch Series 7. Available in a 41mm or 45mm version, the Always-On display features an almost bezel-free design that integrates with the curve of the case. The screen features up to 1,000 nits of brightness. Along with IP6X dust resistance, it is swimproof up to 50 meters.


Apple Watch Series 8 vs. 7 vs. Ultra: Display 

Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, and Ultra are all with Always-On Retina display. Always-On technology keeps the display on so you can see key information at a glance. Detailed watch faces are stunning and easy to read, even when your wrist is down. Accommodates all your favorite complications and makes tapping, typing, and swiping easy.

But the Apple Watch Ultra with the largest display, with up to 2000 nits of brightness — that’s twice as bright as any other Apple Watch. Readable even in direct sunlight. Always-On technology keeps the display on so you can see key information at a glance. And the exclusive Wayfinder face features a live compass for navigation and Night Mode for low-visibility conditions.

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. 7 vs. Ultra: Materials and Finishes

Apple Watch Series 8

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless steel

100% recycled aluminum case. Features a thick front crystal with a flat base and robust geometry for durability and crack resistance. Ion-X front glass on aluminum models. Sapphire front crystals on stainless steel models.

Apple Watch Series 7 

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless Steel  

  • Titanium

Apple Watch Series 7 has the most crack-resistant front crystal yet. Aluminum models have Ion‑X front glass. Stainless steel and titanium models have sapphire front crystals.

Apple Watch Ultra

  • Titanium

Made with aerospace-grade titanium for the perfect balance between weight, ruggedness, and corrosion resistance. Case designed with raised edges to protect the flat sapphire front crystal from edge impacts. Super rugged to withstand the elements.

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. 7 vs. Ultra: Processor

The Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8 with S8 SiP 64-bit dual-core processor.

Apple Watch Series 7 with S7 with 64-bit dual-core processor.

The S8 chip in the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra features the same CPU as the S7 chips, according to identifier codes.

The CPU within Apple's S8 SiP carries the same T8301 identifier as the CPU in the S7 chips that debuted in the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch Series 7. 

It also means that the Apple Watch Series 7, ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌, and ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ all feature the exact same CPU. So the S8 and Ultra won't necessarily be faster than the S7.

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. 7 vs. Ultra: Health & Fitness

The Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch Series 8  and Apple Watch Ultra all include blood oxygen sensors and ECG capabilities from an optical heart sensor. The watchOS 8 update brought new cycling detection and workout types to the Apple Watch Series 7.

The Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra include a new temperature sensor that can give women insights into their reproductive health, such as cycle tracking and ovulation detection. Temperature sensing involves one sensor on the back of the watch, nearest the skin, and another just under the display to reduce environmental bias.

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. 7 vs. Ultra: Battery Life

The Apple Watch 8 vs. Apple Watch 7 vs. Apple Watch Ultra battery life might be a decision-maker for many customers, outdoor sports enthusiasts and average users alike. The Apple Watch Ultra lasts 36 hours with normal use, doubling the 18-hour estimate of the Apple Watch Series 8 & the Apple Watch Series 7. That's more than two days of stamina, which is something we've wanted from the Apple Watch for a long time.

With the new Apple Watch low power mode, which disables battery-draining features like the Always On Display and automatic workout tracking, the Apple Watch Series 8 lasts up to 36 hours and the Apple Watch Ultra lasts up to 60 hours. 

Low Power Mode in watchOS 9 reduces the amount of power that your Apple Watch uses so that you can save battery life. If your apple watch series 7 has been upgraded to watchOS 9, you can also use low power mode to save power. watchOS 9 is available as a free software update starting today for Apple Watch Series 4 or later paired with iPhone 8 or later and iPhone SE (2nd generation) or later, running iOS 16.

How to turn on Low Power Mode on your Apple Watch

1. Touch and hold the bottom of your Apple Watch screen. Wait for Control Center to show, then swipe up.

2. Tap the battery percentage button.

3. Turn on Low Power Mode.

You can also turn on Low Power Mode in Settings.

1. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

2. Scroll down, then tap Battery.

3. Turn on Low Power Mode.


Apple Watch showing Low Power Mode in Settings

Each time you turn on Low Power Mode, an information screen appears. Scroll to the bottom, then tap Turn On or Turn On For. If you select Turn On For, you can choose 1 Day, 2 Days, or 3 Days.

When your Apple Watch is in Low Power Mode, a yellow circle icon  appears at the top of the screen.


Also, the battery percentage button in Control Center, the charging animation, and the time in Nightstand mode all turn yellow.

Use Low Power Mode based on battery percentage

When your Apple Watch battery goes down to 10%, a Low Power Mode alert asks if you want to turn the feature on.

Low Power Mode turns off automatically when your battery is charged to 80%, unless you chose to turn it on for a number of days.

Low Power Mode turns off these features

  • Always On display

  • Heart rate notifications for irregular rhythm, high heart rate, and low heart rate

  • Background heart rate measurements

  • Background blood oxygen measurements

  • Start workout reminder

Low Power Mode turns off these features when your iPhone isn’t nearby

  • Wi-Fi and cellular connections

  • Incoming phone calls and notifications

Low Power Mode affects these features

  • Making a phone call can take longer

  • Background app refresh happens less frequently

  • Complications update less frequently

  • Siri can take longer to process a request

  • Some animations and scrolling might appear less smooth

Workouts in Low Power Mode

When you use the Workout app in Low Power Mode, metrics such as heart rate and pace are still measured. You can have Low Power Mode turn on automatically when you begin a workout:

  • Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

  • Scroll down, then tap Workout.

  • Turn on Low Power Mode.

Apple Watch showing Low Power Mode in Workout settings

1. When you're in Low Power Mode without your iPhone nearby and you open an app that requires a data connection, Wi-Fi or cellular turns on so that the app can work. This can cause significant battery consumption.

2. Missed phone calls and notifications are retrieved periodically when you're in Low Power Mode.

Verdict: Which to Choose?

The Apple Watch Ultra is an obvious choice for athletes with its increased water resistance (100m), emergency siren, depth gauge with water temperature sensor, better battery life, and more. The Apple Watch Series 8 has many of the same features, but lacks the Action button and siren, and maintains the 50m water resistance of the Apple Watch Series 7.

Which to choose? It's up to you. A combination of budget and use cases is the ultimate arbiter of which watch to buy or determining if an upgrade is necessary. 

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