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Top 8 Best Dior Sauvage Dupes & Clones: Comparison & Reviews 2024

Top 8 Best Dior Sauvage Dupes & Clones: Comparison & Reviews 2024

    Dior Sauvage is a perfect fragrance for today's man. Inspired by the wild woods, this unique blend features delicious notes of pepper, Calabrian bergamot, and vetiver. It's a combination effortlessly masculine yet sensual, a rugged beauty that breathes life into the skin. The scent is fresh and spicy, putting everyone under a spell. Sauvage by Dior lasts all day and can be worn in every season with everlasting longevity. Is there a dupe for Dior Sauvage? Is there dior sauvage cheap alternative? Once a cologne has achieved such popularity, it will no doubt spawn other fragrances which smell similar or are pretty much an exact clone. In this post, I will provide some best cheaper options for guys who want a scent which is close to Dior Sauvage.



1. Prada Luna Rosa Carbon Review

Official Price: $100

Gender: Male

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Warm Woods

Key Notes: Italian Bergamot, Amber, Lavender, Musky, Ambroxan

How long does Prada Luna Rossa Carbon last? 

7-10 Hours.

What does Prada Luna Rossa Carbon smell like?

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon was launched in 2017. The nose behind this fragrance is Daniela (Roche) Andrier. Top notes are Bergamot and Pepper; middle notes are Lavender, Metallic notes, Coal, Watery Notes and Soil tincture; base notes are Ambroxan and Patchouli.  It's an aromatic fougere fragrance that combines the energy of the darkest rock, with the freshness of the air.

The bergamot is the strongest top note at first, but it fades into the background within 5 minutes. Then the mix of the citrus, the pepper and the metallic stricks me.  Strong as the darkest rock, with the freshness of air, it brings together steam-distilled botanicals and synthetics in a mineral-forward mix. After the initial wave,  the lavender note become the main attraction  as the fragrance moves along in its life cycle. Luna Rossa Carbon is pretty linear throughout the wear but not entirely. The lavender is a constant but different notes sort of dance around in the background of it.  At last the woody notes in this one makes it blue and soapy. 

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon is a great softer, more chill Sauvage. It is smoother, less spicy with the pepper, but with more lavender. It also has a slight metallic tinge, that Dior Sauvage does not. Luna Rossa Carbon has good performance and is a damn near clone of Sauvage, at times. It is the closest smelling men’s fragrance to Dior Sauvage at any price.  It is really damn attractive for daily dating or even sexy enough to wear on nights out at the club. Also, it doesn’t feel restricted to any particular season.  It's a great easy wear especially in spring or summertime for me.


Where to buy Prada Luna Rossa Carbon online cheapest? ($80-$100 + 3-4% cashback) ($80+ 2-3% cashback)

2. Armaf Ventana Pour Homme Review

Official Price: ₹1,274

Gender: Male

Fragrance Family: Warm Woody

Scent Type: Woody Aromatic

Key Notes:  Grapefruit, Lemon,  Lavender, Geranium, Cedar, Amber

How long does Armaf Ventana last? 

8-10 Hours.

What does  Armaf Ventana smell like?

Ventana Pour Homme by Armaf is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. Ventana Pour Homme was launched in 2017. Top notes are Grapefruit, Lemon and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Lavender, Geranium, Vetiver and Patchouli; base notes are Cedar, Amber and Precious Woods.

The Armaf Vantana has a fruitier opening notes with a nice amount of lavender. You get grapefruit and a light mandarin, with woody notes, and a weaker amber.  When the alcohol smell had gone, Ventana has more of a fruity top when compared to Sauvage's rather peppery scent. 

After an hour, it's when more of a resemblance to Dior Sauvage starts to become clear, the fruitiness starts to blend in with a more fresh kind of vibe with lavender, vetiver, amber and cedar starting to come through. Armaf Vantana still smells the fresher of the two,  while Dior Sauvage has lost some of the strong pepper, making it smell fresher and bringing it closer to Vantana. It's more of a masculine, sexy, spicy, soapy scent mix, Not too over powering either, just right. 

It's ultra-long lasting,  you can still smell it after 10 hours,  even after taking a shower it doesn't go away. Armaf Vantana gets to about 80-85% similar to Dior Sauvage, not perfect but there is a strong similarity between the two. If you want something similar down market, Ventana by Armaf is a really good affordable option for Dior Sauvage dupe, while still having enough of a personality to remain a distinct scent.


Where to buy Armaf Ventana  online cheapest? ($51.99 + 0.8-1% cashback) ($26.93 + 3.5-4%  cashback)

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3. Ajmal Kuro EDP Review

Official Price: 100 QAR

Gender: Male

Fragrance Family: Aromatic Spicy

Scent Type: Aromatic Fougere

Key Notes: Ambergris, Pepper, Lavender, Bergamot, Patchouli, Geranium, Vetiver.

How long does Ajmal Kuro last? 

6+ Hours.

What does Ajmal Kuro smell like?

Kuro by Ajmal is a Aromatic Spicy fragrance for men. Kuro was launched in 2018.The scent for stylish & energetic young men, with the essence of energizing aqueous notes. An audacious smash-up of freshness and spice. 

It carries the wearer into an aromatic adventure. It is refreshing and conquers the wearer at the very first whiff. Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender and Pepper trifle with the warm breath of Patchouli, Vetiver and Ambergris. Ecstatically refreshing and adventurous enough to win the wearer. The lavender adds a faint floral touch that softens a bit the citrus edges. 

It takes the Sauvage DNA and makes it more tame,smooth, and less obnoxious in the ambroxan department.The citrus notes are brought way down in comparison too. It is like Sauvage stripped of much of its citrus, more focused on freshness (geranium is pretty strong here). Kuro has a more woody-amber base like Sauvage, but with a nice lavender. The Performance is solid for around 6 hours. It is a very pleasant scent in cloudy and overcast spring day. 


Where to buy Ajmal Kuro online cheapest? ($30.99 + 0.8-1% cashback)$24.04  + 3.5-4%  cashback)

4. Aromatic Star Anise Review

Official Price: $29

Gender: Unisex

Fragrance Family: Aromatic Spicy

Scent Type: Aromatic Fougere

Key Notes: Bergamot, Pepper, Star Anise, Lavender, Nutmeg, Geranium, Patchouli, Amberwood

How long does Dossier Aromatic Star Anise last? 

 7+ Hours.

What does Dossier Aromatic Star Anise smell like?

Aromatic Star Anise from Dossier pays tribute to one of the most recognizable scents in the world: Sauvage by Dior. Aromatic Star Anise rewrites a very classical masculine fragrance structure named "fougere" (a blend of citrus notes, lavender, geranium, and patchouli). Paired with highly qualitative raw materials and a touch of fantasy thanks to star anise, this scent delights the senses in a whole new way.

The first spray comes with a strong smell as the top notes hit you up with the scent of Bergamot, pepper. The second note softens down the fragrance with the sweet smell of Lavender, Germanium, and nutmeg. This combination gives a soft and flowery smell that perfectly balances this perfume's spiciness and sweetness. The end notes come with an amber wood smell, and patchouli gives a mesmerizing finish to a beautiful journey. 

Outdoorsy and fresh, Dossier Aromatic Star Anise expresses strong, unmistakable masculinity. The mix of sweet and spicy makes it perfect to be worn at parties or any event out there. The perfume created by Dossier is vegan and affordable. It's a good  Dior Sauvage clone.


Where to buy Dossier Aromatic Star Anise online cheapest?  ($29) ($29 + 3.5-4%  cashback)

5. The Essence Vault 197 Review

Official Price: £14.95

Gender: Unisex

Fragrance Family: 

Scent Type: 

Key Notes: Bergamot, Ambroxan, Middle Notes: Geranium, Pepper, Lavender,Vetiver, Patchouli.

How long does The Essence Vault 197 last? 

6-8 Hours.

What does The Essence Vault 197 smell like?

The Essence Vault offers great fragrances inspired by lots of the high street brands. The Essence Vault 197 is inspired by Dior Sauvage. The top notes are Bergamot, Ambroxan. The middle notes are Geranium, Pepper, Lavender. Base notes are Vetiver, Patchouli.

Notes similar to that found in Sauvage - A radically fresh, raw main accords opens with radiant top notes burst with the Calabria bergamot leaving a woody trail. It blends well with your skin and doesn't change its originality. 

This Dior Sauvage dupe is a fraction of the cost, but still boasts all of the right fragrance notes. The composition is slightly different in that the vetiver and patchouli are found at the base while ambroxan features in the heart. But they're all there so you could be fooled into thinking this was Sauvage. They are of good quality and because they are Eau De Parfum and not Eau De Toilette which makes them more potent, stronger and long-lasting.


Where to buy The Essence Vault 197 online cheapest? (£14.95)

6. Acqua Essenziale Colonia by Salvatore Ferragamo Review

Official Price: /

Gender: Male

Fragrance Family: Aromatic Fougere

Scent Type: aromatic-woody-fougere

Key Notes: bergamot, orange blossom, lavender, ambroxan, vetiver

How long does Acqua Essenziale Colonia last? 

6-7 Hours.

What does Acqua Essenziale Colonia smell like?

Salvatore Ferragamo launches a fresher successor to fragrance Aqua Essenziale presented in April 2015.The name of the fragrance is Aqua Essenziale Colonia and it is the third in a row of fragrances to convey Italian charm. The nose behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas.

This modern EDT was created to satisfy a man's taste and request for sophisticated fragrances with an innovative interpretation of freshness. It starts with a blast of fresh lemon, followed by Sea and mineral notes and finally, woody notes. Freshness originates from aquatic accords which highlight citrus scents of bergamot. Aromatic notes of lavender and clary sage in the heart illuminate orange blossom, while elegant sound is brought by vetiver combined with a masculine, warm blend of tonka bean, vetiver and ambrox in the base. So, it's easy to see how it would smell similar to Sauvage.  It's not as long-lasting or intense as Sauvage. It's not a direct copy of Sauvage, so don't expect miracles but it's an affordable and fresh twist on Dior's cologne for less than $30.

 Longevity is 6-7 hours and sillage is average. All in all, this is a fine scent, reminiscent of an Italian summer near the Mediterranean. 

Acqua Essenziale Colonia Eau De Toilette image number NaN

Where to buy Acqua Essenziale Colonia online cheapest? ( $4. 89 - $38.57+ 0.8-1% cashback) ($34.99 + 3-4% cashback)

7. Jubilee CD03 EDP Review

Official Price: £4.99 - £24.99

Gender: Male

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Warm Woods

Key Notes: Bergamot, Pepper,Lavender, Vetiver, Ambroxan, Cedar

How long does Jubilee CD03 last? 

 8-10 Hours.

What does Jubilee CD03 smell like?

Jubilee produces high quality designer inspired perfume.  CD03 has similar notes to Sauvage. Top notes are Bergamot and Pepper; middle notes are Sichuan Pepper, Lavender, Pink Pepper, Vetiver, Patchouli, Geranium; base notes are Ambroxan, Cedar and Labdanum.

This one is entirely inspired by Sauvage so you get a very close match.  Radiant top notes burst with the juicy freshness of Calabrian bergamot. I was expecting there to be a bit of a difference with the real thing, but there isn't any difference at all. The only major difference is Cedar in the base which gives it a slightly unique twist without straying away too much from the original formula.  

This Dior Sauvage smell-a-like outlasts the original in terms of longevity. It lasts me all day with a couple of sprays. This is a cheap alternative for Dior Sauvage. Just like the original Sauvage, it's also got a fresh hit that's suitable for daily wear. Besides, this and an EDP rather than an EDT so it's a little more highly concentrated.


Where to buy Jubilee CD03 online cheapest? (£4.99 - £24.99)

8. Blossom 073 EDP Review

Official Price: £2.99-£15.99

Gender: Male

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type:  Fresh Woody

Key Notes: Pepper, Calabrian Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender,  Cedarwood,  Ambroxan

How long does Blossom 073 last? 

5-6 Hours.

What does Blossom 073 smell like?

Blossom Perfumery offers high-quality, long-lasting fragrances inspired by the designer brands at an affordable price. Inspired by Dior Sauvage, Blossom 073  is efficient and durable.

Top notes are Pepper and Calabrian Bergamot. Heart notes are Geranium, Lavender, Sichuan Pepper, Elemi, Pink Pepper, Vetiver and Patchouli. Base notes are Cedarwood, Labdanum and Ambroxan.

Fairly close to the original. At first smell it's not to bad can smell the similarities. Immediately after spraying on the skin, the fragrance is very intense but quickly turns into a pleasant fresh aroma with a slightly floral undertone. The fragrance is unique and elegant. Every man can reach for this perfume, it is universal; men feel wonderfully wrapped in the haze of its aroma.

Slightly lacking in longevity but everything else is great. It's one of the cheapest Dior Sauvage clone.


Where to buy Blossom 073 online cheapest? (£2.99-£15.99)

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