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Compare Four iPhone Trade-In Programs: Apple vs. Verizon vs. AT&T vs. T-Mobile/Sprint?

Compare Four iPhone Trade-In Programs: Apple vs. Verizon vs. AT&T vs. T-Mobile/Sprint?

    The iPhone 13 series ( iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max) has already been released which brings some exciting new upgrades. They come standard with the hardware needed to connect to 5G networks and also have a new processor (A15) and cameras designed to shoot better photos and video in low light. If you plan on upgrading your iPhone, maybe selling your old iPhone to subsidize the costs is a good choice. There are a few ways to sell your iPhone but trade-in programs are growing increasingly popular. Apple official site and AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint, Verizon, etc. major wireless carriers are offering up awesome iPhone trade-in options. Let’s take a closer look to find the best trade-in deals.


Apple iPhones Trade-In Programs

Get $110 - $790 off when you trade in an iPhone 8 or newer!

Apple offers its own trade-in program that is designed to subsidize the cost of an upgrade. You can exchange your existing devices for credit that you can use for a new device. Apple breaks down the maximum trade-in value for each eligible iPhone and Android phone like so:

iPhone Models
Estimated Trade-in Value
iPhone 12 Pro MaxUp to $790
iPhone 12 ProUp to $640
iPhone 12Up to $530
iPhone 12 miniUp to $400
iPhone SE (2nd generation)Up to $170
iPhone 11 Pro MaxUp to $500
iPhone 11 ProUp to $450
iPhone 11Up to $340
iPhone XS MaxUp to $320
iPhone XSUp to $240
iPhone XRUp to $230
iPhone XUp to $200
iPhone 8 PlusUp to $180
iPhone 8Up to $110
iPhone 7 PlusUp to $110
iPhone 7Up to $50
iPhone 6s PlusUp to $60
iPhone 6sUp to $30
Android phone Models
Estimated Trade-in Value
Samsung Galaxy S20+Up to $325
Samsung Galaxy S20Up to $245
Samsung Galaxy S10+Up to $185
Samsung Galaxy S10Up to $160
Samsung Galaxy S10eUp to $130
Samsung Galaxy S9+Up to $95
Samsung Galaxy S9Up to $75
Samsung Galaxy S8+Up to $55
Samsung Galaxy S8Up to $50
Samsung Galaxy Note 20Up to $400
Samsung Galaxy Note 10Up to $235
Samsung Galaxy Note 9Up to $130
Samsung Galaxy Note 8Up to $70
Google Pixel 5Up to $315
Google Pixel 4 XLUp to $180
Google Pixel 4Up to $150
Google Pixel 4AUp to $160
Google Pixel 3 XLUp to $70
Google Pixel 3Up to $55
Google Pixel 3aUp to $45
LG V60 ThinQ 5GUp to $180
LG V50 ThinQ 5GUp to $125
LG V40 ThinQUp to $50
LG G8 ThinQUp to $45

The Phone you trade will be evaluated on a number of criteria, including whether or not the device powers on, damage (normal wear and tear is fine), and if it's been damaged by liquid. How an iPhone does in its evaluation will determine the full value that you get for your trade-in.

How Apple Trade-In Programs Works?

1. See how much your device is worth and save on a new one. Apple .comwill give you a quote for what your current device is worth online or in a store.

2. Choose a new one that’s right for you and apply your credit toward that device.

3. Easily transfer your data. When you get your new device, follow a few simple steps to safely transfer over your data and wipe the information from your current one.

4. Just mail it out, or bring it in. Return it to Apple using the prepaid trade-in kit we send you or trade-in at an Apple Store.

Verizon iPhone Trade-In Programs

A free iPhone 13 Pro, 13 or 13 Mini with certain plans!

Verizon is offering iPhone deals for current and new Verizon customers. If you add a line, upgrade service, or switch to Verizon's service, you can get up to $800 off on the iPhone 13 or $1,000 off on the iPhone 13 Pro with an eligible trade-in.

Eligible plans include Play More, Do More, and Get More as well as the older Above Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited.

Note: The line you are upgrading will need to be on one of these plans.

New customers can also receive a prepaid credit card worth up to $500 to offset the cost of early termination charges and paying off an old phone.

Depending on which new phone model you choose, the carrier will toss in six months to one year of free access to the AMC+ video streaming service, as well. And if you purchase an Apple Watch at the same time as the phone, you can save up to $150 more.

For the full $1,000 on an iPhone 13 Pro, you need to trade in an iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max or iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max.

The list is a bit wider if you want $800 off (for a free iPhone 13) or $700 off (for iPhone 13 Mini). Eligible phones here include the iPhone SE (2nd gen), iPhone X, 11, 12 Mini, or 12. A large number of Android phones are also in this class including most Galaxy S phones (S9 or later), Note (Note 10 or later), Google Pixel (Pixel 4 or later, including the 4A line), OnePlus 7 (or later) and LG and (V50 or later, Velvet 5G UW and Wing 5G UW).

This deal comes in the form of monthly credits, but you can choose whether to spread them out over 24 or 30 months.


How to trade-in iPhone at Verizon?

Here are your options for trading in a used mobile device to Verizon.

  • Online: Visit the Trade-in page to start your trade-in online. If you already have a Verizon mobile account, sign in to My Verizon.

  • My Verizon app: When you buy a new device using the My Verizon app you’ll have the option to trade in a used device before checkout.

  • Verizon store: Find a Verizon store near you.

To learn how to trade in and your old device, watch our Device Trade-in video and Guide to trading in your device.

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AT&T iPhone Trade-In Programs

Up to $800 off for iPhone 13 Pro, 13, or 13 Mini with unlimited plans!

New and existing AT&T customers can get up to $800 off the purchase of an iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro with an eligible trade-in. You must have an AT&T unlimited plan (or agree to sign up for one) and finance the phone for 36 months.

The iPhone 11 and 12 lines, iPhone X, XS, and XR, as well as recent phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20, S21, Note 20, Google Pixel 5, Galaxy S10 line, Pixel 4 line, and OnePlus 8 line, and LG Wing, are among the phones that can get the $800 off discount on the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro. Older phones are eligible for a $350 to $700 discount.

The discount comes in the form of monthly bill credits. Cancel the service before the phone is paid off and the balance is due immediately and you forfeit all remaining credits.


How to get trade-in credits?
1. Purchase your new device. Select trade-in when you buy your new iPhone.

2. Send AT&T your trade-in device. About 10 business days after your new device ships, you’ll receive your trade-in shipping kit. Make sure to mail your trade-in device within 30 days of activating your new device.

3. Receive your trade-in credits. If you are trading in for an AT&T device offer, credits will usually begin in 2-3 bill cycles once your old device has been received and verified. For trade-ins without an offer, you’ll receive an AT&T promotional card for the value of your device.

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T-Mobile/Sprint iPhone Trade-In Programs

Up to $1000 Off iPhone 13 Pro, 13 or 13 Mini if you have T-Mobile's top plan!

 T-Mobile, which has officially merged with Sprint is offering new and existing users up to $1,000 on the iPhone 13 Pro, $800 on the iPhone 13, and $700 on the iPhone 13 Mini with an eligible trade-in, but you will need to have its top Magenta Max unlimited plan and buy directly from them.

 Older top plans from T-Mobile or Sprint are also eligible. For older T-Mobile plans this includes Magenta Plus or One Plus. For Sprint, this includes Sprint Max, Plus, or Premium Unlimited.

 In order to get $1,000 off on iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max , you need to trade in an iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, or an iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max.

The list is a bit broader for the "up to $800 off" list. Eligible phones here include the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini, iPhone 11, and iPhone X/XR/XS/XS Max. You can also trade in a variety of Android phones including the Galaxy S20 and S21 lines, Note 10/Note 20 lines, Motorola Razr 5G, and OnePlus 8 5G and 8T 5G. Older devices can get up to $400 off a new iPhone.

Those with other T-Mobile plans can get up to $500 off, but you will need to trade in an iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, or an iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max to get that discount.

As with the AT&T deal, the discounts come in the form of monthly bill credits spread over 30 months. Cancel your service early and you’re on the hook for the balance.


How to get a trade-in deals?

1. Join the T-Mobile Magenta® MAX plans;

2. Purchase iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13, or iPhone 13 mini on a monthly payment plan;

3. Trade-in an eligible device in good condition;

4. Get up to $1000 back via 30 monthly bill credits.

Bottom Line

Who offers the best iPhone Trade-In Programs: Apple, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile/Sprint?

Apple is probably the best and easiest way to buy a new iPhone that is carrier unlocked and activation-free, so you’re not locked into several-year payment plans or specific service requirements (or if you use a carrier that isn’t one of the big three). But the trade-In discount on the Apple official website is a bit low.

So if you plan to switch to a different carrier or open a new line, buying directly from the carrier can be a better bargain. Verizon , AT&T, and  T-Mobile/Sprint carriers all offer better incentives to switch over or activate new lines.

Verizon’s plan is a good deal for those looking to trade in and specifically want the 128GB iPhone 13 Pro.

If you’re already a happy AT&T customer, or if you don’t mind being saddled to the company for three years, you will get a new  iPhone13  for “free” assuming you meet all of the conditions.

If you love T-Mobile and want to stay a customer forever, you can ensure that every two years you get at least $800 in upgrade credit. The trade-in value on Android phones for the iPhone 13 Pro deal is pretty good if you’re thinking of switching.

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