3 Most Iconic And Timeless Fendi Bags Worth Investing In (Review+ Sizes+Sale)

3 Most Iconic And Timeless Fendi Bags Worth Investing In (Review+ Sizes+Sale)

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    Fendi's story began almost one hundred years ago in the Italian capital of Rome. The house was soon known beyond the borders of Rome, becoming synonymous with Italian craftsmanship and quality. The classic and timeless style of Fendi bags has become beloved amongst celebrities and stylish women around the globe. As we all know, Fendi's most famous It-bag is the Baguette bag. Do you know about this bag? Besides the baguette, what other Fendi bags does Fendi have to invest in? Today I will recommend Fendi's most worthwhile bags for everyone, all of which are the hottest and classic handbags of all time! They are the best Fendi bag every woman should own! At the end of the article, I will recommend a few websites that are the cheapest to buy new Fendi bags and used Fendi bags.


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  • Fendi Baguette Bag

Official Website Price:  $650- $24,900

The original FENDI Fendi baguette underarm bag was designed in 1997 by Silvia Venturini Fendi, the third-generation head of the Fendi family. This handbag is so slender that fits under the armpit. It's like the baguette that french holding baguettes every day. It looks casual and lazy, hence the name "Baguette"!



The classic scene of "Sex and the City" :  when the heroine Kelly is robbed, she doesn't scream, but says to the robber reluctantly: "It's not a bag, it's a Baguette! "  Yes,  really a woman who is addicted to bags!  The baguette bag was popular all over the world at the beginning of the 21st century, and it became the It Bag that was almost everybody in celebrities at that time!

Baguette bag is a classic style of Fendi. It has been sold over a million times and more than thousands of style variations that have debuted over the years, and it is still innovating.  Baguette has flap and FF fastening with magnetic clasp. Lining with zip pocket. Can be carried by hand or worn cross-body thanks to the handle and shoulder strap, both detachable.


In the 2019 revamp, Fendi offer the silhouette in a number of different sizes, detachable shoulder straps, and a cross-body iteration. Silvia Venturini Fendi acknowledged the nostalgia which inspired the bag's return, but noted that the relaunch will feature a new age baguette. 

In addition to solid color models and classic FF jacquard models, there are also many printed version, embroidered version, and many special elements, such as beads, weaving, tassels, etc.  Some colors are suitable for summer and the vintage styles are suitable for autumn and winter!


Source: Fendi Official site

Except for Standard size and Mini size,  the iconic Fendi baguette is also available in the ultra-mini size Nano Baguette. It completes the family of this series. The bag can be carried by hand, or worn either on the shoulder or cross-body thanks to the handle and shoulder strap, both detachable.


Source: Fendi Ins

Fendi Baguette bag sizes chart:

Baguette size

4 x 26/27 x14 cm  (Depth x Length x Height)

Mini Baguette size

4 x 19 x11.5 cm

Nano Baguette size

2.5 x 11 x 6.5 cm

  • Fendi Peekaboo 

Official Website Price:  $3,390 - $36,000

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At Fendi, the playfully, classic and timeless named Peekaboo handbag has become beloved amongst celebrities and stylish women around the globe. The Peekaboo will forever be associated with the house of Fendi, and though it has only been around for just over a decade, its popularity has cemented a place in modern handbag history.  


Silvia Venturini Fendi, granddaughter of Adele and Edoardo Fendi, is at the helm of the Fendi brand, and it was she who designed and launched one of Fendi's most timeless icons: the Peekaboo Bag.


Source: net-a-porter

The Peekaboo's name comes from its unusual construction: it is a bag of two halves, divided by a rigid middle with a twist lock on both sides. The element of surprise is all down to its front flap which can be pushed down into a U-shape to reveal the strong central partition which acts a canvas to Fendi's artisanal flourishes.  The purse is versatile appearing classy when the turnlock is closed; and when opened offers the bag holder the ability to display the unique detailing of the purse.


Available in countless combinations of sizes and colors, Fendi has reinvented the Peekaboo time and time. The Peekaboo may have changed sizes and finishes many times since its debut a decade ago - such as PEEKABOO ICONIC,PEEKABOO ISEEU, PEEKABOO X-LITE, PEEKABOO ICONIC ESSENTIALLY -  but its classic structure has remained the same. The peekaboo is now available in four sizes: Mini, Small, Medium and Large. It can be worn as a tote or using the detachable shoulder strap.


Source: Fendi Official site

Fendi Iconic Peekaboo sizes chart:

Fendi Iconic Peekaboo Large size

40 x 30 x15 cm  (Length x Height x Depth)

Fendi Iconic Peekaboo Medium size

  33 x 26 x 12 cm

Fendi Iconic Peekaboo Mini size

  23 x 18 x 11cm

Fendi Iconic Peekaboo XS size

20 x 16 x 10 cm

  • Mon Tresor Bucket Bag

Official Website Price:  $1,290 -$16,200

Fendi Mon Tresor small bucket bag design was launched by FENDI in 2018. It is equipped with a drawstring and FENDI metal logo decoration. It soon became a hot style of the year!  Fendi Mon Tresor become an emerging value star because of its strong price points on the resale market.


From the French word trésor, the name of this bag recalls a treasure, every woman's very own treasure that now grows up into a new format, showing a modern eye on functionality which is enhanced by the adjustable and detachable double strap and drawstring fastening for a casual and urban cross-body wear.


Source: fendi Ins

Bucket bags are made to be as practical as backpacks. The interior should be spacious and the leather flexible so it can store a lot more stuff than duffle bag or a shoulder bag.  


Source: net-a-porter

The Fendi Mon Tresor is now available in two sizes: mini and small. We have seen plenty of people carrying bucket bags and we have to say that the smallest size is the cutest. The adorable Mini bucket is ideal to carry all women's essentials in daily life.  And it's available in a feminine palette which includes black, ivory, blushing pink, red, moss green, Rose gold, and bicolor variants.


Source: Fendi Official site

The special small version of the Bucket bag with the FENDI Stamp is also available in iconic glazed FF logo leather in the wake of the logo mania comeback. For a final touch, the bag features gold metal rings and F is Fendi mini round logos that enable to attach your FENDI bag charms. 


Source: net-a-porter

Fendi Mon Tresor bucket bag sizes chart:

Mini Fendi Mon Tresor size

  17 x 23 x 15cm  (Length x Height x Depth)

Small Fendi Mon Tresor size

12 x18 x10 cm

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