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8 Affordable Sandals in Similar Style to Tory Burch Miller in 2024

8 Affordable Sandals in Similar Style to Tory Burch Miller in 2024

    Tory Burch is one of those iconic brands we all know and love. Their footwear is so beautiful and comfortable, especially their Miller sandals which are one of the most popular summer sandals year after year. It seems like everyone has them or wants them. However, priced at $198, I know spending that kind of money just isn’t in the cards for everyone. Love Tory Burch sandals but not their prices? Luckily, there are plenty of affordable options available that offer a similar look for less. In this post, I will share you 8 affordable sandals in similar style to Tory Burch Miller. They look so real, no one will know the difference, but are less than half the price or more of the Tory Burch Miller sandals. So, let’s jump in!


Tory Burch Miller Review

Price: $198

Materials:Softest Napa Leather

Color: Almond Flour, Argento,Coral Crush,Petunia, Lime Leaf, Rainbow Sprinkles, Strawberries N' Cream, Lemon Ice, Optic White, Strawberry Swirl, Orange Sherbet

The Tory Burch Miller Sandals are some of the hottest sandals of the summer. These casual yet classy flip flops have been making rounds on the Instagram for a while. Iconic since 2008, the Miller is a timeless design – inspired by simple Italian sandals that belonged to Tory’s mother, Reva. Made with the softest napa leather, the cushioned footbed and laser-cut logo hug the foot for a perfect fit and flattering look. The limited-edition Ice Cream Shop collection even captures the spirit of summer, playing on classic ice cream flavors.


The main draw for me is these sandals' stylish, classy elegance. I love the signature Tory Burch cut-out logo at the top of the sandals, which is somehow subtle but statement-making at the same time. They also have a soft and flexible rubber sole which makes them extremely comfortable, and my favorite thing about these slip-on sandals is that they work with both casual and slightly dressier outfits. They've been a fan favorite amongst fashionistas for years now, and for good reason. In my opinion, Tory Burch Miller sandals are one of the chicest and highest quality sandals a girl can own.

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 Affordable Sandals in Similar Style to Tory Burch Miller in 2024

1. Circus by Sam Edelman "Canyon" Sandal

Price: $29.99 - $59.99


ColorAlmond Starki Patent, Black Patent, Black Tumbled Bolt, Bright White Patent, Bright White Tumbled Bolt, Jute, Orchid Multi, Pink Punch Croc, Soft Silver Paris Metallic, Summer Sand

The Circus by Sam Edelman "Canyon" Sandals feature Faux-leather upper with a perforated vamp design. They look very similar to the real Tory Burch Miller sandals. The only difference is the emblem is a little different and instead of 1 strap on each side of the foot, there are 2. Some customers even said these shoes were more supportive than the Tory Burch ones because there is a double strap on the width of the shoe.


I love that they are bendy and easily form to my sole while walking. You can also tell there is significant padding to help keep your feet comfortable. Plus, they have over 35 different colors and patterns to choose from, quite like the large selection of Tory Burch sandals. The Circus by Sam Edelman "Canyon" Sandals are probably the best Tory Burch Miller Sandal lookalikes which get mistaken as the real Tory Burch sandal all the time., and the price is a really steal.

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2. Pierre Duma's Women's Limit-20 Sandals

Price: $19.88 - $29.99

Materials:Vegan Leather

ColorNavy, Black Rhinestone, Brown Storm, Mocha, Mocha Storm, New Tan, Pewter, Red Rhinestone, Rose Gold, White, Black Patent Storm, Pewter Rhinestone, Nude Storm, Pastel Combo

The Pierre Dumas Women’s Limit Sandal is a stylish and affordable look alike to the Tory Burch Miller Sandal. They feature a nearly identical silhouette, with a medallion in the center and  single side-strap. But the Pierre Dumas featrure faux leather upper and has an added studded embellishment. And with over 30 options to choose from—ranging from wild tie dye to chic neutrals—there truly is a colorway for everyone.


Like the Tory Burch Millers, they’re casual but a bit more dressed up than your typical flip-flop. Plus, the Pierre Dumas sandals are also cushioned to make it easier on your feet. Some styles and sizes are on sale, but even at full price, these sandals average around $20 each. Except for some minor design changes, these shoes appear to be replicants of the genuine Tory Burch sandals with more reasonable price.

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3. DV Dolce Vita Women's Jenifer Sandal

Price: $12.98 - $15.98

Materials:Faux leather

Color: White, Caramel

The DV Dolce Vita Women's Jenifer Sandal offers a similar stylish and comfortable design to Tory Burch Miller at a more affordable price. These sandals are made of a faux leather, and they have a smooth lining with a padded footbed. The centerpiece medallion detail mirrors the iconic look of the Tory Burch Miller Sandal, adding a touch of elegance to your outfit.


I like that these have just a little bit of padding to them, because that makes them more comfortable than a completely flat sandal. The most important thing is that the price is only $12.98, less than one-tenth of Tory Burch Miller. So the DV Dolce Vita Women's Jenifer Sandal is definitely an affordable sandals in similar style to Tory Burch Miller that deserved to buy.

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4. Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly Sandal

Price: $35


ColorGold, White, Magenta, Black

Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly Sandals in particular are made of a jelly material, making them flexible, comfortable, and durable. They also features perforated medallion at center vamp trimmed with three pyramid studs. Because the style is so similar to the Tory Burch Miller style, these make for a great alternative for a cheaper price.


Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly Sandals also come in several different colors, ranging from bright neons to calm neutrals! They are the perfect interpretation of Jack Rogers's iconic sandals that can be worn without worry to the pool or beach thanks to its water-friendly construction.

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5. Athlefit Women's Flat Sandals

Price: $29.99

Materials:Synthetic Rubber

ColorSaddle Brown, Black, Clear, Khaki, Black Patent

Athlefit Women’s Flat Sandals are designed for comfort. Casual slip-on design will secure all-day comfort wear and never go out of style as well. Cushioned EVA foam midsoles and lightweight outsoles to deliver extra comfort. The slip-resistant rubber sole has a special traction grip that will keep you on your feet, you can easily walk on all types of terrains.


The toe divider part of the shoe is made out of a soft material as well, so it doesn’t dig into your toes after a long day of wearing these sandals. These thong sandals have a very similar design to the Tory Burch Miller sandals with double straps on each side.  They also come in 5 colors to choose from.  Priced at $29.99, they are one of the best Tory Burch Miller alternatives at reasonable price.

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6. Katliu Women's Flat Sandals Flip Flop Thong Sandals

Price: $28.99

MaterialsFaux Leather

ColorBlack, Brown, Dark Brown, White

Katliu Women's Flat Sandals combine the timeless charm of whipstitched artificial leather with contemporary fashion. They feature a wide band upper designed for a perfect fit, preventing the foot from slipping off and ensuring secure wear. The non-slip rubber outsoles offer stability and grip, ensuring you stay steady on your feet during all your summer adventures.


The medallion on these sandals features a braided look around the circle, making these a little more unique than the traditional look.  The whipstitching embellishment on the strap adds a unique and standout look to your instep, reminiscent of the elegant detailing found on the Miller Sandals. I thinkyou will love this Tory Burch Miller alternative as the price is so reasonable!

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7. Cato Medallion Thong Sandals

Price: $7.99 - $17.99

Materials:Faux leather

Color:Bright White,  Nautical Blue, Tan, Maize, Saffron, New Black

If you’re looking for a super cheap alternative for Tory Burch Miller , you won’t find anything better than Cato Medallion Thong Sandals. They are made of faux leather and feature similar style to Tory Burch Miller and even have some extra rivets on the side to add some bling to your shoes.


There are six colors to choose from. Priced from $7.99 to $17.99, the Cato Medallion Thong Sandals are one of the cheapest alternative on the market, and  look very similar to the real thing. You can have a try!

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8. Brighton Alice Medallion Sandal

Price: $52.50

Materials:Genuine leather

ColorWhite Buffalo, Wisteria

For casual or dressy occasions, the Brighton Alice Medallion Sandals make a distinctive pair. With their signature Ferrara ornamentation, these shoes will dress up spring, summer, or resort wardrobes with style! They are also made with a genuine leather upper, silver-plated Ferrara ornamentation, leather lining, and a rubber sole. They even have stitching around the edge of the shoe.


The original price of these shoes are about the same as the Tory Burch Miller, but it’s on sale right now and you can get it for just $52.50. If you are looking for similar quality to the Tory Burch Miller at more affordable price, the Brighton Alice Medallion Sandals are your way to go.

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