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Cartier Glasses Real vs. Fake Guide 2024: How to Spot Fake Cartier Glasses?

Cartier Glasses Real vs. Fake Guide 2024: How to Spot Fake Cartier Glasses?

    To this day, Cartier glasses are some of the most expensive on the market.Like their jewelry, no expense is spared and no shortcuts are taken when crafting Cartier eyewear.Wearing a pair of Cartier Sunglasses or Cartier eyeglasses can make you feel that you are one of the most upper level people.However,there are many people selling replica Cartier online.If you're an enthusiast of Cartier glasses, ensuring their authenticity is crucial.How can I tell if my Cartier sunglasses are real?How do you know if your Cartier glasses are fake?How to tell if Cartier glasses are fake?How to spot fake Cartier glasses?How to identify real and fake Cartier glasses?What's the difference between the real and fake Cartier glasses?In this guide,In this guide,I've gathered the best 9 methods of spotting a fake Cartier glass.Let’s check them out.


Where to Buy Authentic Cartier Glasses?

Cartier eyeglasses are available in Cartier official website.If you’re looking to purchase Cartier eyewear, avoid fakes by visiting one of their “approved opticians” to view the entire collection. You can also buy some of their eyeglasses at select in-person and online retailers.

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How to Spot Fake Cartier Glasses?

1. The Frame

According to their website, many of Cartier’s frames are made with “noble materials such as wood and horn” or precious metals, such as platinum, gold and titanium, though some of their less expensive glasses feature acetate frames.


To determine if the Cartier glasses you’d like to purchase are authentic, the first thing you should check is the overall quality. Look to see if the paint is chipping, there are scratches in the frames — these are simple indicators that you’re looking at a pair of fake Cartier glasses.  

And if the frame has adjustable nose pads, each side will feature a logo or a signature motif. Also, the bridge will have engraved measurements. These small details are important to check, as fake Cartier sunglasses sometimes skip these parts.


2. The Lenses

Genuine Cartier sunglasses will have a small yet signature cursive logo on the corner of one lens.The counterfeiters will use a cheap screen print method to stamp on the Cartier logo. The screen print method gives the logo no texture, whereas an authentic pair of Cartier glasses has a logo with a texture. An easy test to see if you have purchased fake Cartier glasses is by running your finger over the lens stamp—if it is counterfeit, you will not feel anything. On an authentic pair of Cartier glasses, however, you should be able to feel the etching or some type of texture. This easy test will indicate if you have purchased authentic or counterfeit Cartier glasses.


3. The Bridge Piece

Real Cartier glasses have a well-made and comfy bridge piece that matches the overall design.the bridge piece gives the width of 20mm. The etching should be centered within the bridge piece. Just because these details are present in an area that is unlikely to be seen does not mean that the quality of the glasses should degrade. Every detail, regardless of the function or the area it is found in, should maintain the same level of uniform Cartier quality.On the other hand, fake glasses might have badly crafted or uncomfortable bridge pieces. 


Original Cartier glasses will also have the bridge measurements engraved across the bridge and Cartier’s signature on both nose pieces.This is a detail that many counterfeiters neglect, as the majority of consumers do focus on minor details and only pay attention to the exterior details.

4. The Temples & Inscriptions

Most Cartier temples are gold and hand engraved. This detail is much more difficult to replicate, and most imitators would rather not deal with it. However, some counterfeiters will attempt to reproduce it. 

While some authentic Cartier Glasses may not be perfectly centered, the printing should be close to the center. Beware of fakes with printing starting at the bottom and ending up in the center.


The Cartier signature, along with a serial number printed in small font, is located on the inside frame of each pair of glasses. This serial number should be a seven-digits long and is provided by Cartier in all glasses to confirm authenticity.Please notice that the number of digits may vary based on style, release year, and collection.If you don’t find it on the temples, it could also be on the bridge.

The temples carry further information such as the measurement engravings (if they’re not already on the bridge), where the frame was made, the CE and UKCA stamp, the model code, and the color code.

 The three temple insert tests are:

  • Check for centering

  • The insert should be flush with the temple arm

  • Real gold does not tarnish

5. Avoiding Misspellings

Authentic Cartier glasses prioritize careful detailing, ensuring accurate spelling and engraving.Fake Cartier glasses often betray their authenticity through misspellings. Scrutinize every printed element for accurate spelling.

6. The Screws

Cartier uses only metal screws. Screws made of plastic or any other material except metal are a true sign of a fake

7. The Price

Being some of the most luxurious eyewear on the market,the price of Cartier glasses begins in the $500 range and can run over $6,000. If you’d like to own a pair of these luxurious designer glasses but can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars, your best bet is a pair with acetate frames. These typically cost under or just over $1,000.

Authentic Cartier sunglasses come with a premium price tag, reflecting the brand's craftsmanship and luxury status.These glasses aren’t cheap, even for online retailers, so be prepared to spend a significant amount of money for an authentic pair. Cheap Cartier glasses, especially those that are 75% less than the full retail price, are usually fake. That’s because, even when Cartier glasses are for sale online, stores won’t sell them below cost.

8. The Packaging

Original Cartier glasses should be sold with a hard leather case, cleaning cloth and a certificate that guarantees authenticity. Ask to see the certificate, case and serial number before purchasing, even if you’re buying from an individual rather than a retailer. 



Genuine Cartier glasses come with a warranty card that provides details about the product and its authenticity.Counterfeit versions may lack this card, or if present, the information may be inconsistent or poorly printed. 



9. The Paint Wear and Chipping

Inspect for any signs of paint wear or chipping. Authentic Cartier Glasses maintain their allure over time, while replicas might reveal wear sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cartier glasses come with a serial number?

Authentic Cartier frames will come with a certificate of authenticity. That document will include a serial number, which should match the serial number printed on the frame. What do the numbers on the inside of glasses mean? Typically, there is a model number and/or name and a color code, as well as size information.

Where are real Cartier glasses made?

Cartier Eyewear is made in France, Italy and Japan.

Why are Cartier glasses so expensive?

Cartier glasses are lacquered by hand and constructed with natural materials such as wood and horn, meaning that each individual frame has its own story. It is very labor-intensive to have these pieces hand-lacquered on. It gives the frame an extra luxury appeal and provides the panther with some character. 

Despite being mass-produced, the frames are designed and created by master craftspeople, displaying the same precision and attention to detail as the company’s famed jewelry techniques. P

How long do Cartier glasses last?

Cartier is a high-end luxury brand that is known for its quality craftsmanship. Its products are made with only the finest materials and are designed to last a lifetime.

Do Cartier glasses have lifetime warranty?

The frame is warranted against any manufacturing defect for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase (hereafter the “Warranty Period”) at the following conditions.

How to clean Cartier glasses?

Regularly clean your glasses with slightly soapy water, rinse with clean water and wipe dry with the Cartier cleaning cloth or any other soft cloth (except for horn, wood or leather eyewear). - Always keep your glasses in their case when you are not wearing them.

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