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Ingredients Reviews: NEW The Ordinary Saccharomyces Ferment 30% Milky Toner

Ingredients Reviews: NEW The Ordinary Saccharomyces Ferment 30% Milky Toner

    • Toners are an oft-forgotten part of many skincare routines, which use chemical exfoliation to refine skin texture. They can also help to balance oil, unclog pores, and work to strengthen the skin barrier – i.e. not a step you want to skip if you can help it! Today, the Ordinary launched the Saccharomyces Ferment 30% Milky Toner to complement their affordable skincare line — “A Gentle, Milkier, way to Exfoliate” according to its website. Swipe on for everything you need to know about this NEW Saccharomyces Ferment 30% Milky Toner from The Ordinary.


About The Ordinary Saccharomyces Ferment Milky Toner



$14.00/100ml; The Ordinary

$14.00/15ml; ULTA

$17.20/15ml; LOOKFANTASTIC (up to 10% cashback)

"Saccharomyces Ferment 30% Milky Toner was designed as a gentle alternative to our Glycolic Acid 7% Exfoliating Toner," Prudvi Kaka, chief scientific officer for Deciem, said. 

"To ensure suitability for sensitive skin, we chose a yeast-fermented NAG source [amino acid], which provides a gentler approach to exfoliation than glycolic acid, as well as including squalane which gives this product its characteristic milky texture."

Through this gentle exfoliation, the milky toner helps to reduce textural irregularities and smooth skin texture, plus reduces the appearance of dark spots, resulting in brighter, more radiant skin. 

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Key Ingredients & Benefits


What sets Saccharomyces Ferment 30% Milky Toner apart from other toners is its dual action benefits. It provides gentle exfoliation using yeast ferment technology, formulated with a high concentration of 30% Saccharomyces Ferment and containing 3% N-Acetylglucosamine, paired with Squalane. This skin-identical molecule helps to hydrate the skin. Squalane also gives the toner its unique milky texture.

Key Ingredients:

3% N-Acetylglucosamine

The brand selected a Saccharomyces Ferment containing N-acetylglucosamine (NAG). NAG is a naturally occurring molecule in the body as part of hyaluronic acid's molecular structure. When applied to the skin, NAG has been shown to exfoliate the skin and target the appearance of uneven texture and tone with minimal irritation.

How NAG works is all down to amplifying the skin’s natural process. Our dead skin cells are held together by 'links' called corneodesmosomes. While direct acids harshly dissolve or break these links, NAG gently exfoliates the skin by acting like a key on the other side of a keyhole. It occupies the space and prevents cells from joining together and forming dead skin cell links. This helps to speed up the skin's natural process of shedding dead cells in a much kinder way.

By gently exfoliating the skin, this formulation smooths skin texture and reduces the look of enlarged pores and other textural irregularities, for a brighter, more radiant appearance. It also reduces the look of dark spots, for a more even complexion. And because it was engineered with gentle, moisturizing ingredients, this formula instantly hydrates while promoting a stronger skin barrier.

Innovative Microfluization Technology

To create a super lightweight, yet hydrating formulation, The Ordinary's chemists wanted to include a high skin-softening, also known as 'emollient,' content. Typically this can be tricky without compromising on the viscosity of the formulation. Often water-based cosmetic formulations with many emollients need a high stabilizing agent content, also called 'emulsifier,' to prevent the formulation from separating, which can lead to a thicker consistency.

Thanks to the microfluidization technology the brand uses that mix the ingredients at incredibly high speeds, they can break the formula down into microscopic droplets and create a stable, lightweight product that doesn't separate or rely on a high concentration of emulsifiers.

How To Use: 

Since it's gentle on the skin, this toner can be used, morning and night, and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

You can safely use it every day, or opt to pare back to every second or third, if you prefer to cycle different products throughout the week. The best part? Since it's so gentle, it can be used in tandem with any other product from The Ordinary, actives included. 

The milky toner is best used in the prep stage of skincare, and can be used after cleansing, but before the application of serums or creams.

To use, apply to the face and neck using a cotton pad and fingers, and follow with the rest of your skincare regimen.



It is super lightweight and despite its milky appearance, it feels very water-like. It sinks into the skin really nicely, and feels like an ultra light moisturiser that gives skin an instant glow.

It is very comfortable and soothing, fine enough in texture to sit under serum and then moisturiser, and you could layer pretty much anything on top.

But this is also very watery and during application it can be messy as the liquid will run through fingers and down hands. However, you can apply a few drops to your cupped palms and apply the formula palm to face which helps a lot. This has a fermented 'scent', and although it's not strong, it's conceivable that some may not love.

The Comparison with Glycolic Acid 7% Exfoliating Toner


The new Milky Toner seems to be an alternative to The Ordinary's bestselling Glycolic Acid 7% Exfoliating Toner.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Exfoliating Toner is a longtime favorite and bestseller, but that didn't mean there was room to grow within the toner category. 

As much as people adore the glycolic exfoliating toner, it is an AHA product - so it's best suited to those who respond well to using exfoliating acids. But customers also have the desire for a gentler and hydrating toner from The Ordinary to compliment Glycolic Acid 7% Exfoliating Toner. And so, Saccharomyces Ferment 30% Milky Toner was born.

Prudvi Kaka, Chief Scientific Officer of The Ordinary, explains that "most exfoliating agents, like N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG) and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAS), work by targeting the adhesives that act as the glue holding the dead skin cells together.”

"However, while AHAs break through these adhesion structures, NAG prevents them from sticking the dead skin cells to each other to begin with, allowing the dead skin to easily be exfoliated." cooperates with many merchants, such as: Walmart (Up to 4% cashback), Sephora(4% -5% cash back), Moosejaw (5% -6% cash back), LOOKFANTASTIC (Up to 10% cash back)Sam's Club (Up to 15% cashback)Norton(Up to 20% cashback), Microsoft (Up to 7% cash back) and so on. You can save on buying daily necessities, fashion, beauty, electronic products, broadband installation, mobile communication, air tickets, hotels and other aspects of life! 

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