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5 Affordable French Perfume Brands & Their Must-Haves in 2024

5 Affordable French Perfume Brands & Their Must-Haves in 2024

    • The French are known for their impeccable sense of style and sophistication, and nothing embodies this more than their choice of perfume. But smelling elegant and attractive should not be a luxury. Once you embrace discovering hidden gems among affordable perfumes, a whole new world will open up to you. These fragrances will allow you to expand your collection without breaking the bank. Below, a list of five affordable French perfume brands & their must-haves to keep on your radar.


  • Best Budget-Friendly French Perfume Brands & Must-Haves

| Fragonard

Fragonard perfume founded shortly before the First World War that Eugène Fuchs, an entrepreneur at heart who had already been seduced by the magic of perfume, decided to set up his own perfumery based on the novel concept of selling perfumery products directly to the tourists who were beginning to discover the French Rivera's charms. 

Parfumerie Fragonard was opened in 1926. Eugène Fuchs chose to name it after the famous Grasse-born painter, Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806), as a tribute to both the town of Grasse and to the refinement of 18th-century arts. Similarly, the choice of name expressed his desire to run his business in accordance with traditions.

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The must-have product: Fragonard Parfumeur Fleur d'Oranger Eau de Toilette

($67.62/100ml at Amazon)


Top notes: Orange Blossom

Middle notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Jasmine

Base notes: Honey, Musk

One of the most popular fragrances from Fragonard Parfumeur, Fleur D'Oranger (Orange Blossom) comes from The Naturelles collection. Hidden amongst its leaves polished with green light lies the orange blossom that has given us a suave eau de toilette as sensual as it is fresh. Tender neroli blossom joins with bergamot, jasmine and musk to enchant our senses with an inexpressible voluptuousness. 

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| Patricia de Nicolaï

Patricia de Nicolaï’s prestigious heritage has been both a great blessing and a somewhat surprising obstacle in her own impressive career. As a great-granddaughter of Pierre Guerlain and a niece to legendary master perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain, de Nicolaï was certainly blessed with both natural aptitude and intense exposure to the world of high-end fragrance. On the other hand, despite her legacy and an outstanding body of work as a student at ISIPCA in Versailles, de Nicolaï entered the industry in the late '70s/early '80s, a time when gender discrimination in the French perfume industry was still rampant. 

Though she worked at Florasynth and later Quest, where she created the smash hit Lancôme Trésor, she opted to leave the big companies and found her own house, Parfums de Nicolaï, which she did alongside her husband Jean-Louis Michau in 1989. In addition to the scores of beloved fragrances she has created since then, she has also been inducted as a knight in the French Legion of Honour, and been named president of the Osmotheque, the prestigious archive of French perfume.

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The must-have product: Amber Oud Eau de Parfum by by Parfums de Nicolai

($89.99/100ml at JomaShop)


Top notes: Lavender, Sage, Thyme and Artemisia

Middle notes: Agarwood (Oud), Patchouli, Saffron, Atlas Cedar, Sandalwood and Cinnamon

Base notes: Amber, Castoreum, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Musk and Styrax

Amber Oud embodies a golden effervescence, a freshness you wouldn't expect from its name. Debuting with clean spice notes and a bubbly profile, the scent presents a generous herbal bouquet. Wafts of lavender, thyme, sage, and artemisia provide a stunning balance to the warm and rich notes lying deep within the scent. The warmth of amber, vanilla, and patchouli anchors the scent but doesn't disrupt its clean and elegant persona. Laced with saffron and a dash of cinnamon, Amber Oud is sure to surprise you with its intriguing blend of grace and mystery.

| L'Aromarine / Outremer

L'Aromarine / Outremer Paris has been manufacturing fragrances and bath products in France for over 30 years. This much-loved small-batch perfumery captures the glamour and romance of Paris at the turn of the century. Each bottle is featured in an exquisite art deco glass bottle, transporting you to a romantic Paris that perhaps now exists only in movies and our collective unconscious. These fragrances have been a worldwide favorite for over 30 years. 

They have a massive cult following for the Vanille Perfume, an intoxicating and rich gourmand vanilla bean scent that is reminiscent of spun sugar and warm cookies. 

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The must-have product: Outremer Vanille Eau de Toilette

($22.00/50ml, up to 10% cashback at SmallFlower)


Key notes: Vanilla, Brown Sugar

The scent of Vanille is not so much a simple vanilla- is it a mouth-watering sugar cookie....or is it fresh-baked cake? Deep and decadent this vanilla is warm and enveloping. On it's own it creates a sweet aura around the wear, but layered it can take any fragrance to the next level. Up your sweet game and expand your gourmand collection with this truly amazing vanilla.

| Paul Sebastian

Paul Sebastian was founded in the late 1970s by Leonard Paul Cuozzo and Alan Sebastian Greco, who combined their names to form their notable perfume label. The New Jersey-based label achieved international success within a decade of its founding, a clear sign of the impeccable vision exhibited by the brand's founders.

Paul Sebastian fragrances cover a wide range of scent preferences. For example, the perfume house's first eponymously named cologne is a masculine blend, utilizing fresh citruses and florals blended with warm musk and woody notes. On the other hand, Paul Sebastian perfume often conjures up delightful aromas using a wide range of floral and fruity notes. Whether you're looking for a powerful, bold fragrance or a light, mild aroma, we have a Paul Sebastian cologne or perfume to fill the role.

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The must-have product: Paul Sebastian Men's Fine Cologne

($22.67/237ml, up to 0.1% cashback at FragranceNet)


Top notes: Lavender, Sage and Nutmeg

Middle notes: Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Cloves and Spices

Base notes: Musk, Amber, Oakmoss and Patchouli

Introducing Ps By Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne Spray, a fragrance that epitomizes timeless sophistication. This fine cologne spray embodies a captivating blend of aromatic spices, fresh citrus, and warm woods, creating a harmonious and alluring scent. Perfect for the refined gentleman, Ps By Paul Sebastian leaves a lasting impression with its classic and distinguished aroma.


In 2015, Amélie Huynh discovered D'ORSAY, as one finds a sleeping beauty. Convinced that great stories are made to last, she awakened this 200 year old heritage brand to give it a new lease on life. Huynh preserves D’ORSAY and its original love story by exploring the state of love through carnal desire speaking to feelings and intimacy.

Amélie redesigned the olfactory line in keeping with the house's heritage, working with noses such as Olivia Giacobetti, Mark Buxton, Karine Chevalier, Bertrand Duchaufour, Fanny Bal and Vincent Ricord. Perfumes designed for couples, like states of love. Attentive, insolent, sophisticated, contradictory, incipient, electric, impulsive, dreamy, secret, dazzling. Each fragrance is named after a clue phrase, signed with the initials of a personality whose identity will never be revealed.

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The must-have product: D'ORSAY Sur tes lèvres E.Q. Eau de Parfum

($104.00/50ml, up to 3% cashback at Harrods)


Top notes: Pink Berry Extract, Amber Absolute

Middle notes: Jasmine Accord, Iris Concrete

Base notes: Patchouli Essence, Cashmeran

In this creation, Dominique Ropion recreates the intimacy and sweetness of a kiss in a perfume. On your lips, a woody, fruity, ultra-enveloping floriental scent leaves an unforgettable imprint on the skin from the very first moments. The freshness of peach and pink berries delicately settles on a seductive heart of jasmine and iris wood. Cashmere wood and vanilla reinforce the sensuality of the fragrance and give it a beautiful depth. cooperates with many merchants, such as: Walmart (Up to 4% cashback), Sephora(4% -5% cash back), Moosejaw (5% -6% cash back), LOOKFANTASTIC (Up to 10% cash back)Sam's Club (Up to 15% cashback)Norton(Up to 20% cashback), Microsoft (Up to 7% cash back) and so on. You can save on buying daily necessities, fashion, beauty, electronic products, broadband installation, mobile communication, air tickets, hotels and other aspects of life! 

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