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Where To Buy Givenchy The Cheapest In 2024? (Cheapest Country, Discount, Price, VAT Rate & Tax Refund)

Where To Buy Givenchy The Cheapest In 2024? (Cheapest Country, Discount, Price, VAT Rate & Tax Refund)

    Givenchy is a French luxury fashion and perfume house. It hosts the brand of haute couture and ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics of Parfums Givenchy. Givenchy is known for its clean, elegant style, innovative and daring designs. Because of this, Givenchy has many fans. If you also like this brand and want to buy Givenchy, then you must wanna to know which country is the cheapest to buy. Is it cheaper to buy Givenchy in Europe? Is it cheaper to buy Givenchy in Paris than Italy? Where to buy Givenchy the cheapest in USA? Where to buy Givenchy the cheapest online? In this guide, I will tell you the cheapest country to buy Givenchy and the website to buy Givenchy online!


The Cheapest Country to Buy Givenchy 2024 

The cost of Givenchy is various by country, so many are wondering the cheapest country to buy Givenchy. Let's look at the Givenchy cost comparison between the US, Canda, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Japan. In this comparison, I will calculate the price difference with the currency exchange, sales tax and the VAT Refund amount. 

For example, we will look at the price of Givenchy Mini Antigona bag in leather with floral pattern. Pricing and exchange rates are as of April 23. 2024.

Country & RegionLocal PriceUSD Equivalent PriceGeneral VAT Rates
United States$2,390$2,390

0%-9.55%(Sales Tax-different states 



Combined federal and provincial/territorial sales taxes range from 5% to 


United Kingdom£1,780$2,203.9420% 
JapanGivenchy Mini Antigona bag in leather with floral pattern temporarily unavailable.
AustraliaAU$3,850$2,482.75Goods and services tax: 10%
SingaporeSGD3,100$2,275.05Goods and services tax: 8%
MalaysiaRM11,000$2,302.46Sales tax: 10%; Service tax: 6%

Hong Kong SAR, 



There is no VAT or sales tax in Hong



Givenchy Mini Antigona bag in leather with floral pattern temporarily unavailable.


What is VAT?

The value-added tax (VAT) along with the goods and services tax (GST) is a consumption tax, which means it is paid by the private consumer. It is not a revenue tax. While over 160 countries use a value-added tax, it is most common in the European Union. It can be labelled VAT, TVA, IVA, moms, MwST, and a few others depending on each country.

  • VAT Rates: VAT is commonly expressed as a percentage of the total cost. For example, if a product costs $100 and there is a 15% VAT, the consumer pays $115 to the merchant.

  • Vat Tax Refund: It is a tax on consumption rather than income, and it ranges from 5-25%. If you pay this tax when shopping abroad, you can often get your money back after you've returned home, since travelers are typically entitled to a refund for the VAT portion of prices for goods.


As you can see from the table above, if you are going to purchase the Givenchy, then you should definitely purchase it in Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland or other EU countries) due to VAT refund. If you are a visitor and normally reside outside of the European Union, you may be entitled to a VAT refund. Buying Givenchy in Europe is about 18% cheaper than buying it in the United States! After VAT refund, it will be about 25-30% cheaper than buying it in the United States! 


  • In many cases, you won't get the full tax back since services like Global blue charges a fee. However, the most expensive place to buy a Givenchy is in Australia, and Hong Kong.

  • If you’re shopping in other EU countries that do not use Euros (such as Denmark, Sweden & Poland), it’s important to check the exchange rate on the day that you are shopping to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

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How Does the VAT Tax Refund Work in the EU? 

1. How much is the VAT in Europe?

When you travel to Europe and purchase goods and services, the price you pay generally includes this tax on the added value that is provided at each step of the supply chain, from production to sale.

In the European Union, the VAT rate generally ranges from 5 to 25%, depending on the country. Some of them apply different rates of VAT according to the type of product or service, generally categorized as “standard”, “reduced”, and “super-reduced”.

If you're travelling to France, for example, some products include a 20% VAT while it amounts to 5.5 or 10% on others. It can go as low as 2.1% for super reduced VAT.

2. When can you get a VAT refund?

In European countries, most downtown department stores, large shopping centers, brand stores, factory stores, specialty stores, etc. can get tax refunds, and you must look for the "VAT Refund" and "Tax Refund" signs. Within 3 months before leaving the country and returning to China, tax rebates can be obtained for clothing, cosmetics, luggage, electronic products, handicrafts and other items that can be carried out of the country purchased in these places.

3. Can I get a VAT refund on online purchases?

Yes, you can get a VAT refund even for your online purchases. The same rules apply: you must be a permanent resident in a non-EU country and the amount you paid must be above the minimum prescribed by the country of the online store.

4. Can I get a VAT refund on hotels?

If you're not a business traveller, no. VAT refund schemes don't apply to hotel stays because those are regarded as services consumed on-site rather than exported goods.

Companies that often resort to business travel may submit a VAT refund claim, but this is the only exception.

5. Is It Worth Claiming a VAT Refund?

It depends. If you're a problem-solver and frequent traveller, it's probably worth it. But there is no denying that since a lot of paperwork is involved, it's a tedious process. 

The Process for Acquire Tax-refund in EU

1) Purchase Your Items

Go to the merchant and purchase your Givenchy.

2) Get Your Passport Ready

In order to get your tax-refund, you will need to prove that you are a tourist from another country. 

3) Receive Proper Documents from Retailer

The merchant will need to create a special tax-free form for your Givenchy purchase. Most of the time, sales assistants will automatically fill in the paperwork for your refund, but make sure to double-check so you don’t miss out.

4) Get Documents Stamped

Your document will need to be stamped at customs before you can apply and return home.

5) Get Your Refund

It's very important you remember to drop your tax refund paperwork off at the airport. You need to find the tax refund desk, scan the document, and pop it into a mailbox. You can receive this VAT sales tax back immediately in cash or receive the refund via your credit card.


Where to buy Givenchy cheapest in the USA? 

You can also buy your Givenchy at the tax-free states in the USA. In the United States, the tax paid at the time of shopping and checkout is usually a comprehensive consumption tax, namely Combined Sales Tax, which is composed of the fixed state consumption tax (State Sales Tax) of each state + the local consumption tax (Local Sales Tax) of different regions , which results in different consumption taxes in different regions even within the same state.

Among the states in the United States, there are 5 tax-free states (Alaska is free of State Sales Tax, and some areas charge Local Sales Tax): Oregon, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, Alaska (part).

Does Givenchy Ever Go On Sale? 

Retailers for authentic, discounted Givenchy bags, accessories, and more include CettireSaks OFF 5THGiltShop Premium Outlets, and Italist. These third-party retailers are authorized and licensed to sell Givenchy products, so have comfort in knowing that authenticity is guaranteed.

And yes, the Givenchy does offer Black Friday sales, presenting a once-a-year opportunity for enthusiasts to shop the luxurious yet practical range at more wallet-friendly prices. By planning ahead and monitoring both online and brick-and-mortar stores, shoppers can capitalize on this annual shopping sales event.

Where To Buy Givenchy The Cheapest Online in 2024?

If you’re not going to Europe any time soon, then you can check out these online sites to buy new & used Givenchy. It is very convenient to buy online, and it will be delivered directly to your door. And there are deals, as these retailers occasionally have promo codes where Givenchy is included. 

1. Cettire

Cettire is one of popular platforms for discounted luxury goods. Known for its extensive range of luxury brands, including Givenchy, Cettire offers both new season and sale items, making it a one-stop shop for luxury fashion enthusiasts.

Whether you’re seeking clothing or bags, this site is a great place to scout out discounted Givenchy pieces. They always have the best options (in my opinion) and the largest selection, including items from the current season!

Cettire also provides global shipping and a price match guarantee, ensuring customers get the best possible price on their purchases.


Givenchy Prices: $85.46-$6163.24

Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Afterpay.

Coupon or Discount: 

  • Use code "MARCH10" at checkout for an extra 10% off range of iconic designer brands; 

  • Free shipping is available on orders of USD $250 or more.

Extrabux Cash Back2% Super Cash Back.

2. Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus Group is one of the largest multi-brand luxury integrated retailers in the U.S. In addition to 36 Neiman Marcus stores, the company operates two Bergdorf Goodman locations in Manhattan, and a dedicated website; and, a home accessories merchant. 

Neiman Marcus is the company's signature retailer, selling women's, men's, and children's apparel, handbags and accessories, designer jewelry and precious jewels, and home and gift galleries. Neiman Marcus began operations in Dallas in 1907 and opened its first store outside of Texas in 1971. Neiman Marcus sells a variety of designer brands, including Givenchy.


Givenchy Prices: $57-$8,300

Payment Methods: The Neiman Marcus credit card; Neiman Marcus gift card (USA only); American Express; VISA; MasterCard; Discover; Diners Club; PayPal. Credit Cards.

Coupon or Discount: 

  • Sign up at Neiman Marcus for 15% off your 1st order;

  • Free shipping on qualified orders of $50+;

  • Up to 75% off sale.

Extrabux Cash Back: 3% Super Cash Back.

3. Saks OFF 5TH

Saks OFF 5TH can be a treasure trove for those seeking Givenchy products without the steep price tags. As an outlet counterpart to the upscale Saks Fifth Avenue store, Saks OFF 5TH offers an array of designer items, including Givenchy clothing, bags, shoes, perfumes & accessories, at substantially reduced prices. These discounts can be further amplified during clearance sales or special promotional events.

We encourage shoppers to explore both the physical stores and their site, as inventory can differ and exclusive online deals may pop up at any time.


Givenchy Prices: $69.99 - $1929.99

Payment Methods: Saks Fifth Avenue Store Card, Saks Fifth Avenue Mastercard, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Japan Credit Bureau, China Union Pay Credit, Diners Club, Klarna, and PayPal.

Coupon or Discount: 

  • Sign up for Saks OFF 5TH rewards program & get 10% off;

  • Free shipping on $99+ with code SHIPS05;

  • Download the new Saks OFF 5TH APP and get 10% OFF your first $100+ in-app purchase. USE CODE APP10SF;

  • Up to 70% off Valentine's Day gifts.

Extrabux Cash Back4% Super Cash Back.

4. Gilt

Known for its flash sales and limited-time offers, Gilt gives you the chance to snap up your desired Givenchy piece at an awesome price. Gilt’s variety of Givenchy items is sure to cater to every fashion enthusiast’s taste.

Remember, with its time-sensitive deals, you have to act fast before these coveted items are gone! Gilt is one of shoppers' favorite platforms for discounted Givenchy because they consistently put classics on sale – including bags, clothing, perfumes, lipsticks, & accessories. It’s a great option for fashion and luxury goods lovers looking to score a deal!

Please note that you will have to create an account to use Gilt’s site or app.


Givenchy Prices: $32.99 - $1,950

Payment Methods: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Coupon or Discount: 

  • Up to 70% Off Coveted Designers;

  • New-Member Bonus: Get an EXTRA 10% off your first order.

Extrabux Cash BackCashback temporarily unavailable.

5. Nordstrom

Nordstrom, Inc. is a leading fashion retailer offering compelling clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and kids. Since 1901, they've been committed to providing their customers with the best possible service—and to improving it every day.

Luxury brands including: Birkenstock, Calvin Klein, Tumi, Dolce & Gabbana, Veja, Moncler, Canada Goose, Rado, Fendi, Saint Laurent, Hermès, Akris punto, Alexander McQueen, Bottega, Veneta, Brunello Cucinelli, Burberry, Christian Louboutin, Givenchy, Golden Goose, Gucci, Moncler, Off-White, Prada, Saint Laurent, The Row, Thom Browne, TOM FORD, Valentino, ZEGNA, and more. 


Givenchy Prices: $149.97-$3,000

Payment Methods: 

  • Credit Cards: Nordstrom Visa, Nordstrom credit card, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express and Discover Network.

  • Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack Gift Cards: To use online, enter the Gift Card number, along with the access code, in the payment section at Checkout.

Coupon or Discount: 

  • Coupon or Discount: Nordstrom will ship almost anything on their site to anywhere in the United States—even Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico—for free.

Extrabux Cash Back: Cashback temporarily unavailable.

6. Shop Premium Outlets

Shop Premium Outlets is another great spot for Givenchy lovers to find notable discounts on stylish accessories. These outlets house a myriad of luxury brands at significantly marked-down prices.

For the Givenchy aficionado, this means the opportunity to acquire clothing, shoes, bags, beauty items & accessories at prices that are friendly to the wallet without compromising on style or quality.

It’s beneficial to visit these outlets during special sale days or holidays when they offer an extra layer of discounts on top of the already reduced outlet prices. Don’t forget to join their rewards program for exclusive coupons and early access to sales that can help clinch that Givenchy deal you’ve been after.


Givenchy Prices: $37.06 - $2493.16

Payment Methods: PayPal, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay.

Coupon or Discount: 

  • Free shipping for 48 contiguous United States.

Extrabux Cash BackUp to 4% Super Cash Back.

7. Italist

Italist stands out as an online marketplace that should not be overlooked when hunting for discounted Givenchy items. As Italist offers luxury items at Italian retail price, often lower than global market price due to differing taxation, it can provide a substantial savings opportunity.

They feature a variety of Givenchy styles, including limited editions and exclusive pieces that are not available everywhere. Moreover, by shopping through Italist, you can enjoy their occasional promotions and seasonal sales which sometimes include Givenchy favorites.


Payment Methods: Apple Pay, Visa, JCB, etc.

Coupon or Discount: 

  • Up to 40% off over 2,500 of the world's best luxury brands;

Extrabux Cash BackUp to 15% Super Cash Back.


FARFETCH Limited is the leading global platform for the luxury fashion industry. Founded in 2007 by José Neves for the love of fashion, and launched in 2008, FARFETCH began as an e-commerce marketplace for luxury boutiques around the world. Today the FARFETCH marketplace connects customers in over 190 countries with items from more than 50 countries and nearly 1,300 of the world's best brands, boutiques and department stores, delivering a truly unique shopping experience and access to the most extensive selection of luxury on a single platform.

Givenchy with Matthew M. Williams at the helm, sculptural clothing is met with American streetwear influences. Logo hoodies and sweaters represent supreme refinement, while tailored jackets embrace metal detailing. The large, small and mini Antigona bag sits alongside backpacks and branded heeled boots. Discover Givenchy items in FARFETCH selection. FARFETCH also offers some pre-owned Givenchy items.


Givenchy Prices: $147 - $8896

Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners, JCB, PayPal, Apple Pay, Afterpay (only available in the United States and Australia), Alipay (only available to United States, Canada, China Mainland, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR), HB Pay (only available to China Mainland), Klarna (Instalments only available in the United States, UK, Italy and France; Sofort only available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium), WeChat (available in China Mainland, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand), UnionPay, Alipay HK (available in Hong Kong SAR - FARFETCH China Android app), KaKao Pay (available in South Korea - FARFETCH iOS app), iDEAL (only available to The Netherlands), Boleto (only available to Brazil), Cryptocurrency (the full list of valid cryptocurrencies can be found here).

Coupon or Discount: 

  • Free delivery is eligible on selected full-price and sale items totalling over USD $145;

  • Up to 50% off selected items;

  • Exclusive student offer: 10% off orders over $250.

Extrabux Cash Back2% Super Cash Back.

9. eBay

eBay is an American multinational e-commerce company based in San Jose, California, that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website. eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995, and became a notable success story of the dot-com bubble. At eBay, they create pathways to connect millions of sellers and buyers in more than 190 markets around the world. eBay is also a great place to buy pre-owned Givenchy.


Coupon or Discount: 

  • Free shipping on select items.

Extrabux Cash Back: 4-4.6% Extrabux cash back.

Is it cheaper to buy Givenchy in Paris than Italy?

The price is the same, the only difference is the VAT. When it comes to tax refund, Italy may refund a little more.

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