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Ember vs. Nextmug vs. ​OHOM: Who Makes the Best Mug Warmer?

Ember vs. Nextmug vs. ​OHOM: Who Makes the Best Mug Warmer?

    If you want to sip on a continually warm cup of coffee or tea, a self-heating mug will help you.This handy gadget keeps your drink perfectly heated so you can sip at your leisure. No more microwave dashes or sadly abandoned cold cups!

    Mug warmers come in several styles, from mug-and-heating plate combos to standalone heating plates that work with any mug. Each mug has its own features, temperature settings, heating durations, and more.How do you know which one is right for you?Today,I will compare three of the best self-heating mugs in the market: the Ember mug,Nextmug mug and  OHOM self heating mug.What is the difference between the Ember Mug and Nextmug?What's the difference between the Ember Mug and OHOM?What's the difference between the Nextmug and OHOM?Ember vs. Nextmug vs. OHOM: who makes the best self-heating mug?What is the best heated mug in 2024?What is the best temperature controlled mug?Which mug keeps coffee hot longest?From temperature precision to ease of use and beyond, I'll explore all the key details so you can discover the ideal model to meet your needs.

Ember Mug 2 Review

Available Size: 10oz, 14oz

Official Price: $129.95 - $149.95

Ember calls itself the "world's first temperature control mug," When the original Ember mug was launched in 2017, it was considered groundbreaking. Smart coffee mugs were new to the market, and they quickly became sought-after desktop necessities.The Mug 2 is the latest generation with self-warming drink-holding technology. 

Rather than having a contact heat source, as traditional mug warmers do, the Ember heats itself with a built-in battery and heat source, which means you can walk around with coffee that will reliably stay at your preferred drinking temperature.You can use the connected Ember app to control the mug’s functions, set the temperature to your liking, and customize presets. You can select preset temperatures for common beverages like black tea, green tea, coffee, cappuccinos, or lattes. Or you can create custom profiles, setting the temperature of the mug anywhere between 120 °F and 145 °F.You’ll also get notifications once the mug has reached your desired temperature and when it needs to be charged. While I love this smart functionality, this mug works just fine without the app, though you won’t be able to adjust the temperature or view battery life.  

Whereas other traditional mug warmers allowed our coffee to develop an unpleasant acidity over the course of a couple hours, coffee kept in the Ember retained more of its initial flavor. Although the Ember is indisputably the best at keeping drinks hot without ruining their flavor, there’s no getting around the fact that $150 is a lot to spend on a mug, smart features or no.The wireless device's battery lasts up to 90 minutes per charge, and its slim charging base is barely wider than the mug itself.The Ember comes in clean, neutral shades that blend handsomely into any space. 


Customer Review Rating:


What is the difference between the Ember Mug and the Ember Mug 2?

Both mugs come in 10-ounce and 14-ounce sizes, but the Ember Mug 2 has a broader variety of colors to choose from. When it comes to temperature range (120 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit) and the IPX7 waterproof rating, there’s no difference between the mugs. However, while the original Ember mug has a one-hour battery life, the Ember Mug 2 bumps that up to 90 minutes for the 10-ounce and 80 minutes for the 14-ounce. 

Ember Mug 2 Pros and Cons

  • Modern minimalist design.

  • Variety of colors to choose from.

  • Pinpoint control via app,which is also where you can customize presets and get notifications.

  • It can be cordless (for an hour and a half) while the other two have to remain plugged in and on charging coasters.

  • Keeps drinks at precise customizable temperatures.

  • LED light shows the heating status.

  • It remembers your last set temperature.

  • No manual controls.

  • App connectivity problems for some.

  • The mug isn’t dishwasher-safe.

  • The price is higher than average.

  • The battery lasts only between 80 and 90 minutes, and it takes over two hours to fully charge from empty.

  • There’s no USB charging cord. The saucer charger has to be plugged into an actual outlet which isn’t always the most convenient.

Where to Buy Ember Mug 2?

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Walmart(up to 4% cash back)



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Nextmug Self-Heating Mug Review

Available Size: 14oz

Official Price: $99.95 - $129.95

A straight-up rival to Ember Mug, the 14-ounce Nextmug works as advertised and costs less. But it's still quite expensive, and the Ember is better in many respects.

The Nextmug stands alone: no Bluetooth, no app. To turn it on, you press a button. The single control button makes operating the mug easy; this one button turns the mug on and off as well as sets the temperature.There are three temperature settings you can choose from to keep your beverage at your ideal heat level: warm (130°), hot (140°), or piping (150°). LED lights along the bottom tell you how much battery life is left and the current temperature. The matte ceramic finish covering a stainless steel body comes in a host of chic colors such as sage, slate blue, dusty rose, and white. 

Nextmug supplies a very welcome accessory: a plastic lid (with sip hole) that not only helps prevent spills, but also nearly doubles the battery life at each setting. When you're done drinking, you return it to the "coaster" that serves as its charging dock. It can stay heated for an indefinite amount of time. Off the coaster, your mug (with its lithium-ion battery) can last for up to 4.8 hours on warm with the spill-resistant lid on. Keep in mind that battery life is only 45 minutes on the piping setting without the lid on.

The Nextmug contains smart technology and sensors in its stainless steel body. Curiously, although the Nextmug has a sensor that will shut down the heater if there's no liquid detected for 60 seconds, there's no auto-on sensor. The Ember has one: It starts heating the moment coffee or anything else hits the cup.


Customer Review Rating:


Nextmug Self-Heating Mug Pros and Cons

  • Simple to operate.

  • Cheaper than the Ember Mug.

  • Sleek, compact look.

  • Comes in a spectrum of colors.

  • LED lights display battery life & real-time temperature. 

  • Precise and consistent temperature.

  • It remembers your last used temperature.

  • It can keep your drink hot for up to four hours.

  • Includes Auto-off technology & Docking Coaster.

  • The ergonomically designed body and handle fits perfectly in your hands.

  • Spill-resistant lid included.

  • Excellent battery life when used with lid.

  • Ideal for home, the office or the home office.

  • Still on the pricey side.

  • Handle won't fit in a cup holder.

  • No auto-on sensor.

  • It can only stay charged for 45 minutes on the piping setting without the lid on.

  • Higher temps drain the battery faster.

  • Possible durability complaints.

Where to Buy Nextmug Self-Heating Mug?

QVC(up to 4% cash back)


OHOM Ui Self-Heating Mug Set Review

Available Size: 12oz

Official Price: $88

The Ui set comes with a matching mug, lid, and charging pad in a variety of beautiful colors. And the mug is made of a thick and high-quality ceramic—it even escaped a few accidental drops completely unscathed.It comes with a pad that doubles as a mug warmer and a wireless phone charger. It provides a steady charge even through thick phone cases. 

Instead of batteries, the 12-ounce Ohom Ui Self-Heating Mug uses electromagnetic energy to keep your drink piping hot. The base of the Ui Mug has metallic particles that react with the charging pad using magnetic induction, effectively working like an induction stovetop. Although the base doesn’t operate as a traditional hot plate, it does rely on contact between the mug and charging pad to keep liquids warm. That means you can’t use other mugs with it or carry it around and expect it to keep a constant temperature (as you can do with the Ember).The Ui Mug will keep a beverage at about 135 °F.

Using the Ohom is pretty straightforward—there is no on-off switch, just plug and unplug to turn it on and off.The mug has metallic sensors that self-heat when off the charging plate. It also comes with a stainless steel filter, so you can brew coffee directly in your cup. While its features are modern, the mug is made of hand-crafted ceramic, so it feels homey to drink out of.

If you’re in the market for both a wireless charger and a mug warmer, this is a particularly sleek and pretty option. It takes up little space on your desk, and the colors are fun and appealing. The Ui is great if you’re looking to free up a slot on your power strip, and this mug, unlike the Ember, is dishwasher-safe.


Customer Review Rating:


OHOM Ui Self-Heating Mug Set Pros and Cons

  • Dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

  • Affordable than the Ember.

  • Stylish, minimalist design.

  • Also charges cell phones and earbuds.

  • Efficient induction heating.

  • Innovative self-heating technology using induction.

  • Maintains beverages at an ideal 130°F temperature.

  • The temperature isn’t adjustable.

  • Underpowered.

  • Lid gets hot and drips condensation.

  • Potential risk of product damage right out of the box.

  • Needs to remain plugged in to heat.

Where to Buy OHOM Ui Self-Heating Mug Set?



Ember vs. Nextmug vs. OHOM: Comparison Table

Ember Mug 2Nextmug Self-Heating MugOHOM Ui Self-Heating Mug Set
Device typeRechargeable self-heating mugRechargeable self-heating mugQi warming plate/charger
Mug materialStainless steelCeramic Matte finish with Stainless Steel bodyFine ceramic
Dimensions6 x 5 inches4.5 x 5 inches3.5 x 3.75 inches
Weight10 oz (295mL) has a weight of 14.5 oz (410g); 14 oz (414mL) has a weight of 16.1 oz (457g)17 oz(481.94g)12 oz(340g)
Power SourceBattery, corded electric warming plateBattery, corded electric warming plateUSB type C cable, plug
Temperature range, according to manufacturer120°F - 145°F130°F - 150°FUp to 130˚F 
Temperature Control
Auto Shut-Off
Duration, according to manufacturerUp to three hoursUp to 90 minutesManufacturer makes no claim

What to Look for in a Self-Heating Mug?

1. Type of Heated Mug

There are two types of mug warmers:self-heating mug and warming plate.

Self-heating mug: Like the Ember Mug 2 and Nextmug Mug,which have chargeable batteries and a charging coaster so you can heat on the go.You can set your preferred temperature either on the mug or via an app. Self-contained mug warmers are higher-priced but heat more evenly and precisely because the entire inner surface of the mug warms up the liquid inside. The downside is that you have to remember to charge the mug between uses.

Warming plate: A point in favor of a warming plate is that you may be able to use your own favorite mug. If the warming plate comes with a mug, it is generally a traditional-style ceramic mug like the OHOM Ui Self-Heating Mug Set.The con is that you are tethered to the plate, so you have to come back to it to place the mug down if you want the beverage to stay warm. If you choose a warming plate, be sure to check the cord length; you want it to be long enough for the spot where you'll use the device most.

2. The Lid

Whether you opt for a warming plate or a self-heating style, a lid goes a long way. It helps to trap heat from the start, which helps even weaker mug warmers perform better. It also keeps liquid from evaporating, which can make the coffee taste more concentrated over time.

3. The Capacity

What you need really depends on how much coffee you drink. If one little mug normally lasts for hours, a smaller warmer is fine, but if you're a bigger coffee drinker, a larger machine will keep you from having to refill your mug over and over. Keep in mind that self-contained warming mugs hold less liquid than similar-sized mugs that don't have built-in electronics. For a quick ballpark on what capacity you might need, fill your current coffee mug with water and then dump it into a measuring cup.

4. The Features

With controls, consider your personal user experience—how you like to set the temperature, turn the mug warmer on and off, etc. Besides just warming the contents of a mug, many models extend their functionality with multiple temperature settings that can be as precise as down to the individual degree. Most warmers also have safety features that shut off the heat after a set amount of time, when there's nothing on the heating plate, or when the mug is empty. Automatic shutoff is a popular feature, but not all of the best mug warmers have it.Smart mug warmers that use a phone app might have customizable programs, set temperatures for different beverages, and recipe suggestions in addition to basic controls, too. 

Conclusion: Which One Should You Choose?

In the case of temperature, the Ohom Ui Self-Heating Mug Set is the only one on our list with a single setting or 130º Fahrenheit. One-touch operation and charging stand simplify use too.Dual functionality as a wireless phone charger also wows owners with its cleverness and convenience. Visually the mug set’s sleek style attracts fans as well.If you want something more affordable,the Ohom Ui Self-Heating Mug Set should be the best choice.

The others either have two or three settings to choose from, or the ability to customize the exact temperature within a range.With battery operated mug warmers like Ember Travel Mug 2 and Nextmug Coffee Mug, the heating duration can depend on the temperature (the higher it is, the more power it takes) and whether or not there’s a lid (lids can trap heat, making it last longer). The former can last up to three hours between 120 and 145º Fahrenheit and the latter can last up to 4.8 hours with three temperature options.Customers rave about the Ember mug’s ability to keep drinks at the perfect temp. They love customizing and controlling the exact heat via the app. It stays hotter for longer without the need for the ceramic lid, can be cordless so less of a risk to knock over, and you can move around the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Self-Heating Mugs Actually Work?

Functionally, a mug warmer is a tiny hot plate that sits on your desk and heats the bottom of your cup to keep the liquid inside hot. A good mug warmer will keep your drink warm without exacerbating unpleasant flavors via scorching. 

But it’s important to remember that, due to the inevitable effects of oxidation and the way these drinks break down chemically over time, there’s no way to completely preserve the body and flavor of freshly brewed coffee or tea.

How does the Ember Mug work?

The difference between the Ember Mug and a normal mug is that, anything can keep something “Hot”, but only the Ember Mug can keep your favorite hot beverage at your perfect drinking temperature. Whether you call it an electric mug or battery heated coffee mug, your Ember Mug allows you to control your ideal temperature from their app.

How do I use the Ember Mug?

Simply pour in your favorite hot beverage and let the Ember Mug do the rest! The LED light will indicate when your Ember is trying to reach the perfect temperature and when it’s ready for you to enjoy. You can also connect the Ember to your smartphone via Bluetooth, by downloading the Ember app. The Ember app will allow you to adjust your preferred temperature, add preset temperatures, and notify you when your beverage has hit your perfect drinking temperature.

Why is the Ember cup so expensive?

This increase is due to ongoing global challenges, including supply disruptions, material cost increases, and rising freight costs. 

How long does the Ember Mug battery last?

The smart mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee is never too hot, or too cold. Ember then maintains your chosen temperature for up to 1.5 hours with the Ember Mug 2, 10 oz and up to 80 minutes with the Ember Mug 2, 14 oz - so your hot beverage stays perfect.

What is the life expectancy of an Ember mug?

When using your Ember Travel Mug² without the charging coaster, you can expect a battery life of about three hours at a target temperature of about 135°F (57°C).

What not to do with Ember mug?

Do not microwave the Ember Mug! The Ember Mug is an electronic device, which should never go in a microwave. As with all electronics and metals, it may result in a fire when heated up in the microwave. Doing so will result in permanent damage to your Ember.

Are Ember mugs made in China?

The Mugs are designed in California and made in China.

Can you put cold water in Ember Mug?

Yes.This is an optimal situation to allow for prolonged battery life. However, if a user pours in a drink cooler than their set desired temperature, the Ember's battery will be required to engage instantly and will begin working overtime to heat the liquid.

How long does Nextmug take to heat up?

You'll be using your Nextmug within a minute of taking it out of the box, and it takes only seconds to set the mug to your perfect temperature every time you use it.

What is Nextmug made of?

The Nextmug is beautifully crafted with a stylish, ceramic matte finish over a stainless-steel body.

How long does Nextmug last?

Nextmug promises up to 40 minutes of heating on the "piping" setting, 1.2 hours on "hot" and 1.4 hours on "warm." Ember will commit only to "up to 80 minutes." (Remember, these aren't travel mugs intended to last you all day.)

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