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4 Affordable Perfumes that Smell Like YSL Mon Paris in 2024

4 Affordable Perfumes that Smell Like YSL Mon Paris in 2024

    • Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris perfume is a new expression of love today, inspired by the city of lovers, Paris. A reinvention of the traditional chypre, the floral perfume introduces a brave, bold narcotic white chypre. It captivates from the first time due to its ultra-pure radiance, which binds patchouli to luminous white notes, and balances it with the sensuality of musk. The iconic multi-faceted bottle with black lavaliere is a must for any dressing table. As one of YSL's best-selling fragrances, chances are you already own Mon Paris. But at a handsome price tag, which is why many of us can hardly afford to get a regular sized bottle. Luckily, there are quite a few excellent alternatives on the market that can give you similar results, so keep on reading for some product recommendations.


  • About Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau De Parfum


Top Notes: Strawberry, Raspberry, Pear, Orange, Tangerine, Calabrian Bergamot, Calone

Middle Notes: Peony, Jasmine Sambac, Chinese Jasmine, Datura, Orange Blossom

Base Note: Indonesian Patchouli Leaf, Patchouli, White Musk, Vanila, Ambroxan, Moss, Cedar

This fragrance was launched in 2016 by perfumers Olivier Cresp, Harry Fremont and Dora Baghriche. This is the firm's first floral chypre bet, and it was the subject of intense expectations. A fragrance on which freshness and floral sweetness are projected, soft and intense, luminous and cloudy, a magnetic perfume, sensual and at the same time, fun and cheerful.

On top, a delicious red-fruity accent drags your senses into a blooming floral heart: a bouquet of datura flowers and elegant white peonies. The datura is a flower that reveals its narcotic essence by night: fresh, dewy, dizzying. Thanks to the Headspace technology, the perfumers can capture and recreate its essence without needing to harvest it, leaving its mysterious presence untouched.

Deeper within lies the white patchouli for unconditional sensuality. A fraction of the brightest facet of a rare patchouli is used in MON PARIS. Combined with exceptional white musks, they fuse into a unique structure that feels aerated and clean yet extremely sensual. The pairing of such precious ingredients unleashes the most long-lasting trail of desire.

In case you have tried YSL Mon Paris but cannot spend the bucks to repurchase, today's article is for you! If you keep reading, you will find some exciting affordable perfumes similar to YSL Mon Paris!

  • The Best Affordable Alternatives to YSL Mon Paris

| Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose Eau de Parfum

(from$17.63 to $91.34, up to 0.1% cashback at FragranceNet)


Scent Type: Floral Woody Musk

Top Notes: Raspberry, Rose

Middle Notes: Cassis, Pink Pepper, Peony, Jasmine

Base Notes: Vanille, Musk, Virginia Cedar

How Long Does Trésor Midnight Rose EDP Last? 

8+ Hours.

What Does Trésor Midnight Rose EDP Smell Like?

This rose is jammy and sweet, paired with a tart berry accord that opens bright in raspberry tones, then darkens into cassis and pink pepper. This is followed soon afterwards by a semi-sheer wood with a sharp-sweet, cedary character. At first, these two accords seem to exist side-by-side, running along parallel olfactory tracks. Then the two threads gradually intertwine, for a more finished effect that's wearable, linear, and long-lasting. Midnight Rose contains very little vanilla, and its floral notes are subtle and tightly blended into the fruit-wood heart. The fragrance's finishing traces revert back to black currant and raspberry again.

What keeps Midnight Rose from becoming too cloyingly sweet is the woody Virginia cedar essence. It truly evokes a sense of playfulness, flirtatiousness and spontaneity. It's the kind of perfume you spritz at strategic pulse points – your neck and wrists should be enough – and it lasts for a good portion of the day. It's suitable for cooler spring and fall use as well, not just winter nights. A "purple" scent for sure, but not darkest purple. 

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| Dossier Fruity Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum

($28.98/50ml, up to 4% cashback at Walmart)


Scent Type: Floral

Top Notes: Bergamot, Raspberry, Pear

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Brown Sugar

Base Notes: Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla

How Long Does Dossier Fruity Brown Sugar Last? 

3-4 Hours.

What Does Dossier Fruity Brown Sugar Smell Like?

If you fancy an affordable scent that takes cues from the YSL's Mon Paris, consider Dossier's Fruity Brown Sugar. 

Fruity Brown Sugar opens with a vibrant raspberry pear cocktail. With no gimmicks, this joyful scent is sustained with a beautiful floral density. As the scent evolves, crispy brown sugar, vanilla, and a touch of patchouli warm up the fragrance to new heights.

This YSL's Mon Paris dupe is a chic classic that exudes excellent radiance, playful seduction, and remarkable appeal. It is what you wear if you wish to step into a mystically wild world. Dive into an ocean of vibrant raspberry pear cocktail, crispy brown sugar, vanilla, and patchouli and emerge a new person. Look no further if you crave an enchanting floral that infuses your atmosphere with thrill and magic.

| Coach Eau De Parfum

(from$37.20 to $95.20, up to 5% cashback at Macy's)


Scent Type: Floral

Top Notes: Raspberry Leaf, Pear, Pink Pepper

Middle Notes: Turkish Rose, Gardenia, Cyclamen

Base Notes: Suede, Musk, Cashmeran, Sandalwood

How Long Does Coach EDP Last? 

5-6 Hours.

What Does Coach EDP Smell Like?

This is primarily a mildly sweet and gentle raspberry with green pink rose, but it is in no way acidic. It's fresh and spring like. You think that's it, it's simple, but there's also a gentle suede here and it's pretty good. It just makes the whole thing more interesting, without it, this would be very similar to a lot of other things and quite forgettable. This is also creamy, warm, slightly aquatic and white musky. It's reasonably linear and light but very long lasting. One to spray a lot of! This feels elegant, fresh, clean, but also youthful.

Very pleasant and simple. Musk, rose, and leather all come together for a soft, powdery skin scent. Inoffensive, year round, probably not a night time scent but great for when you want to smell pretty and clean during the day.

| Zara Vibrant Leather for Her Eau De Parfum

($35.90 at Zara)


Scent Type: Chypre Floral

Key Notes: Red Currant, Patchouli, Leather

How Long Does Zara Vibrant Leather EDP Last? 

5-8 Hours.

What Does Zara Vibrant Leather EDP Smell Like?

Zara Vibrant Leather for her is opulent and sensual. The fruity-floral qualities are captivating; the accord is delightful. The fragrance bursts from the bottle with a triumphant range of succulent aromas, which blend harmoniously with each other. First, a boozy, piercing sweetness that is very nice, followed by a distinct accord of crisp pear, fragrant pepper and the sparkle of citrus fruit. The upper notes include the dirty and earthy patchouli and the unripe pineapple. Together they open the fragrance with a unique tart citrus accord, lightly balmy by the minty patchouli. The slightly sweet and slightly tart qualities of the pear blend perfectly with the bergamot and lemon, brighter but also a little more acidic. 

The middle notes soften the crisp opening with a bouquet of floral. Here, flowers form the core of the scent and spread forth through the whole creation, infusing it with softness, richness, sweetness and splendour. Dirtier, sexier, and still drier at this point than the masculine peer, the sweet but spicy and fairly coriaceous aspect offers a unique counterpoint to velvety floral notes while infusing an undercurrent and oriental depth to the composition.

The rich tenacious base includes a lot of papyrus leaves, a bite of vanilla pod, spoonful patchouli, and a sweet accord akin to amber. It is here in the dry that the scent shines. The delightfully sweet vanilla intertwines with the dry, papery, and resinous papyrus. And leather, smoky and rough leather, still suitable for a woman. It is tar and soft birch. Drying can be difficult for some, as the resinous and coriaceous qualities of the leather become more prominent along with coumarin and an unusual powdery muskiness. Here the composition takes on a sharp, perhaps a little sour, quality after the soft flowers have had enough time to sparkle, which may be off-putting to some. It makes for a sweetly woody finish.

 The aroma seems suitable for wearing all year round but would be evocative with the warmth and humidity of spring, summer, and early fall. Easily wearable both day and evening, the formulation has a unique versatility among contemporary perfumes.

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