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7 Cheaper Alternatives to Carhartt Detroit Jacket 2024

7 Cheaper Alternatives to Carhartt Detroit Jacket 2024

    While many know Carhartt for its chore coat, painters pants and hoodies, the Detroit Jacket is quietly popular and is firmly set as one of the brand’s classics.The jacket is praised for its durability and comfort by many users, especially construction and rodeo workers.However,there are other brands that also make quality and dependable jackets, and depending on your budget and specific needs, some of these brands might make more sense.

    What are some jackets similar to Carhartt?What is the best alternative to Carhartt Detroit jackets?What jacket is like Carhartt Detroit jacket?Are there Carhartt Detroit jacket alternatives?What brands are good alternatives to Carhartt?In this article,I'll take a look at some great Carhartt Detroit Jacket alternatives in 2024.If you’re interested in other similar brands to Carhartt, keep reading to learn more!


Carhartt Detroit Jacket Review

The Detroit Jacket is an iconic style for Carhartt.It is a time-tested style.First introduced in 1954, Carhartt’s Detroit Jacket is comparable to vintage Ricky jackets and garage jackets. The shorter waist-length was built for all types of work, and combined with its warmth and ruggedness, the Detroit jacket became a staple in the workforce. Kanye West, Jonah Hill, Ryan Gosling, Brooklyn Beckham, Daniel Day Lewis, and Matthew McConaughey wearing one, and countless brands — Fear of God, Ralph Lauren and numerous others — copycatting the style. 

What really drove this jacket to workforce fame was the durability and styling. This jacket was no-nonsense and didn’t have any flash or bells & whistles. What it did have was a great intrinsic value in its work-to-price relationship. It was a jacket that you could afford to buy every year, built with the ruggedness to last a decade. 

This jacket is well made with a heavy-duty Carhartt duck exterior, making it suitable for tough jobs and harsh weather conditions. The large size and long sleeves provide ample coverage and protection. The blanket liner, although synthetic, is thick and warm, perfect for colder months. Additionally, the jacket features multiple pockets, both inside and out, providing convenient storage options.

However, some customers have reported issues with the sizing and design. The jacket is often described as large, with long sleeves and an uneven collar. Additionally, the sizing can be challenging for those who can’t try it on in person.


Carhartt Detroit Jacket Pros and Cons

  • Well-made design.

  • The freedom.

  • Easy on-and-off.

  • It lasts a long time and even improves with age.

  • Perfect for colder months.

  • It can withstand tough conditions. 

  • It offers plenty of pockets both inside and out, providing ample storage space for your belongings.

  • Quality control issues with zippers.

  • Disproportionate sizing.

  • Pocket placement on the inside.

  • Although the roominess lends itself to better range of motion, there seems to be a bit too much fabric.

Where to Buy Carhartt Detroit Jacket?

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7 Cheaper Alternatives to Carhartt Detroit Jacket 

1. Dickies Insulated Eisenhower Jacket

Price: $69.99 - $72.99

Materials: 65% Polyester/35% Cotton Twill; Lining: 100% Nylon Quilted Taffeta

Review: The best alternative to a Carhartt is the Dickie’s brand for work wear.Dickies was born in 1922 in Texas creating workwear and it was gaining ground in streetwear (mainly in the world of skate) with unique and high quality designs. His pants, work shirts, overalls and coveralls stand out especially.They make several nice mid to light-weight work jackets that are perfect both for work and casual settingsOne of the most popular versions is their iconic Insulated Eisenhower Jacket. 

The jacket has a generous fit, quilted taffeta lining for lightweight warmth, an interior pocket, and pencil pocket on the sleeve. It's made from Dickie's workwear twill for an understated look rooted in tradition.This jacket has a trucker style that might be a nice fit for mechanics and service technicians. It is a collared jacket with a clean front (no hood). It doubles perfectly as a jacket you can wear for a casual night out.


Where to Buy?

2. Wolverine Lockhart Jacket

Price: $99.95

Materials: 100% Cotton Duck Canvas;100% Polyester brushed tricot lining;Sleeves: 100% Polyester Taffeta

Review: When looking for brands like Carhartt, it is hard not to mention Wolverine.Wolverine has been around almost as long as Carhartt, and their jackets are designed to take the beating of working in factories or outdoors for years and still last. They make a Cotton Duck Canvas work jacket that is a great Carhartt alternative.

An upgrade to a classic, this hooded canvas jacket will stand up to the day's demands. The Wolverine Lockhart Jacket combines the durable duck canvas shell with Wolverine’s MotionMAX fabric and a bi-swing paneled back to make this jacket not only tough, but very easy to move around in.This jacket has a brushed polyester lining that also continues into the hood. It is a front-zip jacket with a drop tail back for added coverage. One very cool detail about this jacket is it has magnetic pockets, which make them easy to open and close even with work gloves on.

If you are just looking for a Carhartt alternative that is tough and dependable, but also just has a clean, simple, classic look, then this is the jacket for you.


Where to Buy?

3. Red Kap Slash Pocket Jacket

Price: $47.49 - $51.49

Materials: Shell: 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton;Lining: 100% Polyester;Insulation: 100% Polyester

Review: Red Kap is another brand like Carhartt. They have been focused on making high-quality workwear since the early parts of the 20th century. However, Red Kap operates differently than all brands on this list because they are more of a business-to-business organization, supplying uniforms and other apparel instead of a business-to-consumer brand.As a result, they are a brand the average consumer has never heard of but is iconic in the industrial and commercial world because their apparel holds up under the most demanding conditions.

Red Kap' performance jackets can be durable and flexible like Carhartt’s, but they will not be getting mistaken for a Carhartt.They also take advantage of Sherpa and duck feathers to line the jacket’s insulation. They are not as expensive as a Carhartt and are not as thick.

This lined, insulated jacket is designed to keep you warm while working outside. And although you’ll never be caught with your hands in your pockets, this jacket comes with two inset slash pockets and a utility pocket on the sleeve to keep all your necessities nearby. No matter what the weather’s like, get the job done in this adjustable and practical jacket.


Where to Buy?

4. DRI DUCK Jacket

Price: $39.99 - $159.99

Materials: 100% cotton canvas

Review: DRI DUCK is an outdoor and work apparel company headquartered in Kansas.With a focus on apparel that can stand up to all types of outdoor conditions, Dri Duck produces every item from heavy-duty, insulated winter jackets to classic chore coats, making them the ideal choice for those who work all day outdoors and require durable clothes that can fight the elements.

DRI DUCK prioritizes comfort in its workwear and outdoor clothing without compromising durability and weather resistance.Like Carhartt, DRI DUCK embraces the canvas work jacket. Choose from a hooded jacket or a non-hooded jacket.The model and design are similar to Carhartt and can be mistaken for one if someone is looking from a distance. These jackets keep workers dry in wet conditions outdoors or even inside factory areas where there is excessive water. Compared to Carhartt, the Dri Duck will either run about the same price, or it will be a little less.


Where to Buy?

5. CornerStone Duck Cloth Work Jacket

Price: $54.38 - $63.98

Materials: 100% cotton duck cloth;Corduroy collar

Review: Cornerstone is a relatively new name in workwear, having launched in 2005. They do make a cotton canvas hooded jacket that is very similar in style to the Carhartt active jackets.Having a jacket that will accommodate you in every scenario, allowing you to work and move as much as you need while maintaining your body heat and being dry is something that Cornerstone keeps in mind with each design they make. Most of the jackets are lined with duck feathers for the warmest of comfort and insulation. 

This 12 ounce 100 percent cotton duck cloth makes this jacket extra durable. Triple-needle stitching on the shoulders and armholes of the jacket reinforce these heavy-movement areas. The brown, corduroy collar gives you sturdy coverage around your neck.

The jacket is lined with six-ounce polyfill nylon, a strong, abrasion-resistant material that dries quickly. Adjustable 2-snap sleeves let you adjust the fit of the jacket while adjustable waist tabs give you extra wiggle room for any holiday paunch. Lower slash pockets are a great place to tuck your hands or your gear. On the left chest and back of the jacket there are port pockets, which are a great canvas for embroidery to personalize your coat.


Where to Buy?

6. Tough Duck Duck Chore Jacket

Price: $65.49 - $73.68


  • Shell: 100% Cotton 12 oz Premium Duck with durable water repellent finish

  • Lining: 100% Polyester quilted 6 oz polyester insulation

  • Sleeve Lining: 100% Polyester quilted 4 oz polyester insulation

Review: A Tough Duck jacket matches Carhartt's best outerwear. Tough Duck is a brand from the house of Richlu Manufacturing, a Canadian company established in 1939.They strive to offer jackets that will accommodate the outdoorsman and working man inside each customer. Their products can be used interchangeably like Carhartt, and they offer a bomber-style jacket that looks like an almost replica of the Carhartt. It does have lots of additional storage, has duck lining, and is topped with a material that is water-resistant on top.

This makes the jacket great for hunting trips or heading off to work. While they have not been around as long as Carhartt, Tough Duck has been leaving a legacy for over 80 years. Throughout this time, they have provided outerwear to keep you safe, warm, and dry.


Where to Buy?

7. White Bear Clothing Co. Blanket Lined Duck Jacket

Price: $124.99

Materials: Sanded and Washed Cotton Duck, Water Resistant

Review: Another alternative to Carhartt jackets is the Blanket Lined Duck Jacket by White Bear.  Because they use many of the same high-quality materials, you can expect this jacket to last for several years as your Carhartt would, while keeping you comfortable during work. You will feel warm with the imbedded duck lining.The price of these jackets are a little more than Carhartt, but not overly expensive.Jackets made by White Bear are as ready for work as Carhartt jackets and made for demanding environments. 


Where to Buy?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is the Carhartt Detroit jacket so popular?

In addition to the toughness and functionality that is typical of workwear, the brand's elegant designs that are useful in the fashion scene have gained popularity among a wide range of generations.

Why is the Carhartt Detroit jacket so expensive?

Carhartt is so expensive for a few key reasons: Its jackets are made of tough, high-quality duck canvas, a trademark of the brand and a hard-working material. Its coats are also built to last for years, driving up the price tag.

Can you wear Carhartt Detroit Jacket in summer?

Created with Carhartt's renowned 12oz organic cotton Dearborn Canvas, the Detroit Jacket is a perfect lightweight summer layering piece. The loose, boxy fit paired with the mesh lining results in free movement and endless breathability.

Does the Carhartt Detroit jacket fit true to size?

Unlike some other work wear, this jacket fits true to size, so order accordingly.

Can you wash Carhartt Detroit jacket?

Yes. Machine wash cold.

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