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Ninja CREAMi vs. Deluxe vs. Breeze: Differences and Reviews 2024

Ninja CREAMi vs. Deluxe vs. Breeze: Differences and Reviews 2024

    Best ice cream makers can make things much easier — and tastier if you’re planning to make ice cream at home. The Ninja CREAMi side of TikTok will leave your mouth watering as you watch some of the tastiest concoctions being made within seconds using this device. Its popularity has recently exploded. Why? Because it’s trending on TikTok, of course. The Ninja Creami is currently sold out across online retailers due to high demand. Besides the Deluxe model, Ninja also launched Creami Breeze, so what's the difference between them and the original? Which one should I choose when it is in stock?

What is the Ninja CREAMi?

The Ninja™ CREAMi®, America's #1 ice cream maker, turns almost anything into ice cream, gelato, milkshakes, sorbets, light ice cream, and smoothie bowls. 

Ninja, the #1 brand in small kitchen appliances in the US, is a part of JS Global Lifestyle Company Limited, which also includes Shark and Joyoung. JS Global ranks as one of the largest small household appliance companies in the world.

The Ninja CREAMi 7-in-1 ice cream maker came out in July 2021, but in 2024, it's an incredibly popular kitchen gadget on TikTok.

Ninja CREAMi has a large number of very famous TikTok users, ,including Nicole Renard, Shereen Pavlides, and My Nguyen, and they also posted videos with the hashtag "SponsoredbyNinja". Although suspected of advertising, its popularity among the TikTok community is good.

As an online celebrity product, Ninja CREAMi is now sold out, but we will introduce and analyze this practical home appliance in detail below, so that everyone can be prepared to buy it when it is on the shelves again!

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The differences between the CREAMi and other ice cream makers

CREAMi differs from traditional ice cream machines in two main ways.

  • Creamify

The Ninja Creami is an appliance primarily lauded for its ice cream-making capabilities but it has numerous functions.

The Creami isn't exactly an ice cream maker, as it doesn't have a cooling mechanism.

It's not quite a blender either, as there are no variable speed settings.

According to the Ninja website, it's a Franken device that uses a “creamify” technology to "break down a uniformly frozen block into an incredibly smooth texture in minutes."

In fact, the technology used by Creami was previously only available on a very expensive and not widely available machine called the Pacojet.

The blades of the Creami and Pacojet dig into the ice, shaving off fine pieces and whipping them together until the whole thing forms a creamy texture. 

Pacojet appliances, however, can cost $6,500 and up, and they’re not for home kitchens. At retail, the Ninja Creami costs between $169 and $249.

  • Freeze mixture only

It’s an unusual model, because it flips the order of operations you find with traditional homemade ice cream.

Most ice cream makers require you to freeze the inner metal bowl (not the mixture) and allow it to freeze completely before you can make ice cream. If you also have limited space in your freezer, then you need to plan at least a day in advance. Even then, you can only make one batch with the frozen inner bowl, and then it needs to be refrozen for another 24 hours to make another batch.

Ninja works in reverse.

Creami requires the ice cream mix itself to be completely frozen, but no part of the machine requires such treatment. Because of this, you can make as many varieties as you want in one day, as long as you remember to mix and freeze them the day before.

How does the Ninja CREAMi work?

Here's how Ninja Creami works: You put your ice cream base into the Creami’s proprietary pint container, then freeze the mixture until it is completely solid. When you place the container and its solid block in the Creami device, a drill-like component finely shaves the frozen block into a luscious pint of ice cream.

You'll still likely need one day to prepare for ice cream making, but the Ninja is still an improvement on its rivals. Many existing ice cream makers also then take a good 20-25 minutes to actually make ice cream, whereas the Ninja does it in a lightning-fast 3 minutes. Ninja Creami presets can run from about 90 seconds to five minutes depending on what you’re making. 

Using the machine requires some prep work. Ninja recommends that you freeze your ingredients for at least 24 hours (the entire base needs to be between 9°F and -7°F); however, I tried spinning mine after as little as 18 hours and had good results. I'm speculating that it really depends on the temperature of the freezer; I think if you have a blast freezer you'll have a much shorter wait.

Why is the Ninja Creami viral?

The Creami’s popularity seemingly stems from its customizable nature.

The Deluxe model on TikTok is in the spotlight at the end of March 2024. Then, a video demonstrating the simplicity and effectiveness of the ice cream maker CREAMi Deluxe ignited social media platforms, causing the Deluxe model to sell out. It continues to sell out almost immediately with each new shipment.

How many models does CREAMi have? What are the similarities and differences between each model?

Ninja® CREAMi® vs Ninja® CREAMi Breeze™ vs Ninja® CREAMi® Deluxe: What's the difference?

Ninja® CREAMi®

Ninja® CREAMi Breeze™

Ninja® CREAMi® Deluxe










  • 7 one-touch programs

  • 5 one-touch programs 

  • 7 one-touch program

  • 5 one-touch programss

11 one-touch programs
Choose between Ice Cream, Sorbet, Gelato, Milkshake, Smoothie Bowl, Lite Ice Cream, and Mix-in.Choose between Ice Cream, Sorbet, Gelato, Milkshake, Smoothie Bowl, Lite Ice Cream, and Mix-in.

12.07 in L x 6.52 in W x 15.95 in H

12.21 in L x 6.3 in W x 15.75 in H12.01 in L x 8.42 in W x 16.69 in H


* The “Smoothie Bowl” and “Gelato” functions are available on the Ninja CREAMi Breeze 7-in-1. The Ninja CREAMi Breeze 5-in-1 lacks these functions.

Ninja® CREAMi® vs Breeze™ vs Deluxe: Find the Ninja CREAMi model that best suits your needs!

Ninja Creami Breeze appears to be a slight update of the original Ninja Creami released in 2021. Here's how they differ:

#1. Functions:

In May 2023, Ninja released the Ninja CREAMi Breeze 7-in-1 (NC201). The Breeze comes with all the features of the Ninja CREAMi 7-in-1 (NC301), but designed to save you valuable counter space. In July 2024, Ninja released the CREAMi Breeze 5-in-1 (NC100), which has all the features of a 7-in-1 except for the smoothie bowl and gelato functions.

That said, the Ninja® CREAMi Breeze™ has the same 7 programs  (Ice Cream, Lite Ice Cream, Milkshake, Smoothie Bowl, Sorbet, Gelato, and Mix-in) as the original model, and fewer programs than the 11-program Ninja Creami Deluxe (NC501) released in 2022. Deluxe adds slushy, Italian ice, frozen drink, Creamiccino, and frozen yogurt to the mix.


#2. Becomes compact:

The most notable change to the Ninja Creami Breeze is the removal of the outer bowl and the introduction of an angled main shaft. By removing the outer bowl, the unit becomes more compact and takes up less counter space.

#3. Becomes easy:

It also simplifies the insertion process, which has had some notable incidents such as QVC owners having difficulty inserting the outer bowl or Modernist Pantry requiring the strength of three people to remove the outer bowl. 

The improved Breeze now features a faster, more user-friendly experience when inserting pint containers. Insertion is now a simpler clockwise turn to lock into place. This is more similar to what you'd see on a blender, and saves the extra step of putting the pint in the outer bowl.

Additionally, the angled spindle makes it easier to notice and clean any residue or debris, ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic ice cream-making process.

Instructions for operating the new Ninja Creami BreezeExcerpt from the Ninja Creami Breeze manual showing the simpler insertion process for pint containers

Instructions for operating the new Ninja Creami BreezeExcerpt from Ninja Creami Breeze manual showing how to angled spindle is easier to clean

#4. Pint container:

All original and Breeze versions, no matter how many functions, use large 16 oz pint containers. Ninja Creami Deluxe comes in 24 oz pint containers. Although Ninja refers to the deluxe containers as pints, they aren't actually pints. They hold 1.5 times the amount of ice cream than the original containers.

#5. Pint compatible:

Although the pint containers are the same size (i.e. 16 oz), Breeze pint containers cannot be used in the original Creami and vice versa. That's because the new pint container has notches that eliminate the need to use the outer bowl when inserting the Breeze. 

The notch around the edge of the Breeze container, which the original didn't have, suggests that they're not compatible between the models despite being similar in size.

#6. Non-slip suction cup:

The Breeze has suction cups on its base. The suction cup mount secures to any horizontal, smooth surface, providing a reliable mounting solution for all models.

#7. Appliance size

Measurement-wise, the Breeze is slightly smaller than the original Creami, but feels like a bigger difference because it doesn't look as bulky.

The new Breeze seems to look more beautiful and modern, so it feels exquisite and compact, but the actual size difference between them is not much.

#8. Prices and discounts

If price is an issue, keep an eye out for discounts on the original Ninja Creami, though it's apparently been replaced by Breeze, which doesn't add any new features.

If it fits your budget, we recommend the Ninja Creami Deluxe, as it offers extra features and a larger pint capacity.

Also: Breeze for $199.99 and Deluxe for $249.99.

Bigger surprise? Buy on the official website and you can get Ninja up to 3% cash back discount. This further reduces the cost of whatever model you choose.

Ninja® CREAMi Breeze: NC100 vs NC201




5 One-touch programs 

7 one-touch programs
Choose between Ice Cream, Sorbet, Milkshake, Lite Ice Cream, and Mix-in.Choose between Ice Cream, Sorbet, Gelato, Milkshake, Smoothie Bowl, Lite Ice Cream, and Mix-in.

Ninja CREAMi Reviews: Is it worth the hype? Does it really work?

For foodies, finding the easiest way to make the best food without sacrificing quality is a never-ending quest. Ice cream used to be one of those hard foods to make. But now, the Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker is here. All it takes is your favorite ingredients and a few minutes to whip up delicious ice cream.

#1 Pro. Rich functions

The Ninja Creami is an appliance primarily lauded for its ice cream-making capabilities but it has numerous functions. 

The CREAMi boasts seven presets for frozen treats, including Ice Cream, Sorbet, Gelato, Milkshake, Lite Ice Cream, Smoothie Bowl, and Mix-In (which allows you to add additional ingredients to the ice cream to be automatically mixed in).

The Deluxe version can make the aforementioned six treats, plus frozen yogurt, Italian ice, “Slushis,” “Creamiccinos” and frozen drinks.

The 5-in-1 option is missing the smoothie bowl and milkshake option. 

Each function combines a different mix speed, pressure, and time to ensure your frozen pint turns into the perfect creamy treat. The ice cream button is my favorite, as it creates the perfect ice cream every time. 

Having the option to mix-in ingredients has also been fun to experiment with. The Ninja Creami basically provides the same mix-in quality, all in the comfort of your own home!

#2 Pro. Good performance

In my experience, the Ninja Creami is incredibly easy to operate, no matter your comfort in the kitchen  — you freeze your mixture, connect a pint to the machine and press a button.

Once you select a program and press a button, it handles all the stirring, speed and timing for you. I mostly tested the ice cream, sorbet and mix-in functions and they all took 1-3 minutes to complete... amazingly fast!

I enjoy using the Creami, because it produces desserts with consistent quality.

#3 Pro. Create completely customisable treats

The best part of CREAMi is how easy it is to create completely custom meals. If you want to avoid dairy, reduce added sugar, or want to invent your own peach-flavored ice cream, CREAMi can make it happen.

Vegan-friendly, Keto-friendly, You-friendly. With the Ninja Creami, you’re in complete control of everything that goes into your mixture.

#4 Pro.  Large capacity

Ninja Creami Deluxe comes in 24 oz pints and Ninja Creami Breeze comes in 16 oz pints. Both make at least three servings of ice cream when fully filled, so you can make enough ice cream for several people or make multiple servings for yourself.

#1 ConDon’t expect to eat ice cream right when you have a craving

Probably the biggest complaint is that you have to wait 24 hours for the mixture to set. Of course, this isn't a huge problem when making frozen desserts, since you'd have to wait that long with an ice cream maker anyway. But if you want a smoothie bowl, "delicious" cream, or even a sorbet, you can whip these things up in a blender right away if you have the right frozen ingredients.

For example, Ninja has a line of frozen cocktail recipes that you can make with Truly Hard Seltzers in CREAMi that can be on the table in less than 10 minutes.

#2 ConPrice

At $169 to $249, the Ninja Creami is one of the more expensive automatic ice cream makers. You can find pricier models like the $500 Breville Smart Scoop, but most other machines are around $100. Overall, I find Ninja products to be functionally friendly, well made, and intuitively designed.


To kick things off, the Ninja™ CREAMi® is currently on sale for $199.99, and is available in four newly launched colors: blue, red, rose gold and white on The appliance is also sold at retailers like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls and Walmart (MSRP: $229.99).

The machine usually comes with 2-3 pint containers, but if you need more you can buy them in many stores and online.

Surprisingly, a 2-pack costs about $20. Since they're the only pints you can use with a Ninja Creami machine, I was pleasantly surprised by the low price.


The Ninja Creami is £199.99 and is available to buy at Ninja and select retailers like AmazonCurrysArgos and Very

#3 ConSome needs an extra spin

When you take the lid off the pint after the first run, don’t be surprised if you find a crumbly, powdery, chalky mixture that does not resemble ice cream. 

As a rule of thumb, you may need to respin the pint, which is a separate program provided by Creami to further break down the mixture and bring it closer to your desired consistency. Some pints only need to be re-spun once, but others may need two or three, depending on how frozen and the consistency of the mixture is.

#4 ConLoud and heavy

The Ninja Creami is not a quiet or light device.

The Ninja Creami is an extremely noisy appliance, with a decibel meter measuring 86 decibels while blending, and should be avoided if you like quiet kitchen equipment.

The upgraded Creami Breeze looks smaller, but it is still relatively heavy, and if it is a luxury model, it will take up more space on the counter.

The bottom line: Should you buy the Creami?

Ninja CREAMi Review Summary:


  • Multiple functions for ice cream, gelato, sorbet and more.

  • Creamiest, richest, and densest gelato I've ever made at home.

  • Easy to make dairy-free, low-fat, low-sugar versions of your favorite ice cream treat.

  • Consistency is superb and can't be achieved in a regular blender.

  • There are an endless amount of really delicious recipes you can make with this, especially if you want to try it with protein shakes.

  • It creams things in a minute or less.

  • Cleanup is really easy and it comes with easy-to-store cups/lids.

  • If you eat ice cream all the time, these will end up saving you money in the long run.

  • Incredibly user-friendly, with separate buttons for everything.

  • Easy to take apart and clean.

  • Huge library of recipes.


  • 12-24 hours of freezing required

  • High price tag

  • Only two pints included

  • Loud when in use

  • It is heavy and takes up a decent amount of room if you have a small kitchen.

Final verdict:

CREAMi is perfect for making ice cream and other frozen treats. Five or seven or eleven different functions really make it a kitchen wizard.

I've been impressed with the Ninja Ice Cream Maker's ability to create soft, creamy desserts that rival the frozen desserts you get at ice cream parlors.

Traditional ice cream machines require a high level of fat to ensure the mixture can be churned into a smooth, creamy dessert. However, if you want to create a gourmet meal with an alternative, Ninja has dedicated programs for low-fat and dairy-free options, which are ideal.

I was also impressed with Ninja Creami's wide range of recipes, its ability to handle multiple recipes at once, and how quickly it turned frozen ingredients into ice cream and frozen desserts.

The Ninja Creami is the best and most convenient ice cream maker in your kitchen. I will definitely be using it year-round, not just in summer. While it can be a bit noisy and on the pricier side, I have to say that the Ninja Creami is far faster and far superior than other ice cream makers.

Overall, I definitely recommend Ninja CREAMi to anyone who wants to make ice cream at home. Remember to order online if it's back in stock, as you'll also get up to 3% cashback to save money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ninja Cream

Does the Ninja Creami base really need to be frozen for 24 hours?

Ninja recommends freezing the base for 24 hours, but we've had success freezing it for 8 to 12 hours as well.

As a rule of thumb, freezing bases for 24 hours or more usually means they get very chalky the first time they pass through Creami and require multiple re-spins.

However, when we freeze the bases for 8 to 12 hours, they are less chalky and require fewer re-spins when first used.

In short, in order to “creamify” properly, the base needs to stay frozen solid.

Can you refreeze the Ninja Creami base?

Yes, you can refreeze Ninja Creami bases if you don’t eat or serve the entire pint after processing it. Be sure to cover your pint with the included lids (to create an air-tight seal) before putting it back in the freezer.

Unfortunately, refreezing the creamy mixture does damage its texture (similar to homemade ice cream). Your frozen dessert really should be eaten right out of the blender.

Do you have to fill up Ninja Creami pints all the way? 

No, you do not have to fill pints up all the way when making frozen treats. When running, the paddle can reach all the way down to the bottom of the pint, so you can fill it half-way or even one-fourth of the way depending on how many servings you want.

What can you make in the Ninja Creami?

You can turn almost any liquid into a frozen treat using the Ninja Creami. If you don’t know where to begin, you can turn to Ninja’s Test Kitchen website, which has dozens of Creami recipes available. The appliance also comes with a recipe booklet.

Where to Buy the Ninja Creami?

Due to high demand, both the Deluxe and Breeze Ninja Creami are currently out of stock. Ninja's website and sites like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, Target and Kohl's don't offer a preorder option.

Ninja will regularly replenish Ninja Creami stock, but there are very few models available for purchase at one time. You can sign up on the Ninja website to receive restock notifications when they become available.

The Ninja® CREAMi Breeze™ Ice Cream Maker and Frozen Treat Maker with 5 One-Touch Programs is in stock now for $169!

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