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12 Best Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Alternatives: Comparison & Reviews 2024

12 Best Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Alternatives: Comparison & Reviews 2024

    • Chances are, you're highly familiar with Lululemon's Everywhere Belt Bag and you may find that it has been one of the brand’s most popular products in recent months after it became something of an internet sensation.The original bag itself isn’t so expensive, found at under $40 dollars on the Lululemon website. Unfortunately, it’s so popular that the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag become surprisingly difficult to get hold of and have regularly been sold out both online and in physical Lululemon stores. The good news is there are many bags look like Lululemon belt bag available online, all for much lower prices. These almost-identical Lululemon belt bag alternatives feature handy adjustable straps, easy-to-reach zipper pockets, roomy interiors, water-repellent fabric, and other cool characteristics.  Read on and you can shop the best belt bags look like Lululemon and alternatives from places like Target, Walmart, Costco, TJ Max or  dhgate and so on.



What About Lululemon Everywhere Belt?

Everywhere Belt Bag is the most popular item at lululemon in 2022. That doesn't mean it's the best-selling item; in fact, that's unlikely, seeing how lululemon can't seem to keep them on the shelves.the bag shipments come in twice a week and sell out within a few hours.

The Everywhere Belt Bag has a simple and modern design featuring clean lines and a metal Lululemon logo on the bottom-right of the front.The exterior of the bag itself is made from nylon, while the interior lining and mesh compartments are made from polyester.

On the inside, there is one main compartment, with two mesh slip pockets on the side, one of which is split into two sections. That means that the bag provides five different compartments to store your items, making it easy to keep your stuff organised. The strap is fixed to the right and left of the bag and is easy to adjust.

The bag is available in a range of different colours and styles. 

Key Features:

  • Exterior zippered pocket to secure your valuables

  • Interior pockets hold the essentials

  • Once you find your perfect fit, tuck the excess belt bag strap into the elastic loops

Official Price: $38 - $48

Size: 2L - 21cm x 5.7cm x 14.6cm (8.3" x 2.2" x 5.7"); 1L - 19cm x 5.5cm x 13cm (7.5" x 2" x 5"); 0.7L - 18cm x 4cm x 10.5cm (7.1" x 1.6" x 4.1")

Color: currently available in 15 different colors

Where to Buy Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Online?

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Is the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag worth it?

Yes, it's worth it . At $38, this bag feels sturdy, comes in a bunch of colors (when it's even available), and is sleekly designed to not make you feel like you're The Rock-level of dweeb for wearing a fanny pack. 

Lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag in the 1L size is a bona fide hit for the athleisure brand: it’s seemingly always sold out and can usually only be found on eBay at two to three times the retail price.  

It's plenty useful and ultra-popular for now. But there are plenty of other crossbody bags and fanny packs that'll do the trick.

Best Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Alternatives 

1.ODODOS Unisex Mini Belt Bag

Typically Price: ‎$16.98

Color: 30+ colors

Size: 8 x 5.5 x 2 inches

Review: If you’re looking for something with lots of options, look no further. One of the most popular bag looks like Lululemon belt bag, this ODODOS Mini Belt Bag for $16.98 is nearly identical to the Everywhere bag and comes in at a much lower price point.  Available in more than 30 different colors, the ODODOS Unisex Mini Belt Bag is definitely a suitable rival for Lululemon. Not only does it feature a similar buckle and interior and exterior pockets, it’s also roughly the same size.

This bag is the perfect thing to bring along to a concert, on a hike or running errands when you want to have your essentials close by. Plus, you can wear this belt bag in a variety of ways — style it around your waist, sling it on your shoulder or position it as a cross-body bag. The adjustable belt strap makes it all possible!



  • Perfect Size

  • On-trend Colors

  • Front Buckle Fastening

  • Back Zipper Pocket

  • Waterproof and Tear-resistant

Where to buy it for the cheapest? 

2.Wild Fable Basic Fanny Pack

Typically Price: ‎$15

Color: 3 colors

Size: 5 Inches (H) x 7.5 Inches (W) x 2 Inches (D)

Review: This is best Target Lululemon belt bag alternative! These Wild Fable bags have made a bit of a splash on TikTok themselves — it thrilled users to learn of a bag looks like Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag being sold by Target for only $15, this one is nearly 75% off the price of the Lululemon original.  The two belt bags look pretty close in terms of shape, size and design, with the Target bag featuring a similar wide strap and top-zippered main pocket.

The main difference (besides the price tag) is that Wild Fable adds a convenient front exterior pocket and introduced a few new styles of their own, including a blue patchwork pattern, aqua-colored corduroy and red faux leather.



  • Solid color crossbody bag

  • Adjustable wide strap for comfortable carrying

  • Exterior zip pocket

  • Zip closure to keep inner contents secure

  • Recycled polyester

    Where to buy it for the cheapest? 

    3.Pander Nylon Mini Fanny Pack

    Typically Price: $21.99 - $24.99

    Color: 7 colors

    Size: 7.48 x 1.97 x 5 inches(19cm X 5.5cm X 13cm)

    Review: The Pander Everywhere Fanny Pack looks almost exactly the same as the Lululemon Everywhere bag - it even features a logo on the lower corner. This belt bag is made with a durable nylon fabric. The main zippered pocket has three mesh pockets inside, a double zipper to make it easy for you to find what you need, and an adjustable buckle. The back also has a zippered pocket to stealthily stash items.

    The prices range from $21.99 to $24.99, depending on which color you go for.  It comes in an array of colors including navy blue, olive green, dusty pink, beige, and camo – most of which feature a neon orange interior. Fanny pack for you adjustable strap easily and quickly adjusts to whatever length you need and will remain at your chosen length without loosening, allow you to wear this belt bag in a variety of ways. can be used as a cross-body bags, bum bag, chest bag and belt bags. 



    • PANDER everywhere mini belt bag are made of durable nylon fabric, which is water resistant, durable and anti-abrasion, ensure a long-lasting usage. 

    • The everywhere fanny pack features a large and spacious zippered pocket with 3 mesh wall pockets inside. 

    • The belt bag's fabric is made from recycled nylon, the lining is made from recycled polyester.

    Where to buy it for the cheapest? 

    4.MEYFANCY Unisex Fanny Pack

    Typically Price: $17.99

    Color: 19 colors

    Size: 8.35 x 5.47 x 1.5 inches

    Review: The MeyFancy Everywhere Belt Bag is an inexpensive alternative to the Lululemon Everywhere bag. It looks almost identical and is also waterproof with an adjustable strap.

    Made with waterproof nylon fabric, this little waist bag is ideal to bring on long walks, adventurous hikes, and everything in between. It has a sturdy buckle that won't come unclipped (even if you're running) as well as a roomy storage space that can hold your keys, phone, wallet, lip gloss, and more. It also comes in a range of different styles and fabrics (including sherpa!), so you can find a fanny pack that fits your aesthetic.



    • Sleek and lightweight unisex belt bag, Has one main pocket with zipper, Roomy main compartment with space for all your stuff.

    • Meyfancy crossbody fanny packs constructed out of lightweight nylon are more abrasion resistant and waterproof than canvas.

    • The belt bag is easy to carry and frees your hands with a spacious fanny pack crossbody bags.

    • Perfect black fashion belt bag for women, perfect for daily use mini belt bag.

    Where to buy it for the cheapest? 

    5.UTO Fanny Pack

    Typically Price: about $19.99

    Color: / colors

    Size: 7.28"(18.5cm)L x 1.77"(4.5cm)W x 5.11"(13cm)H

    Review: Another alternative for the  Lululemon Everywhere Belt bag is the UTO Fanny Pack . You’ll save about $20 on this one, and the square shape, the size, and the adjustable band are all very similar.Made from soft synthetic washed leather, this water-resistant bag is just the thing you need when you go on your next errand run. It has three separate zippered pockets where you can keep your things as well as a long, adjustable strap. What's cool about this brand is that it offers a wide range of different fanny packs in different colors, styles, and fabrics, so you can find the best one to fit your wardrobe.



    • Leather

    • Soft synthetic washed leather, water resistant and anti-scratch.

    • 2 SEPARATED ZIPPER POCKETS with thick zipper closure.

    • Stylish quilted pattern, highlighting the sense of fashion.

    Where to buy it for the cheapest? 

    6.Levi’s Medium Banana Sling 

    Typically Price: $12.98 - $24.50

    Color: / colors

    Size: 25 cm. x 5.5 cm. x 14 cm

    Review: With a similar boxy shape and thickset crossbody strap, this Levi’s brand belt bag — playfully called a “banana sling” - is a passable Lululemon fanny pack alternative that retails around 25 bucks, though it’s currently on sale for $12.98.

     The Levi’s adds a flush front zipper pocket and a few different patterned options. There’s even a zebra-striped version if you’re on the lookout for something bolder than Lululemon’s standard monochrome.



    • The perfect balance of style and utility, together in a handy sling bag

    • Spacious compartments to fit all your essentials

    • Adjustable strap worn around the waist or over your shoulder

    • Made with a quick-release buckle

    • Embellished with an embroidered logo

    Where to buy it for the cheapest? 

    7.ZORFIN Fanny Packs

    Typically Price: $19

    Color:  26 different colors

    Size: 7.5 x 1.5 x 5 inches

    Review: A near-perfect bag looks like the Lululemon Everywhere bag, this Zorfin Fanny Pack is a cheaper option at just under $20. It’s a similar size and shape with the same minimalist look and comes in a wide variety of colors.

    Keep yourself organized with this belt bag, which has four separate zipper pockets and six card slots inside. It’s made of durable nylon and comes in 26 different colors, so you’re bound to find one (or two) that go with your wardrobe.







    Where to buy it for the cheapest? 

    8.Travelon World Travel Essentials Convertible Sling/Waist Pack

    Typically Price: $17–$24

    Color: 3 colors

    Size: 5.5"H x 10"W x 2.5"D

    Review: This fanny pack from Travelon is more of a Lululemon Wanderlust belt bag alternative. Lululemon’s other extremely popular and extremely hard-to-find fanny pack has a longer shape and slightly higher carrying capacity, which Travelon captures well in this sturdy alternative, and it’s almost $40 cheaper. 

    If you have any travel plans in the near future, you’ll want to pick up this Travelon waist pack. Not only does it have a water-resistant coating, but it also has an RFID pocket inside to protect your important travel essentials. It comes in three colors and has a long, adjustable strap.



    • Wear it 2 ways-as a cross body sling or waist pack

    • Adjustable strap fits waist sizes up to 52 in.

    • Rfid protected zippered pocket in main compartment

    • Roomy main compartment has slip pockets for organizing essentials

    • Convenient and easy access front zippered pocket

    • Lightweight material

    Where to buy it for the cheapest? 

    9.Herschel Supply Co. Fourteen Fanny Pack

    Typically Price: $30 - $35

    Color: 21 colors

    Size:  5.5"(H) x 8"(W) x 2.5"(D)

    Review: A more compact and slightly more affordable alternative to Lululemon’s design, this Herschel option comes 20+ colors which in both black and blush shades. 

    Add some hipster style on your hip with the Herschel waist pack. The one main compartment has a front zipper opening and is lined with the brand’s signature striped fabric, so you have something fun to look at every time you open the bag. The zipper has a leather pull for that extra detail, and you can choose between solid colors or patterns like tie-dye, camo, or floral.



    • Signature striped liner

    • Zippered main compartment with pebbled leather pull

    • Adjustable clip-fastened strap

    Where to buy it for the cheapest? 

    10.Lanul Belt Bag

    Typically Price: $14.99 - $16.99

    Color: 8 colors

    Size: 8.66 x 1.18 x 5.51 inches

    Review: There has tons of Lululemon belt bag alternatives—and this one has over 2,000 five-star ratings.  Almost the same size as the Luluelmon Everywhere bag with a similar pocket setup, the Lanul Belt Bag, $14.99 online is another great option. It’s one of the cheaper choices out there, comes in a lot of different colors, and has a clean and minimalist look without a logo.

    This belt bag has clean lines and no logos for a nice, understated look. It has a main compartment and back zippered pocket and is big enough to hold your wallet, phone, keys, and more. It comes in eight different colors like soft pink, camel, black and beige and has a thick strap for comfort.



    • Mini belt bag ideal for men, women and teenagers,multiple styles of wear and fits any person fanny pack.

    • Can be easily and quickly adjusted to any length you need and will stay at the length you choose without loosening.

    • The  fanny pack are made of durable materials, high quality zippers and shoulder straps, waterproof fanny packs are durable.

    • Can be used as a cross-body bag, bum bag, chest bag and belt bag with our stylish fanny pack, perfect for everyday use fanny pack, outdoors, gym workouts, running, cycling, traveling and more,daily diversity fanny packs.

    Where to buy it for the cheapest? 

    11.Paravel Fold-Up Belt Bag

    Typically Price: $35

    Color: 6 colors

    Size:  8"W x 5"W x 2"H

    Review: If you're someone who doesn't have room for more stuff but you desperately want a Lululemon belt bag, we also have the thing for you. This bestselling Paravel fanny pack folds into a tiny pouch, which means you can store it just about anywhere when it's not in use. 

    Plus, when you do want to use it, you can expand it into a waist bag that's complete with two roomy pockets. Not to mention, you can also get it monogrammed!



    • Fabric: Technical weave

    • Fabric composed of recycled plastic water bottles

    • Faux leather trim

    • Zip closure

    • Front zip pocket

    • Adjustable belt strap

    • Unlined

    Where to buy it for the cheapest? 

    12.Adidas Originals National Waist Fanny Pack-Travel Bag

    Typically Price:  $16–$25

    Color: 14 colors

    Size: 3.3 x 11.5 x 4.3 inches

    Review: It’s not a alternative per se, since even from afar you can spot key differences between this belt bag and a Lululemon. But with a similar boxy build and sporty vibe - and a retail price of $10 less - we think ADIDAS makes a respectable alternative to the Everywhere. 

    This cool waist belt has two spacious pockets and an adjustable strap. It's great to bring on walks, to the gym, or on hikes. Plus, it comes in different colors including baby pink, bright red, army green, light blue, and more.



    • 100% Polyester

    • Imported

    • Zipper closure

    • Hand Wash Only

    • Branding in front.

    • Zippered main compartment and small front pocket.

    • Key fob in front pocket.

    • Clip-lock closure.

    • Metal pullers.

    Where to buy it for the cheapest? 

    I'm sure you have found the one that you want after seeing these reviews! Sign up at Extrabux, then you can enjoy up to 12% cashback on your order! 

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