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PopSockets vs. Loopy Cases vs. Ohsnap: Which Makes the Best Phone Grip & Holder in 2024?

PopSockets vs. Loopy Cases vs. Ohsnap: Which Makes the Best Phone Grip & Holder in 2024?

    Phone grips are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. They make it easier to hold your phone, and they can help prevent drops. So for everyone interested in extending the lifespan of their cellphones, phone grips are an essential tool. There are a tons of popular phone grip & holder brands on the market, such as PopSockets, Loopy Cases, Ohsnap. They are all great options. So which one is best for you? What's the difference between them? In this guide, I will make a detailed comparison between PopSockets, Loopy Cases, Ohsnap to help you find the best phone grip & holder that meet your needs.


  • PopSockets

PopSockets Brand History and Origin

Launched in 2014 by former philosophy professor David Barnett, PopSockets is a global digital-lifestyle company that sells empowering, fun, and expressive products that help people phone better. PopSockets has sold over 245 million of its iconic phone grips in 75 countries and now has an expanding ecosystem of related products, including phone cases, wallets, mounts, batteries, and chargers. In 2021, PopSockets was honored as one of Fast Company’s World's Most Innovative Companies.

PopSockets has been extremely popular with celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Jared Leto, Michael Phelps, Nicole Williams and Serena Williams. The PopSocket was originally designed for headphones, which is why it has two grooves on the accordion that allow the device to pop open. Inventor David Barnett wanted a solution for his constantly tangled headphone cord, so he ended up gluing fabric buttons to the back of his phone to wrap the cord around. The prototype for this device was two buttons with a spacer that he glued to the back of his phone. It wasn’t pretty, but it accomplished the goal of keeping his cords from getting tangled. Eventually, he improved upon the design and replaced the buttons with a larger grip and made the device collapsible.


PopSockets PopGrip Reviews

The PopSockets grips are main products sold by PopSockets.  It is designed to allow easier handling of the phone. The PopSockets grip also functions as a stand, to prop a phone up while watching video. It is a plastic circle that you attach to a flat phone (or case) with a sticky adhesive. Once you pull or “pop” it out twice, the PopSocket extends like a small accordion. That way, you can slip your fingers in between your phone and the end of the PopSocket, allowing for a more comfortable and tighter grip.

One of the best aspects of PopSockets grips is the ability to customize the designs. For example, PopSockets can be purchased in designs inspired by aluminum, marble, Swarovski crystals, spirit animals, emoji, Harry Potter, Pokémon, Transformers, Justice League, Marvel, Greek life and various sports. And you can design your own PopSocket on the company website. PopSockets grips aren’t just for your phone, either. You can also use them on your tablet or eReader for additional comfort while reading, browsing the web, or watching a video.


Where to Buy PopSockets PopGrip? (up to 8%cashback) (up to 8%cashback)

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  • Loopy Cases

Loopy Cases Brand History and Origin

Just hours after finally upgrading from his ancient Motorola RAZR to a brand new iPhone, their dad dropped it and cracked the screen. After paying the lofty $100 fee to get it fixed, he opted for a case. He didn’t want a bulky, everything-proof case that cost an arm and a leg and prohibited you from pulling it out of your pocket, but he wanted more protection than slim cases could offer. So with no other options, he decided to make a case that he couldn't drop.

With the slimmest protective case he could find, John secured a finger loop with some good ‘ole duct tape and headphone wire to the back of it. From that initial ‘eureka’ moment, the first Loopy Case was born. Since then, Loopy Cases has grown and evolved into what it is today with the help of his three sons (two from Purdue, one from IU), and the awesome Loopy user base (they constantly ask for feedback and conduct surveys).  Now they have German-engineered Loopy to give it everything you could possibly want in a perfectly balanced slim case.


Loopy Cases Reviews

Loopy has created a unique mobile device case featuring a rubber loop you insert your finger through when holding your phone. Many people live in fear of dropping those expensive devices, and Loopy is a great option to keep yours firmly in hand. Your phone and the case hold the loop in place, while the loop's ends run behind your phone, helping it stay put, and allowing you to adjust the size of the loop itself to be a comfortable fit. The case itself is very simple, with the only adjustment being to pull the loop tighter or looser before you set your phone in the case.

In addition, their loops are designed with a specific silicone rubber to enable the loops to collapse flat to fit into any pocket like it isn't even there. The case itself is protective towards bumps and scratches, but also kept thin enough to preserve the sleek, modern finish of your device.Loopy has no problem fitting into even the slimmest pockets. If your phone fits in your pocket, so will Loopy.  Loopy creates cases for Apple, Google, and Samsung phones, with unique designs and the ability to switch out their signature loop for a different look. It also has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.


Where to Buy Loopy Cases?

  • Ohsnap

Ohsnap Brand History and Origin

Dale Backus is the founder of ohsnap and creator of the ohsnap grip. He found his passion for inventing physical products when he launched his first technology company, SmallHD, when he was 22 (later acquired by The Vitech Group in 2014). In 2017,  He attended the CES trade show, where he found a phone grip company that had sold 1M+ units with nothing more than a simple elastic band adhered to the back of a phone. This stuck with him, because he knew existing products were only scratching the surface of what was possible. People spending thousands of dollars for their devices deserved better. He wanted a phone grip that was simple, useful, and never got in the way - a solution so sleek that you only noticed it when you needed it.

Nearly 4 years and hundreds of prototypes later, that became a reality and ohsnap development was underway. Ohsnap make accessories that don’t suck: beautiful grips, stands, and chargers that make life with your phone less of a hassle, and a whole lot more awesome. Their current product lineup (ohsnap grip, snapcharge, snapstand, snapcar, etc.) is just the beginning of an ever-expanding ecosystem that will always be innovated and improved over time.


Ohsnap Snap 3 Pro Review

Guaranteed not to get caught on your tight a pants! Snap 3 Pro is a durable grip, kickstand, and magnet. Slap it to the back of your phone with no compromises: it's thin as a nickel and MagSafe compatible for all phones. Snap 3 Pro delivers all the function you need to get the most out of your phone without the usual bulk & ugliness. You never have to take off your grip to charge your phone or use any MagSafe accessory.

Snap 3 Pro is compatible with every phone! Snap 3 Pro also is compatible with ALL 2.0 accessories besides the Ohsnap Case and the Snapwallet Phone Mount. It works with most cases made of plastic, TPU, leather, carbon fiber, etc. but WILL NOT stick to silicone cases (unless it's MagSafe).


Where to Buy Ohsnap Grips?

PopSockets vs. Loopy Cases vs. Ohsnap: Comparison Side by Side

1. Design & Materials

PopSockets - PopSockets's PopGrips are made from polycarbonate, TPU, and polyurethane, and are composed of three parts:

  • The Adhesive Base: the circular part that sticks to your phone which are engineered to be super sticky, and they are most compatible with hard, plastic, and smooth surfaces. However, PopGrips will not stick to silicone, leather, highly textured, or waterproof surfaces.

  • The Accordion: the collapsible piece which also can turn a full 360 degrees and has two different telescopic levels to adjust the tilt of your screen.

  • The PopTop: the designed top portion of the PopGrip. It is easily comes off when you get bored with its look so that you can switch to another style.

Loopy Cases - the case itself is made with a wrap around TPU blend bumper, protecting your phone from wear and tear 360 degrees around. This protection is 3mm thin, allowing you to keep your phone's sleek, slim finish. Cases also come with a raised front lip to protect your phone from face down drops or table tosses. The Super Loops are made of medical-grade silicone, making them super flexible and strong! And the loop on the case isn't set straight up and down. Instead, it's tilted at a slight angle to make holding your phone with one hand more comfortable.

Ohsnap - The design of Snap 3 Pro is similar to PopSockets which is pop-up telescoping phone grips. Simply slide your finger between the cap and bottom of your Ohsnap to use the grip!

2. Durability

PopSockets - When it comes to durability, you get what you pay for. The PopSockets claims they’ll expand and collapse 12,000 times and will stick/re-stick as many times as you’d like. In a word, they are durable and can last a extremely long time, a bang for your buck.

Loopy Cases - Loopy Cases 's Loops are tested for up to 10+ pounds of tug! Your phone weighs less than a pound so... your phone is not going anywhere.  The loops typically have a lifespan that ranges from 6 to 12 months depending on wear and tear.

Ohsnap Snap 3 Pro is a durable grip, kickstand, and magnet.

3. Comfort

PopSockets - The Popsocket lets you hold the Phone from behind like a book instead of having to grip the width of the screen. That change in grip has made scrolling much more comfortable. Gripping your phone and hitting the capture button while taking a selfie is also much easier with the Popsocket.

Loopy Cases - Loopy holds you instead of the other way around, making your phone extremely comfortable to use. We've even designed loopy with a slightly angled loop for maximum comfort.

Ohsnap -  Ohsnap Snap 3 Pro is comfortable enough up to 10 minutes and more.

4. Price

PopSockets -If you don't care to spend the extra money to customize your PopSocket, you can always find them on Amazon or eBay for a lower price. One quick search for PopSockets on eBay yields tons of results. Standard PopSockets are only about $8, while the metallic or textured versions are about $15.

Loopy Cases - $35-40 depending on the model of your phone, and what design you choose

Ohsnap - The price of Ohsnap Snap 3 Pro is $29.99.

Bottom Line

PopSockets vs. Loopy Cases vs. Ohsnap: Which Makes the Best Phone Grip & Holder in 2024?

There is no doubt that PopSockets, Loopy Cases, Ohsnap are all great options. They provide most of the same benefits. PopSockets remain the most popular because they work well, last a long time, and with the newer Swappable PopGrips style, they’re both easier to upgrade to a new style and use with Qi wireless charging.

Ohsnap gives the convenience of a Pop-Socket without the bulk. One of my favorite aspects of the OhSnap Grip is the magnets within the grip that allow it to magnetically connect to anything that is magnetized.

With a proactive case by Loopy, not only will you StoptheDrop, you'll also make your phone infinitely more functional and comfortable to use than you ever imagined possible.

If I have to pick a winner,  I give the slight edge to PopSockets, the big reason would be cost. Of course, compared to Loopy Case,  PopSockets also provides a firmer grip (the Loopy Case shifts around a little more because of how loose the strap is). What's more, with the newer Swappable PopGrips style, PopSockets are easier to upgrade to a new style and use with Qi wireless charging.

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