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ZAGG vs. OtterBox vs. Belkin vs. Spigen Screen Protectors: Which is Best for My iPhone 14 Pro Max?

ZAGG vs. OtterBox vs. Belkin vs. Spigen Screen Protectors: Which is Best for My iPhone 14 Pro Max?

    iPhone 14 Pro Max screens are surprisingly tough, but even the strongest glass will struggle with a tumble onto concrete. Screen protectors are the best way to minimize cracks in, scratches on or the shattering of your physical screen which give a tough layer of protection to your iPhone 14 Pro Max. There are quite a few screen protector brands to choose from, such as ZAGG, OtterBox, Belkin and Spigen. So which one is best for your iPhone 14 Pro Max? What's the unique features of each brands? In this guide, I will make a comprehensive comparison between these four most popular screen protectors brand to help you make a right decision.


  • ZAGG

ZAGG Brand History and Origin

ZAGG is a global leader in accessories and technologies that empower mobile lifestyles. Their award-winning product portfolio includes screen protection, power management solutions, mobile keyboards, cases and personal audio. It offers several durable tempered glass options through its InvisibleShield line, which is available for iPhone devices, Android devices, tablets, smartwatches and more.

InvisibleShield is the industry standard in mobile screen protection. As the original category creator of mobile screen protection, they provide premium, lifetime protection for mobile device screens against shattering or scratching through military-grade solutions. Its brand new Glass XTR only extends that lead. The company has fused together both glass and a hyper-durable material called D3O to ensure its screen protector provides that absolute highest level of damage resistance from unwanted drops.

ZAGG Screen Protectors for iPhone 14 Pro Max Review

ZAGG InvisibleShield glass screen protectors for iPhone 14 Pro Max come with a variety and combinations of features:

1. 360° Privacy

Glass Elite Privacy 360 for iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 4-way privacy filter that prevents looky-loos from seeing your screen in portrait and landscape mode. It’s the most advanced privacy filter on the market. This screen protector is made with aluminosilicate glass that's 5x stronger than traditional glass screen protection. It also added a revolutionary oil-diffusion technology that makes fingerprints virtually invisible, and an anti-microbial treatment that protects the screen protector.

2. Anti-Glare

If you are trying to read a text beneath blaring sunlight, Glass Elite Anti-Glare screen protection for  iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with a matte finish designed to prevent glare from direct light, so you never get blinded by the sun. Glass Elite Anti-Glare is 5x stronger than traditional glass screen protection.

3. Eyesafe

Glass Elite VisionGuard for iPhone 14 Pro Max does more than just protect your screen from scratch and shatter damage. It added an Eyesafe® layer blocks harmful blue light. But that’s not all. Glass Elite VisionGuard contains an anti-microbial treatment that protects the screen protector by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria and guarding against degradation from microorganisms.

4. Edge-to-Edge

Zagg Glass XTR2Advanced, Edge-to-Edge Protector for iPhone 14 Pro Max  is made with Hexiom impact technology that makes 10% stronger than its predecessor.  It also added an enhanced anti-reflective technology that enhances color vibrancy and depth.  Glass XTR2 is ideal for gamers with an ultra-smooth, touch-sensitive surface that reduces friction as you move your finger across the screen.

5. Plant-based Materials

Ultra Eco protectors for iPhone 14 Pro Max does more than just protect your screen from scratch and shatter damage. It’s made with plant-based materials, as opposed to petroleum-based plastics, so it’s good for the planet too. Ultra Eco has a smooth surface with advanced clarity, so it looks and feels just like your phone’s own screen. We’ve also added an anti-microbial treatment that protects the screen protector.

6. D3O
Take impact and shatter protection to the next level with Zagg D3O-reinforced screen protectors. D3O’s most raw form provides optically clear protection with the ability to disperse energy caused by impacts, reducing force and creating their strongest screen protector ever.

The Prices of ZAGG Screen Protectors$39.99-$59.99

Where to Buy ZAGG Screen Protectors for the Cheapest?

ZAGG (5-6% cashback)

Bestbuy (0.4-0.5% cashback)

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  • OtterBox

OtterBox Brand History and Origin

Otterbox has its headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado. They launched in 1998, and their original products were water-resistant boxes for any electronic device. The company’s founder, Curt Richardson, invented the Otter Box in his garage in the early 90s in response to the growing popularity of watersports.

The company's move into the phone segment took place in 2010 with the first iPhone case. Otterbox was one of the first out of the gate with protective cases for it, and the rest, as they say, is history. Otterbox now offers screen protectors for most major smartphones, tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, and more. You can also get cases, wireless chargers, power banks, cables, and various other accessories.

Otterbox Screen Protectors for iPhone 14 Pro Max Review

Otterbox provides two screen protectors series for iPhone 14 Pro Max now  that is Alpha Glass Series and Amplify Glass Series.

1. Amplify Glass
The Amplify Glass series screen protector provides up to 5x greater scratch resistance than the leading glass alternative, and on top of that, is engineered by Corning. By the way, Corning has been making innovative glass products for some 167 years so far!

The Amplify Glass Glare Guard not only can safeguard your iPhone 14 Pro Max from scrapes, falls, and scratches, but also it is an anti-glare screen protector that provides exceptional readability in all lighting conditions, especially in bright light. It enables the user to turn down the brightness and still achieve crisp visual clarity. While the Amplify Glass Blue Light Guardwill shielde your eyes against harmful blue light waves.

2. Alpha Glass

The Otterbox Alpha Glass series offers up to 3x more scratch resistance than the regular screen guards to prevent those ugly scratches that can ruin the beauty of your beloved iPhone. Apart from fighting off everyday scratches, this series is solid enough to safeguard the display from drops at up to 3ft. In addition, the screen guard is finished with a special coating to keep fingerprints, oil marks, and smudges away.
The Otterbox Alpha Glass is also designed to maintain the natural clarity and vibrancy of your iPhone 14 Pro Max display so you can easily read the screen under all lighting conditions. If you’re obsessed with your iPhone 14 Pro Max and need a bright and spotless display all the time, this is gonna be the best screen protector for you.

The Prices of Otterbox Screen ProtectorsAmplify Glass Series: $49.95-$59.95; Alpha Glass Series: $39.95-$49.95.

Where to Buy Otterbox Screen Protectors for the Cheapest?

OtterBox (6-7% cashback)

OtterBox AU (4-5% cashback)

OtterBox UK (6-7% cashback)

  • Belkin

Belkin Brand History and Origin

Belkin is an American consumer electronics and networking company headquartered in Playa Vista, California. It produces mobile and computer connectivity devices and peripherals for consumer and commercial use. These include wireless chargers, power banks, charging cables, data cables, audio and video adapters, headphones, earbuds, smart speakers, screen protectors, surge protectors, Wi-Fi routers, smart home products, electronic device sanitizers, docking stations and data hubs, network switches, KVM switches and network cables.


From USB adapter cables to power adapters and protective cases, Belkin seemingly sells it all and has built a solid reputation for reliable products. The company also offers a range of screen protectors. Their partnerships with leading smartphone manufacturers also enable them to optimize their designs and perform testing to offer you a product that really works - it breaks so your device's screen doesn't.

Belkin Screen Protectors for iPhone 14 Pro Max Review

Belkin's Screen protectors can be made from a variety of materials, and it's important to know which one best fits your needs.

1. UltraGlass

For the highest degree of screen protection, choose UltraGlass, 2x stronger than tempered glass. These next-generation screen protectors, available exclusively through Belkin, are manufactured using double-ion exchange to chemically strengthen the glass. They're tough but every bit as sleek as their other screen protectors, smooth to the touch, resistant to fingerprint smudges, and ultra-slim at 0.29 mm for precision touchscreen sensitivity.
After you choose the right screen protector material and coverage for your device, be sure to consider protectors that provide you with added benefits. The privacy screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro Max ensures no one else can read your screen. Using 3M's patented micro louver technology, the side filter works like tiny vertical blinds - only the person directly in front of the screen can see it while in portrait mode.

2.Tempered Glass

Tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone 14 Pro Max consistently land among Belkin top-selling products. They provide multi-level protection, minimizing damage from daily wear and tear, as well as occasional drops and impacts, without causing deep-level damage. These screen protectors, are rated 9H† for hardness (The highest score possible on the pencil scale). That means these screen protectors are scratch-resistant and stay crystal clear, giving you the same user experience as if you were using the device's screen itself. Belkin tempered glass screen protectors are also designed to be anti-fingerprint, reducing fingerprint smudges that can interfere with a clear view of the screen.

3. InvisiGlass Ultra

InvisiGlass Ultra screen protectors for iPhone 14 Pro Max are 40% stronger than tempered glass. It is chemically engineered using single-ion exchange, which results in glass with greater strength but that's still smooth to the touch. The InvisiGlass Ultra screen protectors are also ultra-slim - only measuring 0.29 mm thick, to preserve touchscreen sensitivity. InvisiGlass Ultra also has anti-fingerprint properties that help keep the screen clear.

The Prices of Belkin Screen ProtectorsTempered Glass: $23.99-$44.99; InvisiGlass Ultra: $39.99; UltraGlass: $39.99-$44.99

Where to Buy Belkin Screen Protectors for the Cheapest?

Belkin (3-4% cashback)

Walmart(3.5-4% cashback)

  • Spigen

Spigen Brand History and Origin

Spigen  Inc, commonly known as Spigen, is a South Korean mobile phone accessory  maker based in the United States that makes cases, screen protectors  and other accessories for popular smartphone models. Spigen Inc. was  formerly SGP Korea, a South Korean mobile accessory company, established  in 2004. The name, Spigen, derives from the two German words, "spiegel"  and "gen", meaning mirror and gene. Both were combined to reflect the  ideology behind their values in creating solutions reflecting the needs of  their valued customers.


Since its launch in 2008, Spigen has earned  recognition from producers in the industry, and is now one of the  leading global providers for premier mobile accessories. Spigen’s brand  is built around complimenting your other pieces of technology. Their particular tempered glass stands apart because of its unique design that protects the sensors of iPhone 14 Pro Max. Its 9H hardness, oleophobic coating, and extreme clarity make it worth grabbing instantly.
Spigen Screen Protectors for iPhone 14 Pro Max Review

Now Spigen only provides one Screen Protectors model for iPhone 14 Pro Max.


EZ FIT GLAS.tR is one of the best and easy-to-install iPhone 14 Pro Max screen protectors from Spigen. It strives to protect not just screens but also cameras and sensors.  Its design focuses on accommodating and protecting the iPhone 14 Pro's new Dynamic Island. The screen protector is crafted with a tempered glass hardness durability rating of 9H and provides for vivid clarity to preserve the phone's original screen brightness. It also provides video instructions and an EZ fit tray for quick and easy installation. Furthermore, it is oleophobic coated for fingerprint resistance.

The Prices of Spigen Screen Protectors: $34.99

Where to Buy Spigen Screen Protectors for the Cheapest?

Spigen (Cashback temporarily unavailable)

Spigen 臺灣 (6-7% cashback)

Bottom Line

ZAGG vs. OtterBox vs. Belkin vs. Spigen Screen Protectors: Which is Best for My iPhone 14 Pro Max?

ZAGG, Spigen, Belkin and Otterbox are all trusted screen protector brands which offer high-quality products. SO no matter which brand you choose, you will not be disappionted.ZAGG and Otterbox has a largest lineup of screen protectors to match any of your budget. Spigen EZ FIT GLAS.tR is the best all-around screen protector which can protect the iPhone 14 Pro Max's new Dynamic Island. Belkin UltraGlass treated screen protector is the best durable screen protector which features a material called lithium aluminosilicate. The material is double-ion exchanged, meaning it “allows for extremely high levels of residual stress offer great protection against cracking.

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