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7 Affordable Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives for iPhone 14 Pro Max

7 Affordable Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Alternatives for iPhone 14 Pro Max

    No matter how much Apple touts the longevity of the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max's battery, real users know it will never last all day. So portable power banks have become a necessity today, but MagSafe battery banks offer a simpler and more convenient way to recharge your iPhone 14 Pro Max when out and about. Using Apple's MagSafe technology, these battery packs attach magnetically to the back of your iPhone and charge your phone wirelessly with no cables required. Apple makes the MagSafe Battery Pack, of course, but it's expensive and has a lower capacity, so it might make more sense for you to go with a third-party option. Below are 7 affordable Apple MagSafe battery pack alternatives for iPhone 14 Pro Max.


#1. Anker 633 Magnetic Battery

Battery Capacity: 10000mAh

Ports: 1x USB-C, 1x USB-A

Weight: 7.68oz

Dimensions: 4.21 x 2.61 x 0.71 inches

Wireless Charging : Yes


Anker 633 Magnetic Battery is a 10000mAh MagSafe-compatible power bank which can provide at least one full charge to any iPhone model, including the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max. With solid magnetic strength, it snaps and stays put at the back of your iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Anker 633 Magnetic Battery  tops out at 7.5 watts when magnetically attached and wirelessly charging. But it also has an integrated USB-C PD port that, if connected to your iPhone via a USB-C to Lightning cable, will fast charge it at up to 20 watts. There is a USB-A port, as well.

The other unique feature that Anker 633 Magnetic Battery has is an integrated kickstand, which can hold your iPhone either horizontally or vertically, depending on the viewing angle you want. It also has a , LED indicators to show remaining capacity, and three color options, making it fun to use.


Excellent capacity

Chunky and hefty design

Doubles up as a phone stand

Can charge multiple devices

Three color options

7.5W wireless charging
20W USB-C and 18W USB-A wired charging

Where to Buy?

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#2. ESR HaloLock 10,000mAh Wireless Power Bank

Battery Capacity: 10000mAh

Ports: USB-C

Weight: 7.6oz

Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.52 x 0.65 inches

Wireless Charging : Yes


The ESR HaloLock Wireless Power Bank provides a massive 10,000mAh capacity that magnetically attaches to the back of your iPhone.  It supports 7.5W wireless and 20W USB-C charging. If you don’t want to use MagSafe, you can just use it as a regular portable charger with a USB-C to Lightning cable.  It can charge two phones at the same time via 5W MagSafe-style wireless charging and 10W USB-C wired charging.There are five LEDs show the remaining capacity.

The ESR HaloLock Wireless Power Bank is less expensive than both Anker's and Apple's battery packs, but can deliver at least 1.2 charges on the latest iPhones, including the iPhone 14 Pro Max. ESR's HaloLock 10,000mAh Wireless Power Bank is an excellent alternative if you're on a tight budget.


Great capacity

A little bulky

Powerful magnets with 1,000 g of holding force

Supports 7.5W wireless and 20W USB-C charging

Can charge two devices at once

Affordable price

Where to Buy?

#3. Mophie - Snap+ Juice Pack Mini 5,000 mAh Portable Charger with MagSafe Compatibility

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh

Ports: USB-C

Weight: 4.8oz

Dimensions: 2.64 x 4.41 x 0.49 inches

Wireless Charging : Yes


The mophie snap+ juice pack mini stands out from the rest of the MagSafe battery packs as the only option that supports magnetic wireless charging on the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max and older models without MagSafe. It comes with a small magnetic adapter you can attach to the back of your phone or case to add MagSafe capabilities to virtually any phone with wireless charging, including Android.

The 5000mAh battery is enough to get you about 80 to 100 percent extra battery, depending on your iPhone model. Wireless charging speeds are limited to 7.5W for iPhone 14 Pro Max but if you need a faster charge, you can connect a USB-C to Lightning cable to bump the speed up to 12W.  It's also slim enough to slip into any pocket inconspicuously, and as long as you use a good case, the magnetic attachment is fairly strong.


Up to 100 percent extra battery

Magnet array not very strong with certain cases

Compatible with any Qi-charging device

Magnetic attachment for accurate


Supports wireless charging and wired through USB-C
Thin enough to slip into a pocket

Where to Buy?

#4. Belkin Magnetic Portable Wireless Charger 10K

Battery Capacity: 10000mAh

Ports: USB-C, USB-A

Weight: 10.6oz

Dimensions: 4 x 1 x 6.65 inches

Wireless Charging : Yes


Belkin is one of the most ubiquitous third-party Apple accessory makers. This means that its integration with Apple devices is usually quite seamless with little to no prior setup required. It supports fast charging up to 7.5W wirelessly and 18W through the USB-C port. You can use the USB-C port to recharge the power bank or juice up other devices. And thanks to pass-through charging, you can charge both the power bank and your iPhone at the same time.

The Belkin 10K really delivers with a massive 38Wh (10,000mAh) battery capacity, but larger and weightier (2x the nearest rival) than alternatives, it is more of a wireless charging pad that can also be carried around as a power bank. It is worthing mentioned that it almost covers the entire back of your iPhone 12 and is 10mm thicker than the original MagSafe Battery Pack. This renders the camera unusable.


Compatible with MagSafe official cases

Heavy and bulky
7.5 wireless and 18W wired chargingBlocks the phone cameras when charging
Supports pass-through charging
Can charge two devices at the same time
LED light tells you when to recharge

Where to Buy?

#5. OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh

Ports: USB-C

Weight: 6.5 ounces

Dimensions: 6.69 x 4.25 x 0.39 inches

Wireless Charging : Yes


The OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe is a small and compact little battery pack, making it perfect for throwing into your bag or slipping into your pocket. And it attaches magnetically to your iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is convenient for wireless charging with 7.5W output speeds.  This is a little more than even Apple's own MagSafe Battery Pack. It also has a USB-C port to charge other devices at 5W.

The most interesting thing about the OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe is that it has dual-sided magnets inside. It's one of the only options that has magnets on both sides of the battery pack, so you can magnetically attach it various stands while it's also charging your iPhone. However, the opposite side don't support wireless charging, and the only way to recharge it is via a USB-C wired connection.


Small and compact, dual-sided magnets

Plastic enclosure feels a little cheap
Two colors to choose from
Can be recharged via USB-C or MagSafe
7.5 watt wireless charging speed

More affordable than Apple's MagSafe

Battery Pack

Where to Buy?

#6. myCharge - MagLock 6000mAh Wireless Magnetic MagSafe Powerbank Portable Charger 

Battery Capacity: 6000mAh

Ports: USB-C

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Dimensions: 0.65 x 2.58 x 4.06 inches

Wireless Charging : Yes


myCharge MagLock Magnetic Power Bank is another affordable Apple MagSafe battery pack alternatives for iPhone 14 Pro Max. It comes in an elegant and quality build, ensuring you get nothing but the best performance.  The exclusive raised-coil design even minimizes heat build-up. As you’d expect, it is lightweight and portable adding little to no extra bulk to your phone. Furthermore, thanks to the compact design, you can carry it in your pocket.

The  myCharge Mag-LockPower Bank  is available in five colors. It does not offer the faster charging capabilities of MagSafe. It puts out 5 watts, which is the same as Apple MagSafe battery pack. But as a bonus, you can use the USB-C port to charge a device that doesn’t have MagSafe. The ability to charge two devices at once makes this Magnetic Power Bank hard to beat.

Exclusive Raised-Coil design
Only support 5W wireless charging

Powerful magnetic hold combined with

integrated anti-slip pads

Can be used to charge devices via a USB-C


Can charge two devices at the once
Reasonable price

Where to Buy?

#7.  iWALK Magsafe Portable Charger for iPhone

Battery Capacity: 6000mAh

Ports: USB-C

Weight: 6.7 ounces

Dimensions: 5.59 x 4.02 x 1.54 inches

Wireless Charging : Yes


The iWalk power bank boasts a sizeable battery, with 2.2Wh (6000mAh) capacity. It does offer a little faster charging -- iWalk claims up to 7.5 watts for iPhone 14 Pro Max. It also can charge (but not simultaneously) by USB cable at an impressive 18W, although you’ll need a USB-C-to-Lightning cable for wired charging.

The iWalk Magnetic Wireless Power Bank has a couple of features not found on other magnetic battery packs.The most obvious is the finger ring, which is meant to mean safer holding. Even more useful is the LED battery-charge indicator that shows you exactly how much charge is in the power bank.

Small Size Easy Carry
Magnetic grip not quite as strong
6000mAh Big Capacity
Support 7.5W fast wireless charging
18W Fast Type-C Output and Input

Smart LED Indicators
Special finger ring holder

Where to Buy?

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