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Plusnet vs. Sky vs. BT vs. TalkTalk Broadband: Full Comparison & Verdict 2024

Plusnet vs. Sky vs. BT vs. TalkTalk Broadband: Full Comparison & Verdict 2024

    It is pretty essential to have reliable and stable broadband connection in your home.There are a number of Broadband companies that provide broadband connection nowadays in UK.Plusnet,Sky Broadband,BT Broadband and TalkTalk Broadband are all Broadband providers who will offer you packages that provide you with fast download speeds. Therefore, you will always enjoy a smooth internet connection if you subscribe to either of these Broadband providers.They also offer you a variety of packages which you can choose from depending on your budget and intended use.But which deal and which provider is best for you?Is TalkTalk better than Plusnet?Is TalkTalk better than Sky?Is TalkTalk better than BT?Is Sky faster than Plusnet?Plusnet vs. Sky vs. BT vs. TalkTalk Broadband:which is best?To make your choice easier, I’ve combed through each provider’s different plans and add-ons,features,price,speed,customer service etc.Keep reading and ere’s everything you need to know.


Plusnet Broadband Review


Founded in in 1997,Plusnet is a long-running British internet company which cut its teeth in the dial-up internet days of the 1990s.Plusnet was bought by BT in 2007, but it operates as a separate business, so its broadband deals are often quite different from those of its parent company.

Plusnet broadband has long been advertised as one of the cheapest around, and both their superfast fibre and new full fibre deals back that up.Aside from this, they also offer you with a wide variety of broadband packages which you can choose from depending on which one will suit your needs best.What makes Plusnet’s deals even better value for money is the fact that they all come with a Plusnet Reward card which can be spent online and in most high street stores, while they also don’t charge any set-up fees.Customer service metrics have also improved in recent years, with Plusnet now receiving complaints in line with the industry average.

While Plusnet can’t compete with the speeds offered by Virgin Media, BT, EE and other providers offering ultrafast fibre broadband, average download and upload speeds are in line with what’s available from other major UK providers. It is a great option if you’re on a budget and don’t necessarily need an ultrafast connection.

Plusnet Broadband Pros and Cons

  • Value for money.

  • Set-up costs are pretty low.

  • Packages are truly unlimited.

  • Decent ADSL and fibre performance.

  • Stellar customer service.

  • Decent gift offers.

  • Discounts on Plusnet mobile.

  • Good broadband reliability.

  • Quick installation.

  • First month payable upfront.

  • Slower speeds than BT,Virgin Media and other ultrafast providers.

  • Ultrafast broadband isn’t available yet.

  • No TV service available.

  • Line rental required for broadband.

  • No WiFi guarantee.

Sky Broadband Review


Sky is one of the giants of the broadband (and TV) world with millions of subscribers in the UK.Without doubt, one of the main reasons that has enabled them to stay ahead of the pack is because they deliver stable internet connection to their clients,and and even bundle their packages with TV. Not only do you get all the major UK TV channels along with regulars like Fox, MTV and SyFy, but also Sky’s own stellar line-up, including Sky One, Sky Arts and Sky Atlantic. BT now has a deal with Sky to offer Now through its TV packages, but if you want to watch shows like Mare of Easttown, Succession, Chernobyl or Westworld, Sky is still the easiest way to do it. What’s more, some of Sky’s best value options now come with a free Netflix subscription bundled in.In addition to this, their broadband packages also come with no data cap which means that you have unlimited data usage throughout the month.

Sky broadband isn't the cheapest around. But you get a good, reliable service for your outlay, as well as speeds that are well in line with the likes of BT, TalkTalk and Plusnet. Although not as fast as Virgin Media.If you want a provider with a track record for good customer service and reliable broadband, then Sky gets a big tick.  Generally speaking, the more Sky services you combine, the better value they become, but there are still some good reasons to go with Sky for your broadband even if you’re not a Sky TV subscriber.

Sky Broadband Pros and Cons

  • Excellent reliability.

  • Good value fibre plans.

  • Good speeds:fast download and upload speeds.

  • Comes with great offers.

  • Awesome TV bundles.

  • You receive their premium router for all their broadband packages.

  • Great customer service.

  • Easy to switch from almost all providers.

  • It is easy to set up router.

  • VIP scheme with extras including Premier League tickets.

  • Grows expensive after contract ends.

  • You are required to sign a contract.

  • Pricey if not bundling TV.

  • High set-up cost.

  • You can get cheaper broadband with comparable speeds elsewhere.

  • Not as fast as Virgin.

BT Broadband Review

BT is the world’s oldest telecoms company.,tracing its roots back to 1846.With its long history and links to the old General Post Office, BT is for many of us the default choice when it comes to broadband.BT Broadband has a wide range of services. Everything from standard broadband (also called ADSL) all the way through to ultrafast broadband. Plus, it offers a range of TV and broadband bundles too.It is also one of the most widely-available broadband providers in the country, with their full fibre packages currently available to 91% of UK postcodes.

They offer a wide range of broadband packages to suit all kinds of households, and they offer a reliable service too, but their deals are usually more expensive than its rivals. They do, however, offer one of the best ranges of TV packages that you can pick and choose from, including exclusive offers on BT Sport.Its unlimited deals come without catches. You don’t have a traffic management or fair use policy to worry about so you can forget frustratingly slow speeds and use your unlimited deal to the max. There’s also tons of extra features you can add on and you don’t need to have a phone line to take advantage of its services.However,all this comes at a hefty price. It’s also worth noting that only a small number of households can access its best broadband speeds.

In a nutshell, BT offers quality broadband. There's a good spread of options, service is decent, and the included routers have top-notch tech. Though it costs a bit more than some of its rivals, it gives you value for your money.

BT Broadband Pros and cons

  • Very widely available.

  • ADSL and fibre broadband packages widely available.

  • Plenty of packages to choose from.

  • Reliable "complete" Wi-Fi.

  • Truly unlimited broadband with no usage caps.

  • Up to 900Mbps broadband.

  • BT router and online storage free with all packages.

  • Five million hotspots available across the UK.

  • Excellent router included free with your subscription.

  • More expensive than most providers,and best features cost extra.

  • Not available right across the UK.

  • Limited availability for Full Fibre packages.

  • Long contracts.

TalkTalk Broadband Review


TalkTalk is the fourth biggest UK ISP behind BT, Sky and Virgin Media. It built up its customer base during the ADSL era and is making progress as a fibre broadband ISP, with over 70% of its customers now on higher-speed technologies.As a budget broadband provider, TalkTalk has some great low-cost packages, making it a pocket-friendly option for UK consumers. TalkTalk Broadband don’t put any data cap on their Broadband packages which allows you to have unlimited data usage every month.Speeds are pretty good too and are also in line with other major providers. They’ll easily be fast enough for most households and TalkTalk’s packages are very widely available.The TalkTalk Fast Broadband provides you with download speeds of up to 11Mbps which is enough to support up to two devices efficiently. You’ll be able to comfortably stream videos online and even browse through social media sites. However, you may experience internet lag if you connect multiple devices at the same time.It is ideal for heavy internet use as you can watch TV in HD and even play games online without experiencing any buffer.

But there are some notable shortcomings when it comes to TalkTalk. Not least its reputation for customer service, which hasn’t always been great over the years.

TalkTalk Broadband Pros and cons

  • Budget- friendly packages.

  • Good value triple-play bundles.

  • Totally unlimited.

  • Reliable broadband connection throughout.

  • They provide fast download speeds.

  • Free security software and parental controls.

  • FTTP broadband is available.

  • Gift vouchers and rewards.

  • Affordable, but pared down, TV service.

  • Flexible TV add-ons let you add and drop channels when you like.

  • No installation fee on most packages.

  • Fibre packages support HD streaming.

  • Prices don’t hike mid- contract.

  • Poor customer service reputation.

  • They don’t provide powerful routers.

  • No option to get TalkTalk TV on its own.

  • ADSL package is expensive.

  • Upload speeds aren’t great on the fastest packages.

  • The TV box doesn't record.

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Plusnet vs. Sky vs. BT vs. TalkTalk Broadband: Comparison Side by Side


Truly unlimited broadband
Fibre WiFi router
Home Phone
Inclusive callsXX
TV serviceX
Mobile plansX
Public WiFiXX
Cloud storageXX
Parental controls
UK based customer supportXX
Fixed priceXXX

2.Packages and Pricing

#Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet offers a choice of three speeds across its range for new Plusnet customers that sign up for 12, 18 or 24 months (as appropriate). . There are various packages available within each tier, and you can even get packages with inclusive calls.The list of services is fairly straightforward, with a single ADSL option, two fibre options and a discount if you sign up for 18 or 24(Full Fibre) rather than 12 months. 

Broadband packageDownload speedsMonthly data capContractsConnection typeMonthly price
Unlimited Fibre Extra66MbpsUnlimited12 and 18 month contractsFibrefrom £25.99
Unlimited Fibre36MbpsUnlimited12 and 18 month contractsFibrefrom £21.99
Unlimited Broadband10MbpsUnlimited12 and 18 month contractsADSLfrom £23.99
Unlimited Broadband10MbpsUnlimitedNo contractsADSLfrom £23.99
Full FibreUp to 500MbpsUnlimited12,18 and 24 month contractsFibrefrom £23.99

>>Click here to view more package details.

#Sky Broadband

Sky now offers a wider range of fibre broadband packages than it ever has. There are four basic levels, Gigafast, Superfast, Ultrafast and Ultrafast Plus. All come with pay-as-you-go calls as standard, no download limits (which is pretty much standard these days) and are all only available on 18-month contracts.

Broadband packageDownload speedsMonthly data capContractsConnection typeMonthly price
Superfast Broadband59MbpsUnlimited18 monthsFibre£28
Ultrafast Broadband145MbpsUnlimited18 monthsFibre£35
Ultrafast Plus500MbpsUnlimited18 monthsFibre£45
Gigafast900MbpsUnlimited18 monthsFibre£55

Sky Q & Broadband deals


Sky Glass & Broadband deals


>>Click here for for package details.

#BT Broadband

BT is one of the biggest broadband providers in the UK and offers a whole host of different packages aimed at a variety of households. BT has significantly more choice by offering three basic unlimited FTTC fibre options.They've added their three Full Fibre FTTP packages – Full Fibre 100, 500 and 900.All BT’s packages come on an 24-month contract, and you can choose whether to have an active landline or not – it's no longer offered by default, and you'll have to pay extra. On top of that, you can of course bolt on anytime calls. Naturally, there are no download limits.

BT broadband packages may be more expensive but they offer premium extras such as cloud storage and wi-fi hotspots as standard.

Broadband packageDownload speedsMonthly data capContractsConnection typeMonthly price
Fibre 900900MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£55.99
Fibre 500500MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£45.99
Fibre 100150MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£35.99
Fibre 267MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£33.99
Fibre 150MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£29.99
Fibre Essential36MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£28.99
BT Broadband10MbpsUnlimited24 monthsADSL£28.99

>>Click here to view more package details.

#TalkTalk Broadband

All TalkTalk's packages come on 24-month contracts, come with unlimited usage and include line rental. Customers that choose Fibre 65 will be able to enjoy unlimited UK calls at no extra cost. Fast Broadband and Fibre 35 customers can choose to add on call packages for an extra monthly fee.

TalkTalk guarantees no price rises during the course of your contract, plus its simple product range offers the same packages to both new and existing customers.

Broadband packageDownload speedsMonthly data capContractsConnection typeMonthly price
Fibre 3538MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£24
Fibre 6567MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£25
Fibre 150145MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£29.95
Fibre 250290MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£39
Fibre 65 - Full Fibre77MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£25
Fibre 150 - Full Fibre152MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£32
Fibre 500 - Full Fibre525MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£39
Fibre 900 - Full Fibre944MbpsUnlimited24 monthsFibre£49

>>Click here to view more package detals.

3.Broadband Speed

Without doubt, we all prefer to subscribe to a Broadband provider that will always provide us with fast download speeds throughout.All the four providers offer similar broadband plans which deliver more or less same kind of average download speeds and upload speeds.However,TalkTalk offer the fastest broadband speed with up to 944Mb average downloads.As we say, though, these speeds are limited to only a few areas in the UK. And will cost you considerably more than standard fibre packages.

In addition, Sky and BT also offer broadband speed with up to 900Mb where Plusnet only goes up to 500Mb.

4.Router and Equipment

Sky takes the crown on technology and equipment as all customers will receive the same level of kit, unlike Plusnet which still makes a distinction between those on broadband and those using fibre.TalkTalk offer a marginally better router to fibre customers than Plusnet, they also offer an advance WiFi 6 mesh router for full fibre customers.

In contrast, TalkTalk full fibre customers get the latest technology with an eero 6 mesh router. While standard fibre customers get the TalkTalk WiFi Hub, this still has slightly better specs than the Plusnet Hub Two, with an extra ethernet port.Customers looking at standard fibre from either Plusnet or TalkTalk will get a similar router with both providers and so there is little between them.

BT fibre customers get a Smart Hub, kitted out with seven antennas that locate the best frequencies for the top speeds.In addition to the Smart Hub, customers can also sign up for BT Hybrid Connect. For an extra monthly fee, BT customers will receive a second mini router, powered by EE broadband, that will automatically kick in if your fibre broadband goes down, ensuring you have a constant connection.

5. Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most essential things that a lot of people consider nowadays before they subscribe to a particular Broadband Provider. To date, TalkTalk’s customer service reputation hasn’t been the best. The company has battled to regain a solid reputation ever since it received a heavy fine from Ofcom in 2011 following a billing error, which affected over 60,000 of its customers. A recent hack into its systems saw more unwanted headlines thrown its way, which put customer account details at risk. However, TalkTalk has never hidden away from its failings in this area and continues to make every effort to rebuild customer trust moving forward.

Plusnet,BT and Sky generally do better.Plusnet broadband customers are amongst the happiest when it comes to customer service.Plusnet customers can get in touch with customer services either over the phone on 0800 432 0200, or on live chat on the provider’s website. In addition, Plusnet has an active account on Twitter – Plusnet Help – where customers can ask questions and seek help.Plusnet has a trophy cabinet bursting with rewards for customer service. It provides support 365 days a year from a UK contact centre.

Sky also ranks highly for customer satisfaction and wins awards for its services as well as recognition for how complaints are handled when issues arise.Sky provides support with live chat on its website, email, and has a customer care line, open seven days a week.

Conclusion: Which is Best for You?

If it's just basic, straightforward broadband you're after, Plusnet's services are the most simple to get your head around. Teamed with its award-winning customer service it's probably the most hassle-free option.But it has no TV service.

TalkTalk offer more advanced features and a gigabit broadband plan.It will definitely provide you with slightly faster download speeds throughout the year. But you will pay more.If you need something more from your broadband - like a flexible phone or TV package, or an app to use your landline minutes from your mobile, or decent internet security - there are more options available for you from TalkTalk.

Sky offers a more all-round package, with free wifi, a better security software offering and a high standard of router for all its customers. Sky also has its famous TV service for those looking to bundle up broadband with TV.

BT,Sky and TalkTalk are pretty much neck-and-neck when it comes to speed and service

BT just about wins out due to its extras. Customers can get extra storage, a router ready for faster speeds of the future so hopefully no upgrade costs, plus if you time it right you could get a good package that throws in cashback or BT Sport on its app.

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