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Best Prenatal Vitamin: Nature Made vs. One A Day vs. Ritual vs. Thorne?

Best Prenatal Vitamin: Nature Made vs. One A Day vs. Ritual vs. Thorne?

    Between morning sickness, fleeting cravings, and random aversions, getting good nutrition during pregnancy can be tough. So it’s ensential to entering prenatal vitamins for those that are pregnant and trying to conceive. Prenatal vitamins are multivitamins that target the specific RDAs (Recommended Daily Allowance) for pregnant women, to help support the health of mom and growing baby. Common prenatal vitamin brands on the market are Nature Made, One A Day, Ritual and Thorne. But which one is the best? We reviewed these four brands to help you find the best prenatal vitamin for your pregnancy, evaluated quality, prices, and determined which one is best for you.

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What Are Prenatal Vitamins? 

Prenatal vitamins consist of a variety of vitamins and minerals to help your baby get the nutrients that are essential for healthy development. During pregnancy, a woman’s daily intake requirements for certain nutrients, such as folic acid (folate), calcium, and iron will increase.  Vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, and folic acid are vital for proper fetal growth, development, and healthy adult living. 

While it's important to consume a healthy, balanced diet, prenatal vitamins can help to prevent nutritional deficiencies that can potentially cause pregnancy complications. For that reason, prenatal vitamins are generally recommend for those that are pregnant and trying to conceive. Prenatal vitamins are available over-the-counter in nearly any pharmacy. Your health care provider might recommend a specific brand or leave the choice up to you. Look for prenatal vitamins that have:

400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid

400 IU of vitamin D

200 to 300 milligrams (mg) of calcium

70 mg of vitamin C

3 mg of thiamine

2 mg of riboflavin

20 mg of niacin

6 mcg of vitamin B12

10 mg of vitamin E

15 mg of zinc

17 mg of iron

150 micrograms of iodine

Some prenatal products will also include important nutrients like DHA, such as Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamin with 200 mg DHA

Nature Made Reviews

At Nature Made, they create thoughtfully designed products to At Nature Made, they create thoughtfully designed products to fit your lifestyle needs at every stage.  Some of their notable products include a fish oil supplement, a melatonin supplement, and multivitamin tablets (including prenatal vitamins). They are also known because they utilize unique combinations of vitamins to create their supplements.

Nature Made creates products for all kinds of people, including pregnant women, senior citizens, athletes, and those who need to lose weight. Moreover, Nature Made has added natural fruit flavors to some of its products to make them more appealing to the customers.



They’re pretty obsessed with quality. That’s why with everything from ingredient sourcing and industry-leading manufacturing practices, to investment in new innovations, they make it their responsibility to be a leader in delivering quality products and a quality consumer experience.

Nature Made goes the extra step to ensure their vitamins and supplements are USP verified when possible. Meaning they've been tested for purity and potency by the U.S. Pharmacopeia so you know you're getting the good stuff.

  • The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is a scientific, nonprofit organization that sets federally recognized public standards of quality for medicines, dietary supplements, and foods. USP has been establishing standards since 1820, and today USP standards are used by manufacturers and regulators in more than 140 countries. While others may provide testing and quality seals, USP is the only standards-setting organization recognized in U.S. federal law that offers third-party verification.

Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamins

1. Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA

Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamin with 200 mg DHA Softgels are prenatal multivitamins scientifically formulated to support the development of a baby’s brain, nervous system, bones, and eyes while also supporting mom's health. Sourced from high-quality ingredients, this gluten free multivitamin for women is a dietary supplement that contains no artificial flavors. This Nature Made Prenatal multivitamin supplement for women contains Folic Acid and 19 other nutrients, including DHA, an Omega-3 that may help support fetal brain and eye development. This prenatal supplement also has clinically proven absorption of Folic Acid and Iron. This Nature Made Prenatal with DHA multivitamin provides 19 essential nutrients plus DHA, including Calcium and Vitamin D3 for bone health, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc to help support the immune system, and all 8 B vitamins to support cellular energy production. Vitamin E and Vitamin C in this Nature Made women's multivitamin also provide antioxidant support. Adults take one of these prenatal supplement softgels daily with water and a meal. Nature Made supplements are quality you can trust. USP has tested and verified ingredients, potency and manufacturing process. USP sets official standards for dietary supplements. 



  • This Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA contains Folic Acid and 19 other nutrients to support baby development and mom's health;

  • This Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamin with DHA is a prenatal multivitamin supplement that supports the development of a baby's brain health, bones, eye health, and nervous system;

  • Adults take one of these prenatal softgel dietary supplements daily with water and a meal;

  • Quality global ingredients, this Nature Made multivitamin supplement for women is gluten free and contains no artificial flavors;

  • Pharmacopeia (USP) Verified.


①Price for $27.57 at iHerb (90 softgels)

②Price for $21.99 at Nature Made 

Where to buy Nature Made Products?

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2. Prenatal Multivitamin Tablets 

Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamin is designed to provide both mom and baby with daily nutritional support before and during pregnancy. This prenatal multivitamin is scientifically formulated to support the development of your baby's brain, nervous system, bones, and eyes. Each serving (1 tablet) contains Folic Acid plus 17 other prenatal vitamins and minerals including Iron, Vitamin D, and Calcium. Adequate Folic Acid in healthy diets may reduce a woman's risk of having a child with a neural tube defect. Iron is vital for red blood cell formation and to deliver oxygen to cells throughout the body. Calcium and Vitamin D work together to build and support strong bones for both baby and mom. And those are only 4 of the 18 essential nutrients found in this specially formulated prenatal multivitamin. Get big support for you and your little one, with Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamin.



①Price from $15.69 at iHerb (90 softgels)

②Price from $16.49 at Nature Made 

One A Day Reviews

One A Day is a multivitamin brand with uniquely formulated products for your family. From prenatal to 65+, they offer many complete multivitamins for different ages, genders and health goals.

Their goal is to formulate every one of their multivitamins with good stuff you want and keep them free of stuff you don’t. 

They’ve been leading vitamin innovations for over 75 years — and they’re not stopping any time soon. They believe that health is the key to accessing a better version of ourselves. That’s why they start with quality ingredients and continuously update their formulas to reflect the latest science.



  • Free of Artificial Flavors

  • Free of Artificial Sweeteners

  • Free of Synthetic Colors

  • Free of High Fructose

  • Free of Diary(Milk) Allergen

  • Free of Corn Syrup

  • Free of Gluten

  • Free of Wheat Allergen

  • Free of Egg Allergen

  • Free of Soy Allergen

  • Free of Fish/Crustacean

  • Free of Shellfish Allergens

One A Day Prenatal Multivitamins

1. One A Day Prenatal Advanced Complete Multivitamin with Brain Support

Price for $18.92 at (30+30 Count)

Leading medical authorities on maternal and infant health recognize that Choline plays a critical role during the prenatal period in neural and brain development. The American Medical Association advises that a prenatal vitamin supplement should contain an adequate amount of Choline, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes the importance of Choline as a brain-building nutrient.

Less than 10% of U.S. pregnant women are meeting the recommended intake of Choline of 450 mg daily. One A Day Prenatal Advanced provides 110 mg (20% Daily Value), whereas other leading prenatal multivitamin brands only contain 0-55 mg of Choline.

One A Day® Prenatal Advanced is the most advanced prenatal multivitamin among leading brands: it has a unique combination of three brain-building essentials: Choline (110 mg), DHA (200 mg) and Folic Acid (800 mcg). Choline nourishes the area of the brain associated with learning and memory. It also contains Vitamins A, C, E, Thiamin, Niacin, B6, B12, and Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium and more.


2. One A Day Women’s Prenatal Gummies

Price for $28.99 at (120 Count)

From the #1 OB/GYN Recommended Prenatal Vitamin OTC Brand. Give your baby a great start with a complete gummy multivitamin that’s specially formulated to provide nutritional support for women before and during pregnancy with Folic Acid and DHA. Does not contain Iron.


Where to buy One A Day Products?

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Ritual Reviews

Ritual is a subscription-based supplement company that offers a variety of multivitamins and protein powders made from simple, high quality ingredients. Founded in 2016, Ritual has become one of the most popular brands for nutritional supplements, thanks to its transparency and its traceable ingredient lists.

It prioritizes transparency by providing detailed information on how and where every ingredient in its products is sourced, along with the science behind each formulation.

Additionally, the company’s multivitamins are made using delayed-release capsules, which are designed to dissolve in your small intestine rather than your stomach.

According to Ritual, this can mimic the way your body digests food and be gentler on your stomach, meaning you don’t have to pair your multivitamin with meals.



At Ritual, their products are manufactured in accordance to the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), which help ensure quality and safety. The lab that Ritual uses tests the products for heavy metals, microbes, allergens, and other contaminants, and the company itself tests products for purity, strength, and composition. Ritual states that all of its ingredients are traceable.

All Ritual products are tested for heavy metals and contaminants by an independent lab, and several are certified by third-party organizations like United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and Informed Sport.

Ritual Prenatal Multivitamins

1. Ritual Prenatal Multivitamin

Price for $35 at

Price for $35.55 at

Prep your body for pregnancy and support your nutrient needs.

  • Neural Tube Support

Folate and Choline to support neural tube development.

  • Brain Health

Omega-3 DHA, Choline and Folate for supporting fetal brain development.

  • Blood-Building

Iron, Folate, & Vitamin B12 contribute to red blood cell formation.

  • Bone Support

Calcium-helper nutrients D3, K2, Magnesium, and Boron help maintain bone health.


Where to buy Ritual Products?

You can gRitual  official website or

In addition, Ritual also offers Daily Shake Pregnancy & Postpartum & Postnatal Multivitamin. If you need it, you can click to go to the page for details.

Thorne Reviews

Kickstarted in 1984, Thorne was on a mission to revolutionize the supplement industry by providing high quality vitamins to the masses. Founded by Al Czap, the company focuses on investing in clinical research to help produce and test their formulas. The perfect example is their innovation labs, working to provide various health solutions. 

Using only the best ingredients, Thorne has been the favorite among several pro athletes including Julianne Hough, Josh Hart, and Jrue Holiday. The brand also collaborates with numerous respectable companies, notably Team Penske and The USA triathlon. Today, their headquarters are located in New York City. 

“Finding out what your body needs is only half the solution. Giving it to you is the other half. They offer personal at-home tests to help understand your health and supplements to unlock your full potential,” via a statement made by Thorne Research. 

Overall, Thorne is an online wellness brand that specializes in selling daily supplements and at-home tests. Made for average consumers and professional athletes, the company maintains a high standard of quality and efficacy. 

Throughout the years, the brand has gained the attention of the notable media outlets, including USA Today, Elle Magazine, and the Observer. Thorne has also been affiliated with the NBA, the NFL, and the UFC. 



Using advanced equipment, their quality team methodically tests their raw ingredients, and then their production team meticulously crafts each supplement with the utmost consideration for details, from mixing the raw materials to encapsulating and bottling the finished product. Because they manufacture many of their products in their facility in Summerville, South Carolina, they have total authority over what goes into their products, so they refuse to use magnesium stearate or any other arbitrary filler that can inhibit absorption. Using unnecessary ingredients goes against their belief to design and provide optimal solutions for health. To meet the highest quality standards they also ensure that their facility is third-party certified. Including: 

  • eGMP Certified: Thorne has an exemplary record of compliance with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Their manufacturing facility, warehouses, and shipping centers are inspected and have passed every inspection without issuance of an FDA Form 483.

  • NSF Certified: Thorne’s facility is NSF Certified and manufactures more than 30 NSF Certified for Sport products, which gives athletes complete confidence in their nutritional supplements. This is particularity important for the number of U.S. National Teams, athletes of the NBA, NFL, and UFC that they partner with as an exclusive provider.

  • TGA Certified: Thorne has an A rating from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, widely recognized as the toughest regulatory agency in the world. Only a handful of U.S. companies have achieved certification, and Thorne is the first U.S. nutritional supplement company to be fully certified.

Thorne Prenatal Multivitamins

1. Thorne Research, Basic Prenatal, 90 Capsules

Price for $29 at

A gentle and effective daily multi- for women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or are nursing. A well-researched multi- formulated to nourish mom and support baby’s development, from pre-conception through nursing. It’s made without the additives and coatings found in mainstream prenatal supplements.

Pre-conception, pregnancy, and nursing are critical times to optimize a mother's health and nutrition, which is important for both for mom and baby. Overall nutritional and caloric needs greatly increase during this time. However, it is often difficult for a woman to fulfill her daily nutrient needs through diet alone. 

Thorne’s Basic Prenatal is specifically formulated with the special needs of conception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding in mind. Their formula contains well-absorbed, tissue-ready vitamins and minerals that are gentle on the stomach and non-constipating.



Benefits of Thorne’s Basic Prenatal at each stage:  


Daily multi-vitamin/mineral support for a woman of childbearing age. Provides beneficial nutrients that are important from the moment of conception.

First Trimester

Folate facilitates healthy brain and spinal cord development.* Basic Prenatal includes the bioactive form of folate – 5-MTHF.Vitamins C, B6, and K have been shown to benefit “morning sickness.”Choline supports development of baby’s brain and nervous system.

Second Trimester

Contains the well-absorbed and well-researched iron bisglycinate to meet a pregnant woman’s increased need for iron. 

Third Trimester

Provides the extra nutrients needed for continued healthy fetal development and to prepare mom and baby for birth.

After Pregnancy through Nursing

Nutritional support for increased demand for calcium and vitamin D in the diet.

Where to buy Thorne Products?

You can buy Thorne Products on (up to 5% super cashback).

Ways to Chose the Best Prenatal  Vitamins

When choosing the best prenatal vitamins, we should considered the following factors:

①Nutritional content: Prenatal Vitamins are specifically formulated to meet the nutritional demands of pregnancy.

②Ingredients: Prenatal Vitamin should be made from high quality ingredients and free of artificial additives and preservatives.

③Testing: Prenatal Vitamin should be undergo testing for purity and potency, ideally by a third-party organization.

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