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Top 10 Cheapest Places to Buy Steam Keys 2024 (Earn up to 5% Cashback)

Top 10 Cheapest Places to Buy Steam Keys 2024 (Earn up to 5% Cashback)

    • Buy Your Steam Keys & PC Games Online At Low Cost! When looking for great deals when you buy games, you need to find a reliable third-party seller. So in this article, we've rounded up some of the best authorized retailers and unofficial ones for you.These secure and reliable sites or marketplaces offer CD Keys and game codes to buy, redeem and download to your PC at the best prices around. Instantly use the CD key (a serial code take from an official physical box that will be sent to you after purchasing a game) to activate the game code and download PC games via official platforms like Steam, Uplay, Origin, or Windows Store. you will find the best games of today and the past month, with a list of the best-sellers and the newest games of this and the past years.

What Is a Steam CD Key or Serial Product Key?

Steam, developed by Valve, is also a standalone software client for game lovers to download, play, and discuss favored games. 

When you purchase a Steam game, you may get an additional activation key which is also known as Steam CD key.


Steam requires you to enter the key so as to play the game on the client. Also, with the activation key, you can also register your games outside Steam, on a third-party client or service.

Top 10 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap in 2024

Buy the best video game keys at the best price! Here are the best sites for buying Game Keys and CD Keys at significantly discounted prices. All of our recommended sites have an excellent reputation and will provide you with a positive experience.

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10 Game Key Stores Worth Collecting:

1. Green Man Gaming (up to 5% extra cash back)

2. CDkeys (up to 5% extra cash back)

3. Fanatical (up to 6% extra cash back)

4.  GamersGate

5.  Kinguin (up to 5% extra cash back)

6.  G2A (up to 2% extra cash back)

7.  Humble Bundle (up to 4% extra cash back)

8. Eneba

9. GAMIVO (up to 4% extra cash back)

10. SCDKey

#1.          Green Man Gaming


After testing and summarizing over 30 sites to buy cheap games and game keys, Green Man Gaming is our #1 pick. 

So if you're wondering where is the best place to buy game keys? It's Green Man Gaming! It's cheap, well stocked, easy to browse, and safe to use.

This official Steam reseller allows you to purchase Steam CD keys as well as many other console games including PC and Mac games. GMG has games in a large variety of niches including RPG games, shooter games, adventure games and more. Whether you’re searching for the latest Grand Theft Auto release or even if you want to buy a VR version of Rise of the Tomb Raider, GreenManGaming has it all. 

We also recommend that you check out their Coming Soon section, which is always filled with delicious deals for the newest games and pre-purchases that are hard to say no to, and you are not likely to find such offers on other platforms. Low pricing is almost always its strength in the field!

Green Man Gaming is among the most sought-after brands when it comes to coupons and discount offers, with hundreds of thousands of searches for coupons each month, and you can also get its up to 5% extra cash back through extrabux.


  • New releases & popular games

  • Games available for major consoles including PC & Mac

  • Uplay, Origin, Steam & Battlenet games available

  • Buy GMG gift cards for friends and family

  • Purchase virtual reality games

#2.          CDkeys


Our second recommended good place to buy game keys is CDkeys.

As with our #1 picks, most of the CDKeys' AAA games are less expensive than the same offerings on other sites. You’ll probably find the same games on competitors’ websites for about five to ten percent more.

The second thing we love about CDKeys is their assortment of games. Their website is so big that it will be our go-to place in case we can't find a game on Green Man Gaming.

One of the exclusive perks of shopping at CDKeys is their Top-Ups section, which allows you to buy top-ups for online services like Netflix, NOW TV, Origin, Battlenet and more. Along with having thousands of games in their network, CDKeys also accepts plenty of payment options including PayPal, Neteller, Bitcoin, Skrill and more.


  • Shop in over 10 different currencies

  • Games for PS4, PC, Xbox, Nintendo & more

  • Top-Ups for online services such Netflix, Facebook & iTunes

  • Delivery & installation information provided before buying

  • Exclusive deals section with up to 50% off retail price

#3.           Fanatical


The third place we highly recommend buying cheap Steam keys is Fanatical.

Fanatical launched in 2012 as Bundle Stars, focusing on affordable game bundles on Steam. In 2017, the site rebranded as Fanatical and transitioned into a full-scale authorized digital retailer much like Green Man Gaming.

Given Fanatical’s history, it’s no surprise that game bundles are one of the standout features of the store. The bundles tend to be solid, with some great titles in the mix. 

Check out Star Deals up to 99% off, where 1 great title at a time is available for a limited time with limited stock at a great price.

If you’re a student then you can get a 5% student discount by registering with Student Beans.

Fanatical offers a standard 14-day refund period for unrevealed keys and unactivated games. They also entertain refunds for redeemed games if you face unresolvable technical issues. However, be aware that not meeting system requirements or buying a game for the wrong OS don’t count as “technical issues,” according to their T&Cs.

With a whopping 2 million satisfied customers to boast of,  scattered across almost 200 countries. Most gamers already know about Fanatical’s reputation for having great games and fantastic game bundles. You can find titles for Ubisoft, Epic Games, Steam, Origin, GOG, etc. 


  • Instant delivery (no waiting for resellers to approve sales)

  • Fanatical is one of the few digital stores that continues offering bundles to those who are eager to make their gaming library larger. 

  • Games come from official sources

  • 6.8 out of 10 rating at TrustPilot with 1,401 reviews

  • Ensures 100% secure transactions

  • Pay via PayPal, Amazon Pay, Bank Transfer, PaySafe, Neteller and more

#4.          GamersGate


GamersGate is another secure reseller which gets keys only from official distributors.

You’ll be able to save up to 90% with certain game genres. Their $1 or less section allows you to pay some of the lowest prices imaginable on top-shelf video games. 

Besides the cheap prices, GamersGate also offers a broad assortment of games which includes even very rare titles such as STALKER: Call of Pripyat which I wasn’t able to find anywhere else.

Their massive selection of video games to choose from, allows you to compare prices from even more sources, making it possible to save loads of money when buying games online. Whether you want to play simulator games, RPG games, sports games or more, GamersGate is the place to be.

Plus, joining as a member allows you to benefit from even more features, entirely exclusive to the GamersGate network.

However, we have to admit that its shortcomings will be more obvious!

First of all, we don't like their website design, it's old and rarely renovated, which makes it easy to feel like the site doesn't work anymore. Secondly, we are not very satisfied with the service to their customers.


  • Buy and download video games instantly

  • Discounts up to 90% off

  • Join their community for exclusive features & perks

  • Entire section dedicated to games of $1 or less

  • 5,000+ games & instant downloads in their platform

#5.          Kinguin


The next best place to buy game keys that we want to share with you is Kinguin.

PC gaming is becoming increasingly expensive. Unsurprisingly many gamers scour the internet to find the best deals on games and game keys, and in response secondary marketplaces like Kinguin have emerged to offer valid game codes at a fraction of the ordinary retail price. But are they entirely legit?

In fact, we have never recommended this kind of site before, because after reading many negative reviews, we were worried if it was a scam!

But when we saw a game we wanted for less than $2, while on other websites it was at least $20, we had finally decided to try this platform. And you know what? Everything went well. Based on our experience of using this site for about a year to buy Steam keys, we thought it was worth a try. We have made 15 purchases and all of them went well.

Kinguin supports over 20 different currencies, allowing you to buy and sell games internationally. You can buy games for just about every console including PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, Uplay, EA Origin and much more. Kinguin Buyer Protection provides you with a secure environment to buy or sell video games online. The best part about buying games at Kinguin is being able to read user feedback left by actual buyers. This gives you a very good idea of what each seller is like and whether or not they’re trustworthy.


  • Support is available 24/7 via live chat

  • Kinguin Buyer Protection ensures your games will be delivered as promised

  • Games available for 15+ consoles & platforms

  • Kinguin app is available on Google Play & iOS

  • Deposit via PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin & more

  • Seller feedback & Kinguin ratings allow you to buy from reputable sellers only

#6.          G2A


If you are looking for a great way to buy cheap games, G2A is a great place. Similar to Kinguin, G2A is also very popular.

G2A operates like any other, probably well-known by you, marketplace – like eBay or AliExpress, just to name a few. It connects sellers with buyers. So generally, the owner of the place doesn’t sell anything, it just gives space to other parties to conduct transactions. It is not a space like any other, though. The marketplace is secure, safe and has a fraud protection system. On top of that, there is the recommendation system aimed to help buyers in dealing with issues and in choosing the proper buyer who is trustworthy. 

Do you know? Today, and among the 37,000 companies that offer digital games products, it is a commendably safe place, with over 99% satisfied customers.


  • Access their website in multiple languages

  • Buy games for Uplay, Origin, Steam and Battlenet

  • Video games available for major consoles including PS4, Xbox & Nintendo

  • Instant delivery for digital downloads

  • Gamecards, Xbox Live & Playstation codes available

  • Faulty products can be returned within 14 days

#7.          Humble Bundle


A great site is known for its offers on games and great bundle deals. 

Humble Bundle’s signature offerings are the pay-what-you-want bundles, which work on a tiered unlock basis. Bundles usually start at $1, which gets you at least one game. The extra tier unlocks a few more games. You don’t pay a fixed price for them. You only pay what you can afford, from $1 to $1,000. Even though it is one of the smallest authorized retailers, its bundles have a lot of digital downloads and positive reviews.

Beyond the bundles, Humble Bundle also offers a subscription service called Humble Choice. 

Humble Choice has been a great way for subscribers to fill out their Steam libraries and get games for cheap. For $11.99/month, five percent of which goes to charity, subscribers gain access to a monthly batch of games to keep forever. These titles range from large scale AAA titles to smaller indie games; and there is something for everyone. 


  • Authorized gaming reseller since 2010

  • Humble Bundle offers a generous 60-day refund period

  • 100% legal and legitimate game selling marketplace

  • Support team available 24/7

  • Pay via PayPal, Skrill, PaySafe, Bitcoin and more

  • Get an exclusive discount when paying via PaySafe

#8.          Eneba


Relatively to other stores, ENEBA has the biggest stock of Steam keys and the cheapest price almost all the time. 

However, this isn’t a reseller, but a third-party marketplace, much like its more well-known competitors Kinguin and G2A, providing a platform to connect game key sellers to bargain-hunting gamers.

And in addition to game developers and publishers, they also work with big game keys distributors. Eneba also has official partnerships with a handful of publishers, namely Konami, CI Games, 1c Entertainment, Daedalic Entertainment, and Team17.

The big amount of merchants on the platform creates competition which makes all of them significantly decrease the price in order to stand out. This is the reason why their price is competitive and the assortment is always filled with all kinds of games.

Game keys for Battlenet, Epic Games, GOG, Nintendo Switch, Origin, PSN, Steam, Uplay, Xbox, and others can be purchased here.

You’ll also find gift cards for Amazon, Apple iTunes, Blizzard, Google Play, Netflix, Nintendo Switch, PSN, Steam, Xbox, and others. 

You can even buy Nintendo and Xbox memberships, anti-virus programs, and other software. On Eneba you can purchase game keys, or be a seller. 

Eneba only charges sellers 5% commission. This is the lowest fee than any other current marketplace (G2A, Gamivo, Kinguin). That means you will find your favorite games for the lowest price on Eneba.

As a matter of fact, Eneba enforces a strict vetting process to make sure only sellers with legitimate keys make it onto their platform. The company doesn’t have any form of special protection programs for a fee in case you have problems with a game key that you purchase, unlike Kinguin, G2A, and Gamivo.

With that said, Eneba’s vast collection of titles and affordable prices has made it a popular game marketplace. But if your game is actually available on one of them and its price is almost no different, We would suggest spending a couple of cents more in order to avoid even the slightest chance that something will go wrong and you will have to waste your precious time contacting the support.


  • Support is available 24/7 via live chat

  • Games available for 15+ consoles & platforms

  • App is available on Google Play & iOS

  • Deposit via PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin & more

  • Seller feedback & ratings allow you to buy from reputable sellers only

#9.          GAMIVO


Gamivo is one of the most popular CD key stores in the market. Like G2A, it also acts as a platform for third-party marketplace that allows you to buy or sell game keys. Their Customer Protection Program assures you that only legit sellers are added on their platform.

You can purchase game keys for, Bethesda, Epic Games, GOG, Origin, Steam, Uplay, etc.

You can also buy Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Nintendo cd keys, Office and Windows keys, PUBG keys, Playstation Network cards, software licenses, Xbox live memberships, etc.

They also offer a VIP subscription service called GAMIVO SMART which rewards subscribers with exclusive discounts, special offers, and a dedicated 24/7 live chat support.

As for its supported currencies, Gamivo lists a handful of major ones which include USD, EUR, AUD, JPY, KRW, CAD, and GBP among others. The site supports only four languages, which are English, French, Polish, and Spanish.

Gamivo’s site is easy to use and understand. You can search for games by pre-orders, genres, popularity, new releases, and platforms. You can also look for games that are priced at under 5€ or 10€, most wanted items, best sellers, recently sold products, and other categories.


  • Shop in over 10 different currencies

  • Games for PS4, PC, Xbox, Nintendo & more

  • Top-Ups for online services such Netflix, Facebook & iTunes

  • Delivery & installation information provided before buying

  • Exclusive deals section with up to 50% off retail price

#10.          SCDKey


Given the similar name, you won’t be surprised that SCDKey operates much like CDKeys, selling its own third-party keys instead of serving as a third-party marketplace.

Unlike CDKeys though, SCDKey focuses primarily on PC games for Steam, Origin, and Uplay. It has a Playstation category, however it lists only PSN and PS Plus subscriptions.  It also has listings for gift cards for sites such as Steam, iTunes, Nintendo eShop, and Flexepin.

Game selection does seem slightly limited compared to other stores, with big hitters like Cyberpunk 2077 and the new Resident Evil Village nowhere to be seen. There are still many well-known AAA titles on the site, so you’re not necessarily deprived of choice. 

SCDKey has a “Plus+” subscription service that gives you a range of additional perks. There are four subscription tiers, starting with a basic $1.90/week subscription up to a $74.86/year option.

You get more perks the longer you subscribe, with the most expensive year-long subscription giving you access to the most bonuses. These include the “lowest price” for pre-order keys, a birthday present, and priority delivery for pre-order keys.

Its delivery time varies. According to its website, customers can expect their digital codes to be delivered in 10-30 minutes, although most receive theirs in 10 minutes or less. It is usually faster for returning customers.

The site also only supports a handful of currencies which include EUR, USD, JPY, KRW, AUD, CAD, BRL, RUB, GBP, TWD, and PLN.

We’d consider SCDKey to be less appealing than CDKeys because of its inferior user experience and lack of game titles. But it’s still worth checking out if you’re bargain hunting at sites like G2A.


  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot based on 4,387 reviews

  • Thousands of hot titles with new games added daily

  • Pay with Visa, PayPal, Mint, MasterCard, AMEX, CashU and more

  • Games from Steam, Origin, Uplay, PS4, Xbox, PC & more

  • Make game requests when a game you want is not available

How to redeem games on Steam?

Activating Steam games or any other redeemable products on the platform is easy, just closely follow the instructions provided below:

  • Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account;

  • Click on the Games Menu;

  • Choose the Activate a Product on Steam option;

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process;

  • The purchased items should appear in your Steam Library.

Interested in these games? Check the great Steam deals and increase your video game library at great price!

The best Steam games you'll immerse yourself in

Because this platform boasts a massive library of Steam video games, both famous AAA hits and indie gems alike, you’re bound to find something that is right up your alley. Relaxing farming simulators, intense hack & slash type brawlers, action-packed fantasy RPGs, post-apocalyptic first-person shooters or amalgamations of the most prominent genres - Steam has something for every type of gamer, no matter how picky they might be. This platform also has a review system where players can rate the games, and, based on the scores, the top Steam games currently are:

  • Terraria

  • Portal 2

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Hades

  • Factorio

  • Stardew Valley

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • Left 4 Dead 2

  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

  • RimWorld

As for Steam most played games, the titles constantly fluctuate due to various trends in the gaming community, so it’s a bit tricky to compile a definitive list. But if there was one, it would probably include such great games as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valheim, Rust, Team Fortress 2, and even Dota 2. Peruse our wide assortment of cheap Steam keys on sale and buy them cheaper by using the various Steam discounts!

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