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Verizon MVNOs: Comparing 7 Best Carriers Using Verizon Network in 2024

Verizon MVNOs: Comparing 7 Best Carriers Using Verizon Network in 2024

    A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is an "alternative carrier" that leases coverage from one of the "Big Three" carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon) and sells it for less.Not only does Verizon have the strongest network around, but it's also home to some of the best MVNOs in the entire industry.With a Verizon MVNO, you're getting coverage from the highest rated network in the US.The right Verizon MVNO phone plan can help you to save a lot of money on your phone bill. Some people save over 50% when they switch to a Verizon MVNO.So which of the Verizon MVNOs should you use?Who uses the same towers as Verizon?What is MVNOs Verizon?What phone companies does Verizon own?Which MVNOs run on Verizon's network?What are the best carriers on Verizon's network?Are Verizon MVNOs better, or are they still behind their parent carriers when it comes to service and performance?In this article,you’ll find a comparison list of the best cell phone carriers that use Verizon’s network,or what are otherwise known as Verizon MVNOs.


What Is an MVNO?

MVNOs, or Mobile virtual network operators, are small carriers that run on one or more of the major networks—AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile.Since these small carriers buy minutes, texts, and data at wholesale prices from the majors, they are able to resell them to consumers at a much cheaper price. MVNOs offer a wide variety of phone plans, with many small carriers even allowing you to build your own plan. Although most MVNOs don’t offer as many plan perks as the majors (streaming, travel, etc.), they make up for it by often running deals or specials on their plans, making MVNOs an even more appealing option for budget-minded customers.   

In theory, these carriers can experience the exact same speeds and connections as those on major networks. However, there is a slight catch for MVNOs as they will not get priority over the service provider they use. For example, if Verizon gets hit by heavy traffic or in a peak period, it will slow users on these MVNOs and prioritize Verizon customers. However, this doesn't happen all too regularly.

Most MVNOs offer prepaid phone plans, which you pay for upfront at the beginning of each billing cycle prior to receiving service. Prepaid plans are great for many reasons, but some of the major benefits include:

  • No overage fees

  • No credit check

  • No contract

  • Flexibility to stop or pause your plan at any time

About Verizon MVNOs

Out of all of the carriers, Verizon proves to be the most popular choice among wireless customers due to coverage.  It covers the largest amount of area across the United States.This is particularly true of areas that are more rural and harder to cover by other carriers. And Verizon has officially launched its nationwide 5G network with millions of people getting coverage.Verizon's nationwide 5G network is available on many of these carriers, including some of the most popular like Visible, Xfinity Mobile, and Spectrum though you'll need a Verizon-compatible 5G phone. 

Verizon MVNO’s typically buy talk, text, and data in bulk from Verizon Wireless. By doing so, each MVNO is able to purchase service at a big discount.Even with the markup, the service is generally resold at a significantly cheaper rate compared to what Verizon would sell the same service to the consumer for.

To work on Verizon-based alternative carriers, your phone must be approved for use by Verizon. You should always be sure to check your phone's IMEI with any carrier before committing to a new service. 

The Pros and Cons of Verizon MVNOs

  • No contracts.

  • No credit check.

  • National wireless coverage.

  • Keep your phone and number.

  • 4G LTE network coverage.

  • 5G high speed data.

  • Customize your plan.

  • Multiline discounts.

  • Unlimited plans: If you're a heavy data user, the good news is you can get Verizon unlimited data plans to fit your data needs for half price.

  • Huge savings: Starting from around $15 a month, Verizon prepaid plans could save you up to $600 a year, without compromising quality.

  • Extra incentives: To stand out from the crowd, most MVNOs will offer their own benefits. 

  • Typically Verizon MVNO’s cost more than MVNO plans on other networks do.

  • Most Verizon MVNO’s, do not allow roaming on other domestic wireless networks.

  • Network Prioritization:Service with an MVNO may be prioritized below service directly obtained from the parent network. 

Complete List of Verizon MVNOs

A large number of MVNOs use Verizon's network. These range from bigger well known names like Xfinity Mobile and Visible down to lesser-known options like Credo Mobile and Lively.Below we've listed all of the options that include Verizon. 

US MobileVerizon, T-Mobile
Red Pocket MobileVerizon,T-Mobile, AT&T
Xfinity MobileVerizon
TracFoneVerizon,T-Mobile, AT&T
Straight Talk WirelessVerizon,T-Mobile, AT&T
Total WirelessVerizon
Page Plus CellularVerizon
Net10 WirelessVerizon, T-Mobile, AT&T
Affinity CellularVerizon
CREDO MobileVerizon
Ting MobileVerizon, T-Mobile

Spectrum Mobile

Lively (Formerly GreatCall)Verizon
Reach MobileInternational Plan
Pix WirelessVerizon
boom! MobileVerizon, T-Mobile
DataxoomVerizon, T-Mobile
Selectel WirelessVerizon

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The Best Verizon MVNOs


Best Overall Verizon MVNO


Verizon launched its startup Visible, a prepaid cell phone carrier, in 2018. The telecommunications company created Visible to provide customers with an unlimited, affordable option with no annual contract. Visible isn't actually an MVNO but there's good reason for it to be in this list. Visible is owned and operated by Verizon and although it is its own wireless carrier, it's still very much part of the family.

It gives you unlimited talk, text, and data plus access to the nation's best coverage, all at a fraction of the price of Verizon, its parent company.Visible also offers Party Pay, a no catch shared plan that allows each member of the plan to share the savings without having to share the bill or data.

Unlike Verizon, Visible doesn't have roaming deals in the U.S. or abroad. So if you're often out of Verizon's network coverage area then Visible is not for you.

  • Cheap and truly unlimited plan

  • Free hotspot access

  • Taxes and fees included

  • Save more with Party Pay

  • Only one plan

  • Data speed is capped at 5 Mbps

  • Limited phone compatibility

  • App-based service

  • No roaming

Visible Plans and Pricing

Visible has offered a $40/month plan with unlimited talk, text and data. With Party Pay, a group of four can pay $25/month per line.Each member of the party gets their own account and is billed separately.If you're in the market for a low-cost unlimited plan, as it is without a doubt one of the best deals you'll find. 

1 Party Member$40/mo
2 Party Member$35/mo
3 Party Member$30/mo
4 Party Member$25/mo

Plans include:

  • Unlimited minutes and messages

  • 5 Mbps wifi hotspot

  • Unlimited data

  • Wifi calling on compatible devices

  • Calling & texting to Canada & Mexico

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2.Total Wireless

Total Wireless was founded in 2015, and is owned by TracFone.For a few years now, TracFone-owned Total Wireless has been helping former Verizon customers save money on cell phone service. Customers can choose a Total Wireless plan and phone that works for their lifestyle without having to sign a contract or deal with hidden fees. Consumers may be able to use their current cell phone with Total Wireless’ service and keep their existing phone number.Total Wireless is quite suitable for moderate level mobile phone users.

Total Wireless offers cheap, stripped down plans that can get you tons of data on Verizon’s powerful network. Its Shared Plan is one of the best deals out there for couples who want to share unlimited data (and their phone bill).

Devices and service plans are available through the Total Wireless website and on Wal-Mart’s website along with in-store at Target, Walmart, and Dollar General. They do not use Verizon’s voice VoLTE but use CMDA, so there may be variations in call quality depending on your area. 

  • Unlimited talk and text

  • Shared data plans available

  • Available in retail stores

  • Cheap add-on data

  • Device payment plan available

  • No surprise overage charges

  • Mixed reviews for customer service.

  • No Truly Unlimited high-speed data, unlike Simple Mobile.

  • International Texting not supported. Customers will need to rely on WhatsApp, Skype or other apps.

Total Wireless Plans and Pricing

Aside from the 1 GB, 5 GB, and 25 GB plans available for single lines, Total Wireless offers a plan fit for a family. If you're looking for a great deal Total Wireless offers some of the best shared plans to help cut your bill in half. All Total Wireless plans include unlimited talk and text with a range of data limits to choose from.

LineTalk/TextDataService DayPrice
1-lineUnlimited1 GB30 days$25/mo
1-lineUnlimited10 GB30 days$35/mo
1-lineUnlimited50 GB30 days$50/mo
2-lineUnlimited30 GB30 days$60/mo
3-lineUnlimited60 GB30 days$85/mo
4-lineUnlimited100 GB30 days$100/mo

For those who use Wi-Fi at home and work, the 5GB data plan is probably the best choice. Customers can also buy 5GB of add-on data for $10 that rolls over from month-to-month

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Best for Low-data Users

Twigby is a fast growing, low-cost cell phone service provider looking to slash cell phone prices all across the U.S. Featured in popular publications such as PC Mag, The Penny Hoarder, and, Twigby is quickly becoming the cell phone service of choice for value-seeking shoppers due to their affordable, customizable cell phone plans, access to two of the largest nationwide networks, and a highly-rated, experienced, and all U.S.-based customer support team. They work hard to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

Its plans have been created to fit the needs of most people with up to 10GB of data available. Most people will be able to find a package to fit their needs and with reasonable home Wi-FI usage, the maximum of 10GB should be within reach of even heavy users.

Twigby is one of the cheapest carriers on the market. It’s very easy to customize your plan with Twigby. The company’s website has a handy tool to select the amount of minutes and data you’d like, but here’s what Twigby’s cell plan prices look like.If building your own plan appeals to you, Twigby could be a good fit. 

  • Extremely affordable

  • Tons of plans under $20

  • Very customizable plans

  • No unlimited data plan

  • Limited phone selection

Twigby Plans and Pricing

Its plans have been created to fit the needs of most people with up to 10GB of data available. Customers can choose one of three premade plans with 3GB, 5GB, or 10GB of data with unlimited talk and text. If those plans aren't a good fit, custom plans can be configured with 300 or 500 minutes instead. Customers can also choose a smaller data pool or no data at all.

3 GBUnlimited

$10/mo for first 6 months, then


5 GBUnlimited

$12.50/mo for first 6 months, then $25/mo

10 GBUnlimited

$17.50/mo for first 6 months, then $35/mo


4.Red Pocket Mobile

Best for Your Budget

Red Pocket Mobile

Red Pocket Mobile is a special kind of MVNO because it doesn’t use a single network. Instead, it uses all the major networks: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile,so you can choose the one with the best coverage for you or the one that works with the phone you already have. This is awesome for those who know what network works best where they live and travel.

Because Verizon has great coverage, we’re recommending Red Pocket as a great way to get on the Verizon network for cheap. No lengthy tie ins, keep your phone and number, no activation fee, and no hassle.

Red Pocket has several plans to choose from. No matter which Red Pocket plan you choose, you won’t need to deal with a hard data cap—meaning you’ll never incur overage fees. Once you run out of high-speed data, your data speeds will just slow down rather than shut off completely. 

  • Simple and affordable plans

  • Free international calling to 80+ countries

  • Choose your own coverage network

  • High data caps

  • Slightly more expensive than other prepaid unlimited plans

  • No designated hotspot data

Red Pocket Mobile Plans and Pricing

The first plan is $10 per month and gets you 500 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of high-speed data. From there, you get unlimited talk and text with 3GB, 10GB, 12GB, or 50GB of data. There's also a family plan starting at $30 per month with 10GB of data. Each additional line costs just $20 per month.

500MB500 minutes/ 500 texts$10/mo
3 GBUnlimited$20/mo
10 GBUnlimited$30/mo
12 GBUnlimited$40/mo
50 GBUnlimited$50/mo

View yearly plan

5.Xfinity Mobile

Best Unlimited Data Family Plans

Xfinity Mobile - Home

Xfinity has millions of customers in the U.S. If you are one of those customers, you have access to Xfinity Mobile. Xfinity Mobile has excellent unlimited data family plans. Like most family plans, the pricing gets better the more lines you add. Xfinity also offers more flexible plans, though you will have to get your internet from Comcast to take advantage of this Verizon MVNO.

You may be able to bring your own phone to Xfinity Mobile to save even more. Occasionally, the company will offer a deal for bringing your own device, such as a prepaid gift card. If you are eligible for Xfinity Mobile, it’s a pretty great deal. 

  • Cheap talk, text, and data plans

  • Unlimited data option

  • Great customer service

  • Extends network with 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots

  • Easily switch between different data options

  • Only available to current Xfinity/Comcast customers

  • Handset limitations

  • Not all Android cell phones are compatible with BYOD

Xfinity Mobile Plans and Pricing

There are two data options: Unlimited or By the Gig. Unlimited plan options include 20GB of high-speed data before reduced speeds and start at $45/month for one line. Multiline discounts are available. By the Gig options begin with 1GB of data for $15/month.



The Unlimited plan is per line, but the By the Gig plan is available for single lines or the data can be shared across all of the lines on your account.Taxes and fees are extra with all plans.

6.Straight Talk

Best for Data-hungry, Individual Users on a Budget

Straight Talk Wireless: Everything for Less Logo Homepage

Straight Talk is a TracFone brand that primarily targets data-hungry, individual users on a budget. It has 25 million users and is known to be the largest no-contract cellular provider in America.This MVNO operates on the networks of the big three cellular providers including T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T. The preferred network depends on coverage in your area.

It has around 800 stores in 15 countries worldwide. Today, straight talk is offering phones, devices, service plans, mobile hotspots, and other phone payment plans.Having a joint venture with Walmart makes it easier to act as an exclusive retailer which allows customers to purchase goods and services straight from Straight Talk. 



  • International calling

  • Easily accessible at Walmart stores

  • Unlimited data plans

  • Two-line plan option

  • Phone financing available

  • Multi-month savings available

  • Discounts for enrolling and using the auto-refill program

  • Can quickly transfer data from old phone

  • No International Texting

  • Coverage isn’t great depending on the carrier you select

  • No family plans

  • Plans not as flexible as some MVNOs

  • Slow Speed

  • Hotspot is not available with all plans and networks

Straight Talk Plans and Pricing

When it comes to plans, Straight Talk has options for everybody,starting with 100MB of data and unlimited talk and text for $30 per month. There are also 5GB and 25GB plans available that need some data. If you need a lot of data, the unlimited plan is uninterrupted until 60GB of usage with 10GB of hotspot data included.. As a matter of fact, this is the major selling point for Straight Talk that makes it popular among the competitors.

Basic Phone Plan(Nationwide)
  • 1500 Minutes Nationwide Calling

  • Unlimited Texts

  • 100MB Data

  • 30 days of service

Unlimited International Plan
  • Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Nationwide + International Calling

  • 5GB Hotspot Data

Unlimited Plan(Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico)
  • Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico

  • Two Lines

  • 100GB Cloud Storage per Line

  • 15GB Hotspot Data per Line

Platinum Unlimited Plan(Nationwide + International)
  • Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Nationwide + International Calling

  • 20GB Hotspot Data

  • 100GB Cloud Storage

  • HD Video Streaming

  • Mobile Protect

Gold Unlimited Plan (Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico)
  • Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico

  • 15GB of Hotspot Data

  • 100GB Cloud Storage

Silver Unlimited Plan(Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico)
  • Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico

  • 5GB Hotspot Data

Bronze Unlimited Plan(Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico)
  • 10GB Full Speed Data

  • Unlimited Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico

  • Hotspot Enabled up to 5GB


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7.US Mobile

Cheapest Verizon MVNO

US Mobile official logo

US Mobile has been around since 2014, making them one of the veterans of the many MVNOs available in the country. Piggybacking off of the T-Mobile and Verizon networks, US Mobile plans are backed by robust and proven nationwide coverage.

US Mobile gives subscribers full control of how they want their plans are designed, what inclusions it comes with. Its plans are simple but continue to offer its subscribers some of the best value plans out there, including a good combination of minutes, texts, and data.It's an ideal choice for those who want to be in full control of their mobile plan.

  • Affordable fixed data, unlimited and custom plans

  • Family plan discount and perks with unlimited

  • Most phones are compatible

  • Choice of networks: Verizon or T-Mobile

  • Mobile hotspot is extra

  • Excessive number of plans

  • Taxes and fees are extra with some plans

  • Limited phones for sale

US Mobile Plans and Pricing


In contrast to the single line plan, US Mobile offers family plans as well. For beginners, the basic US Mobile family plan starts from $45/mo per line, $30/mo for two lines, an d $25/mo for three or more lines. All these plans come with unlimited texts, calls, and data allowance.


Family plans also get a free streaming subscription included. You can add 20GB of hotspot data For $10 more per month.

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Which Verizon MVNO Is Right for You?

With so many options available, picking the right MVNO can seem like an overwhelming task if you’re new to the process. But picking the absolute best option for you actually comes down to a few simple questions:

  • Do you need unlimited talk and unlimited text? An unlimited data plan?

  • Will you need a family plan? How many lines?

  • What is your monthly budget ideally? Is there any flexibility?

  • Do you need a new phone? If so, which manufacturers do you prefer? Can you bring your old phone?

Answering these questions will help set you in the right direction, or at the very least give you a solid starting point to build on. 

How to Switch to a Verizon MVNO?

Switching to Verizon is much easier than you think. You don't even need to buy a new device. You can bring your own Verizon phone to the new carrier.

  1. Choose the best Verizon MVNO. Once you've calculated your data usage and figured out which features matter most to you, you can pick the carrier with the right fit.

  2. Choose a plan. Decide on the specific plan you want. This is where you'll save the most money because you can go with one that gives you enough data for your needs without going overboard.

  3. Check phone compatibility. You'll need a compatible unlocked device. If you already have a Verizon phone you should be all set because they come already unlocked for use on another carrier.

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