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Walmart Family Mobile vs. Straight Talk vs. Simple Mobile: Full Comparison & Verdict 2024

Walmart Family Mobile vs. Straight Talk vs. Simple Mobile: Full Comparison & Verdict 2024

    Most wireless customers are familiar with the big-name brands in Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Relatively few buyers, though, are as well-versed when it comes to the topic of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO).Companies like Straight Talk, Simple Mobile license the towers and coverage from tier-one providers but offer their own phones, rate plans, and customer service.Walmart Family Mobile is also one such MVNO and is certainly worth closer inspection.If you want a simple, low-cost cell phone plan,you can choose one from them.

    So Walmart Family Mobile vs. Straight Talk vs. Simple Mobile:which is best for you?What's the difference between Walmart Family Mobile,Straight Talk and Simple Mobile?Is Walmart Family Mobile the same as Straight Talk?Is Simple Mobile and Walmart Family Mobile the same?Is Simple Mobile same as Straight Talk?Who is the carrier for Walmart Family Mobile?

    Within this guide, you'll be able to compare Walmart Family Mobile,Straight Talk,Simple Mobile coverage, features, plans and prices side-by-side, so you can decide for yourself which carrier offers the best deal.


What is Walmart Family Mobile?

Walmart Family Mobile was launched in 2010.  It was powered by T-Mobile.In 2016 T-Mobile sold the brand and its 1.4 million subscribers to TracFone. Although now owned by TracFone, service is still on the T-Mobile network.

Walmart Family Mobile is a super affordable way to get your cell phone connected without losing a decent network. This prepaid mobile virtual network operator runs on the T-Mobile network meaning you get nationwide coverage at high 4G speeds and it's also 5G ready.There are no contracts, no commitments and no cancellation fees.While you cannot go into a dedicated Walmart Family Mobile store, customers can pay for their service at Walmart locations. Moreover, if you go to Walmart's website, you can shop for phones and SIM cards.

Walmart Family Mobile Pros and Cons

  • T-Mobile coverage is strong in your area.Coverage for 99% of people in the United States.

  • No contracts.

  • No surprise fees.

  • Have the option to keep your current phone.

  • Multi-line discounts.

  • Pricier than other carriers.

  • Still not the cheapest.

  • Poor customer service.

What is Straight Talk?

Straight talk is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, also known as an alternative carrier which is responsible for offering prepaid wireless services. Straight Talk is a TracFone brand that primarily targets data-hungry, individual users on a budget. It has 25 million users and is known to be the largest no-contract cellular provider in America.

This MVNO operates on the networks of the big four cellular providers including T-Mobile, Verizon and  AT&T. The preferred network depends on coverage in your area.

It has around 800 stores in 15 countries worldwide. Today, straight talk is offering phones, devices, service plans, mobile hotspots, and other phone payment plans.Having a joint venture with Walmart makes it easier to act as an exclusive retailer which allows customers to purchase goods and services straight from Straight Talk. 

Straight Talk Pros and Cons

  • Great coverage on all major cell networks.

  • Large number of compatible BYOD phones.

  • Competitive speeds even with big three carriers.

  • No credit check.

  • Prepaid wireless plans - no contract, credit check, or activation fees.

  • Large selection of Android and iPhones with promo discounts.

  • Good international options (with an added fee). 

  • Easily accessible at Walmart stores.

  • Unlimited data plans.

  • Discounts for enrolling and using the auto-refill program.

  • No family plans.

  • Below average customer service.

  • Plans not as flexible as some MVNOs.

  • Hotspot is not available with all plans and networks.

  • No International Texting.

What is Simple Mobile?

Simple joined the Tracfone umbrella in 2012, which began its life as Topp Telecom in 1996. Simple Mobile is considered an MVNO, although it's also a subsidiary.

Simple Mobile is powered by T-Mobile and offers customers service plans that include unlimited talk and text and truly unlimited data. This operator often gives interesting deals, including $10 international calling credit to over 100 destinations. As a part of T-Mobile's network, this operator covers 4G and 5G LTE data.But the 5G access might be the most significant benefit. Customers can easily access the nationwide 5G setup as long as they have a capable device. 

Simple Mobile Pros and Cons

  • Operates on the nationwide T-Mobile network.

  • Prepaid - no contract, credit check, or activation fee.

  • The plans cover 4G and 5G LTE data.

  • Discount for choosing auto renewal.

  • Affordable single line plans.

  • Available in retail stores.

  • The international calling service is wide.

  • The company often gives special deals.

  • Compatible with several popular mobile devices.

  • Mobile hotspot data allowance with top plan.

  • Not the cheapest MVNO out there.

  • App can be glitchy at times.

  • Customer service not always helpful.

  • Major throttling on plans that are not“Truly Unlimited”.

  • Prepaid-only payment system.

Walmart Family Mobile vs. Straight Talk vs. Simple Mobile: Comparison Side by Side

1. Service Features

Walmart Family MobileStraight TalkSimple Mobile
NetworksT-MobileT-Mobile, AT&T & VerizonT-Mobile
Data Speed5G & 4G LTE5G & 4G LTE5G & 4G LTE
Mobile HotspotNot available with all plans and networks✓(Truly unlimited plan)
Bring Your Phone
Keep Your Number
Customer Service8 am to 11:45 pm - 7 days8 am to 11:45 pm - 7 days8 am to 11.45 pm - 7 days
Taxes/fees includedXXX
WiFi Calling
Multi-line Discounts
Multi-month DiscountsXXX
International CallsCanada and
Mexico(not available with all plans and networks)
Not available with all plans and networks
International RoamingAdd-ons available. Roam on partner networks while abroad for cellular data connectivityX✓(16 Latin-American countries)

2. Network Coverage

  • Walmart Family Mobile

T-Mobile powers Walmart Family Mobile’s service, which is good news for those who stream, game, or work with their phone. You'll get coverage in most inhabited parts of North America.

You can check out the Walmart Family Mobile coverage map to see how strong it is in your area. Input your zip code or zoom in or out to find your location. Areas are highlighted in blue, orange, or gray depending on the type of service that is available: 5G, LTE, or International Roam Plans Only.


>Check Walmart Family Mobile coverage map

Of course being on a sub-network you will have to keep in mind that T-Mobile customers will get priority. This can mean slower speeds when in congested areas at busy times. 

  • Straight Talk

Straight Talk provides cellular service through all 3 major wireless providers in the USA which include AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Coverage on the legacy Sprint network is also still provided but has ended by mid-2021.With Straight Talk, you can choose any network. The added flexibility is good.

An overwhelming majority of Straight Talk customers use Verizon’s network for coverage. This is primarily because most Straight Talk phones sold through its exclusive national retail partner Walmart, and sold through the Straight Talk website are Verizon compatible phones.

>Check Straight Talk coverage map

  • Simple Mobile

Similar to Mint Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile, Simple Mobile runs on T-Mobile’s network.

But that doesn’t mean Simple Mobile has the exact same coverage as T-Mobile. If you look at its coverage map, Simple Mobile’s coverage is pretty patchy. Simple Mobile users will be deprioritized over T-Mobile users, which means your coverage and speeds may be less reliable.

You'll probably be fine in most metro areas, but you definitely can’t head out of town for a camping trip and still expect good service and speeds.

>Check Simple Mobile coverage map

3. Plans and Pricing

  • Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile has four no-contract plans.Even the cheapest plan comes with 5 GB of data. Unfortunately, all of these plans cost more than similar offerings from competitors.

  • $24.88 Unlimited Talk & Text plus first 5GB at high-speed, then 2G: Enjoy double the data for the same price, now through 6/30/22!

  • $29.88 Unlimited Talk & Text plus first 8GB at high-speed, then 2G: Enjoy double the data for the same price, now through 6/30/22!

  • $39.88 Unlimited Talk & Text plus first 40GB at high-speed, then 2G. Plus 10GB Mobile Hotspot and Unlimited calling to Canada & Mexico + Enjoy double the data for the same price, now through 6/30/22!

  • BEST VALUE $49.88 TRULY UNLIMITED Talk, Text & High-Speed Data – HD Video Streaming (720pm). Plus 30GB Mobile Hotspot and Unlimited calling to Canada & Mexico.


All plans allow for up to five lines of service, for $24.88 each additional line.The family plans are where Walmart's cell phone deals get real.

The Walmart Family Mobile two-line plan goes for $74.76. Add the base rate of $24.88 per line to this and you can get the prices for packages exceeding two lines. Given that, the three-, four- and five-line plans will cost you $99.64, $124.52, and $149.40, respectively.

These are more efficient and cost-saving compared to buying multiple single-line plans. You can also manage all five lines conveniently using just one account.

Walmart Family Mobile's standard plans aren't going to make our list of the best cheap cell phone plans. But for those who want to hook up their whole family with unlimited data plans, then you might want to sign up for a multi-line plan.

>Click here to buy service plan

How to switch to Walmart Family Mobile?

  1. Choose from a wide variety of affordable smartphones or keep your own phone and number and buy compatible SIM Activation Kit.

  2. Pick a no-contract monthly plan that’s right for you.

  3. Activate your phone online or call us at 1-877-440-9758 and start saving today.

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Walmart: Up to 4% Super Cash Back

Straight Talk: Up to 10% Super Cash Back

Simple Mobile: Up to 5% Super Cash Back

  • Straight Talk

When it comes to plans, Straight Talk has options for everybody. As a matter of fact, this is the major selling point for Straight Talk that makes it popular among the competitors.

You will notice that each bundle comes with a unique data, text and call combination, and this allows a bit of freedom for users, making sure that they are able to pick bundles that work best for them.

Basic Phone Plan(Nationwide)
  • 1500 Minutes Nationwide Calling

  • Unlimited Texts

  • 100MB Data

  • 30 days of service

Unlimited International Plan
  • Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Nationwide + International Calling

  • 5GB Hotspot Data

Unlimited Plan(Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico)
  • Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico

  • Two Lines

  • 100GB Cloud Storage per Line

  • 15GB Hotspot Data per Line

Platinum Unlimited Plan(Nationwide + International)
  • Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Nationwide + International Calling

  • 20GB Hotspot Data

  • 100GB Cloud Storage

  • HD Video Streaming

  • Mobile Protec

Gold Unlimited Plan (Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico)
  • Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico

  • 15GB of Hotspot Data

  • 100GB Cloud Storage

Silver Unlimited Plan(Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico)
  • Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Nationwide + Calls to Canada & Mexico

  • 5GB Hotspot Data


Don't be misled by the words “unlimited.” Their unlimited plans are for an allotment of data at 4G LTE speeds that are then slowed down to 2G speeds after it’s used up. Technically, they’re still unlimited, but you won’t be able to do much at those speeds. 

>Click here to buy Straight Talk phone plan

  • Simple Mobile

Like other MVNOs, Simple Mobile splits its offerings between unlimited high-speed data and tiered plans that give you an allotment of LTE data. Simple Mobile offers four unlimited data plans ranging from $25 to $50 a month. All of them are prepaid plans that give you service for 30 days until the next bill is due.One of these unlimited data plans comes with an additional 5GB hotspot and video streams at up to 480p.After you exhaust your hotspot, you can expect to be throttled quite a bit.

Unlimited with 3GBUnlimitedUnlimitedFirst 3GB at high speed,then 2G$25/mo
Unlimited with 5GBUnlimitedUnlimitedFirst 5GB at high speed,then 2G$30/mo
Unlimited with 15GBUnlimitedUnlimitedFirst 15GB at high speed,then 2G$40/mo
Truly Unlimited UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited$50/mo

All plans include:

  1. Unlimited text,talk and data.

  2. Unlimited international calling to 69 destinations.

  3. International roaming in 16 Latin-American countries.

  4. A one-time $10 international calling credit to 100+ destinations.

>Click here to buy simple mobile service plan

4. Phone Options

  • Walmart Family Mobile

Given that it does employ T-Mobile's network, it does allow for customers to use their own devices. If you've already purchased an unlocked GSM phone, chances are good it will work just fine with Walmart Family Mobile. Those which might be locked to other carriers, however, may need to be unlocked before making the switch.

To make sure that your existing phone will work on the service, text BYOP to 611611 or follow this link. You’ll be asked a series of questions to determine if your device is compatible.

If you prefer to purchase a new phone, you can shop online or visit your local Walmart. They included the latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices, plus a number of options below $100.

  • Straight Talk

Straight Talk Wireless fully supports those that have their own device to bring to the network.  AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon phones are all compatible as long as they are not under contract and have no financial obligations on them.  Universally unlocked phones from manufacturers such as Motorola and Samsung are also compatible with the network.

Straight Talk also sells all the latest high end phones such as iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices. A selection of mid range and budget phones are also available.

  • Simple Mobile

You can get the latest smartphones at Simple Mobile, and even finance them, if you want.If you want to bring your phone to Simple Mobile,most newer handsets are compatible if they're unlocked.Here’s a partial list of devices that are compatible with Simple Mobile:

  • Samsung Galaxy A10E and A11

  • Apple iPhone XS and XR

  • Moto E6

  • LG Premier Pro Plus

The Verdict: Which is Best for you?

Overall, these carriers are quite similar.Since they both are no-contract, you can always try out the other if you’re curious. Their coverage and performance are good, and as far as cell service goes, you’ll likely not notice a difference. 

It all comes down to the quality of T-Mobile in your area. If T-Mobile works well, then Walmart Family Mobile or Simple Mobile is the right choice. But if AT&T or Verizon has better coverage, you may want to opt for Straight Talk. 

But having looked at each mobile carrier’s features in keen detail, it remains pretty clear that Simple Mobile carries the day, especially since it comes with incredible features, better plans and excellent connectivity, making it better than Straight Talk.

Walmart Family Mobile’s greatest strengths are its hotspot capability and contract-less plans. The hotspot is a unique selling point because very few MVNOs offer it. Mobile hotspots are perfect for today’s on-the-go and fast-paced lifestyle. People have to stay connected anytime and anywhere. A hotspot is very useful in places without Wi-Fi coverage.

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