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Cricket Wireless Review: Plans, Coverage, Pros/Cons and Features 2024

Cricket Wireless Review: Plans, Coverage, Pros/Cons and Features 2024

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    Let’s be honest, living without a cell phone seems nearly impossible for most people, so finding a cheaper alternative is your best bet.A lot of consumers prefer prepaid devices because it allows them to budget and calculate their expensive upfront, avoid overages, have flexibility if plan needs fluctuate, and forgo contracts and leases.Prepaid phone plans like Cricket Wireless offer flexibility and convenience that mobile contracts can't match.Cricket Wireless specializes in affordable plans with a good network provider. Even though the commercials might be annoying, there are some delightfully inexpensive Cricket Wireless plans.

    Is Cricket Wireless a good network?Is Cricket as good as Verizon?What is the downside of Cricket Wireless?Why is Cricket so cheap?In this article,In this guide ,we’ll not only review everything you need to know - including information on plans,phone compatibility, coverage,customer service and etc,but also a few handy money-saving tips as well as a few perks you might not be aware of.Let’s get started!


What is Cricket Wireless?

Founded in 1999, Cricket Wireless is one of the largest prepaid phone service providers in the United States.They are currently headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and they have 5,000 retail stores nationwide.Cricket Wireless is an affordable MVNO that runs on the broad coverage of the AT&T network. As such it has access to a robust network in all 50 states and uses the carrier’s 4G LTE and 5G towers,allegedly covering more of the U.S. than several competitors. You can use third-party coverage throughout southern Canada, and Cricket has veins of LTE coverage throughout Mexico.

This is also a financial winner if you don't want the hassle of worrying about credit checks, since you just pay for what you need up front. No worries of bills coming in more than expected either.Easily one of the most affordable and largely preferred budget mobile carriers, Cricket Wireless comes as an easy to use and versatile service that makes sure that there is something for everyone.Owned by the widely known and used AT&T, Cricket Wireless comes with cheap plans that are mostly ideal for people who have high internet needs but who are on a budget.

Cricket Wireless Pros and Cons

  • Huge AT&T network

  • No Annual Contracts

  • No Credit Check

  • International calling and texting

  • 5G is available

  • Comes with multiple plans

  • Multi-line discount available

  • No activation fee if you order online

  • Bring your own phone – larger number of compatible phones than many services

  • Free talk and text with all plans

  • Low prices compared to some of the competitors

  • Offers mobile hotspot on the Cricket More plan

  • Additional $10 per month for mobile hotspot

  • Hotspot is only on the top plan

  • No data-free music streaming feature

  • Speed limits on most plans

  • Poor customer care

  • One of the few MVNOs that charge an activation fee

Cricket Wireless Network Coverage

Cricket uses AT&T’s network, which means it offers the same coverage that you’d get with a more expensive carrier which is claims to cover a massive 99 percent of Americans. While rural areas will struggle a bit, this is the case for most networks.As for 5G coverage, AT&T’s network is officially “nationwide,” but don’t let that fool you. There are still large parts of the country that have no 5G availability. Nearly all of AT&T’s 5G coverage is concentrated in the nation’s metropolitan areas. To be fair, the same can be mostly said about other 5G networks.

Check out the map below to get an idea of what your coverage will be like with Cricket Wireless.


The only catch is that your data speeds can be deprioritized in favor of AT&T users in crowded areas. In other words, your internet connection might drop out of the blue in a crowded Costco because AT&T's network gives priority to its own users. Enter your address here to confirm network coverage.

Cricket Wireless Plans and Pricing

When it comes to plans, Cricket Wireless comes with quite a number for both individual and family use. The service is prepaid.And all plans include unlimited calling and texting, with various data (and service) options of 5 GB, 10 GB, unlimited, and unlimited with 15 GB of mobile hotspot data. This allows for people to pick that which suits them best, and they are distributed as below:

Plan1 line2 lines3 lines4 lines5 lines
Cricket  5 GB Plan
$30/mo.$30 per line/mo.$30 per line/mo.$30 per line/mo.$30 per line/mo.
Cricket  10 GB Plan$40/mo.$35 per line/mo.$30 per line/mo.$28 per line/mo.$26 per line/mo.
Cricket  Unlimited Plan$55/mo.$40 per line/mo.$30 per line/mo.$25 per line/mo.$25 per line/mo.
Cricket Unlimited + 15 GB Mobile Hotspot$60/mo.$45 per line/mo.$37 per line/mo.$33 per line/mo.$32 per line/mo.

As you can see, Cricket’s rate plans for a single line of service aren’t exactly cheap. But Cricket becomes a better value when additional lines are added and auto pay discounts are applied.The catch is in the data speeds. So those minimal 5GB and 10GB plans, and even the $55 plan, will cap you at 8Mbps LTE

>>Go to site to view more plan details

5GB Plan

As the name suggests, you’ll get 5GB of 4G LTE or 5G data access per month along with unlimited talk and text. Cricket’s 5GB plan also supports HD Voice and Wi-Fi calling if you have a compatible phone. 

Best for:

  • Users who want to talk and text on a budget.

  • Users who spend most of their time on Wi-Fi.

10 GB Plan

5GB of data isn’t enough for everyone, so you may want to jump to the 10GB Cricket plan if you need to stay connected on the go. uckily, each line is more affordable than the last, so five times the data is well worth the extra fee. There’s still no streaming or hotspot available. However, you still get access to 5G as mentioned above without the 8Mbps cap.

Best for:

  • Users who plan to use data and don’t want to pay per gig.

  • Users who don’t need a hotspot and would rather stream on a TV.

Unlimited Plan

The best option for most people — it offers plenty of unlimited functions, but you don’t have to pay for a hotspot if you don’t want one. It  includes standard definition (480p) streaming and international texting to 37 countries and unlimited LTE data access. You can also use your talk, text, and data in Canada and Mexico as long as you just more than 50% of your plan in the US.

Best for:

  • Users who plan to text other countries.

  • Users who want the option of hotspot and streaming.

Unlimited + 15 GB Mobile Hotspot Plan

The most expensive Cricket plan.It’s the more affordable option if you know you’ll need that extra data each month, and it packs all of the same perks as Unlimited Plan. Streaming is still limited to standard definition, but it’s always nice to know that your plan will work for trips to Canada or Mexico. You can test out ad-supported HBO Max.It also include 150GB Cloud Storage.

Best for:

  • Users who plan to make the most of the included hotspot.

  • North American travelers who want to stay connected with a single plan.

Cricket Wireless Plan at A Glance

Plan CostPlans start as low as low as $25/month
Plan TypesMonthly
  • You Can Bring Your Own Phone

  • You Can Keep Your Existing Phone Number

  • Discount For Automatic Billing

  • Unlocked Phone Necessary

  • $25 Activation Fee

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Cricket Wireless Phone Selection

If you’re not bringing an existing device, you’ll want to purchase a new one from Cricket Wireless.Cricket is compatible with most of the flagship phones out there.These include flagship devices from Apple and Samsung as well as several other mid-level and budget cell phones. Or maybe you like Cricket phones less traveled—and if so, you can get Nokia, Motorola, and Alcatel phones as well.You can purchase a cell phone outright, or on a monthly payment plan via third-party financing from Affirm. Depending on your credit, you may be subject to interest rates anywhere from 0-30%.

Here are some of the most popular phones compatible with Cricket.


If you’re a Google Pixel fan, though, you won’t be able to buy one directly through Cricket. But you can buy an unlocked Google Pixel and set up your network that way.

Bring Your Own Phone

Unlocked and eligible GSM phones that support AT&T's LTE bands can be brought into Cricket to check eligibility. If eligible, these phones can be used instead of purchasing a new device.If you want to bring your own phone,  follow these three steps to start!Start here and enter your device’s IMEI and get a a Cricket SIM.


When you switch to Cricket Wireless, you can choose to buy a new phone or keep your existing device if it’s compatible. Either way, you can keep your phone number.

Cricket Wireless Data Speed

Cricket customers might have some issues with its data speeds. While AT&T has some of the best mobile data speeds—depending on where you are, it might be the fastest network available— most Cricket customers will not be able to take full advantage. This is because Cricket limits data speeds to a maximum 8Mbps on the 5GB, 10GB, and Unlimited Plan. While 8Mbps is certainly fast enough to do most internet-related tasks, those who want extra-fast internet for things like games might not be pleased with this limit. Cricket also limits video streaming to 1.5Mbps

The Unlimited + 15GB plan does not have this 8Mbps speed limit. This is important as you probably want a little more speed while using your phone as a hotspot. Plus, 5G would be pointless if you could only get 8Mbps speeds.

Cricket Wireless Customer Service

Some online-only wireless carriers have limited customer support to just chat. Cricket Wireless offers more customer service options than many of its prepaid competitors. There are plenty of storefront locations to get help with your Cricket wireless plan. For the most part, Cricket Wireless reviews report that Cricket does a good job of providing quality customer service. 

You can also call 1-800-CRICKET (1-800-274-2538) from 9 am to 9 pm ET Monday through Saturday, and 10 am to 9 pm ET on Sundays.

However, the entire process can be done online through the Cricket Wireless website, and shipping is free if you decide to purchase a phone from Cricket itself. The carrier also has an online chat function that can help you with the same questions a phone representative can in case you have any questions.

Cricket Wireless Add-On Features

Cricket Wireless offers three optional features as well as two “as needed” add-ons for specific circumstances.

  • Cricket Protect - An optional device protection plan that covers damage to the device or loss, including $29 cracked screen repair in some markets.

  • Cricket International - Those who frequently call overseas should consider the international calling add-on. It allows for unlimited calling to 35 countries around the world, and in the higher tier plan, unlimited picture and video (MMS) messaging.

  • Mobile Hotspot - An optional service that allows you to use your device as a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices, like a tablet or computer.

Is Cricket Wireless Right for You?

Cricket Wireless is an affordable way to get unlimited talk, text and data on a good network with wide coverage and reliable stability. Thanks to the AT&T network supporting this MVNO you don't need to sacrifice quality to save money and to get out of a credit check contract. 

Customer service is excellent although there are numerous poor consumer reviews online. That said, on the whole, this is an excellent MVNO with a solid network.

While Cricket is one of the more dependable of the smaller carriers, it’s certainly not automatically the best, especially if you expand your shopping outside of the AT&T network. T-Mobile MVNO’s, such as its very own Metro or the growingly popular Mint Mobile, provide overall better service at comparable, or in Mint’s case, much better price points. Additionally, Visible offers unlimited data on the highly-touted Verizon (its parent company) network.

Still, with Cricket you get robust network coverage, above-average international perks, and the confidence of being with a wireless company that knows what it’s doing. If you are looking for AT&T-like service at cheaper prices, Cricket Wireless should be at the top of your list.

Cricket Wireless FAQ

1.Does Cricket Wireless have 5G?

Yes!Cricket Wireless launched its 5G nationwide network in August of 2020. Access Cricket's 5G network with a Cricket 5G compatible device. They offer the latest phones from top brands including Apple, Samsung and Motorola. 

2.Does Cricket work in all states?

Cricket Wireless operates on the AT&T network, so you'll have access to the same nationwide 4G LTE coverage, and 5G where it's available.

3.Does Cricket have overage charges or hidden fees?

There are no setup fees with Cricket when you purchase online. However, at the time of purchase, you will pay for both the device and the first month’s service. You can also opt, in some cases, to prepay for three months of service of the $60 unlimited plan to get a discount on the purchase of your device. You will still be responsible for the sales taxes on the device at the time of checkout.

If you decide to visit a store, a $25 activation fee will be added to the final total.

4.Does Cricket Wireless offer a trial period?

No. Since Cricket is a prepaid provider, payments for both the device and the first month’s service are charged when signing up for service. There is a limited money-back guarantee covering the device and any accessories purchased.

5.Can I transfer my contacts to my new phone?

Yes. First things first, you’ll need to save your contacts using a cloud storage service like Google Contacts or iCloud on your current device. Once you do that, you can use that same service to transfer contacts to your new phone.

If you’re switching from an old-school flip phone to a smartphone, check out the user manual from your old phone. It should have instructions on transferring contacts to a new phone.

6.Can I keep my phone number if I switch to Cricket?

Yes. You’ll just need to provide some extra information:

  • Current wireless phone number

  • Account login and password

  • Last four digits of your Social Security number

  • Billing ZIP code

You’ll get a new SIM card with your old phone number. This will make your life much easier.

7.Does Cricket Wireless offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, but it’s restrictive. Cricket’s money-back guarantee only applies to any device and accessories purchased that are unopened and/or unactivated. You must also complete the return within seven days of the delivery. Cricket does not offer refunds for service bought in-store and will only refund charges for service that was purchased online. Further, that refund can only be obtained if you never activated the device.

Cricket Wireless vs the Competition

As an MVNO, it seems unfair to compare the best Cricket offers with the best that Verizon and AT&T can do. Instead, we’ll stack it against a few of the other MVNOs on each network. We’re comparing all of the plans featured in the Best prepaid and no-contract plans in the US if you want to do a bit more research.

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