QuickBooks Check Types, Pricing and Coupons

QuickBooks Check Types, Pricing and Coupons

    Not only Intuit Market provide small business with the best accounting software, but a variety of custom checks compatible with all versions of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro and Quicken. Their high security checks offer the most advanced protection against fraud and counterfeit activity. Now they give 12 months of CheckLock Fraud Protection free with every check order. With the latest coupon code, you're allowed to save up to 30% on checks, forms & supplies.

  • QuickBooks Voucher Checks

Voucher Checks, also referred to as payroll checks or vendor checks, are ideal for payroll and accounts payable. They have approximately the same width standard check but longer. A voucher check is a two-part combination of a check and voucher, and has a check at the top of the page and two vouchers below which are perforated. You would use a voucher check in a printer, but the standard check gets handwritten.

QuickBooks laser-printed Voucher Checks automatically capture payroll deductions and invoice payment details, saving you time and reducing data entry errors. They provide three types of voucher checks:

-Basic Voucher Checks


-Secure Plus Voucher Checks

Offers powerful protection against check fraud with 23 additional security features, including a heat sensitive icon that prevents photocopying, a CheckLock Custom True Watermark that protects against forgery and counterfeiting, and our exclusive security coating that blocks tampering with your check info.


-Secure Premier Voucher Checks

With 29 security features - including a Security hologram that makes your check virtually impossible to counterfeit - our Secure Premier Checks are the most secure checks in the market.


  • QuickBooks Standard Business Checks

Use QuickBooks to print up to three personalized standard checks at a time. Saves you time and money.

-Basic Standard Business Checks


-Secure Plus Standard Business Checks


-Secure Premier Standard Business Checks


  • QuickBooks Wallet Checks

Wallet-sized checks. Checks fit in your wallet and make record keeping simple with attached stubs.

-Basic Wallet Checks


-Secure Plus Wallet Checks


  • Manual Business Checks

Easy to carry and fill out anywhere. QuickBooks Manual Business Checks save you up to 30% compared to some bank prices.

-3-To-A-Page General Purpose Manual Checks


  • Office and Away Checks

Designed for flexibility. The Office & Away checks are a hybrid between standard checks and manual checks. You can either print checks directly from QuickBooks or handwrite when you're in or out of the office. Office & Away checks are compatible with laser and inkjet printers and QuickBooks Desktop. To be noted, Office & Away checks are not compatible with QuickBooks Online or Intuit Payroll.

-Office & Away Checks


  • Secure Plus Personal Checks

In addition to business checks, Intuit offers checks for individual use. QuickBooks Secure Plus Personal Checks are not compatible with accounting software or printers.

-Secure Plus Personal Checks


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