I didn't receive cash back for my iHerb purchase. Is there anything I can do?

Extrabux's offer of cash back on iHerb purchases is unique and is also experimental (see What is a 'beta' feature?). We are working hard to make your iHerb cash back experience as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, if you did not receive cash back after following these steps, it is because there was no way for us to verify that your iHerb purchase was a result of being referred by Extrabux. Perhaps you created an iHerb account without clicking through Extrabux's iHerb page first, or maybe you didn't forward the iHerb order confirmation properly. Given the way that Extrabux iHerb cash back works, there unfortunately is no way for us to investigate your purchase and find your cash back for you. (Valid through 12/7/2018)