Forwarding Your iHerb Order Confirmation To Get Cash Back (beta)

Earning cash back from iHerb is different from other stores (but still easy).

Note: To be eligible for cash back, you must have created your iHerb account only after clicking from Extrabux to iHerb. (We only get commission for referring new accounts to iHerb.)

  1. Sign up for Extrabux!
  2. Visit
  3. Click the "Start Shopping" button (or a coupon).
  4. Register a new account at (preferably using the same email address that you use with Extrabux). For future purchases, you should skip this step because you will already have an iHerb account that was an Extrabux referral. Questions
  5. Make a purchase. If it is your first iHerb purchase through Extrabux, you will use the code HRD599.
  6. Look Using the same email account that you used to sign up for Extrabux, forward your order confirmation email to Please follow the Guidelines mentioned below.
Email Forward to

We will then send you an email confirming when the cash back has been added to your account!

We will try to respond quickly, but in some cases, it might take up to a week.

Need help forwarding the order confirmation?

  • If you signed up for iHerb using the same email address that you use when logging into Extrabux, simply forward iHerb order confirmations to
  • Otherwise, iHerb will be sending order confirmations to an email account that Extrabux does not know about. In that case, one extra step will be required: when you receive an order confirmation, first forward it to the email address that you use for logging into Extrabux, then forward it from there to

Guidelines for How to Forward the Order Confirmation Properly

  • Forward the entire iHerb order confirmation email without removing or editing any part of it.
  • Be sure that the order confirmation that you are forwarding is an email from iHerb and not from a 3rd party (such as UCS or another shipping company).
  • Don't forward the iHerb shipping confirmation (just the order confirmation that iHerb emailed you right after you made your purchase).
  • Don't include any attachments (e.g. don't send us screenshots).
  • Don't write anything above the email that you are forwarding. Our Support team will not receive your message, and it could also mess up our system's ability to process your iHerb order confirmation. So please do not add Thank you or Here is my information or ask a question at the top.