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10 Cheaper K18 Hair Mask Dupes in 2024

10 Cheaper K18 Hair Mask Dupes in 2024

    • A deeply nourishing hair treatment mask can make a big difference in the shine and strength of your hair. And it’s particularly important if you have dry, damaged, frizzy or very long hair. And in 2021, a new treatment on the block,K18 Full-Size Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask took the world by storm with its bold promise of reversing hair damage in a short time of 4 minutes. But K18 is not cheap ($75/50 ml), whether you have the treatment in a salon or buy the products yourself.  Fortunately there are a growing number of K18 Full-Size Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask dupes on the market. Here’s a comprehensive list of the best K18 Full-Size Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask dupes out there that mean you can have amazing hair on a budget!



What is K18 Hair Mask?

K18 full-size leave-in molecular repair hair mask is a  leave-in treatment mask that works on the molecular level to reverse hair damage in just 4 minutes. The K18PEPTIDE is clinically proven to repair damage from bleach + color, chemical services and heat – with immediate and lasting results to restore strength, softness, smoothness and bounce to hair.


Hair Type: Fine, Medium, and Thick
Hair Texture: 
Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily

Key Benefits:

  • Takes damage repair further – reconnects both polypeptide chains (and as a result, also reconnects disulfide bonds) for strength along the length + width of the hair - offering comprehensive, lasting damage repair

  • Restores hair from even extreme damage - by working at the innermost layer of the hair, core strength and elasticity are renewed for strong, smooth, bouncy hair

  • Delivers immediate and lasting results – hair is repaired from the first use and lasts past your next wash, for ongoing reparative benefits

  • Simplified repair - convenient, leave-in formula works in just 4 minutes, with no extra rinse required

  • Works on all hair types – because K18PEPTIDE works on a molecular level (where all hair is the same), this product is effective on all hair types.

K18 Full-Size Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask  Price:

Where to Buy K18 Hair Mask ?

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The K18 repair hair mask is known for its magical multi-step hair treatment products that target damaged hair but come with a pretty steep price tag considering the amount of product you get (which isn’t much).

Here we collected all of the best affordable K18 Hair Mask  (most are under $20!) that will work wonders for your damaged hair, regardless of hair type.

The Best K18 Hair Mask Alternatives 2024

1.Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Hair Mask

Price:$30 + 4% cashback; $30 @


Review: A concentrated reparative mask to treat dry or damaged hair for weightless moisture, smoothness, body, and shine. OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology™is proven to relink disulfide bonds damaged by chemical services, heat, and styling.

Olaplex vs K18, both of these little legends have taken the hair world by storm.So, is K18 better than Olaplex? Well, it really depends on what how damaged your hair is, your budget and your application preference. K18 is great if you’re dealing with severely damaged hair and need some serious repair work done. Olaplex, on the other hand, is a great all-around treatment that can be used for maintenance as well as repair. However, Olaplex is cheaper than K18!

For Hair Type: Fine, Medium, and Thick

Key Benefits:

  • 2x the shine

  •  4x the moisture

  •  6x smoother

  • Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate: Patented and proven technology to repair broken bonds for stronger hair.

2.Elizavecca CER-100 Collagen Ceramide Coating Protein Treatment

Price:  $11.69 + 4% cahsback


Review: The first step in the K18 haircare system is No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment, a powerful hair treatment that will help repair damaged and broken hair bonds. This hair mask is packed with natural ingredients that will leave your hair smooth and glossy after just a handful of uses.The CER-100 Treatment is perfect for damaged or over-processed hair and is suitable for all hair types, similar to  K18 Hair Mask . Retailing at around $10, this  K18 Hair Mask dupe is the perfect first step in your haircare routine and has thousands of five-star reviews.

For Hair Type: Damaged

Key Benefits:

  • Hair treatment repairs damaged cuticles and hair, and delivers hydration to improve hair health while leaving a glossy finish.

  • Contains collagen and plant-based ingredients (such as pig-derived collagen, hydrolyzed soy protein and ceramide), which provide nutrients and hydration to strands.

  • Easy-to-use hair treatment only requires a shower cap to wrap hair after applying product.

  • Suitable for various hair types, including dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

3.L'Oreal Paris Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water Rinse Out Lamellar Hair Treatment

Price: $; $10.99


Review:  This product gets seal of approval because it's affordable, convenient to use, and works in just seconds.

The ingredient that sets this product apart is lamellar water, a much-hyped technology that specifically targets damaged areas of the hair, and then repairs them by depositing thin layers of proteins and amino acids. Since it only distributes the active ingredients where they're needed, it doesn't overcoat or weigh the hair down, making it a great fit for anyone with fine hair. As an added bonus, the product also contains humectants, like propylene glycol.

For Hair Type: Curly,Thick

Key Benefits:

  • 8 seconds to silkier, shinier, healthier-looking hair.

  • Wonder Water's liquid formula stands out from conventional rinse-out treatments. 

  • Upon contact with wet hair, it works in just 8 seconds to visibly transform hair in a single use. 

  • Damaged hair feels healthy, shiny, and silky.

4.Gisou Honey Infused Hair Mask

Price: $ + 5% Super Cash Back; $ + 4% Super Cash Back


Review: Looking for a hard-working, nourishing hair treatment that you can use once or twice a week? Enter Gisou's Honey Infused Hair Mask.

Brimming with moisturising ingredients (not to mention the most gorgeous, subtle floral scent), this mask is formulated to hydrate and replenish hair while improving its elasticity and health. It's all about the honey here: a natural humectant (meaning it slurps up and holds hydration within the hair shaft), this star ingredient is packed with vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants to impart strength, help repair damage and add all of the shine. With a full-sized 250ml and a new sized-to-travel 75ml, you can keep your hair nourished and cared for even when you're away from your at-home shelfie.

For Hair Type: Damage,Frizz Hair

Key Benefits:

  • Deeply nourishes, hydrates, and repairs damaged hair

  • Strengthens hair to prevent future breakage, combat dryness, and seal split ends

  • Tames frizz, restores elasticity, shine, and manageability

5.Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me All Blondes Rich Mask

Price: $27.50 @; $22.99 + 4% cashback



Review: If you have color-treated hair, a great haircare treatment option is the Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe All Blondes Rich Mask.

This mask was formulated to specifically treat lightened hair that’s become damaged and porous from chemical processing.The All Blondes Rich Mask provides tons of hydration and refreshes dry hair to look soft and healthy.

For Hair Type: Blonde & Light Hair , Normal Hair , Added Resilience

Key Benefits:

  • Reconstructs and repairs the inner and outer hair structure

  • Deeply nourishes hair for a soft and supple feel

  • Improves hair strength and elasticity

  • Seals the surface of porous hair

6.Anomaly Bonding Treatment Mask

Price: $7.37 + 4% cashback; $7.99@


Review: Anomaly Bonding Treatment Hair Mask provides dry damaged hair repair to transform weak, overworked strands to look healthier and shinier all in one easy step. 

With a powerful blend of quinoa and vegetable proteins, this intensely nourishing formula deeply penetrates the hair to help it feel stronger and more manageable. Hair is left feeling renewed and restored. Sulfate free paraben free phthalate free silicone free mineral oil free dye free cruelty free and vegan.

For Hair Type: Dry, Damaged

Key Benefits:

  • Packaging contains recycled content – 70% PCR in each bottle.

  • Helps strengthen and nurture hair for a healthier, shinier look

  • Rich, reparative mask deeply hydrates to treat damaged hair

  • Quinoa and vegetable proteins help protect and fortify hair

  • Clean formula that is cruelty free, gluten free, vegan and contains no SLS/SLES sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or mineral oil

7.Twist Strengthen the Bond Hair Mask

Price: $18.19 @ + 4% cashback


Review:  One of the best K18 dupes for this product is the Twist Strengthen the Bond Hair Mask. The Strengthen the Bond mask is especially beneficial for curly hair but can help restore the health of any hair type suffering from damage. 

This $20 Twist Hair Mask combines black castor oil and mango seed butter to provide ultimate hydration that will bring frizzy, dry curls back to life.

For Hair Type: Curly,dry, damaged hair

Key Benefits:

  • All of the Good

  • TeraBond Technology repairs damage by strengthening hair bonds from the inside out

  • Mango Seed Butter deeply nourishes to soften hair, reduce breakage, and smooth split ends

  • Safe for color and chemically treated hair.

8.Imbue Curl Restoring Intensive Mask

Price: $12.99 @ $7.80 @ + Up to 10% Super Cash Back


Review: Imbue Curl Restoring Intensive Mask is an intensive protein-rich treatment that targets weak, damaged hair to help reduce split ends and make it feel stronger and in better condition. The nourishing formula has been designed to nurture and moisturise all types of curls and coils, helping the hair feel smooth and nourished.
Enriched with Cacao Seed Butter, Camellia Seed Oil and Shea Butter, this deep conditioner will help your curls spring back into action, no matter their texture.

For Hair Type: Curly, Dry, Damaged

Key Benefits:

  • For curl types 3A-4C - spirals, ringlets, chopstick sized curls, loose S coils, tighter Z coils and kinks

  • NEVER: Contains heavy-weight silicones, parabens, SLS or SLES, drying alcohols, mineral oils, or mineral waxes

  • A protein-rich hair mask that keep your curls hydrated and strong. Suitable for curl types: 3A-4C.

  • A rich restorative hair mask that replenishes and strengthens weak, brittle, damaged hair for stronger curls. 

9.SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

Price: $13.69; $ + Up to 5% Super Cash Back


Review: This treatment from SheaMoisture is one of most cheap  K18 Hair Mask dupes. This drugstore gem is rich in shea butter, a fatty compound that’s known to possess potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Because of this, it’s deeply nourishing and retains water in the hair, making it a great pick for those who find their hair coarse, frizzy, or dry. 

There’s also argan oil, avocado oil, and panthenol—not bad for a drugstore buy that comes in at under $15.  Either slather it on and leave it in as a treatment or work through dry hair as a styling cream—you'll be pleased with the results no matter what.

For Hair Type: Dry, damaged

Key Benefits:

  • SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Moisturizing Hair Masque is a hair treatment that moisturizes and conditions dry and damaged hair

  • This deep conditioner smooths, conditions and fortifies follicles while providing healing moisturization for hair

  • The SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter hair masque is perfect for transitioning chemically treated hair, damaged hair, and natural hair

  • Formulated with Raw Shea Butter, Sea Kelp and Argan Oil, this deep conditioner hair masque infuses hair with a powerful dose of moisture and nutrients

  • All SheaMoisture hair care products, like this hydrating hair mask, are sustainably produced with natural ingredients and are Cruelty-Free

10.Act + Acre Restorative Hair Mask

Price:$38 + 3% Super Cash Back; $38


Review: This luxurious Conditioning Hair Mask is packed with proteins, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants, including 2% Glycerin and 2% Castor Oil , our Restorative Hair Mask delivers lasting moisture to dry, damaged hair. It's not cheap, but it's cheaper than  K18 Hair Mask!

Most are obsessed with Act + Acre's hair products. This hair mask, along with the rest of the line, is infused with natural ingredients like castor oil and shea butter, both of which help with my curl definition and support healthy hair growth. 

For Hair Type: Damaged,Dry

Key Benefits:

  • Revives dry and brittle strands

  • Adds shine

  • Adds moisture 

  • Smooths hair 

  • Fights frizz 

  • Repairs Damage 

  • Strengthens Hair 

How to Use the Hair Mask?

Most hair masks work best when applied to clean, towel-dried hair that’s still damp.

However, if you’re using a hair mask made primarily of oil, like coconut or olive oil, it may be best to apply the mask to dry hair. Because oil can repel water, some hair care experts believe that dry hair is able to absorb oil better than wet hair.

Once the hair mask is ready to apply, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Shampoo your hair, then rinse.

  • Step 2: Apply your hair mask.

  • Step 3: Wait three to five minutes. (Pro tip: Use your extra time in the shower to wash your face, shave your legs or use a body scrub.)

  • Step 4: Rinse.

  • Step 5: Towel dry and style your refreshed hair as you normally would.

How Often Should You Use a Hair Mask Treatment

How to use your hair mask, how often and how long for all depends on the mask you choose. Around once a week is a good place to start with a hair mask, however this can be increased to twice a week if your hair is in need of some serious repair.

For how to apply your chosen mask and how long to leave it on for, always read the instructions on your mask as different ingredients take different times to work and sink into your hair fully. It's best to apply a hair mask to damp, towel-dried hair that has been cleansed. This way the ingredients will be better absorbed by the hair shaft for optimum results.

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