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Spigen Thin Fit vs. Liquid Air vs. Ultra Hybrid vs. Air Skin: Differences and Reviews 2024

Spigen Thin Fit vs. Liquid Air vs. Ultra Hybrid vs. Air Skin: Differences and Reviews 2024

    Smartphones are more expensive than ever, especially in the flagship space. So you need a good case to protect your phones from scratches, cracks, drops and other types of damage. Spigen has been one of the most reliable names in affordable smartphone cases for a long time now. Most of their phone cases are made to have dual layers which is a combination of a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) interior and a very rigid polycarbonate shell. So your phone can get solid protection. If you want slimness phone cases from Spigen, the models like Thin Fit, Liquid Air, Ultra Hybrid and Air Skin are all good choices. But what's the difference between them? which model is best for your needs? In this guide, I will make a comprehensive comparison between Thin Fit, Liquid Air, Ultra Hybrid and Air Skin to help you make a right decision.


Spigen Thin Fit vs. Liquid Air vs. Ultra Hybrid vs. Air Skin: Overview

#1 Spigen Thin Fit

Price: $14.99 - $64.99

Materials: Polycarbonate,Thermoplastic polyurethene

Reviews: The Thin Fit series is designed for those who want to retain the original form of their phone and still protect the phone from scratch. The Thin Fit series include Thin Fit and Air Skin.The Spigen Thin Fit case has, as the name suggests, a thin design, which keeps your smartphone slim too. It is made out of a scratch-resistant polycarbonate, and it has a soft-touch finish that people adore.



The top and bottom ports of the phone are open, and the buttons are uncovered. The Thin Fit case has precise cutouts to allow for easy and convenient access to all of your phones features. It also features a slim silhouette that comfortably fits in your pocket and your hands. You get some corner protection with air cushion  technology to keep the phone safe from tiny drops. If you’re careful with your devices, you are going to love the Thin Fit.

Made from PC and TPU for durability Only for daily protection
Daily scratch defense with non-slip coating

Raised edges for screen and camera


Drop protection via Air Cushion Technology

Precise cutouts ensure easy access to all


#2 Spigen Liquid Air

Price: $14.99 - $29.99

Materials: Thermoplastic polyurethane

Reviews: The Liquid Air is one of the models from Liquid case series. The another two models are  Liquid Crystal, or Crystal Glitter.They are made of TPU layers and  provide non-slippery grip/protection. The Liquid Air case is similar to Spigen's Thin fit design. It too, features a slim, lightweight, and beautifully crafted modern design.  But a geometric pattern covers the back of the phone while grippy textured sides make the phone easier to hang on to, and it has the same solid lip over the display too.


The Liquid Air phone case  provides a shock-absorption. Its slim but flexible layer is packed with Air Cushion Technology and drop defense. With covered buttons and sides, it also offers better protection than the Thin Fit case. There’s also a version of the case called the Liquid Air P. These are made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. It includes a space on the side that’s designed to hold an optional S-Pen stylus.

Slim and grip-friendly for everyday use Doesn't handle as well as clear TPU covers
Matte textured design for a non-slip grip
Made from TPU for durability
Raised edges for screen and camera protection
Mil-Grade certified and Air Cushion Technology in all corners

#3 Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Price: $24.99 - $64.99

Materials: Polycarbonate,Thermoplastic polyurethene

Reviews: The Hybrid series is the optimum case for showcasing the sleek design of your phone while giving it the protection it deserves. This series includes five models: Ultra Hybrid, Ultra Hybrid S, Quartz Hybrid, Neo Hybrid, and Matte Hybrid. The Ultra Hybrid is a tried and tested design that the back is completely transparent and lets your phone’s design take center stage. Its backplate is hard polycarbonate, and the border that holds the phone’s sides is TPU, thermoplastic polyurethane. It’s tough but flexible, making the case easy to take on and off while improving grip.


The case covers the smartphone's buttons for added protection too. It even includes raised bezels for the rear cameras and the display to keep them safe from scratches. The corner bumpers are reinforced with Air Cushion Technology, taking the brunt of any impact so your phone doesn't. Plus, the bumper is available in several colors, so shoppers have a variety of choices.

Constructed in a slim and hybrid structure It yellows after several month

Infused with blue resin for long-lasting


Precise cutouts and tactile buttons for solid


Raised edges for screen and camera


Military-grade drop protection via Air Cushion Technology

#4 Spigen Air Skin

Price: $19.99 - $54.99

Materials: Premium Polycarbonate with Urethane Coating

Reviews: Spigen Air Skin case offers Unbeatable thinness for the ultimate minimalist look without sacrificing defence from everyday scratches. With an extremely lightweight and bulk-free PC material, it demonstrates minimalism at its finest. Spigen Air Skin case is made from Premium Polycarbonate with Urethane Coating to prevent discoloration and is form fitted to the device.Smooth curves and a slim profile display a seamless appearance and offer protection that is airy, bulk free, yet reliable.



This Air Skin case from Spigen combines minimalism with protection. Precise cutouts allow for quick and easy access to ports while the Clear Polycarbonate provides durable defense against scratches. Even with its slim profile, the Air Skin case provides just enough coverage for surface protection of the camera. Plus, look good as new regardless of the change in time. The Air Skin case has a back that won't yellow over time.


Unbeatable thinness to maintain the feel of

the original phone

 Won't offer much protection

Form-fitted design keeps your phone


Lightweight but rigid polypropylene offers

scratch protection

Urethane Coating (Prevents Discoloration)

Perfect Cutouts allow easy access to phone


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Spigen Thin Fit vs. Liquid Air vs. Ultra Hybrid vs. Air Skin: Differences

The Ultra Hybrid is most protective case among the four models. It has a TPU frame along with a hard polycarbonate back that's clear.  The side frame adds protection to your phone in case of drops, while the clear back also protects the rear of your phone.

The Liquid Air case is flexible and completely made of TPU, so you don't get any sort of hard polycarbonate materials. While not as protective as the Ultra Hybrid, the Liquid Air series can survive the odd fall and add a good amount of grip to your phone.

The Thin Fit case was extremely thin and was completely made of hard plastic. This meant that the protection was just the bare minimum, that too only against scratches. However, Spigen revamped the Thin Fit series recently, and now, you get a TPU layer infused with a hard polycarbonate back. This ensures some basic protection against drops.

The Air Skin case is a completely transparent thin case that only protects against scratches. It's extremely thin, which makes it seem like it's barely even there.

Thinness:Air Skin Thin Fit Liquid Air Ultra Hybrid

Protection Level:Ultra Hybrid>Liquid Air >Thin Fit >Air Skin


Spigen Thin Fit vs. Liquid Air vs. Ultra Hybrid vs. Air Skin: Which Case Should I Choose?

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is your perfect choice if you’re desirous of showing off the main color or design of your phone. It protects your phone and still gives a clear view of your phone’s aesthetic.

The Spigen Liquid Air case is thinner, lighter, and easier to  install than the Ultra Hybrid but doesn’t offer much protection, which is perfect if you’re not worried about wear and tear but still want something less slippery than the phone to grip.

The Spigen Thin Fit case is designed for those who want to retain the original form of their phone and still protect the phone from scratch. Similar to the Spigen Liquid Air, the Spigen Thin Fit case fits snugly around the phone but provides slightly lesser protection  than the Liquid Air. It's mainly for protection against scratches. So the Spigen Thin Fit case isn't a great choice for  anyone particularly clumsy.

The Spigen Air Skin case is just really a case for the sake of having a case and won't provide much in the way of protection. It's just a grippier shell. But if youʼre careful with your device, the Spigen Air Skin case might be all you need.

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