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Casetify vs. Otterbox vs. Casely: Which Phone Case is Best for Protection?

Casetify vs. Otterbox vs. Casely: Which Phone Case is Best for Protection?

    Most smartphones nowadays feature metal or glass builds, so keeping them safe and free from damage can be quite difficult, especially when heading for a hike, climbing, or participating in any outdoor activity. In order to avoid hundreds of dollars screen repair fees, you need buy one tough phone case. Casetify, Otterbox and Casely are three most popular smartphone accessory brands on the market, so which brand should you trust? Which brand's phone case is best for protection? In my Casetify vs. Otterbox vs. Casely comparison, I will look at the ins and outs of the three brands to help you make a informed decision.


  • Casetify 

Casetify Brand History and Origin

CASETiFY was first created in 2011 in Hong Kong by Ronald Yeung and Wesley Ng. What started as a simple idea--to make your Instagram photos into custom phone cases--has now turned into the ultimate case maker for everyone with self-expression at our core from the start. They are big believers in self-expression, so they wanted to embody just that for the dreamers and playmakers who settle for nothing less than the best for their phone cases!

Now Casetify was named the quickest growing brand for tech accessories, reaching one in seven millennials through branding and advertising. It has become the publisher and platform for creativity and self-expression to connect individuals. Key collaborations include Pharrell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Saint Laurent, Thom Browne, and many more. CASETiFY offers a wide variety of cute cases in a range of styles, so you can choose a minimalist case or a more heavy-duty case.



The Casetify Phone Case Series

Casetify now have multiple lines of phone cases out that are designed based on different priorities, such as protection, sustainability, or customizability.

The Impact series are made out of Casetify's "innovative shockproof material, qìtech" which is designed to absorb the impact of any drop. And since the case absorbs it, that means accidental drops will most likely not lead to a shattered phone—even if it falls face down. Because the case has an almost imperceptible lip that keeps the screen off the ground. The Impact series cases in particular offer “military-grade protection” with certified to withstand drops of up to 6.6 feet (two meters).

The Ultra Impact series case are the most protective case Casetify have offered yet. It's a step beyond the Impact series cases with the addition of the trademarked QiTech material adorning each corner.  The Ultra Impact series certified to withstand drops of good up to 9.8 feet (three meters).

The Bounce series cases offers an astonishing 13 feet of drop protection with four raised corners for maximize shock absorption. It uses a proprietary shock-absorbing material called qiTech 2.0 for the inner layer and backplate lining. What it does is disperse any impact from drops. The Bounce series also come with raised corners to keep the device protected from shock and scratch. That’s what the designer describes as “maximum shock absorption from all angles”. The lifted camera ring and raised bezel protection can protect the lens and screen from scratches and scuffs.

The Mirror series case is the newest addition to Casetify custom case family. Its electroplate-coated polycarbonate structure allows it to function as a mirror, minus the glass. Perfect for you to check your reflection on-the-go! this series cases are not only shatterproof but also guarantees 360-degree protection against bumps and drops.Take care: mirror series phone case is drop proof, but minor scratches may form from daily use.

The Clear series are designed for the absolute minimalists. These clear cases are here to keep your phones fresh and authentic along with optimal protection. Not bullet proof, but up to 9.8ft drop proof.

The Prices of CASETiFY Phone Cases : Impact Series: HK$509-HK$589; Ultra Impact Series: HK$589-HK$669; Bounce Series: HK$709; Mirror Series: HK$549; Clear Series: HK$589

Where to Buy CASETiFY Phone Cases for the Cheapest?

Casetify (8-10% cashback)

Walmart (3.5-4% cashback)

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  • Otterbox 

Otterbox Brand History and Origin

Otterbox has its headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado. They launched in 1998, and their original products were water-resistant boxes for any electronic device. The company’s founder, Curt Richardson, invented the Otter Box in his garage in the early 90s in response to the growing popularity of watersports. 

The company's move into the phone segment took place in 2010 with the first iPhone. Otterbox was one of the first out of the gate with protective cases for it, and the rest, as they say, is history. Otterbox now offers cases for most major smartphones, tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, and more. You can also get screen protectors, wireless chargers, power banks, cables, and various other accessories.



The Otterbox Phone Case Series

Otterbox has serveral case series now ,incluidng Defender Series, Defender Pro Series, Commuter Series, Symmetry Series, Strada Series.

The Defender is Otterbox’s most rugged and heavy-duty case.The case is constructed with a hi-impact polycarbonate endoskeleton with an impact-absorbing silicone compound, shown here in fiery red. Nearly every square millimeter of of the phone is protected, and the case even provides a built-in screen protector. All ports are concealed by silicone flaps, yet the design leaves a hole for the microphone on top and exposed areas for the speakers on the bottom of the phone. It’s thick and bulky, but if all-around protection is what you’re after, this is the case to get.

There’s an upgraded version of the Defender, called the Otterbox Defender Pro. The Otterbox Defender Pro somehow manages to be even more protective than the Defender series. The two are quite similar, but the Pro tacks a little more thickness and bulk to help your phone survive even harsher falls. It also comes with a more textured finish on the back that adds to the grip. The anti-microbial layer and a belt clip holster are also available with the Defender Pro.

The Symmetry series is a slim phone case that has a hard shell outer. It doesn’t come with a screen protector or port covers but offers excellent protection from accidental drops. It’s still excellent quality, but it doesn’t have the extra thickness and bulk. In fact, the polycarbonate case is one of the thinnest you can get from Otterbox. It still offers three times the drop protection you’d get with a MIL-STD 810G 516.6 certified case.

The Strada series is a wallet case with a quality leather outer. It’s a classic folio-style case with space for cards or cash on the inside of the fold, plus a magnetic clasp to keep it securely closed or open. The genuine leather finish adds a soft touch to the polycarbonate shell beneath the hood. Beneath the leather is a hard polycarbonate shell, offering the same superior protection as Otterbox’s signature cases. Another option called the Strada Via series drops the leather for a more-resistant polyurethane flap.

The Otterbox Commuter series offers the perfect middle ground. It borrows the best elements from both the Defender and the Symmetry cases. It has a relatively slim profile, but it sports dual-layer protection with the combination of a synthetic rubber interior and a polycarbonate shell. It also comes with port and button covers and an anti-microbial layer. While it’s compatible with a separate screen protector, it doesn’t have one built-in as the Defender does.It is destined for the budget iPhone 14 Pro Max user or those who want the option of several color choices.

The Prices of Otterbox Phone Cases Defender Seires: $14.95-$69.95; Defender Pro Series: $64.95; Symmetry Series: $49.95; Strada Series: $39.95-$69.95; Commuter Series:$39.95.

Where to Buy Otterbox Phone Cases for the Cheapest?

OtterBox (6-7% cashback)

OtterBox AU (4-5% cashback)

OtterBox UK (6-7% cashback)

  • Casely

Casely Brand History and Origin

Sibling founders, Mark and Emily Stallings, set out to create the world's first phone case subscription service. After saying peace out to corporate America, Casely was born. This is an online tech-accessories retail destination based in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, serving young style mavens all over the world.  Brooklyn is fast-paced, forward-thinking, and art-centered at its core, and their phone cases are designed and curated with these ideals in mind.

Casely Club is the first and only phone case subscription service! Every month (or every 3 months) you will  receive a brand new phone case with a unique style handpicked for you based on your personal style preference. Their awesome team of stylists, graphic designers and Instagram influencers work hard to come up with fun trends and designs for two new cases every month. Stay ahead of trends and build a wardrobe of cases to have a matching case for each outfit.



The Casely Phone Case Series

Casely offers four types of cases for your Phones, that is the Classic Collection,  the Bold Collection (ultra-protective cases), the Power Collection and  the Power 2.0 Collection.

The Classic Collection cases are perfect for keeping your phone safe from normal wear and tear and small drops while staying super slim. The Classic Collection features a 1.5mm raised front screen lip and a 0.5mm raised camera lip for added protection. The Classic Collection Cases are printed with a glossy finish. If you are not one to drop your phone a lot and like to keep your phone cute yet slim, the Classic Collection is a perfect case for you!

The Bold Collection cases are military-grade, ultra-protective cases that will protect your phone from drops up to 8-feet. It also offers a 3mm raised front screen lip and a 1.5mm raised camera lip. If you are one to drop your phone a lot, or have kids that like to drop your phone, I would go with our Bold Collection for the added protection and side grips for a relaxed, secure grip while holding your phone!

The Power Collection cases are charging cases that act as a backup battery when your phone is running low. Both Power collections will protect your phone from small drops on flat surfaces.

The Original Power Collection or "Power 1.0" is a two-piece design, making it easy to slide your phone in and out of the case. The shell is a harder plastic and a detachable top piece.

The all new Power 2.0 Collection is the next generation of our Power Collection. Offering a 1.5mm raised front lip and a 3mm raised camera lip so you do not need to worry about dropping your phone! There is no top pieces, so sliding your phone in and out of the case is super easy. The soft rubber sides make holding your phone easy and enjoyable. These cases can be charge with an Apple lightning cord, and can now wirelessly charge as well!

The Prices of Casely Phone Cases the Classic Collection: $25-$35; the Bold Collection: $35-$40; the Power 2.0 Collection: $37.5-$42.5

Where to Buy Casely Phone Cases for the Cheapest?

CASELY (Cashback temporarily unavailable)

Walmart (3.5-4% cashback)


Casetify vs. Otterbox vs. Casely: Which Phone Case is Best for Protection?

Both Casetify and OtterBox offer high-level protection to your phone. But the most protective case for your Phone is the Otterbox Defender Series Case. This case offers three layers of protection, including a built-in screen protector, to keep your phone safe from drops, bumps, and scratches. The Otterbox Defender Series Case also comes with a belt clip holster for easy carrying. In addition, Otterbox offers a broader range of smartphone cases than Casetify and Casely. Casetify mainly focuses its phone cases on iPhone, Samsung, and Google devices, limiting its market, especially if you have a smartphone from another manufacturer.

Casetify cases are made of two layers of shock-absorbing plastic to protect your phone against drops. The raised bezels around the camera lenses and screen also protect your phone’s screen when you drop it on a flat surface. But what stands out is their ability to combine protection with style. While the safety of your phone should be your primary concern, it doesn’t hurt to have an aesthetic phone case too.When it comes to the designs, Casetify really wins against OtterBox. OtterBox cases are designed more for protection than aesthetics, while Casetify combines protection with style smartly.If you want have a nifty and aesthetic phone case with good drop protection in the great outdoors, the Casetify cases are a fantastically stylish way to defend your phone.

In terms of quality, durability, protective, There really is no comparison between Casely and  Casetify. But if you want design options, Casely is incredible. It features hundreds of designs from real artists and designers, with four case types to print them on. There’s even a phone case subscription box.

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