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Comparing Best Milk Delivery Services of 2024

Comparing Best Milk Delivery Services of 2024

    • It's no secret that farm fresh milk is the best choice when it comes to managing your health.Yep, that’s right! Farm fresh milk is becoming more and more easy to retrieve with the help of home milk delivery services! So you maybe want to kown that what home milk delivery service near me? What milk delivery service for business, home or school? Or which is the best app for daily milk delivery? If you plan to get a milk delivery service, this article must help you all.

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What is Milk Delivery Service?

Milk delivery is a delivery service dedicated to supplying milk. This service typically delivers milk in bottles or cartons directly to customers' homes. This service is performed by a milkman, milkwoman, or milk deliverer. (In contrast, a cowman or milkmaid tends to cows.)

How Do Milk Delivery Services Work?

To use a milk delivery service, find one that delivers to your area with the items you need. Delivery frequency depends on the service, but most deliver weekly. Generally, you can change your order up until the night before delivery. Milk delivery services usually deliver early in the morning and use a cooler or insulated bags and cold packs to prevent spoilage.

Things to Consider When Having Milk Delivered

Not all milk is made equal, so you always want to do a little research on a few milk delivery services before deciding which one is right for you. 


The fresher the milk, the better. Look into the process used by the farm and/or delivery service and find out how long it takes to deliver the milk after it’s produced.

Some places are dedicated to giving you the freshest milk possible, and as such guarantee delivery within 24 or 48 hours of milking the cows. This is ideal, especially if you want the milk to last you/your family a few days. 

The Cows

It’s also important to consider how the cows are treated and kept. In addition to potentially affecting the quality of the milk, no one wants to support a farm that mistreats their cows, or other animals, in the name of profit. 

Other Products

Are you strictly looking for milk delivery, or do you want some other dairy products to be included as well? 

Many companies also produce cheese, yogurt, bread, or even milk alternatives for those who are interested. This can reduce your trips to the grocery store even further if they can provide you with all the basics. 

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The Best Milk Delivery Services 2024

1.Manhattan Milk

Best for Glass-Bottle Delivery


Since it launched, Manhattan Milk has worked to bring the milkman back and scale it up a few notches. Its mission is to bring the nostalgia of the milkman back but with modern high quality “white glove service” and personalized customer care.

Milk comes from Holstein and Brown Swiss cows raised in upstate New York and fed with a combination of grass, non-GMO grain, and corn free of artificial growth hormones. Milk is processed through low-temperature pasteurization and is unhomogenized, so you get rich, cream-on-top milk.

Manhattan Milk services Manhattan and the surrounding area for home, office, and school deliveries, as well as office deliveries in San Francisco, London, and Los Angeles. The company has also partnered with the Farmers Butler as part of a complete health and wellness concierge service that includes a shipment of curated farm-fresh groceries and healthy pantry items.

Cost: A gallon of grass-fed whole milk costs $7.99 in plastic, and a half-gallon in glass is $5.99. 

Availability:New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles.,London and Manhattan 

Delivery:There is a delivery minimum of around $40 with one- to two-day standard shipping for $20.

  • New York City: Home Delivery & Office Delivery

  • San Francisco: Office Delivery only

  • London: Office Delivery only

  • Los Angeles: Office Delivery only

New Discounts:

  1. Use Code: 'LOVE-UR-MILKMAN' to get 10% off orders;

  2. Join as a member for an annual fee of about $99, you will get priority next-day delivery (excluding Sunday), free delivery for orders over $100


  • Milk is from Holstein and Brown Swiss cows

  • Healthy snacks available for delivery

  • Organic and non-dairy milk options

  • Priority membership perks

  • Only available in a handful of major cities

  • Higher prices due to wellness focus

  • High delivery minimums in some locales

Why choose Manhattan Milk Home Grocery Delivery?

While there are many milk delivery services available locally, very few deliver nationwide. Drink Milk In Glass Bottles stands out because it is a partnership collaborative, enabling you to find the best milk delivery service no matter where you live.


Best for Same-Day Deliver


Source:Instacart's Facebook

If you want your milk delivered quickly, Instacart is your best same-day option. This grocery delivery app was first available only in major cities but has expanded to include rural areas throughout the United States. Instacart lets you choose from grocery stores in your area, then select which items you want to purchase.

To order milk from Instacart, use the service's website or mobile app to browse through stores in your area. From there, you select a store and the products you want to buy. If you have a problem with your order after receiving it, Instacart's customer service team can help. Replacements are not available, which may be inconvenient if you needed something specific.

Cost: You don’t need a membership to order with Instacart. In fact, you can even order from warehouse clubs, like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale Club, without a retailer club membership.


Delivery:Fees start at $3.99 for same-day orders over $35. Fees vary for one-hour deliveries, club store deliveries, and deliveries under $35.


  • Quick delivery from local grocers

  • Substitutes available if out of stock

  • Many stores to choose from in most areas

  • Delivery throughout the U.S.

  • Prices may be higher than grocery stores

  • Several fees are added to your order

  • Shoppers sometimes select incorrect items

Why  Choose Instacart  Grocery delivery?

If you’re looking for same-day delivery of milk, Instacart allows you to receive it in as little as one hour.

3.Crescent Ridg

Most Award-Winning


Source:crescentridge's facebook

Crescent Ridge is a farm that is not only passionate about the quality of its products but the quality of the entire process. From the start, their animals are treated fairly and humanely and are fed natural, healthy diets. This means that the animals have a good quality of life while they’re alive and their meats don’t contain any preservatives or antibiotics. 

Their milk is made in small batches, ensuring top quality and maximum freshness. You can then have their milk along with beef, pork, and a selection of other produce delivered to your door regularly. They do require a subscription for home delivery, however, you can skip a delivery any time you want to. 

Cost: Prices vary.

Availability: Click here to see the towns Crescent Ridge deliver to

Delivery:Crescent Ridge services the Greater Boston area, and delivery is offered weekly with roughly a $15 minimum and $4 delivery fee.

New Discounts:


  • Great place to work. 

  • It is a fun and friendly environment

  • Great hours and flexibility

  •  opportunity to work outside the dairy bar and work on events, cakes, etc.

  • Can’t accommodate one-time orders

  • Low salary, tips are taxed now

  • When it is busy, you are non-stop moving

Why Choose Crescent Ridge?

Milk is sourced from a local New England co-op from cows that are never given hormones or antibiotics. Whole milk is never skimmed and has about 20% more cream than the federal minimum, making it incredibly rich and flavorful. The finished product is delivered to your doorstep within days of being bottled, giving it superior freshness and taste.


Best for Non-Dairy Milk


Mylkman delivers perhaps the freshest, best tasting almond milk and coconut water around. Their almond milk and coconut waters are packed and delivered on the same day as it’s made and bottled. Despite the fast process, they ensure their products are top-notch and packed with protein, electrolytes, and many other vitamins and minerals. They also offer many other plant-based items, all of which go great with milk. This includes chocolate cups, herb tonics, and a variety of specialty cheeses like sharp cheddar and pepper dill vegan cheese. You can build your custom order from their healthy, plant-based menu and it will be delivered just once, or on a recurring basis for which you choose the frequency. 

Cost: At about $22 for a 32-ounce bottle of Mylkman Almond Mylk

Availability:Los Angeles County

Delivery:Your order will be delivered on Thursday between 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM. And leaves your order in an ice-filled cooler (that you provide) if you are not home to receive the delivery.


  • Multiple delivery options

  • Delivery throughout Los Angeles County

  • No sweeteners added

  • Flavored milks such as rose-strawberry

  • Expensive

  • Delivery is only on Thursdays

  • Short shelf life

Why Choose Mylkman?

For those seeking freshly made plant-based mylk with few ingredients, Mylkman is a Los Angeles favorite.

5.Drink Milk In Glass Bottles

Best Overall Milk Delivery


Drink Milk in Glass Bottles (DMIGB) is a national online service designed to help customers find milk delivery services wherever they live. DMIGB represents a collection of milk suppliers and producers around the country that all offer home delivery of farm-fresh milk—specifically bottled in reusable, refillable, recyclable glass bottles.

Filter the search engine by state and you will see a list of dairy delivery services in your area with company profiles, contact, and delivery information. DMIGB has a total of approximately 60 farms and companies around the United States and parts of Canada featured in its database. (New farms can easily register online).

Cost: Pricing will depend on which company you choose to get your milk from.

Availability:31 states in US and five Canadian provinces. 

Delivery:Due to the nature of the perishable product and principles behind home milk delivery, farm-fresh, milk delivery companies are generally regionally based.


  • Delivery map shows you local options

  • Top-quality farms and products

  • Dairies use glass bottles

  • A partnership system, not a direct service

  • Does not deliver to all locations

  • Dairies may not have other products available

Why Choose Drink Milk In Glass Bottles?

Drink Milk In Glass Bottles partners with local milk suppliers and producers throughout the U.S. and Canada to bring you the best local delivery options.

6.Royal Crest Dairy

Best for Variety


Source:RoyalCrestDairy's Facebook

Royal Crest Dairy has been delivering milk to families in Colorado for more than 100 years. Today, they are still going strong and they are just as dedicated to providing their customers with high-quality milk and other dairy products. 

In addition to milk, they also offer ice cream, cheese, bread, chile, and other beverages. You can create an order from their available products, and then set the quantities and the frequency of delivery. You can change your order any time before 7 pm the night before your scheduled delivery date. They still deliver throughout many areas in Colorado. 

Cost: A half-gallon of 2% milk costs about $3.50, making this a reasonably priced option. 

Availability: Colorado

Delivery:You can place one-off orders or opt for weekly deliveries of staples you need. Items are delivered before 7 a.m.


  • Wide range of products

  • Long company history

  • Delivers on holidays

  • Only available in the Colorado Front Range area

  • Not all products are farm fresh

  • No online automatic cancelation option

Why Choose Royal Crest Dairy?

Colorado residents can enjoy everything from milk to meal kits through this delivery service.

7.Doorstep Dairy

Best for Pennsylvania


Source:doorstepdairy's facebook

Doorstep Dairy delivers local products from farmers and other food businesses in the Lancaster, Berks, Delaware, Montgomery, and Chester County areas of Pennsylvania.Doorstep Dairy offers a variety of fresh, dairy products, as well as locally grown produce and select grocery items.

There is even the option to place a bulk meat order, or sign up for a local coffee roaster share. Milk is all hormone-free and can be purchased in both plastic or glass bottles, depending on the vendor and size. It is sourced from local dairy farms and includes organic, grass-fed, lactose-free, and even raw, unpasteurized varieties.

Cost: Prices vary.

Availability: A large area throughout Pennsylvania. 

Delivery:You will be assigned to a route. You will have the option of 1 delivery per week. If you are on a DAY route your delivery will be between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM.  Orders over $60 receive free shipping, while it is $6.95 for all others.


  • The milk boxes are also insulated so your items can be kept cold for hours 

  • You can fit 9 half gallon bottles in this box and there is still almost 4 inches on top for additional items. 

  • Doorstep Dairy offers a fresh local milk.

  • Not all products are farm fresh

  • A little expensive

8.Oberweis Dairy

Best on a Budget


Source:oberweis' s facebook

Oberweis offers an assortment of dairy products including nonfat, low-fat, whole, and chocolate milk in a variety of sizes—both traditional and USDA certified organic—along with yogurt, cream, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, and a variety of hard and soft cheeses. Oberweis also produces its own extensive line of ice cream with seasonal flavors.

Additionally, Oberweis Dairy partners with other businesses to carry premium, nondairy food items such as eggs, grass-fed beef, charcuterie, as well as specialty items such as granola, maple syrup, raw honey, and blue cheese-stuffed olives.Furthermore, no preservatives are added to the milk, which is heated through gentle pasteurization to maintain as many nutrients as possible. Once the milk is processed, it is bottled and delivered usually within 36 hours of milking.

Cost: Prices vary by state, so it's best if you enter your address to find out how much a delivery will cost you.

Availability: In five states in the Midwest, as well as North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. 

Delivery:There are no minimums for delivery orders, but there is a small delivery fee and bottle deposit on half-gallon glass bottles.


  • Delivery throughout the midwest

  • Hundreds of products available for delivery

  • Organic options for milk and dairy items

  • Seasonal products, including meats

  • Costs vary depending on your location

  • Cooler purchase is required

  • Website doesn’t clearly state delivery minimum

Why Choose Oberweis Dairy Milk Delivery?

With a wide variety of affordable dairy products, Oberweis Dairy offers the convenience of home delivery at a moderate price.

9.Bay Area Milkman

Best for Organic Milk


Founded in 1984, Bay Area Milkman started as a dairy delivery business and has since expanded to much more. This company offers weekly milk delivery to your doorstep or refrigerators. While it offers a variety of products, it specializes in milk from Straus Family Creamery, the first certified organic creamery in the United States, which is also non-GMO Project Verified, certified kosher, and gluten-free.

Cows from Straus Family Creamery graze on pasture when feasible and are given only 100% organically grown feed. Milk comes in half-gallon and quart containers, but not full gallons. It is left in an insulated porch box or delivered to a home or garage refrigerator with permission. 

Most customers create regular standing orders with the company, however, changes can be made at any time by calling or leaving a modified order form on the doorstep where deliveries are dropped.

Cost: Prices vary.

Availability:San Francisco throughout the East Bay and Peninsula.

Delivery:Delivery fees are roughly $2 to $6, depending on your location.Delivery is once a week. The day of your delivery depends on where you live.


  • Many organic brands

  • Delivery throughout the Bay Area

  • No contracts

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits available

  • No choice of delivery day

  • Only half-gallon and quart sizes for milk

  • No item pricing available until you sign up

Why Choose Bay Area Milkman ?

Specializing in Straus organic milk, Bay Area Milkman functions as a personal shopper for your grocery needs.

10.Morning Fresh Dairy

Best For Colorado


Morning Fresh Dairy is a fifth-generation farm in Colorado that has been owned and operated by the same family since 1894. From the beginning the have been a “farm to table” company, always making honest and legitimate claims and remaining as transparent as possible with their customers.

Their home delivery service includes milk as well as yogurt, ice cream, juice, cream, butter, cheese, cookie dough, coffee, honey, and more. They offer weekly deliveries and allow you to change your order as often as you’d like up to the day before delivery. 

Cost: 1/2 Gallon Glass from $3.99,Prices vary.


Delivery:All deliveries are made between 1:00 PM and 9:00 PM. $1.99 per delivery


  • Routine schedule 

  • Free milk, eggs, yogurt

  • Difficult hours (very early morning)

  • Not cheap

Why Choose Morning Fresh Dairy?

Drinking milk from Morning Fresh Dairy minimizes your food miles. They grow their crops, feed cows, and bottle your milk all in one location. This means that you are minimizing the miles driven and energy used to produce your milk.

More Milk Delivery Services 

Eastern United States

Include:CT, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN,MO, NC, NJ, NY, PA, RI, TN, VA, WI.

Battenkill Valley Creamery (Salem, NY)

Berkshire Organics Delivery (The Bershires, Massachusetts)

Bey Lea Dairy (Ocean County, NJ and surrounding area)

Calder Dairy & Farm (Michigan counties: Monroe, Wayne, Washtenaw, and southern Oakland)

Crescent Ridge Dairy (Massachusetts)

Dean Foods (Tennessee)

Ehrler’s Micro Dairy (Louisville, Kentucky)

Farm to Home Milk (Asheville, NC – 28801, 28802, 28803, 28804, 28805, 28806, 28715, 28787)

Fitzy the Milkman (Area around Marlton, NJ)

Gibson Brothers Dairy (Massachusetts)

Green Market Dairy (New Jersey)

H.P. Hood & Sons (New England)

Hey Milkman! (Baltimore, Maryland)

Hornstra’s Farm Dairy (Massachusetts)

The Hudson Milk Company (New York counties: Westchester, Putnam & Fairfield)

Jackson Dairy Farm (North Carolina)

Lakeview Farms (Charlotte, North Carolina Area)

Long Valley Dairy (New Jersey counties: Warren, Hunterdon, Sussex, Somerset, Morris)

Manhattan Milk (Manhattan, New York City)

Maple Farm Dairy (Massachusetts)

Mapleline Farm (Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts)

Marcus Dairy (Connecticut)

Mountain Dairy (Eastern Connecticut)

Munroe Dairy (Rhode Island and Massachusetts)

Oberweis (Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin)

Organic Milk Corp. (Northern NJ)

Pea Pod (Regions of: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Chicago, Wisconsin)

Puleo’s Dairy (Massachusetts)

Purity Dairies (Davidson County, Tennessee)

Ritchey’s Dairy (Pennsylvania towns within Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Huntingdon, and Fulton counties)

Schuller’s Dairy (Orange County, NY) 

South Mountain Creamery (Maryland and Virginia as well as some areas of the District of Columbia)

Starlight Dairy (Yorktown Heights, NY)

Stillman Dairy Farm (Lunenburg, Massachusetts)

Triangle Groceries 2 Go (North Carolina Counties: Wake, Durham, Orange, and Chatham)

Thatcher Farms (Milton, Massachusetts)

Vale Wood Farms (Around Loretto, Pennsylvania)

Middle America

Include: IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, NE, WI

Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy (Minnesota)

Dairyland’s Best (Wisconsin)

LW Dairy (Milkwaukee and Madison areas – Wisconsin)

MariGold Dairies (Wisconsin)

Milk 2 You (Omaha, Nebraska)

Oberweis (Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin)

Pea Pod (Regions of: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Chicago, Wisconsin)

Mountain states

Include:  CO, ID, NM, NV, TX, UT

Andy’s Farm (New Mexico)

Boise Milk (Idaho Falls, Idaho)

Longmont Dairy Farm (Denver area – Colorado)

Morning Fresh Dairy Farm (Colorado)

Reed’s Dairy (Idaho)

Rosehill Dairy Home Delivery (Utah)

Royal Crest Dairy (Colorado Front Range)

Texas Daily Harvest (Northeast TX)

Whole Foods Delivery (Las Vegas and Utah)

Winder Farms (Utah and Las Vegas, perhaps beyond)

    United States Pacific Coast

    Include:CA, NV, UT, WA

    Alta Dena Dairy (Southern California)

    Hollandia Dairy (San Diego County, Southern Orange County, and portions of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernadino Counties)

    Holy Cow Milk (Bakersfield, California)

    The Milkman (San Francisco Bay Area)

    Model Dairy Morning Star Milk (Reno, Nevada)

    Rockview Family Farms (Southern California)

    Smith Brothers Farms (Seattle and Tacoma Washington)

    spud! (Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles)

    Winder Farms (Utah and Nevada, perhaps beyond)


    1.How Much Do Milk Delivery Services Cost?

    Prices for using milk delivery services are generally aligned with the cost of milk from grocery stores. Organic and grass-fed milk cost more, and glass bottles may require deposits. Some services carry a delivery fee as well.

    2.Can I Put a Hold on My Milk Deliveries?

    Most companies allow you to modify your orders and put them on hold if needed.

    3.Can I Buy Locally Through a Milk Delivery Service?

    Most milk delivery services specialize in local milk or sell only that. They offer milk directly from farms, often within a day or two of it being processed.

    4.Do Milk Delivery Services Deliver Other Products Besides Milk?

    Yes, many milk delivery services deliver meats, cheese, baked goods, and specialty items in addition to milk. 


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