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Dasani vs. Aquafina vs. Nestle vs. Perrier vs. Fiji: Which Bottled Water Brand is the Best?

Dasani vs. Aquafina vs. Nestle vs. Perrier vs. Fiji: Which Bottled Water Brand is the Best?

    • When it comes to bottled water, there are so many different types of water. You can get still bottled water, sparkling water, and healthy water. And it doesn’t matter which one you prefer, you should still know which brand you want to buy.Many bottled water companies have been promoting their products as more natural, healthier, or superior compared to tap water. However, a little research can help when you're browsing a large variety of bottled waters. Such as which is the best bottled water? What are the best bottled water brands?It would be nice to know one or two about how to choose bottled water.This article will bring what you need.

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What is Bottled Water?

The FDA recognizes bottled water as safe water for people to drink. It is stored in containers or bottles with zero additives. However, it may contain safe and appropriate disinfectants.

Apart from the FDA, the water must also follow State rules and regulations. So you can use it safely. Bottled water comes in different types and models. You choose the bottled water that fits your conditions and needs. 

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How to Choose the Right Bottled Water?

When you want to choose bottled water, try to consider the following points:

1. Know the different types

  • Alkaline water

The pH level of water determines how acidic or alkaline it is. The 7 scale is neutral. Yet, tap water and most parts of your diet are acidic. So people drink alkaline water.  Alkaline water has a higher pH level. It balances the acidity level of your body.

  • Springwater

Springwater comes from a natural source, like a spring or a river. As it passes through the rocks and stones, it holds several natural benefits. For instance, it is alkaline, which raises your energy level and balances your acidity level.

But, the water companies process and filter the water to make sure of its safety. In some cases, they add minerals to it too.

  • Purified water

Companies filter and process tap water or groundwater. They eliminate contaminants and chemicals to make it safe to drink. 

2. Determine what is inside the water

Read the label of the bottled water. Determine what it contains is appropriate for you or not.

While a few brands of bottled waters have a low pH level, others have a higher level. The water’s intensity and taste are determined by:

  • Alkaline and

  • Acidity level

 3. Check the taste

Bottled water comes in various flavors. Taste when you choose bottled water. Some types may be high in vitamins, while others may have a drastic taste but lowering vitamins.

4. Choose a reliable brand

The brand you choose is essential. You need to know the source of water and how they process it. Be careful that the company provides full information about its processing.

5. Water source

Almost 60%-70% of customers say that the source of water is important to them. About 55% prefer spring water.

You need to make sure of the source of the water. Whether the company is truthful with its water origin or not. See if they provide the result of water tests by a reliable source or not.

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Where to Buy Bottled Water?

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The Best Bottled Water to Drink for Health 2024

>>Dasani Purified Water


Source:dasani facebook

Google Review:4.4/5.0

Basic Information:DASANI combines filtration with added minerals to create a fresh, clean, and premium tasting water that is pure and delicious. DASANI uses reverse osmosis filtration to remove impurities before enhancing the water with a special blend of minerals for the pure, crisp, invigorating taste that's delightfully DASANI.


Dasani is an American brand of bottled water created by the Coca-Cola Company, launched in 1999.At DASANI, it always create a positive and optimistic approach to bottled water, rallying everyone to enjoy a reliably fresh beverage that enlivens the body and mind. 
Since DASANI bottled water launch, it has been grounded in providing pure, clean water in a sustainable way。

Pros and Cons of Dasani Purified Water

  • Trusted water brands (BPA-free)

  • hydrating

  • Dasani's sparkling and flavored water products, they are one of the healthiest options on the market.

  • Dasani is tap water with added minerals - some of which can cause unwanted side effects.

  • Possible short-term side effects:diarrhea,muscle weakness or nausea


Since 1991, DASANI bottled water has been designed to be a perfect complement to everyday moments. This water tastes more like water than any water! It's in a bottle, so that the water is contained, which is nice. There's also a lid, so the water isn't squirting out everywhere, so that's cool too.

>> Aquafina Drinking Water 


Google Review:4.8/5.0

Basic Information:Aquafina drinking water is available almost anywhere. It’s cheap, effective, and tastes great. There’s a very good chance that you’ve already had a bottle of Aquafina at some point in your life. It’s almost inescapable.Every particle of water that ends up in Aquafina bottles undergoes a thorough 7-step purification process that uses reverse osmosis and other filtering methods. This procedure effectively removes salts, chlorides, bacteria, and other substances.


Aquafina was introduced in Wichita, Kansas, in 1994 and reached national distribution in 1997. Since its debut, Aquafina has won over consumers with its great taste and purity. Aquafina is currently America's best selling national brand of bottled water based on current sales volume.

Pros and Cons of Aquafina Water

  • The company produces some of the cleanest water on the market today.

  • Because of its extensive processing, there are no chemicals in Aquafina bottled water.

  • With millions of people buying this merchandise, finding a local outlet that sells Aquafina is easy. The company offers a wide variety of container sizes.

  • With the Aquafina bottle pouring water is easy and clean. 

  • Pricing for all of its bottled waters is inline with other major brands.

  • It is a bit pricey when compared to bargain brands.

  • Those who live in rural areas, or who are not located near a major retail outlet, may have some problems finding a local vendor.

  • Because of its processing, Aquafina purified water contains no minerals, including the good ones we need for overall health. 


While purified Aquafina bottled water may be a bit more expensive than bargain brands, it contains water that is as clean as water can get.

This is an important consideration to keep in mind when choosing a bottled water company. It can be purchased locally in most areas, and the company provides detailed information on all its products.

>> Nestle Pure Life


Google Review:4.4/5.0

Basic Information:Nestlé  Pure Life was launched in 1998 to help meet the global need for a safe drinking water with a pleasant taste at an affordable price. Now present in more than 20 countries, Pure Life is the world’s most popular bottled water brand.Uplift any moment and maintain healthy hydration goals with Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling water. From post-workout refresher, to mid-afternoon pick-me-up, Nestle Pure Life Sparkling water has zero calories and zero sweeteners, and is available in Original and a variety of fruit flavours to make your refreshment moment bright and bubbly.


Nestlé Pure Life is a brand of bottled water from Nestlé Waters globally and BlueTriton Brands in North America. The brand was first established in 1998 in Pakistan and is now available in 21 countries in Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Nestle owns 64 different brands of water, from Perrier to Poland Spring.

Pros and Cons of  Nestle Pure Life

  • This is one of the most affordable brands of water and it is very often on sale.

  • Price wise it's good. 

  • Not too big of a pack.

  •  The bottle itself is super flimsy


Nestlé Pure Life is a spring water that comes from protected, underground, natural sources and is suitable for all ages with exception of infants under six months. Bottled at source in Nestle factories, it is safe to drink at source and free from any chemical treatment.

>>Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water


Source:perrier facebook

Google Review:4.7/5

Basic Information:PERRIER Carbonated Mineral Water has delighted generations of beverage seekers, with its blend of bubbles and balanced mineral content for over 150 years. Originating in France, its effervescent spirit is known worldwide. It also offers a great alternative to carbonated soft drinks, with no sugar and zero calories.


Perrier  is a French brand of natural bottled mineral water captured at the source in Vergèze, located in the Gard département. Perrier is known for its carbonation and its distinctive green bottle.Perrier was part of the Perrier Vittel Group SA, which became Nestlé Waters France after the acquisition of the company by Nestlé in 1992.Nestlé Waters France also includes Vittel, S.Pellegrino and Contrex.

Pros and Cons of Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water

  • Calorie-free

  • No sodium content

  • Balances stomach acid leaving you feeling full for longer

  • Great for cocktails and mocktails

  • Comes in a range of fruity and citrus flavors

  • The prickly sensation in the mouth when you drink it may be unpleasant


For anyone who loves zero calories and zero sweeteners on their drinks, Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water is for you. And  this sparkling water is for those who are on a low-calorie, low-sodium diet. It is also perfect to use in your cocktails.

>>FIJI Natural Artesian Still Water


Google review:4.8/5

Basic Information:Water that isn’t filtered like normal water, but that is getting slowly filtered through volcanic rock. The reason why FIJI natural water is naturally infused with electrolytes. This is what is making FIJI water unique and healthy.


Fiji Water is a brand of bottled water derived, bottled, and shipped from Fiji.Canadian businessman David Gilmour founded Fiji Water under the name Natural Waters of Viti Ltd. in 1996.Stewart and Lynda Resnick's Roll Global (since renamed to The Wonderful Company)acquired Fiji Water from Gilmour in 2004 for a reported US$50 million.The Resnicks' holding company also owns Teleflora, POM Wonderful and Suterra.In late 2010, Fiji Water acquired Justin Vineyards & Winery of Paso Robles, California, US in an effort to extend their brand over a wider variety of products. It produces California-style Bordeaux and Syrah wines distributed globally.

Pros and Cons of FIJI Natural Artesian Still Water

  • All-natural. No added artificial ingredients

  • Comes in easy to grab and drink size; 500ml

  • Double electrolytes added naturally

  • It’s quite hard to find other size FIJI water bottles


FIJI Water is an excellent choice with a natural mineral profile that includes a high concentration of silica, an essential mineral that can help strengthen hair, skin, nails and bones. Silica also contributes to FIJI Water's soft, smooth taste, which makes it easy to drink all day every day.

Dasani vs. Aquafina vs. Nestle vs. Perrier vs. Fiji:Comparison Side by Side


  • Dasani Purified Water

Dasani is sourced from local municipal tap water supplies,and then filtered in bottled water plants before being bottled.Places Dasani sources its water from include: California, Minnesota,Arizona,Colorado,and Michigan. Dasani also bottles internationally, in locations such as Kent in the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

  • Aquafina water

Aquafina from public water sources and is then purified through a rigorous purification process. This purification process includes reverse osmosis and other filtering and purification methods. It removes things like chlorides, salts and other substances that can affect a water's taste.

  • Nestlé Pure Life

The main sources for Nestlé Pure Life are Lightwood, in Derbyshire, and Oakwood, in Pembrokeshire. However, from time to time, Nestlé may bring in Nestlé Pure Life sourced from different springs in neighbouring EU countries, all of which meet Nestlé quality standards, to supply an increasing demand in the world.

  •  Perrier water

The spring from which Perrier water is sourced is naturally carbonated, but the water and natural carbon dioxide gas are captured independently. The water is then purified, and during bottling, the carbon dioxide gas is re-added so that the level of carbonation in bottled Perrier matches that of the Vergèze spring.

  •  Fiji water

What makes Fiji water so different from other bottled waters is its source – the protected artesian aquifer on the isolate Fiji Islands. It also has a unique mineral profile that gives the water its smooth, soft taste. It’s the world’s best untouched water until you take the cap off.


  • Dasani Purified Water


  • Aquafina water

Aquafina is filtered water that is sodium-free and has no nutritional value. The flavored beverages contain flavors, some sodium and other chemicals.

  • Nestlé Pure Life

Purified Water, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Sulfate.

  • Perrier water


  • Fiji water

FIJI Water is natural artesian water that has the minerals silica, magnesium, and calcium, which contribute to FIJI’s soft mouth-feel and smooth taste.


  • Dasani Purified Water

Enjoy fresh taste, just the right touch of light sweetness, and natural fruit-flavor with two delicious DASANI Flavors such as Lemon and Strawberry.

  • Aquafina water

For those who want some flavor, the Flavor Splash line offers customers a variety of delicious fruit flavors.There is also the Aquafina Sparking Water line which also offers consumers a variety of flavorings.

  • Nestlé Pure Life

Original,lemon,Lime,Orange,Black Cherry and Triple fruit flavour.

  • Perrier water

Pink Grapefruit.Strawberry.Lime,Peach,Watermelon,L’Orange (Lemon and Orange),Lemon

  • Fiji water

It's got the most lab-created flavor, but by a meticulous scientist from an exotic land, not one of our sloppy, disheveled American brainiacs.


  • Dasani Purified Water

With a pH of 6.25, Dasani is one of the most acidic bottles on the market. 

  • Aquafina water

pH level 6.0.Aquafina water comes from municipal water sources. It is purified after it is obtained using a 7-step process. Aquafina measured a pH of approximately 6.0.

  • Nestlé Pure Life 

Nestle Pure Life is carbon filtered, mountain spring or aquifers water. pH test showed that the pH balance in the water was 7.

  • Perrier water

pH 5.5.Perrier has a very high level of nitrate and a very acidic pH.

  • Fiji water

The pH level of Fiji Water is 7.7. Its purified water is 7. Natural and drinking water are affected by gasses and dissolving minerals, which can alter the pH range.


Pricing is difficult to compare amon Dasani, Aquafina,Nestle ,Arrowhead and Fiji bottle water

because their prices vary drastically depending on if you are buying glass, plastic, or aluminum bottles/cans. The following is the price reference of above bottle water brands:

  • Dasani Purified Water

Dasani Purified Water, 16.9 Fl Oz, 32 Pack Bottles: $5.98 @ Walmart

Purified Water16.9oz x 24 pack: $4.49 @ Walgreens

  • Aquafina water

Aquafina Purified Drinking Water (16.9 oz., 32 pk.):$4.38@ Sam's Club

Aquafina Purified Drinking Water 16.9 oz., 32 ct:$19.89 @ Walmart

  • Nestlé Pure Life 

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water Plastic Bottle: $5.49 @ CVS

Pure Life Purified Water, Plastic Bottled Water (16.9 fl. oz., 40 pk.):$4.18@ Sam's Club

  • Perrier water

Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water, 16.9 Fl Oz (24 Pack) Plastic Bottles:$17.99 @ Amazon

Perrier Carbonated Sparkling Mineral Water, 16.9 Fl Oz, 6 Count Bottles:$5.38 @ Walmart

  • Fiji water

FIJI Bottled Water (500 mL), 24 / Pack / Bottle: $35 @ Walmart

Fiji Natural Artesian Water (16.9oz / 24pk):$20.88 @ Sam's Club


Bottled water. The one thing that most of us are using on a daily basis. You can choose between a large variety of water. Some are healthier and cleaner than others. While some water is tasting better than other bottled water. You can even choose if you want to infuse water or pure water.

It doesn’t matter if you are just looking for water to cure your thirst, bottled water to drink for health, or if you want water that will assist you during your training session.

There is a type of bottled water for you. You just need to know which one you should buy. With this guide, you will know the top bottled water brands that you can buy.

Tips for Better Tasting and Healthier Bottled Water?

  • Look for water in high grade containers (glass or PET plastic).

  • Always keep bottled water out of bright light and away from sources of heat.

  • Don't store water for long periods (greater than 1 year) Most bottled waters have no\ expiration date, and while it is unlikely that substantial amounts of microbial growth would occur, it makes no sense to purchase bottled water for it's purity and then allow algae to grow in it. 

  • Keep in mind that you don't know where that bottle has been or how it was handled since leaving the bottling plant. Surface contamination is certainly a possibility. 

  • Look for updates and independent studies. Just because a bottler is testing ok today does not mean their water always will be.

Bottled Water Label Glossary

  • Artesian

Water obtained from a well that taps a confined aquifer, an underground layer of rock or sand that contains water.

  • Distilled

Water that has been boiled and then re-condensed from the steam that the boiling produces. Distillation kills microbes and removes minerals, giving the water a flat taste.

  • Mineral

Groundwater that naturally contains at least 250 parts per million of dissolved solids. All minerals and other trace elements must be present in the water when it emerges at the source.

  • P.W.S.

Public water source, also known as municipal water supply, or tap water.

  • Purified

Water from any source ( including from the tap) that has been treated to remove chemicals and pathogens according to standards set by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP). Must contain no more than 10 parts per million of dissolved solids. Distillation, deionization, and reverse osmosis are all purification methods.

  • Sparkling

Water that contains carbon dioxide at an amount equal to what it contained when it emerged from its source. Carbon dioxide lost during the treatment process may be added back. (Carbonated waters such as soda water and seltzer are considered soft drinks, not bottled waters.)

  • Spring

Water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the Earth’s surface. Springwater must be collected at the spring or through a borehole tapping the underground formation (aquifer) feeding the spring.


1.How long can bottled water ?

In relation to security, best bottled water will probably continue more or less indefinitely. The United States Food and Drug Administration do never call for shelf life to be on a jar of water as it does for meals and other drinks, such as milk.

But many manufacturers will set a shelf life in their bottled water. Because they are sure that the flavor might be negatively impacted after a certain quantity, time as a result of changes in the packaging.

2.What bottled water is the safest to drink?

The analysis concluded that the four yes. Just four bottled water manufacturers possess a pH and fluoride degree entirely safe for the teethFiji, only Water. Deer Park Natural Spring Water, and Evamor.

3.Why is drinking bottled water bad for you?

Provided that you’re getting a high-quality resource for your bottled water, then you do not need to fret about bottled water being bad for you.

Concerns about contamination using chemicals such as BPA are now more of a concern with tough plastics used in plastic water bottles, instead of single serving bottled water, and so long as you select a good brand with a high quality filtering process, like reverse osmosis, you are going to be getting exceptionally pure water

4.Who needs to buy bottled water?

Potable water is well-suited for people that live in places with untrustworthy regional water equipment, or who wish to be ready in the event of a catastrophe. A well-stocked emergency shield must include both bottled water and also long-term storage.

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