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Top 5 Iconic Valmont Products You Must Try in 2024 (Ingredient & Benefits)

Top 5 Iconic Valmont Products You Must Try in 2024 (Ingredient & Benefits)

    • Skin problems are a major issue that people especially women deal with in their everyday life. It’s the dream of everyone to have a shiny skin surface throughout even at the older ages. Valmont Cosmetics has made a name for itself within the industry as a luxury skincare brand that utilizes fine Swiss ingredients to make top-notch anti-aging skincare products. On top of that, their beauty items are also widely used in spa treatments. As far as the price goes, it is not cheap. Nothing good is ever cheap! To help you navigate the selection, just read on for the top 5 iconic Valmont products you must try.

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  • Background - Valmont

The master of anti-age treatments since 1985, Valmont perpetuates the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics with incomparably efficient care treatments giving immediate, long-lasting results. Valmont care treatments find their source in Switzerland's pure and protected environment. Their exceptional quality is the fruit of a subtle alliance of alpine ingredients and advanced scientific expertise.

  • The Best Valmont Products

| Valmont Prime Renewing Pack

($220, up to 3% cashback at 24S)


Ingredient & Benefits: 

Valmont's worldwide best seller, with one jar sold every two minutes.

With a fine, cream-like texture, the Prime Renewing Pack mask erases signs of aging, fatigue and fine lines in just minutes. It fights wrinkles and signs of aging while refreshing the complexion. It utilizes liposomed RNA, which works to rebalance the skin’s hydrolipidic film without stripping it of its natural barrier, helping to maintain an ideal moisture rate while instantly revealing radiant, healthy skin.

Suitable for all skin types and all uses. 

| Valmont Deto2x Cream

($268, up to 3% cashback at Harrods US)


Ingredient & Benefits: 

Give your skin a breath of fresh air with this detoxifying, oxygen infused cream. Designed to protect skin from air pollutants that cause dull complexion, excess sebum, and hastened ageing. 

The Triple DNA maintains and stimulates the skin's essential functions, while the O2 complex provides cells with O2 and removes excess CO2 in skin. All signs of dullness disappear for a healthy looking, plumped complexion. That is why the cream features a foamy / whipped cream texture that is recreated each and every day.

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| Valmont Vital Falls

($95, up to 2% cashback at Saks Fifth Avenue)


Ingredient & Benefits: 

An invigorating tonic, Valmont Vital Falls is the ideal partner for daily cleansing of the skin. It eliminates every last trace of impurities that dull the skins surface, balancing the PH and prepping the skin for finishing product. 

Formulated using nurturing rose water it provide moisture for the upper layers of the skin whilst priming it for daily treatment. Suitable for all skin types, even the most fragile.

| Valmont V- Line Lifting Eye Cream

($230, up to 3% cashback at 24S)


Ingredient & Benefits: 

The eye contour's newest hero! This cream fights against fine lines and wrinkles for long term effect, while minimizing puffiness.

5 ingredients to treat 5 parameters of the Dermis Matrix + specific lifting ingredients:

Vitamin C - Antioxidant that protects the skin structure

Cocktail of Peptides - Stimulates cell renewal and cell proliferation to reduce wrinkles

Densi-Derm - Ensures good cohesion between fibers and ground substance

Fibro-Boost - Boost the production of Collagene l, Collagene lll and Elastin 

G.A.Gs Boost - Helps to boost the production of GAGS by bringing elements necessary for them to function 

Eyes are visibly lifted and youthful with a radiant glow. Suitable for all skin types.

| Valmont Moisturizing Booster

($165, up to 2% cashback at Saks Fifth Avenue)


Ingredient & Benefits: 

With a fresh and luxurious texture, this boosting gel from Valmont injects the finest moisturizing ingredients deep into the epidermis for instant hydration.

Hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights bind to all layers of the skin, rebalancing its surface. Infused with NMF like Complex, it deeply penetrates into the cells and moisturize skin, leaving skin plumping. This concentrate is essential for all skin types, even dehydrated or delicate. cooperates with many merchants, such as: Walmart (Up to 4% cashback), Sephora(4% -5% cash back), Moosejaw (5% -6% cash back), LOOKFANTASTIC (Up to 10% cash back)Sam's Club (Up to 15% cashback)Norton(Up to 20% cashback), Microsoft (Up to 7% cash back) and so on. You can save on buying daily necessities, fashion, beauty, electronic products, broadband installation, mobile communication, air tickets, hotels and other aspects of life! 

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