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Creme de la Mer vs. Fresh Creme Ancienne vs. Nivea Creme: Which is Best for You?

Creme de la Mer vs. Fresh Creme Ancienne vs. Nivea Creme: Which is Best for You?

    • If you're a skincare addict, you've definitely heard of La Mer's iconic Crème de la Mer. This cream is known for its rich, hydrating formula, and for delivering noticeable results in the form of younger-looking, more-moisturized skin. Now Crème de la Mer has two strong competitors. Fresh is trying to compete with Creme de la Mer with its Creme Ancienne, supposedly inspired by the world's first cream. Nivea Creme has been called a dupe for the ever luxurious Crème de la Mer. In this post, We're sharing the ultimate guide to finding which one is best for you from a comparison of the three products.

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  • The Claims

| La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream

($345/2oz , up to 6% cashback at La Mer)


The secret to a healthier, more youthful complexion lies in La Mer's highly coveted 'Crème de la Mer' moisturizer. This lightweight formula is enriched with the brand's innovative Miracle Broth™ that penetrates deep into skin to reduce the look of fine lines and pores, while creating a softer, firmer texture.

Fresh Crème Ancienne

($296/100g, up to 5% cashback at Fresh)


Fresh Crème Ancienne is a couture, ageless complexion cream that provides long-lasting hydration while immediately smoothing the look of wrinkles. Handmade in a monastery, this ultra-effective formula is proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in depth and length, providing a significant, anti-oxidative effect for 24 hours—delivering instant and long-lasting hydration. 

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Nivea Creme

 ($7.49/6.8oz, up to 6% cashback at Walgreens)


NIVEA Creme is the original moisturizer for the whole family. For over 100 years, NIVEA Crème moisturizes and protects with its nourishing formula all skin types in all ages in every situation. This rich, creamy formula intensively moisturizes, nourishes, and protects the skin from that rough, dry, feel.

  • The Ingredients & Benefits

La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream

Enriched with Miracle Broth™, the cream contributes to a smoother and more radiant complexion, nourishing the skin with moisture and vitamins.

Within a brief period, the skin appears firmer and smoother. La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream works to renew the driest complexions and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and visible pores. When immersed in moisture, the skin feels soothed and illuminated.

For best results, users should warm Crème de la Mer between the fingers and then press it gently into the skin. Absorbing quickly and effortlessly, it will soon get to work in targeting dry skin and problematic patches.

| Fresh Crème Ancienne

This moisturiser is made with meadowfoam seed oil, rosewater, beeswax, lemon peel oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E, along with chamomile wax. Rich with antioxidants and nutrients, it helps to hydrate, nourish, smooth and soften the complexion while acting as a protective barrier to improve dryness and irritation. Meanwhile, the soothing blend works to cool, calm and balance skin for a more even tone. The cream's light texture sinks quickly into the skin, moisturising the complexion for up to 24 hours.

Nivea Creme

NIVEA Creme is the unmatched moisturizer for every skin type, for children as well as for adults and during all seasons. Enriched with Provitamin B5, the rich, creamy formula intensively moisturizes, nourishes, and protects the skin from that rough, dry, feel.  It also contains skin-related Eucerit, a unique moisturizing ingredient, providing the skin with all it needs to stay pure, fresh, and smooth. 

NIVEA Creme has many uses and can be used all over the face, hands, and body for soft, smooth skin anytime. Dermatologically tested and approved.

  • Reviews

Fresh Creme Ancienne is in the realm of La Mer in terms of expensively priced supposedly amazing moisturizers. But once you try it, you get hooked and start turning tricks to support your habit. Fresh scent is pretty pleasant, a soothing and creamy scent with a touch of coconut and tinge of sweetness. 

Creme De La Mer and Nivea Creme are very similar but not exact dupes. They're both basic moisturizers that make even the driest of skin feel soft and smooth for hours. However, Crème de la mer's main ingredient is Sea weed extract. Considering the key ingredient in Crème de la mer, the sea weed extract definitely is what separates the two. 

All three creams have a rich texture best suitable for dry skin. 

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