Best Sites to Buy Traditional Japanese Snacks (List of Japanese Snacks + 5% Cashback)

Best Sites to Buy Traditional Japanese Snacks (List of Japanese Snacks + 5% Cashback)

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The most popular snacks you'll surely love!
    You're sure to find your new favorite Japanese snack here! The premium snacks include handmade candies, artisanal cakes and cookies, traditional senbei, and popular favorites like Japanese Kit Kats and Shiroi Koibito. Of course, some of the best Japanese snacks are without a doubt Japan's most traditional snacks. If you’re looking to buy some Japanese snacks online, there’s definitely something on this list for you. Snacks are a big part of the authentic Japan experience. To bring that experience to you, we carefully handpick the most popular candy & snacks that Japanese people actually eat. So get ready to explore the tasty world of Japanese treats!

Cover Photo: Bokksu

The 7 Best Sites to Buy Traditional Japanese Snacks

1, Bokksu

( Get Up To 4% Cash Back With Bokksu)


Source: Bokksu

Bokksu is an online subscription snack box service. They deliver the best Japanese snacks every month right to your door, straight from Japan. They source snacks in Japan from a mix of local and well-known makers to bring their members the best Japanese snacks available. This ensures that the snacks you receive are authentic, delicious, and Japan-exclusive.

Subscription boxes are curated according to monthly themes, though first-time members all receive the same introductory box for the first month.

The first box includes 16 diffferent snacks, themed on the four seasons of Japan! Every month following is a brand new theme, and a fun experience for those who love all kinds of Japanese snacks.

Subscriptions are available in 3, 6, or 12-month options, or you can opt to pay monthly. Members also get exclusive discounts, special box content, and free shipping!

Bokksu delivers to your door the experience of tasting authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and teas sourced directly from centuries-old small family businesses.

One of the great things about Bokksu is, they're not limited to the common Japanese snacks you can sometimes find in Japanese supermarkets. You won't find only Pocky here. Their snacks are so exclusive, you really cannot find them anywhere else but Japan!


2, Yamibuy

( Get Up To 3% Cash Back With Yamibuy)


There are lots of Popular Japanese Snack in Yamibuy.

Since its inception, Yamibuy made it a mission to sell only authentic goods. The products sold by Yamibuy are purchased from licensed suppliers, brand affiliates, US branches and other branches in the formal sales qualification, and signed an authentic guarantee agreement.

Not only that, Yamibuy carefully selected all suppliers to ensure that customers receive genuine quality products.

Yamibuy always strive to provide customers with the best value and service. To protect customers’ interests, Yamibuy offers customers with both Price Protection and Price Match.

To ensure the best shopping experience, they use USPS and UPS to deliver their packages. Ground Shipping is $5.99, free shipping over $49.


3, 99 Ranch Market


99 Ranch Market has grown into the largest Asian supermarket chain in the United States. 99 Ranch Market is based in Buena Park, California. 99 Ranch has 53 stores (as of January 2020), primarily in California, with other stores in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia. The company also started offering shopping via its website in 2014. So, you can also find some Japanese Snack here.


4, Japanese Taste



Check out JapaneseTaste.com to find a great selection of quality items directly shipped from Japan. Reliable online store to shop authentic Japanese products directly shipped from Japan to your door.

They are specialized in the food & beverages, health & beauty and kitchenware categories.

Their office and warehouse are based in the second largest metropolitan area of Japan, just right in front of the Osaka Bay and between the two major cities of the area; Osaka and Kobe. Being in this location allows them to be close to their suppliers while quickly deliver their goods to customers worldwide.


5, MikoPlace



MikoPlace only sources products from qualified and reputable suppliers and distributors.

They purchase all the product form legitimate, qualified and reputable suppliers and distributors, and then they store the products in their own warehouse in HK and Japan. Unlike many online shops that part of their product are sold by third party sellers, products on their site are fully owned by them and thus they can ensure the quality of products.

In order to provide fresh product, They frequently re-stock new batch of products instead of retaining large volume of items in warehouse.

They delivery to all 50 states in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska. When you order at $38 or above, you will receive free shipping automatically at check-out.


6, Candy Warehouse


Candy Warehouse is the online bulk candy store that has it all!  Wide range of all your favourite Japanese Candy, Soda, Breakfast & Grocery.

Here at Candy Warehouse, they pride themselves on their vast selection and excellent customer service. Since 1998, They've strictly upheld a tradition of candy excellence! Did you have a favorite candy when you were a kid? Do you have kids of your own who like unusual or hard-to-find confections? Chances are, you can find everything you need right here. From nostalgic to new, minty to sour, tiny to giant-sized, liquid to chunky, lavender to silver, hard to chewy, gourmet to gummy boogers, we've got it all!


7, Cahroon


Find popular Japanese Snacks at Cahroon. Buy Japanese candy, treats, snacks, biscuits, noodles, chocolates and more food & drinks from Japan. Purchase individual units or case pack. Any flavour that you can think of, there is some sort of candy, lolly, cookie or something to choose.

Their online shop will provide you with Japanese food and drink with minimum overhead costs directly from Japan to your doorstep.


List of Japanese Snacks

1, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Salt Camembett Cookies 

( View at Yamibuy)


The most popular and classic product of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. Salt & Camembert Cookies are made with fresh Hokkaido milk and Guérande salt from France, which stuffed with camembert cheese chocolate.

2, TOKYO BUONO Cheese Cake

 ( View at Yamibuy)


Made from a combination of camembert and cream cheese and sandwiched between moist pound cakes, Buono’s cheese sticks offer a rich and creamy taste. As these cheese sticks are wrapped up individually, they are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. The adorable packaging of these cheese sticks also make as the perfect souvenir.

3,  ISHIYA Shiroi Koibito White Lover White Chocolate Cookies

( View at Yamibuy)


The Best Souvenir Set of Hokkaido! It is smooth and crunchy with butter from Hokkaido!

Shiroi Koibito is one of the most famous Japanese chocolate cookies only sold in our Hokkaido and limited shops in Japan.

Shiroi Koibito translates to "White Lover" in English; it the name suggests, it uses white chocolate sandwiched in between butter biscuits.

4,  HOKKAIDO HORI Cantaloupe Jelly

( View at Yamibuy)



Sweets made with ingredients from Hokkaido are so popular! Enjoy the extravagant taste of Hokkaido's premium Yubari cantaloupe melon year-round with this Yubari Melon Pure Jelly, made with the juice of ripe cantaloupes grown in Yubari!

Once you open the sealed box, be sure to take in the rich aroma of the Yubari melon.

When you pop one into your mouth, the candy is juicy, and it’s almost like eating a real Yubari melon.

5, UHA Fruit Candy Grape Flavor

( View at Yamibuy)


UHA Kororo Grape Gummy is made with 100% grape juice which gives it a fresh and delicious fruit flavor.

Each gummy candy mimics the appearance, texture and flavor of a real grape. When you bite the outer shell (skin) you will experience a flavor burst from the juicy jelly made with real grape juice.

6, CALBEE Fruit Wheat Cereal

( View at Yamibuy)


A mix of oats, brown rice and other grains baked to aromatic perfection together with naturally sweet dried fruit. Full of fiber and iron.

Pour milk or yogurt for an easy, refreshing breakfast!Calbee low-calorie, delicious without burden!

Contains: Choco crunch, Dried Banana, Dried Raspberry, Oats, Rye, Brown/Genbai Rice, Wheats, Corn Flour, Almonds, Coconuts, and more!

7, Calbee Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru

( View at Yamibuy)


CALBEE Hokkaido Jaga Pockle Potato Snacks is made of 100% Hokkaido grown potatoes. Experience the most exquisite potato snack there is. No. 1 souvenir from Hokkaido.

The small french fries shaped potato sticks are so crunchy and flavorful that make this Japanese snack one of the most favorites among all ages.

8, Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs

 ( View at Bokksu)


Original Frito Lay Takoyaki Chips with a fluffy, crispy texture and mellow takoyaki sauce flavor. Takoyaki is a classic Japanese street food. You can feel the umami of vegetables and fruits characteristic of the takoyaki sauce.

9, Amanoya Kabukiage Rice Crackers: Uma Kara Spicy

 ( View at Bokksu)


This is a long-time selling and very popular snack in Japan.

Amanoya Kabukiage is a Japanese snack consisting of soy sauce flavored and salty fried rice crackers.

Kabukiage rice crackers are crunchy but soft enough to mildly melt in your mouth.

10,Meito Sangyo Puku Puku Tai: Strawberry

 ( View at Bokksu)


Puku Puku Tai Strawberry is a very popular product of Meito. It contains an aerated strawberry chocolate that is between two wafers with a tai fish shape. Aeration allows this chocolate to have a low weight in relation to volume, thereby reducing the calories in a portion. It is a super light snack that easily melts in the mouth. Puku Puku has a spongy texture that is an ideal balance between wheat flour, vegetable oil and soybean extract.

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