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10 Affordable Jewelry Brands Like Kendra Scott in 2024

10 Affordable Jewelry Brands Like Kendra Scott in 2024

    Kendra Scott is a beloved American jewelry brand.The brand has been churning out colorful, feminine pieces at affordable prices for years.With a vast array of rings, necklaces, and earrings in a variety of styles and materials.Actually,there are so many other fine jewelry brands like Kendra Scott that mirror the label’s aesthetic and accessibility.It’s always a good idea to seek out brand diversity to avoid your jewelry box resembling a shrine dedicated to one particular label.So What brand is similar to Kendra Scott?Who competes with Kendra Scott?What jewelry is comparable to Kendra Scott?In this article,I have compiled a list of 10 brands that will hopefully satiate your Kendra Scott jewelry craving.If you are looking for some great alternatives and some lovely fine jewelry, then just keep reading this list of the best brands like Kendra Scott.


1. Mejuri

Price Range: Earrings:$38-$3,700; Rings:$40-$3,900; Necklaces:$70-$8,900; Bracelets: $70-$4,000

Brand Review: Mejuri is a little bit more pricey than the Kendra Scott collection, but both brands create timeless jewelry that would be the perfect addition to any collection.Mejuri’s motto is that luxury should be accessible rather than exclusive, and fun nonetheless. The Toronto-based label has garnered an impressive cult following from celebs like Kate Bosworth, Jamie Chung, and even Timothée Chalamet. In addition to A-listers, influencers are devoted Mejuri fans, too. Pieces are frequently worn on the likes of Jelena Cikoja, Amy Julliette Lefévre, and Sabina Socol. Mejuri’s pieces give away an ooze of luxury and grace, but without breaking your bank.Also, all Mejuri jewelry is sustainably made – with responsibly sourced and recycled materials, and transparency with how the jewelry is made and by whom, you can really trust the jewelry you are purchasing.


Source:Mejuri Facebook

Mejuri jewelry is often paired back and simple in design, meaning it is perfect for everyday wear.The brand has got everything from ring, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, to wedding jewelry.

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2. Brinker + Eliza

Price Range: Earrings:$88-$248; Necklaces:$98-$448; Bracelets: $118-$228

Brand Review: Just like Kendra Scott, Brinker + Eliza is a family-owned jewelry brand with a gorgeous jewelry collection, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, all for an affordable price.Launched in 2017 by Brinker and Eliza Higgins, the jewelry brand is known for its handmade construction with a bohemian touch. A mother and daughter team, Eliza worked in fashion merchandising for nearly a decade while Brinker, a metalsmith, already had her own range of jewelry before launching their company.

In addition to having a vibe similar to Kendra Scott’s, the brands featured below all master this year’s buzziest jewelry trends. For instance, chunky, childlike pieces remain one of the most sought-after styles within jewelry at the moment. Brinker & Eliza’s multi-colored selection of baubles emulate this kitschy look to a T. 


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3. BaubleBar

Price Range: Earrings:$18-$168; Necklaces:$6-$198; Rings:$24-$158; Bracelets: $12-$220

Brand Review: BaubleBar is a well-established jewelry brand that was initially founded in 2011, and just like Kendra Scott, has the option to create your own customized jewelry.The brand’s fashion philosophy is to invest in essentials that you can mix and match in order to play around with your evolving personal style.To meet that need, BaubleBar stays on top of trends to supply you with every possible jewelry option, or in their words, to provide the “ultimate playground.”


Source:BaubleBar Facebook

BaubleBar has also collaborated with several other major brands, including Disney, Pixar, the NFL, and the NBA, to create gorgeous jewelry collections for absolutely everyone.BaubleBar has also been featured in InStyle, People Magazine, Business Insider, Fashionista, and more. Their Instagram also has an impressive 178k followers and celebrities like Julia Roberts have been spotted wearing their jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a minimal piece to wear every day or making a statement at a wedding, you’ll have no problem finding something for every occasion. 

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4. Tai Jewelry

Price Range: Earrings:$12-$240; Necklaces:$35-$525; Rings:$25-$120; Bracelets: $35-$215

Brand Review: For those who gravitate toward minimalist pieces, TAI's delicate offerings have you covered.Tai Jewelry creates high-quality fashion and fine jewelry at reasonable prices, so you can look super glamourous, whatever your budget.The brand has a wide array of pieces that are smaller in size, but will still bring a dose of color into your look. 

The handcrafted jewelry is made in founder Tai’s home country of Thailand and then stocked in boutiques all over the world. There is a fine collection, separate from the fashion collection, so you can pick the best piece for you.With a wide range of jewelry, that would suit any personal style and something for any event, you are bound to find something you love from Tai Jewelry.


Source:BaubleBar Facebook

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5. Above Average Studio

Price Range: Earrings:$34-$74; Necklaces:$37-$97; Rings:$60-$97

Brand Review: Above Average Studio replicates Kendra Scott’s refined yet occasionally funky styles with almost too-good-to-be-true price tags. Stumble upon an up-and-coming brand right before it blows up to viral status. Above Average Studio is a Canada-based label that makes sleek designs with an ethical and egalitarian approach. (All items are handmade in small batches and priced under $105.) For those who’ve been eyeing the chunky, maximalist ring trend, but haven't yet had a chance to indulge, now’s your chance, courtesy of Above Average Studio’s vibrant baubles.

Expect gorgeous jewelry pieces at relatable price points, from retro-inspired snake chain necklaces to pearl earrings and to solid gold hoops that are oh-so-wearable you won’t take them off.


Source:Above Average Studio

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6. Adornmonde

Price Range: Earrings:$78-$350; Necklaces:$110-$320; Rings:$60-$250; Bracelets: $70-$220

Brand Review: The price range and style of jewelry from Adornmonde are very similar to Kendra Scott.Since 2014, Adornmonde has been creating luxury, affordable fashion jewelry that is completely irresistible. The delicate jewelry is just stunning and perfect for layering, or just wear individual pieces for a more paired-back look.

Only sold through its namesake website, this brand carries a range of styles from dainty silhouettes to bold statement-makers. But, no matter the size, Adornmonde's pieces seem to always bring a little something extra special: Think delicate bracelets with gemstone details and minimal geometric earrings with pearl adornments.


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7. 8 Other Reasons

Price Range: Earrings:$7-$80; Necklaces:$19-$187; Rings:$15-$45; Bracelets: $22-$95

Brand Review: The jewelry and accessories brand, 8 Other Reasons, has a similar price range to Kendra Scott jewelry, but a completely different style – perfect if you are looking for something bold.

At 8 Other Reasons, you'll find everything from bold earrings to delicate feminine necklaces, among other styles. It makes for a great place to start shopping if you're looking for a range of silhouettes for various events. You can pick up a couple of styles without breaking the bank.


There is a wide range of earrings, including statement earrings, hoops, and delicate huggies, as well as anklets, rings, and necklaces. 8 Other Reasons jewelry is a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

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8. Chan Luu

Price Range: Earrings:$55-$800; Necklaces:$75-$2,500; Rings:$125-$950; Bracelets: $55-$450

Brand Review: Chan Luu is a well-established jewelry brand that was first started in 1996 and has become known for gorgeous and quirky jewelry collections.The best part about the brand is the fact that it is very focused on fair labor practices and artisanal craftsmanship, so much so that Chan Luu has been recognized by the United Nations for this work. The use of semi-precious stones in Chan Luu makes the jewelry completely unique!

Though you may be familiar with Chan Luu due to its wildly popular beaded wrap bracelets, the brand has so much more than that to offer, including delicate earrings and barely-there necklaces. There are pieces in the mix that hit above the $200 mark, but you'll still be able to scoop up plenty of stunning styles for less.


Source:Chan Luu Facebook

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9. Gorjana

Price Range: Earrings:$25-$500; Necklaces:$50-$400; Rings:$50-$105; Bracelets: $40-$125

Brand Review: Gorjana Reidel (born 1978) is an American jewelry designer based in Laguna Beach, California. She co-founded the jewelry line gorjana in 2004, alongside her husband Jason Griffin Reidel.Founder Gorjana Reidel was inspired by the relaxed California lifestyle when she created her jewelry line, which includes stackable rings and a variety of necklaces, perfect for layering.

The clean lines and contemporary design make Gorjana jewelry completely irresistible.  With the majority of simple pieces from Gorjana sold for under $100, this brand is perfect if you are looking for some good quality jewelry but you are still on a budget.


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10. Olive & Piper

Price Range: Earrings:$36-$68; Necklaces:$40-$76; Bracelets: $40-$70

Brand Review: Olive & Piper is a small, woman-founded and led jewelry brand from Vancouver, Canada.The brand creates modern, feminine jewelry that is very similar in style to Kendra Scott.

Olive + Piper collections include wedding and engagement rings, a gold vermeil collection, a pearl jewelry range, and a floral collection, meaning there is an option for every eventuality. The glass crystals and cubic zirconia embellish the Olive + Piper jewelry for a luxurious touch.It is the perfect place to buy dainty jewelry, with that extra little bit of sparkle, ideal for a little everyday glam or layer for a special occasion look.


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Top 5 Best Kendra Scott Jewelry Pieces

Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace

Price: $65

This is the best Kendra Scott piece according to customers, as it is their number one seller.This pendant necklace is a jewelry box must-have, and makes the perfect gift! This fan favorite is available in a variety of metals and gemstones, meaning you’re sure to find the style that suits you best.

The Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace is perfect for those who appreciate trendy, versatile jewelry at an affordable price, under $100, and with customizable options. With more than 10,000 shoppers awarding it a five-star rating, this necklace has won the hearts of people across various age groups, from teens to grandmas. Hence, it makes for a fantastic gift choice, whether you're treating a loved one or yourself.


Kendra Scott Lee Drop Earrings

Price: $65

They are a petite statement earring. They aren’t so overwhelming that they are competing with your hair, but they are more noticeable than a stud.As a color bar item, they are available for customization in four metals and over 30 stones.These earrings are perfect for everyday wear, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.


Kendra Scott Blair Open Frame Earrings

Price: $129.97

Add glamour to any look with the Blair Gold Jewel Open Frame Earrings in White Crystal. High-shine gems in an ornamental silhouette make these the perfect for accessory for dressing up your favorite party fits and best-dressed outings.


Kendra Scott Emilie Gold Chain Bracelet

Price: $80

The Emilie Gold Link Bracelet in Iridescent Drusy is designed with mini, classic KS shapes linked by a shimmery metallic satellite Chain. Layer for a little extra something in your minimalist stack!


Kendra Scott Fruit Gold Delicate Chain Bracelet

Price: $80

Irresistible in just about every way, meet the Fruit Gold Delicate Chain Bracelet in Multi Mix! Featuring juicy fruit charms in mini cherry, lemon, and strawberry shapes, this bracelet is as playful as it is unique. It’s the conversation starter you won’t want to take off, and the style you’ll reach for over and over.


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