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10 Brands Similar to Tumi 2024

10 Brands Similar to Tumi 2024

    As you plan out your vacations for the year ahead, it's important to keep in mind that the right luggage can have a huge impact on your trip. Tumi offers a wide range of stylish and durable luggage, bags, and accessories that cater to the needs of modern travelers. It has a reputation for using premium materials such as ballistic nylon and advanced technology in their products. However, as with any popular bag brand, many people are curious about alternatives. Whether you are looking for something a little cheaper or maybe just different designs, I have put together a list of 10 brands similar to Tumi which offer luggage and bags with similar features. Let's have a look!


1. Briggs & Riley

Price: Med-High( range between $380-$1000+ with the vast majority being between $500-$800 range)

Features: unrivaled durability with timeless design, expandable compartments and compression systems, limited lifetime warranty

Briggs & Riley is a brand that offers luxury travel suitcases, bags and accessories with a focus on quality and stylish design. The brand carries softside suitcases with ballistic nylon exteriors that resist premature wear and tear, as well as hardside models like the Sympatico Domestic Carry-on Expandable Spinner with shock-absorbing polycarbonate shells that promise to protect your cargo from getting crushed. Their luggage is also designed with innovative features such as expandable compartments and compression systems to maximize packing space and minimize wrinkles. 

With a focus on business carry, Briggs & Riley's backpacks also easily rival Tumi in style, design and quality. Where Briggs & Riley really shine is in their warranty. Briggs & Riley offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their luggage and bags that will cover all repairs if the luggage ever gets broken or damaged, where as Tumi currently only offers a limited five-year warranty.  If you are looking for brands like Tumi that offer great options for traveling professionals, then I recommend to take a closer look at Briggs & Riley’s luggages and backpacks.


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2. Samsonite

Price: Med-High(priced at $350 - $1,150)

Features: compact yet spacious, easy to maneuver, exceptionally durable, expandable packing space,  internal compression systems, 10-year warranty

Samsonite is a globally recognized brand specializing in durable and innovative luggage, travel bags, and accessories which stands out for its durability and ease-of-use features. Its luggage is generally lightweight and compact on the outside, with spacious interiors to maximize packing and a variety of styles to choose from. The brand utilizes materials such as polycarbonate and nylon, which are both lightweight yet sturdy, ensuring that your luggage can withstand the rigors of travel without weighing you down.Samsonite suitcases are also designed with features like expandable packing space, TSA-approved locks, and multi-directional wheels for easy maneuverability. Their luggages also offer internal compression systems that keep items secure during transit. 

The Samsonite Freeform Hardside Expandable Carry-on holds the spot as the best overall carry-on I have ever tested, while the Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside takes the cake as my favorite checked suitcase. If you are looking for a backpacks like Tumi than I suggest taking a look at Samsonite’s laptop backpacks for both men and women. They offer styles from urban casual to more sophisticated leather options. Depending on the product, Samsonite offers four kinds of warranties: a limited global warranty, a limited 3-year global  warranty, a limited 5-year global warranty, or a limited 10-year global  warranty.


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3. Travelpro

Price: Medium (priced at $169 - $799)

Features: durable, spacious, magnaTrac self-aligning, 360-degree magnetic spinner wheels(smooth-rolling), various organizational features, like zipper panels, cross straps, and pockets, generous 100-day return policy.

 Travelpro offers more than just quality luggage. The brand also offers business backpacks, executive briefcases and suitcases for both men and women. You will  liked about Travelpro‘s large variety of collections. Whether you are a business traveler who needs a premium bag or airline personal who needs tough luggage Travelpro has something for everyone.  There’s excellent attention to detail that makes frequent flying easier, like cushioning around the handles for comfort, self-aligning wheels that let you roll the luggage in any direction and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric.

If you are specifically looking for bags like Tumi then I recommend you take a closer look at Travelpro’s Platinum Elite and Crew Executive Choice collections. Their Platinum Elite collection focuses on sophisticated luggage and bags for travelers who want to travel in style while the Crew Executive Choice is the Travelpro’s premium collection of business bags and backpacks for travel or everyday use. The luggage brand has patented spinning wheels:  MagnaTrac self-aligning, 360-degree magnetic spinner wheels. The Patented Contour Grip with rubberized touch points for comfortable, easy maneuvering go wherever.Travelpro also offers a generous 100-day return policy and backs its luggage with warranties ranging from 10 years to a lifetime.


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4. Away

Price: Medium (price range from $275- $725)

Features: aesthetic appeal,  dual main compartments, compression systems, concealable dirty-clothes bag, comes with a rechargeable, removable power bank, 100-day return policy and a limited lifetime warranty.

Away is one of the most popular luggage brands on the market. Their suitcases and travel bags are instantly recognizable thanks to their sleek, clean aesthetic, shell design, and palettes that include neutrals and metallics. Away offers hard sided luggage only, made out of 100% polycarbonate materials. It is more durable than aluminum but lighter than other metals, even lighter than some fabric bags I have tested. Because Away’s suitcases are a clamshell style, all of its suitcases have two compartments. One features a mesh zipper divider and the other boasts a unique packing strap system. Its luggage was also surprisingly spacious and held a full packing load.

Their Everywhere Bag is perfect for overnight trips, quick weekend adventures, and use as a personal item on longer trips.Their suitcases were a breeze to maneuver on their 360-degree spinner wheels, and carrying The Everywhere and The Garment Bag was comfortable with the padded shoulder straps. The Garment Bag also has interior padding that keeps all of your longer clothing items protected and helps to minimize wrinkles.  The company offers a 100-day return policy on unused items; it also offers a lifetime limited warranty on its suitcases that covers any "functional damage."If you're looking for a luggage or backpack with minimalist-modern aesthetic Tumi alternative, take Away into consideration.


Where to buy Away luggages and backpacks?

5. Monos

Price: Medium (price range from $255- $455)

Features: the epitome of minimalism, spacious interior and maneuverability,  wide compression straps, unique extendable handle, lifetime warranty, 100-day trial

Monos doesn't have as many suitcase options as the other luggage brands on my list, but it's worth mentioning it's still one of the best suitcases on the market.  The company emphasises quality more than quantity and goes to considerable lengths to ensure that its designs will last the test of time. Monos says its design philosophy is "less is more," — meaning the bags are made to be simple and timeless to avoid passing trends, and high quality.Currently, Monos has two sizes of carry-on that either come with a front pocket or not depending on your preferences, plus a medium-sized roller bag and a checked luggage option.

Most of Monos's hardside bags are entirely polycarbonate, though some combine polycarbonate and aluminum for increased durability. They also have useful packing features like wide compression straps to help you fit more in the case. One of the unique features of Monos is the handle; you don't have to push to unlock the button for the extendable handle to come up as most luggage does. The Monos Check-In Large was a winner of last year's GH Family Travel Awards because of its spacious interior and maneuverability. All Monos products offer a lifetime warranty, 100-day trial. It is a cheaper alternative to Tumi brand.


Where to buy Monos luggages and backpacks?

6. Bric's Milano

Price: Medium (price range from $200- $595)

Features: modern designs, first-class craftmanship, lightweight yet sturdy construction, luxurious leather accents

Specializing in Italian made luggage and travel bags, Bric’s Milano has everything for the elegant wanderer. Italian design and the best materials result in a line as functional as it is fabulous. Their Signature coated canvas is created through 15 proprietary processes and has a tensile strength that surpasses ballistic nylon. Paired with their vegetable tanned, Tuscan full grain leather trims and luxe linings you'll rediscover that luxury and durability go hand-in-hand with BRIC'S.

This brand's choices feature hard-shell and soft-shell spinner suitcases, spacious duffels, functional shopper totes and smaller carry-on luggage. Bric's Milano offers a 5-year warranty on all of their wheeled products (suitcases, wheeled duffel bags), and a 2-year warranty for all bags without wheels (handbags, duffel bags, backpacks, etc.). If you are looking for brands like Tumi that keep the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship then you are going to want to give Bric’s a closer look.


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7. Calpak

Price: Med-Low (price range from $165- $275)

Features: well-made and unique designs, attractive color options, ample storage and thoughtful features, best overall underseat bag, great price point

Since 1989, calpak has been making luggage, backpacks, duffels and accessories for the modern traveler. It sets itself apart with stylish luggage and  slick hard-case bags at a great price point. All hardshell Calpak luggage is made from 100% polycarbonate. Calpak luggage consists of a wide variety of sizes, styles and colorways. The Ambeur collection is probably the most classic. The Hue collection plays with color for a vibrant twist on functionality. The TRNK collection marries the timelessness of vintage trunks with modern features. And the Terra collection is specifically designed for tackling the outdoors.

Calpak luggage offers ample storage and thoughtful features so you can stay organized.  It does an easy-rolling carry-on particularly well. There's minimal detailing, so it looks clean. With 360-degree spinner wheels, Calpak cases stick by your side at all times. TSA-approved combination locks provide fortnight security. And the telescopic handle never catches.You will like their Hue Mini Carry-on luggage which is best overall underseat bag. If you want to infuse some vibrancy into your travel accessories by incorporating a colorful backpack and luggage, Calpak offers the ideal solution.


Where to buy Calpak luggages and backpacks? (1.5-2% cashback)

8. Swiss Gear

Price: Med-Low (price range from $48.99- $427.99)

Features: professional, down-to-earth style, best packing features, sturdy and long-lasting, reasonable price.

SwissGear is a subsidiary brand of Wenger Corporation, a company that started manufacturing high-quality products back in 1893. Wenger initially began as a Swiss Army Knife manufacturer before expanding its product line to include travel gear and accessories, including luggage. Swiss Gear is renowned for producing high-quality travel gear and accessories, particularly known for their durable and innovative backpacks, luggage, and travel-related items. Their products are often associated with reliability, functionality, and Swiss-inspired craftsmanship, appealing to both casual travelers and professionals alike.

The hardshell luggage is made from polycarbonate that can withstand the wear and tear of travel. The softshell luggage is made from high-density polyester fabric that is also sturdy and long-lasting. Usually, their suitcases look pretty basic and don’t come in too many colors or patterns. Instead, they’re going for the professional, down-to-earth style, which perfectly fits their “Swiss quality” brand. SwissGear has the best packing features among all affordable luggage brands. Most of their luggages features packing organizers, neat inner compartments, compression straps, TSA-approved toiletry pouches, expandable zippers, laptop compartments, spinner Wheels, and more.


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9. Rimowa

Price: High (price range from $980- $2250)

Features: sleek and durable,  lightweight, proprietary multiwheel system, flex dividers (with velcro straps), good maneuverability and functionality

Rimowa is a luxury luggage brand known for its sleek and durable aluminum suitcases and has more recently expanded into polycarbonate also. Aluminum and polycarbonate are both strong materials that offer durable yet extremely lightweight luggage that can withstand countless climates and condition of your travel adventure would be. Much of the craftmanship on the luggage is crafted by hand, making the-pieces very original with a look of quality. 

Rimowa keeps forward thinking attitude with its stylish and simple design but never sacrificing their luggage's maneuverability and functionality of this ultimate travel accessory. Their luggages features a proprietary Multiwheel System for effortless steering and rolling, a sturdy telescopic handle that easily adjusts for people of varying heights, and Flex Dividers (with Velcro straps) inside to compress luggage on either side.Rimowa luggages are favored by travelers who value both style and functionality.  In general, aluminum cost a bit more compared to polycarbonate and the more innovative features the luggage comes, the higher the price will be.


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10. American Tourister

Price: Low (price range from $59.99- $239.9)

Features: youthful and vibrant aesthetic, expandable compartments, external USB port, detachable toiletry kits and shoe pockets, affordable

Sol Koffler established American Tourister in Rhode Island in 1933. Its founder's goal was to build a durable suitcase that could be sold for a dollar. Initially branded as American Luggage Works, the company was eventually acquired by Samsonite, which changed the name to American Tourister. Originally focused on creating affordable luggage, American Tourister has since expanded to include a range of styles and designs, including popular Disney-themed suitcases.Their products have been known to be stylish and fun yet offer great quality.

For over 75 years, American Tourister has continued its tradition of producing quality and design, providing a large variety of bags and other travel necessities, including luggage items and casual and business bags. They often use ABS or Polycarbonate for their hardside bags and polyester for their fabric bags. Their luggage often features bold colors, playful prints, and trendy patterns. One of the unique features of their luggage is its spinner wheels, which make it easy to maneuver your luggage in any direction. They also offer a variety of other features, such as TSA-approved locks, compression straps, and expandable compartments for extra packing space. Some of their luggage also comes with detachable toiletry kits and shoe pockets.


Where to buy American Tourister luggages and backpacks? (4-5% cashback) (4-5% cashback) (4.5-5.5% cashback)

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