Cloud 9 Hair Straightener vs. GHD Platinum vs. Dyson vs. Silver Bullet: Which is Best for Thick, Curly hair?

Cloud 9 Hair Straightener vs. GHD Platinum vs. Dyson vs. Silver Bullet: Which is Best for Thick, Curly hair?

    • Whether you need a tool for everyday use or for special occasions, if you have one goal (sleek, straight, shiny hair) you want a straightener that is going to help you achieve that goal in the quickest and easiest way possible, with the least amount of damage. The right hair straightener will last for years, so it's worth spending a little time choosing the right appliance for your mane's wants and needs. But with so many on the market, how do you select the right straightener for your needs? Which hair straightener is the best? What type of straightener is best for thick curly hair? Follow these steps to achieve all your hair straightening goals in a single swipe.

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How to Choose Hair Straighteners for Your Hair Type?

  • Fine hair: Look for ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly and more gently. Use lower temperature settings to minimise heat damage.

  • Frizzy hair: Ionic technology is a must to stop water and humidity “fluffing up” your hair and creating more frizz.

  • Thick hair: Larger plates will save you time and reduce heat damage. Metal plates will give you the best and most long-lasting results.

  • Afro hair (4A-4C curl types): Consider ceramic-coated plates, which offer a good balance of effectiveness and protection. Steam hair straighteners are a good alternative for powerful styling that does less damage. There’s a pair on our list below.



Key Features for Hair Straighteners

  • Variable temperature settings: useful if you’re planning on sharing your device. Lower heat suits fine hair best, while thick or coarse tresses may need more heat to be effective.

  • Ionic technology: when there’s too much positive charge on each hair strand, they begin to repel each other, making hair static and flyaway. This technology helps to neutralise the charge, smoothing strands down instead.

  • Ceramic plates: they are slower to warm up than other materials, but they distribute heat more evenly. Though cheaper, they are more prone to chipping.

  • Titanium/metal plates: get very hot quickly but tend to be expensive. Improper usage can cause heat damage, too. We recommend not leaving these hair straighteners on your locks for longer than a few seconds at a time.

  • Ceramic-coated plates: usually have a metal base topped with a ceramic layer, combining the best qualities of both materials. The outer layer can chip and wear away over time, but a good-quality model should last you at least three years if stored properly.

  • Additional accessories: higher priced straighteners may come with accessories such as a heat mat, gloves and a travel case.



Which Hair Straighteners Best for Thick, Curly hair?

Cloud Nine Hair Straightener 

All  CLOUD NINE  Irons are designed with Kinder Styling Technology including healing Mineral-Infused Ceramic Plates and Variable Temperature Control Technology so you can choose the heat to suit your hair.  CLOUD NINE  has carefully curated our range so you can bring your style whatever your hair type, whatever your needs with a product made for you. For all hair textures, lengths and needs, we’ve got the Iron for you, that’s always created to be kind.

Cloud Nine Original Iron

Price & Where to Buy:  $187 + up to 6% Cashback at Selfridges



Style without losing shine with the CLOUD NINE Original Iron. Built for versatility, this state of the art styling iron can be used to create curls, pin-straight styles and everything in between while minimising damage to your hair.

 This iron features unique ceramic black plates, which help to keep her healthy, minimising snags, and adding shine. With an easy to adjust temperature gauge, swivel cord, and hibernation mode (no stressing over whether you left your straightener on!), it’s pretty much foolproof. Ideal for all hair types, the Cloud Nine C9 Iron is a perfect choice for beginners in styling or pros looking for a streamlined styler.

Key Specifications:

  • Includes: Original Iron, Silicone Heat Guard, Heat Resistant Style Case

  • Awards: Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 - Best Appliance, Best Beauty By Stylist 2017 - Best Straightening Iron, Hair Awards 2015 - Super 60 Straightening Winner, Hair Awards - Hall Of Fame, Good Housekeeping Institute Approved 2013

  • Temperature setting: 100-200 Degrees

  • Voltage: 100-240v 50/60Hz ac 35W

  • European plug concealed inside the UK plug

  • Built-in Hibernation Mode that automatically disables the Iron after 35 minutes of inactivity


  • Slim, easy-to-use design

  • Adjustable temperature

  • Leading straightening and curling performance

  • Glides well through hair


  • Get a little hotter than ideal on the outside

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Cloud Nine The Wide Iron Hair Straighteners

Price & Where to Buy:  $187 + up to 6% Cashback at Selfridges



Have a tough time wrangling all your hair with thin flat irons? The CLOUD NINE The Wide Iron is the styling iron for you. With much wider plates than standard flat irons, the C9 Wide Iron is able to style hair more evenly, cutting styling time down for less of a headache when trying to achieve a smooth, sleek look. 

The C9 Wide Iron is built for ease of use, with a swivel cord, LED temperature control panel, and a hibernation mode for the ultimate in peace of mind when styling your locks. This iron is suitable for all hair types, but it’s best for those with thick, curly, or very long hair.

Key Specifications:

  • Includes: Wide Iron, Silicone Heat Guard, Heat Resistant Style Case, Luxury Texture Comb

  • Awards: Hair Awards - Hall Of Fame 2013, 2015, 2016, Hair Awards 2016 - Best Straighteners, Hair Awards 2015 - Best Straighteners

  • Temperature setting: 100-200 Degrees

  • Voltage: 100-240v 50/60Hz ac 50W

  • European plug concealed inside the UK plug

  • Built-in Hibernation Mode that automatically disables the Iron after 35 minutes of inactivity


  • Temperature Control Panel

  • Extra Wide Black Ceramic Plates

  • Swivel Cord Unique to CLOUD NINE

  • Heat Guard

  • Hibernation Mode


  • if you have a very thin hair, this flat iron may not work very well for you.

How to Use CLOUD NINE Hair Straightener ?

  1. After applying heat protectant to dry hair, allow your CLOUD NINE to start heating up somewhere safe.

  2. Section your hair and clip into manageable sections.

  3. Start from the root of the hair to the tip, working in sections.

  4. You can use a comb to brush through before the hair straightener, to help the straightener apply heat evenly.

  5. Before finishing, check that your straightened sections are well blended in - if there are sections that look different, try straightening both parts together.

GHD Platinum+ Hair Straightener 

GHD Platinum+ is the award-winning styler with the ultimate advancement in technology; so intelligent it predicts your hair type and constantly adapts the power to ensure the optimum styling temperature at all times. Platinum+ is perfect for all hair types, meaning you'll always achieve the best-ever styling results. With a unique wishbone hinge that keeps plates perfectly positioned, and a rounder, sleeker barrel; the styling opportunities are endless. Whether you want sleek and straight, or big and bouncy; be the Queen you were born to be with Platinum+.

GHD Platinum+ Styler

Price & Where to Buy:  $249+ up to 5% Cashback at ghd



The ghd platinum+ is GHD SMART styler;Infinity sensors monitor heat 250 times a second across the high-gloss plates to deliver a personalized styling experience, so no matter your hair type or length, you can achieve a beautiful, salon-quality style. Working at an optimum styling temperature of 365ºF, the ghd platinum+ styler protects the integrity of your hair without compromising on style, allowing for 70% stronger hair, 20% more shine** and 2x more color protection. For that perfect partnership pair the ghd platinum+ styler with ghd heat protect spray - bodyguard for ultimate professional end results.

The rounded barrel of the platinum+ is perfect for creating a myriad of on-point styles, from loose waves to a flawless straight. For ultimate styling control, the unique wishbone hinge holds the precision-milled plates in perfect alignment for ease of use and snag-free styling.

Key Specifications:

  • Ultra-zone with predictive technology: the latest breakthrough in heat styling which guarantees even heat across the whole plate, allowing consistent beautiful results in one stroke.

  • Wishbone hinge for perfect plate alignment giving you more control to create any style

  • Advanced, precision milled, floating plates with a high spec gloss finish, for effortless, perfectly smooth styling and shine

  • Heat resistant protective plate guard so you can take your style and your styler wherever you want

  • Universal voltage to deliver the same outstanding performance wherever you are in the world

  • Automatic sleep mode to switch your styler off after 30 minutes of non-use, for peace of mind

  • 9 ft swivel cord for convenient styling

  • 365ºF temperature for optimum styling


  • Predictive technology automatically adjusts the heat based on your use and hair thickness.

  • Snag-free design enables you to straighten, curl, or add waves to your mane with ease.

  • Maintains steady heat without causing damage to hair strands.


  • It is too expensive for a hair straightening tool.

  • One user noticed that the product didn’t work after a few months of use.

  • Another user did not like the buttons that replaced the switch design of its predecessor.

GHD Platinum+ Styler in Ombre Chrome

Price & Where to Buy:  $259+ up to 5% Cashback at Sephora



Celebrating 20 years of heritage, meet the exclusive ghd platinum+ professional smart styler in ombré chrome. This unique limited edition is the 3x winner of the Allure Best of Beauty Award for Best Flatiron and comes accompanied by a luxury chrome heat-resistant bag plus three Kitsch hair clips.

Working at an optimum styling temperature of 365ºF, ultra-zone technology ensures heat is evenly maintained across the plates throughout styling, guaranteeing beautiful results in just one stroke with no extreme heat. Our most luxurious styler is the go-to choice for celebrity hairstylists. It empowers you with 70% stronger hair, 20% more shine and 2x more color protection. Pair your platinum+ styler with heat protect spray-bodyguard for maximum heat protection.

Key Specifications:

  • What it is: An award-winning smart styler, in ombré chrome, that has predictive technology for stronger hair and color protection.

  • Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily

  • Hair Texture: Fine, Medium, and Thick


  • Leaves hair shiny and smooth

  • Fast styling times

  • Luxurious design

  • Smart technology


  • More expensive

  • Very different from older GHD models

How to Use GHD Platinum+ Hair Straightener ?

  1. Ensure that the styler is as close to the root as possible before closing the plates.

  2. Gently move toward the tip of the section in one simple gliding motion.

  3. Repeat the process with each section of hair, gliding once from roots to ends.

Cloud 9 Hair Straightener Vs. GHD Platinum

Ultimately, choosing between ghd and Cloud Nine isn’t about which brand is ‘better,’ but rather which of their straighteners will suit your needs best. If you’re looking for straighteners that do the job with ease while offering premium performance, then ghd may be the best option for you. If you want a styler that gives you full control so it can be tailored to your hair type and lifestyle, then Cloud Nine is the way to go. Regardless of which brand you pick, both offer their own unique features which prove why they remain two of the top selling brands in professional quality hairstyling.

    Dyson Hair Straighteners

    Dyson solves the problems others tend to ignore. To solve real-world hair care roblems like protecting natural shine and smoothness while preventing extreme heat damage, Dyson created state-of-the-art laboratories. Even inventing new methods of testing to analyze 1,010 miles of real hair.  The end result was a new kind of hair dryer, hair styler, and hair straightener. All three are designed to help protect your natural shine from extreme heat damage, every time you style. Our latest hair care technology, the Dyson Corrale hair straightener, is the only straightener with flexing plates that shape to gather hair.  

    Dyson Corrale Hair Straighteners

    Price & Where to Buy:  $499.99 + 2% cashback at  Dyson.com



    Make frizz a thing of the past with the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener. This innovative option is a great option for those with thick, unmanageable hair due to it's flexible copper alloy plates, which heat the hair in fewer passes. With intelligent heat control, the Dyson Corrale helps to create a sleek, silky style in seconds with minimal heat styling damage by adjusting the temperature based on texture and type (self checking 100 times a second). 

    Suitable for all hair types, this styler can be used to create any style, from soft curls to sleek straight looks. This styling iron is also a great choice for travellers, with a detachable corn, universal voltage, as well as a unique flight mode for you jet-setters.

    Key Specifications:

    • OLED screen:Displays battery level, temperature control and charging status during use.

    • Creates a range of styles:The curved outer body is engineered to support curl structure, helping you create curves and waves – as well as sleek, straight styles.

    • Suitable for all hair types:Three precise heat settings (330°F, 365°F and 410°F) to suit your hair type, length and desired style.

    • Up to 30 minutes cord-free styling:Delivers the same thermal performance of a corded straightener. Fully recharges in just 70 minutes. 

    • Maximize run time with Charging dock:Place your Dyson Corrale™ straightener in the dock when not in use and in between sections to extend run time. Always begin with a 100% charge for optimal performance.

    • Auto shut-off and Safety lock:Switches off after 10 minutes of inactivity for added peace of mind, and plates lock for immediate storage after use. 

    • Ready to travel:Universal voltage and a Flight-ready feature let you travel abroad with your straightener.


    • Regulates temperature 100 times a second

    • Engineered to create a range of styles

    • Pioneering Dyson technology

    • Special gift edition


    • Heavy

    • Plates drag on your hair compared to other high end straighteners

    • Not hot enough. Other high end are 450 degrees.

    How to Use Dyson Corrale Hair Straighteners?

    1. Prep hair: Before styling, ensure hair is detangled and completely dry. For best results, section hair.

    2. Temperature: Begin at a medium heat (365F) and adjust up or down depending on your hair type and texture.

    3. Loosen grip: Because the flexing plates shape to gather your hair, you can loosen your grip when styling, letting the machine do the work for you.

    4. Style speed: Flexing plates allow you to style hair in one, slow pass vs. multiple quick passes. To slow down your movements, try using one second per inch as a baseline. Speed may vary by hair type.

     GHD Platinum Styler Vs. Dyson Corrale

    1. If you can afford it, go for the Dyson for the faster styling, smoother finish and cordless convenience. Frizzier or dry and damaged hair types will benefit more from the Corrale, as it straightens in just one swipe and reduces damage with the way it functions. It’s also the clear choice for anyone who wants a proper multitasking tool, as curls and waves definitely come out better than with the Platinum+ and last longer without falling out.

    2. However, if you don’t have the cash to splash, the GHD Platinum+ is still far superior to any other straightener on the market. It’s the clear winner if you’re looking for something that adds class to your dressing table, and will more than do the job for those with fine hair or who don’t reach for the heat tools that often. 

    Silver Bullet Hair Straightener

    Silver Bullet hair straighteners are renowned for being at the forefront of advanced technology, including titanium, ceramic and ionic. Now, Silver Bullet has added surround heat technology and dual voltage to its line-up for longer lasting straightening, flicks, waves and curls. Wherever you are in the world, create a hairstyle that’s always frizz-free and effortless with Silver Bullet professional hair straighteners.

    Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Ceramic Straightener

    Price & Where to Buy:  $229.95 + 6% cashback at  Adore Beauty



    The Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Ceramic Straighteneris the ultimate in amazing, and convenient, styling. Silver Bullet takes a high tech approach to their styling tools, featuring a specialised Accelerator Microchip to speed up heating to your desired temperature, an auto-sleep mode to reduce worry, and Ceramic Tourmaline plates that leave hair soft, silky, and distribute heat evenly for a unified style every time. 

    This is the iron for you if you’re short on time but don’t want to sacrifice quality- with its’ quick heat up time, frizz-fighting plates, and ease of use, you’ll be looking just as chic as you did before - just in half the time. Suitable for all hair types, but best for those who have things to do and need to get their styling done in no time.

    Key Specifications:

    • Ceramic/Tourmaline Plate Surfaces – Distributes Heat Quickly & Evenly

    • Floating Plate Design – Glides Through Hair Like Silk

    • Includes Heat Mat, Crocodile Clips, Styling Comb And Paddle Brush

    • Sleep Mode Function


    • Titanium Plates

    • Temperature Control

    • Dual Voltage

    • Can Be Used With The Application Of Keratin Treatments 

    • Salon Professional

    • 2-Year Warranty


    • No Auto-Off Function

    • No Rounded/Curved Edges For Curling 

    Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Ceramic Wide Plate Straightener



    Price & Where to Buy:  $229.95 + 6% cashback at  Adore Beauty

    Keep your hair under control with the Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Ceramic Wide Plate Straightener. This high-quality styling iron is perfect for anyone dealing with hair a standard sized straightener can’t fully tackle due to its’ wide plates, which increase ease of styling for those with thick, curly, or coarse hair.

    Featuring Ceramic Tourmaline plates for optimal shine, a specialised Accelerator Microchip to speed up heating to your desired temperature, and a sleep mode to ease worry, you’re in good plates with the Silver Bullet 230 Ceramic Wide Plate Straightener. Ideal for those who want to decrease styling time as well as those with thick, curly, or coarse hair.

    Key Specifications:

    • Friction-free 38mm titanium plates style more hair in one pass

    • Adjustable heat up to 230°C

    • Straightener controls on inside of handle, can’t be accidently changed

    • Advanced surround heat for faster curls, flick and waves

    • Ideal for use with permanent and keratin straightening systems, reducing the total time for each service

    • Presented in a special Silver Bullet box which includes: a paddle brush, styling comb, 4 crocodile clips and a heat resistant mat 


    • Ceramic/Tourmaline Plate Surfaces – Distributes Heat Quickly & Evenly

    • Floating Plate Design – Glides Through Hair Like Silk

    • Includes Heat Mat, Crocodile Clips, Styling Comb And Paddle Brush

    • Sleep Mode Function


    • Not have a lock on straighter

    How to Use Silver Bullet Hair Straightener?

    • For Smoothing Frizz

    1. First apply a thermal protectant product. Section dry hair evenly, and for best results comb each section.

    2. Position the iron on the hair as far up as you want hair to be straightened, being careful not to let the iron touch the scalp. 

    3. Close the iron with the hair between the two plates and gently pull the iron down the end of the section of hair you are straightening.

    4. Repeat this process as necessary. Let hair cool before combing.

    • For Curling Hair

    1. First apply a thermal protectant product. Section hair, approximately 2cm thick. The thinner the section the better the result. 

    2. Place straightener at the roots and flip over 180° (upside down). Whilst holding the ends slowly slide the straightener all the way through the section of hair. 

    3. Catch, twist slightly to reform the curl, then leave to cool. 

    4. The slower the straightener is pulled through the section, the tighter the curl will be. Repeat until all desired sections of hair have been curled.

    GHD Vs. Silver Bullet Keratin Hair Straightener

    • Similarities

    1. Both feature sleep mode turning the device off when left unused for more than 30 minutes.

    2. Both feature a round barrel allowing for snag-free, versatile styling.

    • Differences

    1. GHD has a maximum heating capacity of 185c where Silver bullet often features a wide range of temperature settings.

    2. Silver Bullet has added dual-voltage and surrounds heat technology which gifts longer-lasting flicks and curls. Whereas, GHD features new dual-zone technology, spreading the heat more evenly from root to tip giving a smoother sleeker finish.

    3. GHD is made with ceramic while Silver Bullet is made from titanium. This means that the Silver Bullet will heat up much faster but the GHD is safer, especially if you have fine or damaged hair.

    4. Many people seem to like the GHD but ultimately a lot didn’t go for it because it’s more expensive than the Silver Bullet.

    5. The Silverbullet is also slightly cheaper than the GHD

    How to Prevent Damaging Your Hair?

    Hair is most fragile when it's wet, so make sure it’s completely dry before heat styling. Wet locks can only withstand temperatures of 40-60C, but dry (undamaged) hair can handle up to 185C. Always use a heat protection spray, too.

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