How to Buy Goods from Japan on Rakuten Global Market Overseas?

How to Buy Goods from Japan on Rakuten Global Market Overseas?

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    In Japan, Rakuten is the biggest and the most popular e-commerce site, while Rakuten Global Market is its overseas version supporting four languages: they're English, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, and Korean, so that clearing away the first obstacle for non-Japanese-speaking customers. Besides, Rakuten Global Market provides direct shipping to the U.S., and currently accepts various payment methods: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Rakuten Super Points, PayPal, Rakuten Rewards MasterCard, and a mix of Rakuten Super Points and a credit card. It gives you fast and easy online shopping experience like you do on an quality domestic English website!

    Just come to Rakuten Global Market, and there you can find them all if you are interested in these unique Japanese merchandise: cosmeceuticals, makeups, pearl accessories, cameras, 3C products, kids, baby & maternity supplies, home items, Japanese snacks, and son on. Here we crafted an ultimate guide for ordering Japanese products from Rakuten Global Market overseas, so just follow it and easily unlock your first achievement for Japanese cross-border online shopping!

    Plus, we have updated Rakuten Global Market coupons and free International shipping offer in August

  • Let's Start Learning How to Buy Goods from Japan on Rakuten Global Market?


First and foremost:

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Tips: make sure that shipping country, language, currency are matched. If not, reselect. Some items may not be able to ship directly to your country, so just select your shipping country first!


Choose language, fill the form and complete the registration.


Always fill in the correct and true information. It's better to use common email address and shipping address. Click "Next Step".



After filling in, you will see a preview of your personal information. Recheck it, then click "Register Rakuten Membership".


When you see the following page, you sign up successfully! Now you can go to immerse yourself in various quality Japanese goods!


Tips: Please note that the price of all goods does not include international freight, so it is recommended to inquire from the shop for freight before placing an order. Once the order is confirmed, it may not be accepted to cancel, so be sure to ask the shop in advance.

1. First of all, go to the product page, select the size, color, quantity, etc., then you can press the red button "Add to Cart".


2. Since each shop is independent, it is necessary to check out separately. After confirming the items, you can go to the shopping cart page and click the "Proceed to Checkout" button to continue.


3. Once the order is placed, another login will be made to confirm that the account is correct, enter the correct user ID and password, and click "Member Checkout" to continue.


4. Select your delivery address here. If you don't use a new address every time, you can save a default address! You can also enter a new address directly and press continue after confirming the address.

Tips: As freight needs to be confirmed by the shop after weighing, it will be written to be determined. It is best to send an email and confirm it with the shop first. Some shops will set the freight, but the freight on the order page is not accurate, to the mail. Remember that the address must be filled in English.


5. Now it comes to Payment. Choose your payment method. Here you can apply coupons, and Rakuten Super Points, if you have them.


6. Finally, there is a review page. You can once again confirm the content of the goods (including quantity, size, color, etc.), shipping address, payment information, points and coupons usage and so on. You can press the change button to change any data. After rechecking, you can press [submit the order]! The payment is confirmed by email later, so the payment page will not jump out of the payment page immediately after the order is submitted.

7. In this way, the order is completed ~ the order confirmation email sent by Rakuten will be received first.

Tips: This automatic email says that Rakuten system has received your order and does not need to reply! Orders are usually received as soon as they are sent out.


8. The shop will receive your order for confirmation, and then the order confirmation email sent by the shop. If you have any questions about the order, please reply to this email as soon as possible.

Tips: It may take several working days from sending an order information to confirming the order by the shop, and a rest day may take more time.


9. The required freight mail will be sent after the shop confirms the freight. You need to reply!


Tips: If you are late to reply to the shop, the shop will acquiesce the shipping fee, so please reply to the email as soon as possible. Other shops may write [once the order is placed, do not accept cancellation] or note in the email [this email purely tells the freight], which means that the shop does not accept the cancellation of the order. Please communicate clearly with the shop in advance.


10. Generally 5-7 working days later, the shop will issue a delivery notice, there will be an order express number, you can view logistics messages!


11. Finally, the shop will send out a thank-you note! See, buying Japanese items from Rakuten Global Market overseas is so easy, right? Come to the Rakuten Global Market and try it. It should bring you a good shopping experience.

If you love the goods, remember to give the shop a good praise with the little safflower yo ~

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  • The Best and Most Wanted Japanese Products on Rakuten Global Market

1)Cosmetics: ANESSA sunscreen, Freeplus, Dr.Ci:Labo, Unicharm, horse oil cream, Shiseido, Kose, Pola, SK2, CPB, Kanebo, Kao, Fancl

2)Kids, Baby & Maternity: Genki, Goo.N, Mamy Poko, Merries, Moony, Pampers, Dr. Betta bottle, Wakodo baby powder, Pigeon baby supplies

3)Fashion: LV Handbags, Pearl accessories, Japanese Color Contact Lenses

4)Home Supplies: Zojirushi, Thermos, Soukaikenbi, MUJI, NITORI

5)Electronics: Toshiba, Sharp, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Nikon, Canon, YA-MAN

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