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20% off Dr.Dabber Switch™ @Dr.Dabber

Up To 8% Cash Back
Up To 10% Super Cash Back

for $299.95 + free shipping

    • Save 20% off Dr.Dabber Switch™ @Dr.Dabber, for $299.95 + free shipping.
    • Switch from flower to concentrate in record time with our patent-pending induction technology. Consistent enough to vaporize top-tier solventless, with no terpene degradation. Powerful enough to run through any dried leaf materials, leaving even the turkey bag lovers satisfied. The Switch's 25 different heat settings will keep you dialed into any level of consumption, from the casual to the connoisseur. With just the flick of a switch, you can elevate your unit from a top-tier flower vaporizer to a concentrate consumption powerhouse.
    • Price may be changed without notice.

With over 100 uses on a single charge, take your Switch™ from the lake to the campsite, and keep dabbing under the stars, all before having to stop for some juice. Through average use, this means a whole week before having to stop and recharge! Dead battery got you down? Plugin your Switch™ to keep the session going with the convenience of pass-through charging. With only 60 minutes to a full charge, you will be back on the go in no time at all. The future is now.

2024-04-14 22:5623