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SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold5 - 256 GB, Icy Blue for £1749 @Currys

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip5 - 256 GB, Graphite for £1049

    • Get SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold5 - 256 GB, Icy Blue for £1749 @Currys, SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip5- 256 GB, Graphite for £1049. Free shipping.
    • The Z Fold5 is a joy to use, inside and out. Let's start with the 6.2" outer screen. It's sharp, full of colour and super bright, so you can comfortably use all your apps with the phone closed. And when you want to take things from comfy to epic, just unfold the 7.6" main screen. There's plenty of space, so you can have 2 apps open at the same time and multitask like a pro. Or get lost in your favourite movie or game. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor won't mind - it's got more than enough horsepower to keep everything running without a hiccup. And with the 50 MP triple camera system on the back, you can take beautiful photos anywhere, anytime.
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2023-09-26 20:3062