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Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Digital Camera Body for $3696.95 @Adorama

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    • Get $300 off Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Digital Camera Body, for $3696.95 @Adorama. Free shipping.
    • When the Nikon Z9 arrived, and the first time I held it my hands, you might as well have been playing the theme from “Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.” Compared to the tools I started my career with, this camera is pure science fiction. Given the tendency of technology to constantly get better, smaller, and faster, we are now at the Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Camera.......
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The Nikon Z 8 Mirrorless Camera is equipped with the power of the Nikon Z 9 in a smaller, lightweight modular design. It has the same 45.7MP stacked CMOS sensor, vibration-free electronic shutter, and 120 fps burst shooting as its predecessor. As the ultimate hybrid camera, the Nikon Z 8 Camera can also capture internal 8K video at 60p or 4k video at 120p. You’ll have the versatility to use one of the dozens of NIKKOR Z mount lenses, or pair the Nikon Z 8 with the Nikon Mount Adapter FTZ II for even more lens options. Whether you shoot action sports, portraiture, or wedding videography, the Nikon Z 8 is the multifaceted tool you need in your kit.

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