ExpBrita 10 Cup Stream Filter as You Pour Water Pitcher with 1 Filter @ Walmart

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    • Walmart offers Brita 10 Cup Stream Filter as You Pour Water Pitcher with 1 Filter, Hydro, BPA Free, Chalk White for $17.99(value $29.94).
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Drink cleaner, great-tasting water with this BPA-free Brita 10 cup water filtration pitcher. Brita StreamFilter-As-You-Pour technology allows you to enjoy great-tasting water and is the only pitcher that filters water as you pour so you dont have to wait at the sink for water to filter. When you pour the water into a glass, the water flows through the filter, reducing chlorine (taste and odor) and more. Replacing your Brita Stream filter is a breeze. Just a glance at the electronic filter replacement indicator lets you know when it is time to change the filter. The Brita Stream pitcher is compatible only with Brita Stream filters and comes with 1 Stream Pitcher Filter. The filter should be changed every 40 gallons, about 2 months for the average household, for best results. Start drinking great tasting water with Brita.

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