Bonjour Cash Back

卓悦现于香港、澳门及广州共设有47间零售化妆品店,提供多元化种类产品,迎合不同阶层的顾客需求。现时销售逾26,000种产品,致力供应独家 代理的国际及集团专有品牌,其中8间卓悦门市附设「一生良品」零食店,店内专卖日本、韩国及台湾等地零食。

Bonjour Restrictions Apply


How to get cash back:

  • Click a Coupon or click Start Shopping to earn Up to 5% Cash Back at Bonjour.

  • Complete your purchase. If you use a coupon, your discount will be applied during checkout.

  • Your Up to 5% Cash Back will be added to your Extrabux account in 1-7 days.