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一间由苹果公司经营的连锁零售商店,贩售苹果公司的产品包括电脑、软件、iPod随身听、iPhone移动电话、iPad便携电脑、第三厂商的周边设备,以及其他如Apple TV等的消费性电子产品。

How to get cash back:

Click a Coupon or click Start Shopping to earn 0% Cash Back cash back at Apple China.
Complete your purchase. If you use a coupon, your discount will be applied during checkout.
Your 0% Cash Back cash back will be added to your Extrabux account in 1-7 days.

Apple China Restrictions Apply :
* cashback rate is subject to merchant's confirmation. No support for untracked orders.
* iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or Apple Watch 0.8% cashback after Nov. 1, 2016. Other iPhone version 0.8%.
*iPad 0.8% cashback
*Apple Watch Sport or Stainless 0.8% cashback
*Mac or iMac 1.6%;
*iPod 1.6%;
*Beats earphone 0.8% cashback from educational purchasing,1.6% cashback from apple online store;
*No cashback on Bose iTunes
*Screens 1.6%;
*Apple Accessories 1.6%;
*New MacBook Pro no cashback;
* Apple items including 17% tax, cashback will be given after tax. Example: ¥5288 iPhone cashback: 5288/1.17*1%=45.20.

Apple China
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