AKmall Cash Back

AK mall 是韩国艾敬集团百货商店的官网,商品涵盖:美妆护肤品、服装饰品、箱包鞋靴、休闲运动、母婴用品、生活日用、食品等。官网所有商品都是有AK百货商店直接提供,没有第三方卖家,因此商品的品质值得信赖,不用担心买到假货。

How to get cash back:

  • Click Start Shopping to earn 0.8% Cash Back at AKmall.

  • Complete your purchase. If you use a coupon, your discount will be applied during checkout.

  • Your 0.8% Cash Back will be added to your Extrabux account in 1-7 days.