What is Extrabux?

  • Earn up to 30% cash back on every purchase at more than 6000+ stores
  • Get access to thousands of money-saving coupons
  • Enjoy a fast website and reliable customer support

What is Extrabux?

Extrabux makes it easy to earn cash back and find coupons at the stores you love. After you create a free account, simply click to a store from Extrabux and make a purchase. The store sends us your order amount and a sales commission, and we add cash back to your Extrabux account within 1-7 days. After 90 days, we send you a PayPal payment、a Check in the mail or a Gift Card to your email for the amount you've earned! We also give you the option of donating your cash back to a Charity.

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How Do I Earn Cash Back?

Frequently Asked Questions

Earning Cash Back
Why doesn't my cash back show up after I complete my purchase?

Even though your cash back doesn't appear immediately, don't worry; you are still earning cash back. It typically takes 1-7 days for your cash back to appear in your Extrabux account. Some stores, however, can take as long as 20 days to notify us of your purchase. As soon as the store notifies us, Extrabux will email you to let you know that you have earned cash back. If it has been longer than 7 days and your cash back hasn't posted, please Contact Us with subject:"Where is My Cash Back?"  

What's the difference between Pending and Available cash back?

Pending cash back are your earnings that cannot yet be withdrawn because the return time (90 days) on those purchases has not yet passed. Once the 90 day return time passes, the cash back for those purchases becomes Available and cash back can be withdrawn ($10 Available minimum). When your cash back, referral bonus, and other rewards statuses become "Available", they will be displayed in the "Credit" of Account Detail. Withdrawal related records will be displayed in the "Debit".

How long does it take for cash back to become Available?

Your cash back earnings will post to your account 1-7 days after your purchase, but the cash back for the purchase will not be Available for payment until 90 days after the purchase. After 90 days, your cash back becomes Available and you can receive a payment. We require 90 days because most stores take up to 90 days to report returns and order cancellations.

How do I receive my cash back payments?

Once you have earned at least $10 Available cash back and made at least one purchase (the cash back earnings exceed $1) , you can receive a cash back payment. To request a payment, first select a payment method, and then log in to your Extrabux account and click the "Request Payment button". You can receive cash back payments via check in the mail or through PayPal. We also give you the option of requesting Amazon.com Gift Cards or donating your cash back to a charity. Payments are typically sent within 5 business days. PayPal and Amazon gift card payments can take another 24-48 hours to appear. Check payments can take another one or two weeks to your U.S. mailing address.

Can I use coupons not provided by Extrabux and still get cash back?

Not usually. If you use a coupon not provided by Extrabux, you may not be eligible to earn cash back on the purchase. Even coupon codes you receive in an email or regular mail directly from the store can invalidate your cash back. The stores oftentimes use coupon codes to determine the source of the order. So even if you click through Extrabux, but use a coupon code not found on Extrabux, the store will credit the order to the source of the coupon code and not Extrabux. It's best to check the Extrabux store page to see if there is a similar code available that you can use and still get cash back. If not, we always suggest you find the best deal for you.

Can I earn cash back on Extrabux if I don't live in the United States?

Yes! No matter what country you live in, you can earn cash back. Please keep in mind that Extrabux only mails cash back checks to users with a United States mailing address. If you live outside of the United States, you can still get paid via PayPal, gift card or donate your cash back to a charity.

What's the catch?

There really is no catch. You will never be charged any hidden fees. We will never ask for your credit card information. We will never sell your personal information. Extrabux is 110% free (really, it is)! We pay you cash back every time you shop online through Extrabux.

Understanding My Account
Is my shopping information secure?

Yes, your shopping information is secure and private. While we can see which stores you visit, we do not collect information on the items you browse while you're on the store's website. The store will notify us of the order details and order amount 1-7 days after you complete your purchase. Extrabux will always be free and will never sell your email address to anyone. Extrabux does not collect credit card information.

How do I change my Extrabux password?

Log in to your Extrabux account and go to Account Settings. In the Change Password section, enter your current password, then your new password, and click Save Changes.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Go to the Forgot Password page, enter your email address, and click Send Password. We'll email the link to allow you reset your password. 

How do I change my payment method?

Log in to your Extrabux account and go to Account Settings. In the Edit Payment Method section, choose your payment method and click Save Changes.

Cash back in my account is listed as Unavailable. What does that mean?

Cash back becomes Unavailable when the store notifies Extrabux that the purchase may be fraudulent. In rare cases, your purchase may incorrectly be marked as fraudulent. If this is the case, please let us know and we will review the purchase with the store and change the cash back to Available if appropriate. Until we hear from you we will need to withhold payment of this cash back, so please Contact Us

Invite Friends, Earn $5
Can I refer my friends to Extrabux?

Yes! When you refer a new member to Extrabux, you earn a $5 bonus, plus we match 5% of your friend's earnings for the first year and give it to you. Your friends get the welcome bonus when they sign up too! 

How do I refer friends to Extrabux?

Go to your Invite Friends section to get your unique referral link. Share this link anywhere—in an email, on Facebook or on Twitter! Or, you can tell your friends to enter your email address in the referral box when they sign up. 

What are the rules for referring friends?

If a new Extrabux member enters your email address in the referral box during signup or joins Extrabux within 7 days after clicking your link, we'll add $5 cash to your Extrabux account. Your $5 bonus for referring a friend is Pending until your friend makes a purchase over $5 and the cash back earnings exceed $1 that becomes Available. Plus, each time your friends shop we match 5% of their earnings and give it to you for an entire year! You can refer as many people as you like. Self-referrals are not allowed. 

When does my cash back from a friend's purchase become Available?

Your $5 bonus for referring a friend is Pending until your friend makes a purchase over $5 and the cash back earnings exceed $1 that becomes Available. Your 5% earnings on a friend's cash back is Pending until your friend's cash back becomes Available (90 days). 

How does the 5% Cash Back Bonus work?

When you refer a friend to Extrabux you will also earn an extra 5% on the cash back your friend earns for an entire year, which comes from our pocket, not your friend's. Your 5% bonus on a friend's purchases will post to your account every time your friend makes a purchase.  

I sent my referral link to all of my friends. How can I view how many of them have signed up?

You can view how many friends have signed up by visiting your My Friends page. 

Cash Back Payments
I just submitted my payment request. Can I change my PayPal email address or select a different method of payment?

Yes, probably. When you requested payment, we automatically sent you an email letting you know that we'd soon be sending your payment. That email contained a link that allows you to cancel your payment request. Click that link to cancel the payment request. Then visit Account Settings to update your preferred payment method. You can then request payment again. Note: if we have already processed your payment request by the time you click the Cancel link, it is too late, and we cannot change the payment destination. 

My cash back says it is "Paid" but I haven't received my paypal payment yet. What happened?

If the status on your cash back just changed to "Paid", your payment should be in your PayPal account within 24-48 hours. If the status has been "Paid" for longer than 48 hours and you haven't received the payment, please contact us at payments@extrabux.com. We can track the payment and let you know its status. It is possible that your PayPal account is not configured correctly. If that is the case, we can provide you with the PayPal Transaction ID and you can contact PayPal to find out why the payment hasn't yet shown up in your account. 

My PayPal payment was Denied. What can I do?

First, you need to check with PayPal to determine what changes you need to make to be able to accept the payment. If your payment is "Denied" or "Unclaimed" for 30 days, PayPal will send the funds back to Extrabux. We can resend the payment once your PayPal account is setup to receive them, or we can send the payment to a different PayPal account. Alternatively, if you have a U.S. mailing address to send a check to, you can choose that option instead. Please contact us at payments@extrabux.com. Remember that we can't resend the payment until the first payment has been returned to Extrabux through PayPal. PayPal payments are paid in USD (U.S. Dollars). You will need to make sure you have followed PayPal's procedures to confirm your account and verify that it is authorized to accept foreign currencies. Otherwise your PayPal payment may be delayed by PayPal.