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Clarks Wallabee vs. Shacre vs. Weaver: Differences and Reviews 2024

Clarks Wallabee vs. Shacre vs. Weaver: Differences and Reviews 2024

    With a rich heritage dating back almost 200 years, Clarks is famous around the world foremost for the quality and timelessness of its footwear.The brand has designed three of the most popular shoes of the last few decades: the Wallabee,Shacre and Weaver.These styles are known for their comfort and durability.So which one should you choose?Why are Wallabees so popular?What is a Clarks Shacre?Are Clarks Shacre and Wallabee the same?What is the difference between Clarks Shacre and Wallabee?What is the difference between Clarks Wallabees and Weaver?In this article, I'm going to discuss the primary differences among these three boots, so that you can make a more educated choice. Let’s get started.


  • Clarks Wallabee

History of Clarks Wallabee

In 1968, Lance Clark, inspired by a moccasin called “Grasshopper” made by the German shoe company Sioux, created the Wallabee. The original shoe was manufactured in Kilkenny, Ireland. The concept of the Clarks Wallabee dates as far back as the 1880s when William Clark had the idea of making the shoe perfectly fit the foot for greater comfort and practicality. It wasn't until the 1950s that Nathan Clark developed the distinctive crepe sole of the Wallabee, and it was another ten years until the brand had perfected the silhouette of the Wallabee which has remained the same now for over half a century.

Part of the Clarks Originals collection, they have been one of our bestsellers over the past 60 years, in no small part due to their popularity amongst those in the music scene.In 1993, a New York-based crew of wordsmiths calling themselves Wu-Tang Clan released their debut album Enter the 36 Chambers, with each of the nine members having a penchant for Clarks Originals Wallabees. In addition to being snapped in their favourite shoes and wearing them in their music videos, the hip hop collective even rapped about Wallabees, using it as a benchmark of coolness to which they would compare their own greatness.As Wu-Tang’s fame grew, so too did the Wallabees. Wes Anderson, David Beckham, Tyler, The Creator and Raheem Sterling have all worn them, the latter of whom even collaborated with Clarks on his own collection of Wallabees. Embedded in the music scene, it was the Wu-Tang Clan who influenced a generation of Wallabee wearers in the US, while here in the UK, they became extremely popular during the Britpop era, worn by members of The Verve and Oasis.


Clarks Wallabee Materials

At the heart of Clarks Wallabees lies a commitment to quality craftsmanship and premium materials.

  • Suede Leather: The upper of Clarks Wallabees is often crafted from luxurious suede leather. This material is the shoes' unique texture and recognizable appearance. The suede used to construct a Wallabee undergoes a unique technique, which involves rehydration, sanding, shaving (both the flesh and nap sides), dyeing, buffing, and brushing the hide to create the perfect English suede specifically tailored for Clarks.

  • Crepe Sole: Derived from latex tapped from the para rubber tree, crepe is a natural shock absorber and water-repellent. This natural rubber material provides excellent cushioning, flexibility, and support, ensuring a comfortable stride with every step.

Clarks Wallabee Design and Style

The Wallabee is made from just two pieces of suede using a tubular construction technique. The upper is assembled with the vamp (the top portion of the shoe) and side panel, creating a distinctive tube shape which gives the Wallabee its unique silhouette.The vamp is carefully hand-sewn with an extra thick waxed thread. This ensures that the shoe maintains its form, preventing any unfolding from the side panel. The tubular construction's main characteristic is the 360° wrap of leather around the foot, bypassing traditional lasting board components and extra glue.The design has stayed very much the same since they were originally manufactured, but they’re now available in more colourways than ever before, from classic black, tan and beige to bright red, purple and yellow.

Clarks Wallabees come in a huge range of styles, each catering to different tastes:

  • Original Wallabee: At the heart of the Wallabee collection lies the original design. It features the iconic moccasin design, suede upper, and crepe sole. It's a versatile choice that effortlessly bridges the gap between casual and stylish.

  • Wallabee Boot: A variation that extends the Classic Wallabee's design to ankle height. The Wallabee Boot offers added coverage and warmth, making it a great choice for cooler seasons.

  • Wallabee Loafer: The Wallabee Loafer has a moccasin silhouette with a clean, refined look. Crafted from smooth mid tan leather, the saddle loafer strap and crafted stitching combines with a tassel trim and the pebble crepe soles. 

  • Wallabee Cup: Embracing a street-inspired aesthetic, the Wallabee Cup features a distinctive cupsole silhouette. It offers a slip-on open-back design.

Clarks Wallabee Price

Pricing for Clarks Wallabee varies widely depending on the design.The Clarks Wallabee boots are a bit more expensive. They start from $160 and can go as high as $200.

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  • Clarks Shacre

The Shacre is a cheaper version of the Wallabees Originals.There are quite a few differences, though both shoes seem well made. The Shacre’s have a noticeably squarer and more narrow toe box.

Clarks Shacre Materials

The upper of the Clarks Shacre boot is made of leather. This material is durable and resistant to wear and tear, and it also provides a polished and refined look. The leather used to make the Shacre boot can be of different types such as Nubuck, suede, or full-grain leather.Shacre Boot's are also feature crepe outsole.

Clarks Shacre Design and Style

The Shacre boot has a more traditional boot design. Wallabee is more casual and laid-back, whereas the Shacre has more of a formal look.The Shacre’s have a noticeably squarer and more narrow toe box.Retro style meets comfort in the Clarks Shacre Boot Features a classic wallabee construction and this is sure to be your favorite in your closet in no time.

Clarks Shacre Price

The Clarks Shacre boots can be found from somewhere around $70 and can go as high as $120. 

Where to Buy Clarks Shacre Boots?

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  • Clarks Weaver

First introduced in 1977, the Clarks Weaver marked the next generation for the iconic crepe sole Wallabee. Now introduced to 80s Casual Classics, the Clarks Originals Weaver revives the late 1970s Wallabee from the British shoemakers archives.


Clarks Weaver Materials 

The moccasin styling of the iconic Weaver is here crafted in rich, oily suede. An authentic box-stitched upper teams with Clarks's signature FSC-certified crepe sole for a relaxed, classic aesthetic.

Clarks Weaver Design and Style 

On first appearance it’s almost identical to the original wallabee however there a few subtle differences such as the box stitched uppers as well as a slightly slimmer profile that give the Weaver its own unique aesthetic. The re-worked wallabee was recently reived from the British shoemakers archives and now arrives at 80s Casual Classics in true OG form. Available in a selection of classic Clarks colourways such as cola suede and black, the late 70s moccasin shoe features premiums suede box stitched uppers as well as the iconic crepe sole underfoot. 

Clarks Weaver Price

The Clarks Weaver shoes are now priced from $84.99 to $114.99.

Where to Buy Clarks Weaver?

Clarks Official Site(up to 6% super cash back)


Clarks Wallabee vs. Shacre vs. Weaver: Which One Should You Choose?

Ultimately the choice among the three styles will depend on your personal preferences and the look you’re going for. All styles are known for their comfort and durability, so whichever you choose you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality shoe.

The Shacre boots have a more rugged, outdoor-inspired look and feature a durable leather upper and a thick, shock-absorbing sole, making them well-suited for outdoor adventures and heavy use. The Wallabee boots and Weaver shoes, on the other hand, have a more classic, casual look and feature a suede upper and a crepe sole, making them well-suited for everyday wear and casual occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Wallabees so expensive?

As is the case with most Clarks shoes, the reason lies at least partly in comfort. The cushioned, natural crepe sole can go toe-to-toe (pun intended) with most modern sneakers, and the Wallabee’s unique silhouette makes it an off-kilter classic.The combination of supple suede and natural rubber comes at a cost, though, and Wallabees typically run for $160. 

What is another name for the Wallabee shoes?

The Wallabee wasn’t even originally a Clarks design to begin with; originally known as “The Grasshopper,” the shoe that would become the Wallabee was actually designed by a completely different German company; Clarks would license the design and begin making the iconic moc-toe boot on its own, launching the Wallabee officially in 1967. According to reports, the Wallabee name came from an impromptu ideation and naming session in a New York bar; the silhouette’s iconic moc-toe was reminiscent of a kangaroo’s pouch—hence, “Wallabee.”

Do Clarks Wallabees mold to your feet?

The upper of Clarks Wallabees is often crafted from luxurious suede leather. This material is the shoes' unique texture and recognizable appearance. However, it also molds to the wearer's feet over time, enhancing the personalized fit.

Can I wear Wallabees in the rain?

Some Clarks Wallabees now have GORE-TEX technology to help protect them from the elements, such as rain and puddles. However, it must be noted that not all Clarks Wallabees come with this technology built-in.

Should you size down in Wallabees?

They run a little big, plus they stretch with frequent wear. Yes, even if you wear thick socks with them, I suggest you go 1/2 a size down.

Do you keep the tag on Clarks Wallabees?

One question that always arises when talking Wallabees is what to do with the fob that comes on the right shoe of every pair? Our advice: keep it on. The fob provides extra flavor and visual texture, while letting you rep your Wallabee pride. True heads keep the fob on and rock it on the right shoe.

Who wears Clarks Wallabees?

Wes Anderson, David Beckham, Tyler, The Creator and Raheem Sterling have all worn them, the latter of whom even collaborated with Clarks on his own collection of Wallabees.

What do you wear Wallabees with?

Both chinos and Wallabees are associated with smart-casual dressing, so together they're a match made in heaven. Wear them with a check shirt and add a blazer if the occasion calls for it.

Can you wear Wallabees in the summer?

Perfect for summer, they will instantly dress up your casual summer outfits. 

Are Wallabees comfortable for walking?

Very comfortable and you can wear them all day without thinking about your feet, because they aren't hurting! Fits true to size. 

Can you put Wallabees in the washing machine?

Importantly, suede shoes should never be put in the washing machine. They can generally be cleaned by rubbing them with a damp, lint-free cloth or a specialist suede brush. It's best to do this in straight motions but in different directions, as this will help remove dirt without pushing it deeper into the fibres.

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