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Casetify Impact vs. Ultra Impact vs. Bounce vs. Clear Cases: Differences and Reviews 2024

Casetify Impact vs. Ultra Impact vs. Bounce vs. Clear Cases: Differences and Reviews 2024

    In an effort to keep your phone unharmed for as long as possible, you need a sturdy case. If you feel an Otterbox or Lifeproof case is too big and bulky for your liking. The Casetify might be the brand for you which not only makes cute phone cases with beautifully patterned and vibrantly colored designs., but the cases are also practical which are made of two layers of shock-absorbing material to protect your phone against impact. Another benefits of Casetify case is how you can customize your phone case with text or photos. The Casetify now have multiple lines of phone cases to choose from, the most famous four are Impact series, Ultra Impact series, Bounce series and Clear series. So which series should you choose? What makes the difference? In this guide, I will make a comprehensive comparison between Impact series, Ultra Impact series, Bounce series and Clear series to help you make a right decision.


Casetify Impact vs. Ultra Impact vs. Bounce vs. Clear Cases: Overview

#1 Casetify Impact Series

Price: $58 - $82

Materials: Polycarbonate,Thermoplastic polyurethene


Reviews: The Impact series are made out of Casetify's "innovative shockproof material, qìtech" which is designed to absorb the impact of any drop. And since the case absorbs it, that means accidental drops will most likely not lead to a shattered phone—even if it falls face down. Because the case has an almost imperceptible lip that keeps the screen off the ground. The Impact series cases in particular offer 4x “military-grade protection” with certified to withstand drops of up to 8.2 feet.

Slim and funMay yellow over time
4x MIL-STD-810G
8.2ft drop protection

#2 Casetify Ultra Impact Series

Price: $40 - $82

Materials: Polycarbonate,Thermoplastic polyurethene

Reviews: The Ultra Impact series is a step beyond the Impact series cases with the addition of the trademarked QiTech material adorning each corner.With upgraded QiTech bumpers, this series  is ultra protective & ultra shock proof so you never have to worry about breaking your phone again.  Plus, the Plant-based EcoShock™ material covers the inside edges and the corner of Ultra Impact to offer reinforced protection. Together with an all new corner design, the Ultra Impact Case can withstand drops from up to 11.5 feet and achieve 5x military grade standard.

EcoShock protection technology
Protruding corner bumps
Enhanced protective corner design
11.5ft drop protection
5x MIL-STD-810G

#3 Casetify Bounce Series

Price: $92 - $112

Materials: Polycarbonate,Thermoplastic polyurethene


Reviews: The Bounce series cases feature EcoShock 6x military-grade standard and up to an astonishing 21.3 ft drop protection. With a revolutionary corner design and EcoShock™ shock-absorption technology, the Bounce Case absorbs 95% of any impact, ensuring your phone stays light and protected. It uses a proprietary shock-absorbing material called qiTech 2.0 for the inner layer and backplate lining. What it does is disperse any impact from drops. The Bounce series also come with raised corners to keep the device protected from shock and scratch. That’s what the designer describes as “maximum shock absorption from all angles”. The lifted camera ring and raised bezel protection can protect the lens and screen from scratches and scuffs.

EcoShock Protection TechnologyA bit chunky
21.3 ft. drop protection
6x MIL-STD-810G
Raised bezel for screen protection
Bounce corner for extreme protection

#4 Casetify Clear Series

Price: $72

Materials: Polycarbonate,Thermoplastic polyurethene


Reviews: The Clear series are designed for the absolute minimalists. These clear cases are here to keep your phones fresh and authentic along with optimal protection. As the slimmest case in the Casetify collection, Clear Case is designed to protect from 6.6ft, exceeding the military-grade standard while ensuring an optimal ergonomic experience with a comfy grip and anti-slip bumpers. Tactile buttons and single-piece construction take into consideration the daily demands of an everyday phone case.

Slim and lightweight

The lowest level of protection among the four 


6.6ft drop protection
2x MIL-STD-810G

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Casetify Impact vs. Ultra Impact vs. Bounce vs. Clear Cases: Side by Side Comparision

1. Design and Materials

All the four series cases feature a polycarbonate backplate along with TPU around the sides.  They're made with two layers of shock-absorbing plastic to withstand impact. The raised bezels around the screen and camera lenses help protect the glass if dropped on a flat surface.

The Casetify Impact, Ultra Impact, and Bounce Cases are all powered by EcoShock and made from Re/CASETiFY material. EcoShock shock-absorption technology is  Casetify's latest Innovation which can increase protection level without adding extra weight and bulk. At a molecular level, the plant-based EcoShock™material is able to turn the kinetic energy of an impact into heat, while its twister pattern dissipates it across the surface of the case.

In addition to the 40% plant-based material used in the EcoShock™ proprietary material, the entire case is made sustainably with the company's "Re/CASETiFY" upcycling program. The Clear series case is made from 65% recycled and plant-based material.

In addition, the Ultra Impact and Bounce series are made with qìtech 2.0, Casetify's proprietary shock-absorbing material. The upgraded qìtech 2.0 reduces impact by 95% while maintaining its super sleek slimness.

Compared to the Impact series, the Ultra Impact series offer the reinforced QiTech corners which can protect the most vulnerable points without having to be thick all over.

Compared to the Ultra Impact series, the Bounce series also have extended corners— CASETiFY calls “ Bounce Corners” which are inspired by suspension bridges. The compression ribs with three air cavities allow for a cushioned contraction and bounce-back in the event of a fall, protecting the device from structural damage. 

Customers can also choose to customize their Impact, Ultra Impact, Bounce, Clear Case with a name, special message, or specific pattern, in their font of choice.

2. Protection

All the four series cases offer “military-grade protection.”

The Bounce series cases survived a series of over 156 drops on all angles by impacting on a concrete and steel floor, meaning it is able to achieve 6x the requirement for military-grade approval, also sporting a drop height protection of 21.3 feet.

Featuring the same proprietary EcoShock™ technology, the Ultra Impact series cases added a patent-pending bumper design, allowing for 130 consecutive drops from all angles, 5x military-grade standard, and a drop height of 11.5ft.

The Impact series cases survived 104 consecutive drops from all angles, has a 4x Military Grade Standard, including a drop height of 8.2ft.

While the Clear series case is good up to 6.6ft drop.

Protection Level:Bounce series>Ultra Impact series >Impact series >Clear series

3. Devices Supported

The Casetify Impact series supports a much larger number of phones, including the latest flagships from Apple, Samsung, Google. It also offer cases for Airpods. The Casetify Ultra Impact series cases are designed for iPhone and Samsung. The Casetify Bounce series are only designed for iPhone. The Casetify Clear series offers phone cases for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S Series and Google Pixel.

Bottom Line

The Casetify Impact series offers good drop protection with its 4X Military Grade certification and 8.2ft drop protection, making it a great option for those who want both protection and aesthetic appeal.

The Casetify Ultra Impact series is a step beyond the Impact series cases with the addition of the trademarked QiTech material adorning each corner. It is a reliable and stylish option for anyone looking to protect their phone from accidental drops and impacts.

With the EcoShock shock-absorption technology and  "Bounce Corners", the Casetify Bounce series is the most protective case from Casetify  which provides the greatest defense against drops. The only pity is that the Bounce series case is a bit chunky. But if you need a phone case that offers ultimate protection, the Bounce series will not let you down.

The Casetify Clear series are designed for the absolute minimalists. As the slimmest case in the Casetify collection, it has the lowest level of protection, but also exceeds the military-grade standard. If you only need light protection but want a slim case, the Casetify Clear series is right for you. It still can protect your phone from scratches, drops, and everyday wear and tear.

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