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Dbrand vs. Slickwraps vs. EasySkinz vs. Fishskyn: Who Wins the Phone/Laptop Skin Brand Showdown?

Dbrand vs. Slickwraps vs. EasySkinz vs. Fishskyn: Who Wins the Phone/Laptop Skin Brand Showdown?

    What if you want something that makes your device a little more personal and grippy without adding any bulk? This is where skins come into play and may be the right choice for you. Skins are a thin sheet-like overlay that’s custom made to fit to the back of your device. They provides minimal protection from everyday wear and tear and give off a unique, attractive look when applied to your device. Plus, skins feature a true-to-life texture based on whatever it is emulating that makes your device a little more grippy without adding any bulk. There are many phone/laptop skin brand in the market, such as Dbrand, Slickwraps, EasySkinz and Fishskyn, so what's the difference between them? Who wins the phone/laptop skin brand showdown? The following detailed comparison will help you make the best decision.


Dbrand Skins Review

Price: $16.95 - $49.95

Materials: 3M vinyl

dbrand is a company based in Toronto that made their first debut with a skin for the iPhone 4, claiming absolute precision paired with 3M vinyl. dbrand is derived from the idea of “debranding” a phone by covering the brand, logos, and other pesky things like the FCC certification — something both minimalists and maximalists can enjoy. It created this business with quality in mind which is why they chose to use genuine 3M vinyl materials and not some cheap, low-quality brand.


Nowadays, dbrand has become the global leader in device customization. The dbrand skins cover not only smartphones, but also tablets, laptops, consoles, game controllers, and wearables.  Each skin is offered in a variety of different colors that all have a distinct finish such as carbon fiber, titanium, leather, true color and wood. Their high-quality skins are designed to be resistant to fingerprints and smudges. The texture on the skin makes it resistant to fingerprints or Dirt and will protect your Devices from dirt & scratches.

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Slickwraps Skins Review

Price: $9.95 - $24.95

Materials: 3M vinyl

Slickwraps is a company that specializes in creating custom skins and wraps for electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and more. Their products are designed to protect devices from scratches and dings while also providing unique customization options for customers. Slickwraps offers a variety of materials and designs for customers to choose from, including wood, leather, carbon fiber, and more.


 Made with the same grade of material you find on high-end vehicle wraps, stylish custom-fitted skins are the perfect way to customize and personalize your devices. The device skin does provide protection just not to the same extent as a case. They fit directly on the phone, resulting in a slimmer fit and feel than a bulky case. Slickwraps skins can cover up old ugly scratches and protect your devices from day to day wear and tear, new surface scratches, dings, and fingerprints. Unlike an ordinary sticker, Slickwraps does not leave nasty goo when removed, so you can change your device skin as often as you change your style!

Where to Buy Slickwraps Skins? cashback)

EasySkinz Skins Review

Price: $9.95 - $35.95

Materials:  3M materials

EasySkinz began with one simple premise: attractive wraps that keep the original design and style of the device. The idea started as a family reaction against the bulky and unattractive cases on the market which hid the essence of the devices and rapidly grew to a successful family business shipping its products to 140 countries a month.With a professional background of more than 27 years in the design industry,EasySkinz is now a leader in manufacturing the highest quality skins and meeting the needs of more than 300,000 oustomers all over the world.


EasySkinz is at the forefront of the UK and the USA custom, made-to-order skin manufacturing market and they produce the most advanced tailor-made skins for smartphones,tablets,computers, laptops, and game consoles. Their one-of-a-kind skin comes in a vast variety of finishes — textured, matte, or glossy — and tons and tons of impressive color options, prints and collections. They protect your phone from everyday wear and tear like mystery scratches, minor dents, and dirt buildup. EasySkinz even wins the Queens Award for Enterprise in 2019 that means their products are of the highest calibre and not cheap skins that you often find on eBay.

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Fishskyn Skins Review

Price: $12 - $34

Materials:  vinyl

Bringing visual excitement to dull laptops, computer pads, and smartphones through decorative skins is Fishskyn’s (FS) primary goal. Fishskyn was born with a vision to provide people like you and me with a high-quality protective skin for your computer and phone, at a price you can all afford. Adding in a splash of flavor and a strong sense of “you” is what Fishskyn do best.


Working and selling designs through their website, founder Thomas Fischetti developed easily applied overlays–also known as skins–made from high-quality materials also used to protect sports cars from scratches and other damage. Fishskyn skins provide such protection as well as a better grip, an accurate fit, and a great new look.

Where to Buy Fishskyn skins?

Dbrand vs. Slickwraps vs. EasySkinz vs. Fishskyn: Full Comparision

Design & Materials

 D-Brand is known for using 3M vinyl materials for their phone cover stickers. If you aren't familiar with 3M vinyl, it is the same material that is often used to wrap luxury cars including Flo-Rida's $1.7M Bugatti Veyron. The manufacturing process for vinyl stickers typically involves printing the design onto the vinyl material using specialized printers and then cutting it into the desired shape using precision cutting tools. The stickers are then coated with a protective layer to enhance durability and provide a glossy or matte finish. Similar to Dbrand, Slickwraps Skins are made of 90+ materials from 3M and high-end Vinyls with a protective layer.

The accuracy of both skins are top notch with each skin fitting perfectly over your phone (as long as you was able to line it up with your butterfingers). Dbrand skins skins offer the perfect amalgamation of scratch protection feature and style that no other cover can provide. What’s truly remarkable about SlickWrap is the range of stylish designs and colors they offer.

All skins from EasySkinz are made with custom 3M materials that offer unprecedented repositioning technology which allows you to move the skins until they are perfectly placed and once you have found the “perfect” spot, you then push down with your fingers that in essence activates the glue. EasySkinz also ensure a perfect fit courtesy of their XactFIT production technology that is a multi-component skin which use state-of-the-art industrial cutting equipment, including precise digital industrial measuring equipment and 3D with an accuracy of 0.01mm to make sure it covers your device perfectly. What sets EasySkinz apart from other skin brands is its commitment to full-body coverage. While many skin brands only cover the back of devices, EasySkinz goes the extra mile by offering side, top, and bottom skins for 90% of the devices they support.

Fishskyn skins are manufactured with the highest quality materials used to protect high end sports cars. They use these incredibly thin and extremely durable materials to cover your entire device, protecting it from scratches, increasing the grip, and making them look amazing, all at the same time.


At just 0.25mm, the Dbrand skins enable factory-fit customization without any added bulk.

SLICKWRAPS Device Skins do not add the unnecessary bulk as they measure only 0.22mm in thickness which are basically like a second body that protects your phone and at the same time acts as a reflection of you.

EasySkinz skins are revolutionary products that is only 0.28 mm thin that has been built to last without compromising durability.

The Fishskyn skin is a medium thickness, and the Dbrand 3M skins are a little thicker, so maybe a bit more protective.


dbrand skins not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also offer a level of protection for devices. They can help guard against scratches and minor scuffs, preserving the device's appearance over time without adding bulk.

Slickwraps skins can cover up old ugly scratches and protect your devices from day to day wear and tear, new surface scratches, dings, and fingerprints.

When it comes to protecting your phone/laptop , EasySkinz does a great job. The skins are thin yet durable, providing an extra layer of defense against scratches and everyday wear and tear. I've dropped my phone a couple of times with the skin on, and it has done a fantastic job of absorbing the impact and preventing any damage to my device.

Fishskyn skins provide an additional layer of protection that safeguards your phone from scratches, fingerprints, and minor bumps. It's important to note that while the skins do offer some protection, they are not meant to replace a sturdy phone case.

Residue-Free Removal

One of dbrand's standout features is its residue- free removal,and this is absolutely one of the important features for me. Users can apply and remove skins without leaving any sticky residue on their devices. But you should have patience and do it little by little.

Slickwraps are  known for their clean removal without leaving any residue behind, too. But I haven't had to try, so I can't comment on that personally.

The EasySkinz skin is strong and durable. Once applied, the skin stays in place and doesn't peel or bubble over time. However, if you do decide to remove it, EasySkinz claims that their skins leave no residue behind.

The materials Fishskyn use have a removable adhesive that will not leave behind any residue.I wouldn't recommend this, but you can try using a hairdryer on low heat for about 40 to 60 seconds on your laptop. Avoid focusing on one spot for too long to prevent damage. Afterward, use isopropyl alcohol and a 800gsm microfiber cloth to clean it.

Devices Supported

Dbrand offers a wide variety of skin options for different devices (iphone, Pixel, OnePlus, galaxy phones, MacBook, Razer Blade, Dell XPS, Lenovo, SteelSeries, Surface laptops, iPad tablets, iPad Keyboard, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox Skins etc) allowing customers to personalize and customize the look of their devices. With a plethora of textures, colors, and designs, users can choose a skin that suits their style and preferences.

Not only do they offer exceptional phone skins but they also make skins for almost all the accessories in your life from Apple MacBook, Air, Pro and iMac to Google Pixelbook and pen, iPad and apple pencil, Magic Mouse and Magic trackpad! You can personalize your gaming experience with custom skins for Playstation 5 and controllers, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch OLED, 3DS, Steam controller, Hyper X, and Astro headsets. They can help you stand out in the crowd too with a custom Slickwrap for your wearable devices like AirPods Pro, Galaxy buds, Pixel buds, Apple Watch, Gear VR, headphones from Bose, Audio-Technica, Sony, Beats Headphones and Pill along with a range of watches from LG, Motorola, Pebble and even your Disney MagicBand 2.

EasySkinz offers a wide range of skins for smartphones, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices, and Google Pixel phones. In addition to smartphones, EasySkinz also provides skins for other devices, such as Apple Watches, laptops, tablets, and game consoles. Their collection includes skins for popular devices like MacBook, iPad, Surface Pro, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

You can also shop device skins for Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and more from Fishskyn website!

Bottom Line

Dbrand vs. Slickwraps vs. EasySkinz vs. Fishskyn: Who Wins the Phone/Laptop Skin Brand Showdown?

There is no simple answer to this question as everyone has different opinions on what makes a good phone skin. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what they consider to be a good phone skin.

In my opinion, dbrand has the best quality for skins. The quality and feel are top-notch. The phone feels safe once the skin is applied. It’s just an all-around awesome experience. I would go as far as to say that I'd highly recommend dbrand skins to anyone who asks for their reliability and amazing customer support.

Slickwraps is half the price  and half the quality of dbrand.  As people say, you get what you pay for. The only thing better about slickwraps is that you had more options for customization. But you should pay attention: some people said they have ordered skins from Slickwraps, but didn't received it for a long time.

EasySkinz is the only skin maker worldwide that can guarantee an accurate fit with a precision of 0.01mm.Thanks to the complex technologies in their XactFITTM process, you can create a precise full-body skinz that conforms to the individual curves of the device for a highly natural and perfectly fitting final product. If you make the room and give yourself enough time to carefully complete the installation process, you should have no issues and the repositioning technology works wonders. Best of all, EasySkinz are affordably priced and the end result looks fantastic and dare I say quite professional.

Fishskyn is also a fantastic option for those looking to protect and style their phones. With a wide selection of designs and materials, easy installation, and great customer service, they tick all the right boxes. The quality of their skins is top-notch, offering both style and protection.

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